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Part III: Shameless make-up (4433 查看)

November 11, 2012 10:06PM
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Shamelessness Shouldn’t Be Anyone’s Nature
──An Open Letter to Nature (Part III)

Xin Ge, Ph. D.

Columbia, SC, USA

Even though the fakers, like “Dr.” Yuan Yue, like Drs. Pan Haidong and Rao Yi, and like academician He Zuoxiu, deserve their fames in their own rights, compared with Fang Zhouzi, they are actually pitiful, even benign or innocent. In the preface of Chronicle and Demonstration of Fang Zhouzi’s Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement (《方舟子抄袭剽窃年谱》), which has been downloaded more than 60,000 times, I characterized Fang Zhouzi as an unprecedented monstrous imposter, an unparalleled shameless plagiarizer, and a vicious and evil villain. Nature editorial praises Fang for his “bring[ing] a wide public readership to the importance of looking for evidence,” but Nature himself didn’t provide any evidence for his statement. So, let me demonstrate how evidence should be looked for. Before my doing so, let's bear in mind this important fact: Fang has never, ever publicly refuted any of my criticism, allegations and accusations against him, even though he has huge power of speech in China, and many of his followers have been eagerly looking for his refutation and counterattack for at least 5 years. Why this fact is important? Because Fang has repeatedly mocked the people who were attacked by him but maintained their silence after the attack, by saying:

“The last strategy of all the imposters when their frauds are brought to light is to play dumb, remain silent, and pretend nothing has happened.”(Original Chinese: “装聋作哑其实是一切造假者在事情败露后的最后一招。” Fang Zhouzi. What crime is playing dumb?装聋作哑是何罪》).

So, we have every reason to believe that Fang has been using the same “last strategy” for his own good, and it is almost certain that he will keep using the “last strategy” this time also. Isn't it weird that a person who has the “courage” for “standing up for science” has no “courage” to “stand up” for himself?

The fact is, this “last strategy” has been adopted not only by Fang himself, but also his followers, and these followers are preaching the imposter's tactic to other people. Just two days ago, Mr. Yuan Yue, the person who nominated Fang for the John Maddox prize, posted the following on his blog:

“The sponsor (of the John Maddox prize) forwarded Yi Ming's masterpiece to me. Fuck, there are as many as 19 allegations. The sponsor asked me for suggestions, my advice to them was, absolutely don't deal with these crazy guys. If you did, you would have lost already. If you feel you are obligated to reply, out of courtesy, then just say: Thanks for the letter, your very existence demonstrates perfectly the importance of the prize.”

The screen image of Nominator Yuan's post

It will be really interesting to see whether Nature takes Mr. Yuan’s advice or not.

Shameless make-up

According to Nature, Fang was “trained as a biochemist.” And Fang's first appearance in a mainstream Western medium, Science magazine in 2001, was an article entitled “Biochemist Wages Online War Against Ethical Lapses.” The fact is, Fang his been bragging his “biochemist” credential ever since he received his Ph. D. degree in biochemistry from Michigan State University that it is almost a common knowledge in China that Fang is a biochemist. The question is, what kind of biochemist he is?

The fact is, Fang quitted his “biochemist” career voluntarily less than 3 year after he received his Ph. D. degree. Why would a person who loves science so much that he risks his life to stand up for it, give up his scientist career? Here is his explanation made in 2000 to Dr. Liu Huajie, a professor of philosophy of science at Peking University:

“We call molecular biological experiments ‘bench work,’ you don’t need a brain to do the work, one day is more than enough to plan a whole year’s experiments, and anyone can do it, which makes a person who likes to think suffer.” (Original Chinese: “我们将分子生物学实验称为‘实验台工作’,并不需要动什么脑筋,花一天时间就能把一年要做的实验全都想好,而且换个人来做也没什么太大的区别,对于喜欢思考的人来说,是很痛苦的一件事。” Liu Huajie. Biochemist, poet, netizen. 《生物化学家•诗人•网民》.)

However, one year and a half later, Fang told the world, through the mouth of a young female news reporter, Ms. Liu Juhua, who would become his wife one year later, that he loves his specialty (biochemistry) dearly, and he has a big plan to accomplish something in his specialty. (Original Chinese: “方舟子本身是一个生物化学博士,钟爱自己的专业,在论战中他也不讳言对在自己的专业有所成就是有打算的,……” See: Liu Juhua. The internet phenomenal Fang Zhouzi.《网络奇才方舟子》). What a liar!

Of course, Fang hasn't accomplished anything in biochemistry yet, and he never will, not only because he hates scientific research, but also because he is extremely ignorant in biochemistry. Here are some evidence.

In May, 1996, when Fang was doing his post-doc research at University of Rochester, he posted an article about chemical evolution theory on the internet. In the post, he wrote:

“If glycerol and fatty acids are mixed together and heated till dryness, they will become the important component of cell membrane─phospholipid.” (Original Chinese: “脂肪酸和甘油……如果把二者混在一起加热到干燥,就能生成组成细胞膜的重要物质——磷脂。” Fang Zhouzi. Chemical evolution hypothesis. 《化学进化假说》.)

The evolution of Dr. Lard
This is the screen image of Fang's original post. The red English and underlines are added by me.

Even an undergraduate student might know that neither glycerol nor fatty acids contains phosphorus, and there is no way they will become phospholipid with the mere help of heat. The dehydration reaction between the two compounds generates triglyceride, the major component of lard. Dr. Fang has been nicknamed “Dr. Lard” ever since.

Of course, any people could make a few stupid mistakes during his life time, but what separates Fang from others is that Fang keeps making such mistakes. Five months after he was crowned Dr. Lard, Fang, apparently was mocking one of his opponents, or “political opponents,” as Fang's MSU adviser Dr. Zachary Burton would put it, wrote in a post:

“I want to ask the big biochem expert a small question which cannot be any smaller: what the hell do you mean by ‘heterocyclic DNA bases’? Pity on me, I have studied biochem for more than 10 years, but I have never heard of it. You were afraid that our biochem people won’t understand so you put a note. But we are still too stupid to understand it.” (Original Chinese: “特向这位生化大专家问一个小小的小得不能再小的简单问题:这‘杂环(DNA的碱基)’究竟是什么玩意?可怜我学了十年的生化,还没听说过,你怕我们搞生化的不懂,特地加了注,我们太笨了,还是不懂。”)

The smallest biochemical question from the most famous biochemist: “what are heterocyclic DNA bases?”
The original post is preserved here, the red boxes show Fang’s email address and the portion of the text which has been translated above.

According to Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry, which, Fang admitted, is widely considered as a bible in the area, “The bases and pentoses of the common nucleotides are heterocyclic compounds.” (p. 273, the 4th edition.) Yet, a Ph. D. degree recipient in biochemistry, from an U. S. university, after learning biochemistry for more than 10 years, still didn’t get it. Maybe he likes to think too much that he never learns!

Fang’s ignorance in biochemistry is forever amusing. In 2007, for some reasons unknown to the public, Fang suddenly launched an attack on a certain brand of milk, accusing the manufacturer of intentionally and artificially adding insulin-like growth factor 1(IGF-1) into their milk products. According to Fang, the content of IGF-1 in the adulterated milk was 5.65-16.8 mg/100g. Only after one of his followers reminded him that growth factor proteins should be very expensive to prepare, then Fang realized he had been making a fool of himself── the cost of producing the supposed carcinogenic milk would be three or four orders of magnitude of its selling price. (Yi Ming. Scifool writer Fang Zhouzi. Chapter 14. 《科唬作家方舟子》).

Does anybody believe an ignorant like Fang can ever accomplish anything in biochemistry?

In 2007, to promote one of his plagiarized books, Science makes you healthy, and to show Chinese readers that he was qualified to provide medical advices and to “challenge official support of traditional Chinese medicine,” Fang offered his own “padded CV” by changing his training in biochemistry into “biomedicine.” However, his “biomedicine” padding was torn up by no one else but himself. In 2005, Fang taught a TV audience that to preserve animal cell lines, one should freeze them by quickly submerging them in liquid nitrogen. Obviously, Fang’s knowledge was based on his “biochemistry” experience in storing E. coli. In 2010, right after he was attacked by “thugs hired by a urologist,” he told the world that two thugs tried to narcotize him by spraying ether at him. (Fang Zhouzi. My detailed experience in the attack by two thugs. 《我遭遇两名歹徒袭击的详细经过》) The so called “ether” was later identified as expired pepper water.

What kind of biomedicine training could produce a person who has no knowledge and experience of preserving animal cells, who cannot tell ether from pepper water, and who believes that a brief spray of ether could narcotize an adult? (For more of Fang’s jokes in “biomedicine,” see Yi Ming. An investigation on Fang’s biomedicine background. 《方舟子“生物医学出身”考》.)

Does Nature really believe that a person with an inferior science training like Fang’s is qualified for “standing up for science”?

What kind of science, barring pseudoscience and scientism, needs a person like Fang for “standing up for,” and, exactly, for what?

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