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Part II: Shameless “standing-up” (4050 查看)

November 09, 2012 12:05PM
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Shamelessness Shouldn’t Be Anyone’s Nature
──An Open Letter to Nature (Part II)

Xin Ge, Ph. D.

Columbia, SC, USA

Shameless “standing-up”

According to Nature, they chose Fang to receive the first John Maddox prize was because his “standing up for science.” Sounds too metaphysical and abstract? Nature offered some specifics:

“China’s rush to modernize and the communist government’s celebration of science and technology have firmly embraced scientists and scientific achievements, sometimes uncritically. And into that permissive milieu has walked a plethora of opportunists ready to take advantage of the situation with padded CVs, fraudulent and plagiarized articles, bogus medicines and medical procedures carried out without clinical evidence.

“In 2000, Shi-min Fang started to expose these escapades in his New Threads website. As an outsider, trained as a biochemist but turned science writer and commentator, he has done much of what the scientific community aims, but often fails, to do — root out the fakers.” (Nature Editorial. John Maddox prize. Nature 491,160.)

The fact is, Fang and his thugs are the most shameless “opportunists” and the biggest “fakers.”

Mr. Yuan Yue, the very person who nominated Fang for John Maddox prize, according to his own boasting, received his Master’s degree from the Ohio State University. But in China, he pretended as an U. S. Ph.D. and apparently he succeeded. (Liao Junlin. The Doctor’s degree of Fang Zhouzi’s confidant Yuan Yue.《方舟子铁杆盟友土摩托(袁越)的博士学位》). He had also tried to organize Chinese science reporters to silence anyone who dares to challenge or criticize Fang.

Did Fang “root out” this faker? In your wildest dream!

The nominator and nominee: Mr. Yuan Yue (right) and Fang are close friends

Dr. Pan Haidong, another Fang’s supporter, finished his Ph.D. thesis in 2004, and founded hudong.com in 2005, which is nothing but a for-profit-only version of Wikipedia. One might wonder how could he make money by duplicating Wikipedia? This is how: he takes full advantage of Chinese government’s ban on the Chinese version of Wikipedia. So, to survive and success, he has to rely upon the government. And to do this, he has to cheat. In 2008, Chinese government launched the so called “1000 Talents Plan,” people selected into the plant would enjoy not only high prestige and generous grants, but also preferential policies. Of course, Pan was “ready to take advantage of the situation with padded CV.” He first changed his graduation year to 2002, and then padded his experience in a small Chinese online firm, asiaec.com, into “the chief information officer of Office Depot in China.” The fact is, Pan left asiaec.com in early 2005, and Office Depot didn’t take over asiaec.com until 2006. That’s why I called him the“Gigantic cheater in ‘1000 Talents Plan.’” (Yi Ming.《千人巨骗潘海东》. Note: I have reported this fraud to Chinese government. No response has been received yet.)

Did Fang “root out” this faker? How could he!

In 2010, Pan’s company awarded Fang with a title “Person of the Year.” In February, 2011, when another Fang’s plagiarism case was reported in a Chinese newspaper, Pan, obviously using his status of Ph.D. from the U. S., issued a statement: “I have examined, that article was not plagiarism.” Fang’s article, entitled “The misunderstanding of IQ,” contains more than 6,000 Chinese characters, and nearly two thirds of them were verbatim translation of “The Mismeasure of Man” by Dr. Stephen Jay Gould, a deceased Harvard professor, and “Yes, we have no neutrons,” by Dr. Alexander Keewatin Dewdney, a Canadian mathematician. (Yi Ming. Creation, translation, compilation, or plagiarism: comments on Fang Zhouzi’s “The misunderstanding of IQ.”《创作、翻译、编译、还是抄袭?——评方舟子的〈“智商”的误区〉》). Besides the verbatim translation, Fang duplicated a big mistake made by Dr. Dewdney, so even Fang himself doesn’t have the guts to refute the allegation. But Pan does. That’s why Fang won’t “root out” this faker.

Pan Haidong (left), Fang’s supporter and money supplier, and Fang Zhouzi, Pan’s fraudulent protector

Dr. Rao Yi, Dean of the School of Life Sciences at Peking University, declared to the whole world that he had given up his U. S. citizenship because that “the United States had lost its moral leadership after the 9/11 attacks.” (LaFRANIERE, S. Fighting Trend, China Is Luring Scientists Home. New York Times, Jan. 6, 2010.) However, people found just recently that he had applied a new U. S. passport after his public renouncement, and he used his U. S. passport as late as August, 2011. The fact is, according to the investigation conducted by Peking University, Rao applied for the restoration of Chinese nationality in 2008, and the application was approved by Chinese government in March 2009. Also, China’s Nationality Law explicitly states that China does not recognize dual nationality. So you can see what a hypocrite Rao Yi has been, and what his so called “moral leadership” really is.

Did Fang “root out” this faker? Of course not!

The fact is, Rao Yi has been one of Fang’s strongest backers in China. In 2007, he wrote, apparently in supporting Fang in an ongoing court battle with Dr. Xiao Chuanguo, a defamatory article against Dr. Xiao, which cost him $10,000 to settle the lawsuit outside the court room. (Yi Ming. The Feud between Drs. Fang Zhouzi and Xiao Chuanguo. Chapter 6: RY. 《方舟子陷害肖传国始末》).

In July, 2010, someone posted an article on the internet, providing evidence that Fang might have fabricated two figures in his 1996 paper in Journal of Biological Chemistry. (Pentax. Exposing the fraud fighter Fang Zhouzi’s own fraud.《曝光学术打假斗士方舟子自己的学术不端证据》). One week later, Rao Yi posted an article on his blog, saying someone had pretended as a PKU professor and reported Fang’s fabrication case to JBC, and JBC exonerated Fang. (Rao Yi. Guess who is faking?猜猜谁造假》). The thing is, that supposed fake professor wrote to JBC on July 22, and Rao Yi’s article was posted on July 24. One might wonder how could JBC exonerate Fang in less than two days, and why would JBC notify Rao their conclusion on the allegation against Fang? So, many people have asked Rao Yi show the world that mysterious exoneration letter from JBC. So far, Rao Yi has neither showed the letter, nor responded to the requests. He just keeps his silence on the matter, even though he posts regularly on his blog on almost everything else. I have formally filed a complaint to Peking University, accusing Rao Yi of deceiving Chinese public, (Xin Ge. Rao Yi, the tenured professor and dean of the School of Life Sciences at Peking University, tramples on the laws and deceive society.《北京大学终身教授、生命科学院院长饶毅涉嫌践踏国法、欺骗社会》), but it seems the university won’t investigate the matter. Why doesn’t Nature take over the case?

An overexposure of Fang’s figures in his JBC paper shows the evidence of fabrication

Fake and faker: Fang Zhouzi and Rao Yi (right) are close comrades in many fronts

The fact is, the largest faker in China’s scientific community is arguably Mr. He Zuoxiu, who is an academician in physics, but he is famous in China for knowing everything except physics. His most infamous academic achievement was to demonstrate the “Three Representatives” theory, proposed by Mr. Jiang Zeming, then Chinese communist party chief, “is the fundamental criterion of the evaluation system of scientific and technological innovation.” How did he accomplish this? By using quantum mechanics. (He Zuoxiu. 2001. The Establishment of Quantum Mechanics and the evaluation System of Scientific and Technological Innovation— In Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Establishment of Planch Quantum Theory. Journal of Kunming University of Science and Technology Vol. 1:3-8.)

Did Fang “root out” this faker? How could he! Mr. He has been Fang’s strongest backer for the last dozen years! As a matter of fact, He wrote an article entitled: “Why do I always support Fang Zhouzi?《为什么我总是支持方舟子

Faker and fakest: Fang (left) and his backer He Zuoxiu (in blue) are fanatic enthusiasts of Tai chi, yet they both madly hate TCM.

He Zuoxiu, the biggest pseudoscientist in the world and his most infamous pseudoscientific paper

Right after Fang was hammered by the “thugs hired by a urologist” in 2010, I summed up the Four Cardinal Principles of Fang’s “root out the fakers”:

1. If you are my enemy, I’ll root out you even though I know you are not a faker;
2. If you are my friend, I’ll never root out you even though I know you are a faker;
3. If you give me money, I’ll root out whoever you want me to, whether he is or isn’t a faker;
4. If you are with me, I’ll guarantee that you will never be rooted out, even though I know you are a faker.

As far as today, no exceptions to the principles have been found.

So, why doesn’t Nature explain to the world: How does Fang’s “standing up for science” work?

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