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Part XXVII: Albert Yuan’s Nomination Is Filled with Lies and Malice (3910 查看)

July 28, 2013 04:55PM
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Shamelessness Shouldn’t Be Anyone’s Nature ──An Open Letter to Nature (Part XXVII)

Xin Ge, Ph. D.
Columbia, South Carolina, USA

Why Fang Shi-min Was Awarded the John Maddox Prize? (II):
Albert Yuan’s Nomination Is Filled with Lies and Malice

Full of malicious lies
The screenshot of Mr. Albert Yuan’s blog webpage, showing his nomination letter of Fang for the John Maddox Prize. The red underlines are mine, designating the sentences containing lies and mistakes (analyzed in the text below). Mr. Yuan’s photo (framed in pink) is added by me.

On November 7, 2012, shortly after the appearance of Nature’s editorial John Maddox prize on nature.com, Mr. Albert Yuan (Yuan Yue, 袁越, also known as Tu Motuo, 土摩托) posted the following message on his microblog:

“The secret is out: Congratulate Fang Zhouzi on receiving this year’s John Maddox Prize. The Prize [winners] were jointly selected by journal Nature and a British science popularization organization Sense About Science. I recommended Old Fang, and he eventually shared the Prize with another person.”[1]

One day later, Mr. Yuan posted his recommendation letter on his blog, with a brief note:

“John Maddox was the ex-editor-in-chief of Nature; he passed away due to illness in 2009. Journal Nature and a British science popularization organization Sense About Science decided to set up a ‘standing up for science’ prize in his name to award those who dare to stand up for science in the world. The organizer asked me to recommend candidates, and I recommended Fang Zhouzi. The following is the recommendation letter I wrote.”[2]

Here is Yuan’s recommendation letter of Fang for the John Maddox Prize:

“Mr. Fang’s real name is Fang Shimin, but he is well known in China as Fang Zhouzi. He received a PhD from Michigan State University, majoring in biochemistry. But he decided to return to China, working as a free-lance science writer. Since then he has published many popular books about science. He is widely considered as the best science writer, as well as the leading myth-buster in China. His blog, as well as Weibo (a twitter-like Chinese website) are all extremely popular in China. He personally reported many frauds in Chinese research fields, as well as many bad reporting by Chinese media about science. For example, just last month he reported two Chinese researchers using false diploma, both cases were later confirmed by their employers, and both scientists were fired.

“But what made him a household name was an assault accident. Mr. Xiao Chuanguo, a urologist at Tongji Medical College in Wuhan, hired two thugs to chase him down in broad daylight and try to kill him using a hammer. Luckily he survived this attack and Mr. Xiao was put in prison. The reason for this attack was apparently retaliation. Mr. Fang has been openly criticizing Mr. Xiao’s medical practice. Xiao opened a clinic in Wuhan, doing illegal operations on patients without proper clinical trials, and without proper documentations from Chinese FDA. But because of Xiao’s influence, a lot of Chinese reporters wrote false stories about him. Many patients believed those stories and went for the operation, and regretted. Only when this incident happened did the government banned Mr. Xiao’s operation. If it not for Dr. Fang, there would be more victims.

“Nature has published a story about this accident. The link is as follows [www.nature.com]

“Nature/Medicine also named Mr. Fang People of the Year. Here is the original description about this award:

“Fang Shimin: Least likely to back down Chinese blogger

“Shimin has investigated and exposed numerous counts of scientific misconduct. But even writing under a pen name (’Fang Zhouzi’) did not protect him from a physical attack, in which he says he was chased down by assailants wielding a hammer. Shimin suffered only minor injuries, but the incident brought attention to the perils faced by journalists reporting on fraud in China.

“Therefore, I’d like to recommend Mr Fang as this year’s John Maddox Prize winner.”

In this part of my Open Letter to Nature, I’ll demonstrate, sentence by sentence, that Mr. Yuan’s recommendation letter is packed with factual errors and lies, just like Nature’s Asian-Pacific Correspondent David Cyranoski’s “Brawl in Beijing,”[3] which was apparently used by the judges as the supporting evidence for the selection.

1. “But he decided to return to China, working as a free-lance science writer.”

According to Fang himself, he wanted to give up his scientist career long before he finally made his decision in late 1998, after his first home-visit since he arrived in the United States in 1990[4]. Fang didn’t return to China until 2002, when he married his current wife Liu Juhua[5]. The fact is, neither giving up his scientist career, nor returning to China, was motivated by “working as a free-lance science writer.” The real reason for Fang’s abandonment of scientific research was his laziness, and contempt for such a work, believing it can be done by a monkey[6]. Fortunately, or unfortunately, for him, in July 1998, Salk Institute for Biological Studies filed a patent application based on a discovery made by Dr. Katherine Jones and her team, in which Fang was the least important member[7]. Fang must have thought that he hit the jackpot and the patent could provide him with a financial security so he won’t need to work anymore. Also, while in China, Fang collaborated with someone in his hometown to set up an online bookstore, Hanlin Online Bookstore, to sell books, including Traditional Chinese Medicine books, to Chinese overseas students in North America[8]. Another factor which might have contributed to Fang’s decision is that in 1998, Fang obtained his dreamed permanent resident status of an immigrant in the United States[9].

The registration information of Fang’s Hanlin Online Bookstore
Please note that Fang registered the domain name under “New Threads Chinese Cultural Society,” a not-for-profit organization, for this pure commercial entity.

In 1999 alone, Fang edited and posted 118 articles or advertisements about the bookstore on his New Threads; in comparison, Fang wrote 52 articles about the internet, especially about internet economy; and at most 32 articles related to science, more than a half of them were anti-Falun Gong articles[10], which turned out to be his real jackpot (more on this later.) As a matter of fact, as late as 2006, Fang was still hesitate to admit he was a science writer, let alone free-lance science writer[11].

Also, till today, even though Fang lives in China with his family, he is still holding his Green Card issued by the United States, and refused to apply for a Chinese Resident Identification Card[12]. Therefore, technically, Fang has never returned to China.

So, the judges of the John Maddox Prize should ask your invited Nominator Yuan: based on what evidence you wrote your sentence?

2. “Since then he has published many popular books about science.”

According to Fang himself, he has more than 20 books published since 1997[13]. However, Fang didn’t say that almost every one of the 20-plus books contains plagiarism and stolen images; many of them are just duplications, reorganizations, and republications of his older books. Furthermore, none of them has been a “popular book,” let alone “many”!

Let take a look at the “evidence on a matter of public interest.”

In 2012, Baihuazhou Literature and Art Publishing House in Jiangxi Province published Fang’s My Two Worlds (《我的两个世界》). The book is essentially based on Jiang Shan Wu Xian (《江山无限》), a book of Fang’s published in 2004 by Fujian People's Publishing House, and the later was essentially a part of Fangzhou Online (《方舟在线》), a book published in 2000 by Beijing Institute of Technology Press. The fact is, Fang recycles his articles, even those which had been accused and convicted of plagiarism, repeatedly, periodically, and deliberately, and sometimes he would just change the covers and titles of his books, and republish them as new books. And Fang DOES count each of them as his new books[14].

Among Fang’s 20-plus books, the most promoted one is Science Makes You Healthy (《科学成就健康》), published by Xinhua Publishing House in January 2007. Not only Fang himself promoted the book like crazy[15], his backers, such as Academicians He Zuoxiu and Zou Chenglu, and his followers, such as Professors Rao Yi and Zhao Nanyuan, also touted the book like a masterpiece[16]. Not only these. Both Xinhua News Agency, the official News portal of Chinese government, and People’s Daily, the official newspaper of CCP Central Committee, announced the publication of the book[17]. If you think this kind of hype is more than enough, then you are totally wrong. In fact, in early February, Fang himself fabricated a “threatening letter” incident to hype the book, claiming that his life was threatened by the manufacturers of health supplements, but till today he has not revealed the content of the letter, which was actually a U. S. court summons[18]. On March 15, the International Consumer Rights Day, the publisher even organized a high profile press conference for the book published two months earlier[19]. As a matter of fact, Academician He Zuoxiu stated bluntly from the very beginning:

“I hope that Fang’s this book could make [him] big money, which means it sells strongly, bought by many people. This is our goal.”[20]

Enough? No way! In March 2008, 14 months after the publication of the book, Fang’s money-collecting and laundering machinery in the U. S., The Organization for Scientific & Academic Integrity in China(OSAIC), launched a fund raising campaign, named “Giving Health by Donating the Book,” asking for donations to send the book for free to the readers. Of course that was a money laundering scheme, as I pointed out long time ago[21], but the fact more relevant here is, in spite of these schemes and efforts, by 2013, there were still hundreds of old books in the warehouse unsold[22].

The most shamelessly promoted “science book” in China’s history
Even though having been promoted like crazy, Fang’s Science Makes You Healthy was still not sold out five years after its publication.

The fact is, even Fang himself admitted, or complained, in 2010, that his books are far from popular[23].

So, the judges of the John Maddox Prize should ask Nominator Mr. Yuan: which one of Fang’s books about science is “popular,” and by what standard?

3. “He is widely considered as the best science writer, as well as the leading myth-buster in China.”

This is the most shameless lie of all. As I have pointed out a few weeks ago, “Fang is best known in China as a scifool writer, and except for his hardcore followers, such as that fake Dr. Albert Yuan, few people seriously consider him a science writer, let alone ‘the best science writer.’”[24]

The question is: who is telling the truth? Let’s base our judgment on “sound science and evidence.”

In August 2012, the same time Mr. Yuan wrote the above sentence, China’s Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) made public The List of National Outstanding Science Popularization Works in 2012[25]. A total of 30 books were on the list, but none of them were authored by Fang. To conceal his embarrassment, Fang told his followers who complained about the absence of Fang’s books on the list:

“This kind of official awards is being used by the publishers for political gains, has nothing to do with readers, ignore them.”[26]

The fact is, in 2011, six national institutions and organizations, including MOST, China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), China Research Institute for Science Popularization (CRISP), etc., sponsored the Science Communicator Awards. Not only didn’t receive any of the four awards, Fang even didn’t make the list of “The People’s Favorite Science Communicator of the Year,” which contained 16 candidates and selected by “readers” on the internet[27].

In 2012, Fang did make the list of the Science Communicator Awards, but according to the vote, he needs more than a miracle to win anything: so far, 5,200 votes have been cast, and Fang received only 32 (0.6%) votes[28], not only far less than the number one vote getter, but also far behind Mr. Han Han, the very person he despised the most and attacked the entire year of 2012.

Minimal reputation
The voting results (as of July 27, 2013) of “The People’s Favorite Science Communicator of the Year (2012).” Fang received 32 votes, ranked 9th among 25 candidates; Mr. Han Han, who had been frantically attacked by Fang and his gangsters for the entire year, received 239 votes (4.6%), ranked the 3rd.
(See: [survey.tech.sina.com.cn]).

As for Mr. Yuan’s touting that Fang is “the leading myth-buster in China,” it’s nothing but a joke. As a matter of fact, in 2004, a person challenged Fang and his comrade Sima Nan to bust his mystery of bì gǔ, a Taoism practice of refraining from eating cereal food. Guess what? “[T]he leading myth-buster in China” never found his guts to face that challenge[29].

Apparently, Mr. Yuan’s claim was based on this “evidence”: in 2007, Shan’xi Normal University Press published Fang’s Fang Zhouzi Solves World Mysteries (《方舟子破解世界之谜》). Not to mention that the book contains at least two plagiarized articles and more than two hundreds stolen images, the fact is, none of the mysteries, such as Bermuda Triangle, Egyptian Pyramids, British Crop circles, UFO, etc., was busted by Fang. What Fang did was just translating English articles and then hiding these articles from his readers. Therefore, Mr. Yuan’s ballyhoo of Fang is similar to someone claiming that his dad is the top chef in the world, based on a frozen pizza he just bought from a grocery store.

So, the judges of the John Maddox Prize should ask Nominator Yuan: what kind of “science and evidence” was the base of your statement?

4. “His blog, as well as Weibo (a twitter-like Chinese website) are all extremely popular in China.”

This is another shameless lie in Mr. Yuan’s recommendation letter, and it needs a thorough refutation.

First of all, Fang currently has at least 6 active blogs[30], and none of them is popular in China in the sense of “regarded with great favor, approval, or affection especially by the general public,” as defined in dictionaries. The fact is, Fang’s blogs are so unpopular that Fang has to shut down their commentary functions to hide their unpopularity[31].

Secondly, in the sense of “of, representing, or carried on by the people at large,” most hits Fang’s blog articles received were from those lured by website administrators’ “recommendations,” which is the special treatment Fang takes for granted as a government-backed “science writer,” rather than his true followers (normally, the “recommendation” will increase the number of hits by 5-10 folds).

Now, let’s take a look at some “sound science and evidence.” Fang’s earliest and most influential blog is the one located at sina.com. I select 20 articles Fang posted from Aug. 12 to Aug. 25, 2009, continuously, for analysis. I also select 20 articles from Mr. Han Han’s blog at sina.com posted from Feb. 21 to April 23, 2008, also continuously, as a comparison. Among the 20 articles written by Fang, 4 were recommended by sina.com, while none of Mr. Han’s articles was recommended. The statistic results show, on average, Fang’s articles receive 4,560 hits per article; and for those 16 not “recommended,” the average number of hits is 2,147, for the 4 “recommended,” the number is 14,216. Mr. Han’s articles, on the other hand, receive nearly 385,000 hits per article, 197-folds of Fang’s non-recommended articles, 27-folds of Fang’s recommended articles. As a matter of fact, the number of comments Mr. Han’s articles received (2,693 per article) is more than the number of hits Fang’s non-recommended articles received[32].

Talking about popularity!
Paired comparison of 20 blog articles published by Mr. Han Han and Fang. The numbers are the hits each article has received since its publication. The data in red boxes are those articles recommended by the webmasters at sina.com. For details, see note [32].

Still wondering why Fang has been biting Mr. Han Han like a rabid dog?

So, why don’t the judges of the John Maddox Prize should ask Nominator Yuan: exactly which one of Fang’s blog is “extremely popular in China,” and by what standard?

Now, let’s examine Fang’s microblogs. Since April 2010, Fang has gradually moved his battleground from New Threads to the microblog at sina.com (now weibo.com), for the apparent reason: microblog is very suitable for making allegations and accusations without providing any evidence[33]. It is also a perfect place to spread rumors and launch sudden attacks[34]. Another reason for Fang’s abandonment of the New Threads and embracement of weibo was that he found out later, his influence and popularity on weibo can be bought: yes, just by spending money, anyone could purchase artificial fans – zombie fans (僵尸粉), accounts generated by software – to create an illusion of prowess[35]. As of July 27, 2013, Fang’s microblog at weibo.com, which has been inactive since Aug. 13, 2012, has about 4.8 million fans; his microblog at sohu.com has nearly 17.6 million fans.

There are many evidences to prove that most of Fang’s fans on his microblogs are zombies. First, a zombie fan, especially the cheap one, has three characteristics: it has no photo ID; it has no or few fans; and it posts no or few messages[35]. And it has been noticed countless times that most Fang’s fans, in batches and groups, have all these three features.

A batch of Fang’s zombie fans was caught by a blogger on July 7, 2012.
“0粉丝” (blue characters at the bottom of each square) means that the account has no fans.
(See: 2012-7-7 12:42).

A comparison between Fang Zhouzi’s fans (left) and Han Han’s fans (right) at weibo.com
Please note that the accounts were listed continuously without artificial manipulations.
(See: 2012-4-11 23:37).

Adopted from a post by a weibo.com user who calls himself 老庄孟墨孔 (Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, Mencius, Mo Tzu, Confucius) on April 18, 2012. The author analyzed 1,000 fans each from Fang and Han, the maximum number weibo.com reveals. The original post has been deleted, but it was reposted on other website.
(See: [tieba.baidu.com].)

The fact that most Fang’s fans are purchased zombies is well-known in China. For example, on Aug. 23, 2011, Beijing based Legal Evening News reported Dr. Root-Bernstein’s second open letter to Fang, American Professor Issues Open Letter Denouncing Fang Zhouzi’s Plagiarism[36]. Fang was so upset with the reporter that he posted a message accusing him of spreading rumor. One reporter with the newspaper fought back: “You idiot with all zombie fans, can’t you survive without making a fool of yourself?”[37]

Fang’s zombies were so rampant on weibo.com that even the employees of the website could not help but scold Fang: “Stupid mother-fucker Fang, you purchase zombies to attack Han Han, isn’t it too fake?”[38]

Besides spending money to purchase zombies, weibo.com sometimes awards Fang with large amount zombies for his accomplishments in special missions. On Sept. 17, 2011, Dr. Yu Jianrong, a prominent scholar at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, posted the following message:

“Received a phone call and text message: for the sake of weibo.com, please don’t talk about election anymore, please don’t scold that person anymore. It says: that person performed very well recently, received key recommendations, and increased his fans by hundreds of thousands just in a few days. After that, I understand: that person is a mad dog released [by someone] to bite people, and his payment is just some zombies, what a pity!”[39]

Everyone knows that “that person” was Fang.

On Dec. 27, 2011, Dr. Sun Haifeng, an associate professor at Shenzhen University, posted the following message:

“During the debate with Fang, I found an interesting phenomenon: my posts have been reposted by many certified celebrities, but among those who have reposted Fang’s messages, almost none of them are certified. In addition, there are only a few active Fang’s fans, once you have them blocked, there will be no more activities. If someone jumps out afterward to curse me, he is for sure a zombie without photo ID. Understand why I call them internet gangland zombies?”[40]

About 50 days later, Dr. Sun used “sound science and evidence on a matter of public interest” to make his point: software analysis showed that the reposts of Fang’s message form a tightly closed circle, suggesting that most of these reposts generated no impact on others, characteristic of zombies. On the other hand, the repost of Dr. Sun’s message form a broken circle with many secondary, tertiary, and quaternary relays[41]. (See figures below).

A communication study demonstrates that most Fang’s fans are zombies
Left: a message by Dr. Sun Haifeng (the point in the center) generated reposts which had their own reposts; Right: a message by Fang Zhouzi generated reposts which form a tightly closed circle, with only one breakout (red arrow), which, ironically, was a comment made by Dr. Sun Haifeng, one of Fang’s archenemies.
(See: 2012-2-18 11:32).

Popular among the devils
On Jan. 26, 2012, Fang posted one of his many anti-Han Han articles, How Did Genius Han Han Write His Triple Door?, on weibo (See: 2012-1-26 10:07). As of July 27, 2013, the post has 8,646 comments, and has been reposted 7,381 times. Among the commentators, one “person,” who called himself “Press the whole world with one finger” (一指压天下), made hundreds similar pro-Fang, anti-Han comments. The upper image shows that during a time span of 41 minutes, from 19:43 to 20:24 on Jan. 26, 2012 (see the purple column on the right), that “person” (the purple column on the left) made 34 comments, the contents were essentially the same, but the wordings were slightly different, because weibo.com doesn’t allow the same account to post the same comments multiple times. The lower image is a screenshot showing that that “person” made 3 similar comments in one minute; the only differences among the three messages are their endings (red arrows). Please note that that “person” has already changed his nickname to “Farming and reading in the mountains” (山林耕读). As of July 27, 2013, that person has 5 fans, and 56 posts (he deliberately doesn’t show most of his comments on his homepage.) The message’s English translation is: “Chinese people’s deep-rooted bad habit: to demonstrate that they are not fooled, they desperately defend for the person who fooled them! To say nothing they are fooled by a Shanghai bum. Sad!”

The apparent popularity of Fang’s microblog at sohu.com is even more a joke: it is well-known in China that weibo.com is the largest microblog provider in China, seconded by Tencent QQ, and sohu.com ranks the third[42]. And yet, Fang has 17.6 million fans at sohu.com, more than 3 times of the number he had at weibo.com. Isn’t it absurd? The fact is, if you check the profiles of these fans, nearly 100% of them have less than 5 fans, more than 90% of them have 1 or zero fan (sohu.com shows the profiles of up to 2,000 fans).

China’s microblog market shares[42]

In summary, Fang’s blogs are not popular at all, and the apparent extreme popularity of his microblogs was created by faking and fabricating, and for the purpose of cheating. Of course Nominator Yuan knows everything about the dirty secret, and that’s why he did what he did: cheating the organizer of the John Maddox Prize. Since the secret is out, it is interesting to watch whether the judges were cheated willingly or not.

5. “He personally reported many frauds in Chinese research fields, as well as many bad reporting by Chinese media about science.”

According to what Fang said in 2005:

“The [fraud] cases busted by myself are not many, only about a few dozens. However, our website has busted four or five hundred frauds from the beginning to now, and the majority of these cases were busted by other people, we only provide a platform.”[43]

According to what Fang said in 2010:

“In recent few years, the fraud cases exposed by me became less and less, because of my reputation, my fraud busting can arouse attentions.”[44]

Also in 2010, Fang told sina.com:

“I have not made fundamental mistakes in the fights which involved me directly, I have made mistakes in tiny details, however, once [they] were discovered, [I’d] make clarification and correction immediately.”[45]

Since 2011, I have been calling on Fang in numerous occasions to reveal 100 fraud cases he has busted without mistakes[46]. So far, Fang has not responded to my challenge yet. On the other hand, I have shown, in Chinese and English, and in great details, that in dozens of so called fraud cases busted by Fang directly, the fraudulent party was no one else but Fang himself.

So, why don’t the judges of the John Maddox Prize ask your Nominator Yuan to explain to you who was the fraud and evil in the following cases:

Bian Jianchao case,
Chang Zhijie case,
Chen Jin case,
Fu Xinyuan case,
Ke Zhiyang case,
Liu Bing case,
Liu Huajie case,
“Pseudo-environmentalist” case,
Qi Lin case,
Qiu Xiaoqing case,
Sun Haifeng case,
Wei Yuquan case,
Wu Bolin case,
Wu Guosheng case,
Xiao Chuanguo case,
Zhao Jijun case.

Or, even better, why don’t the judges of the John Maddox Prize ask your Nominator Yuan to offer some examples of Fang’s flawless fraud basting?

6. “For example, just last month he reported two Chinese researchers using false diploma, both cases were later confirmed by their employers, and both scientists were fired.”

Mr. Yuan’s recommendation letter was written in August 2012, and the two cases he mentioned above do need special attention. The basic facts are as following:

★On July 20, 2012, Fang accused Ms. Fu Jin (傅瑾), a professor at Xiamen University, of faking a Ph. D. degree from Columbia University. On July 25, Xiamen University fired Ms. Fu.

★On July 27, 2012, Fang accused Mr. Lu Jun (陆骏, lù jùn), a professor at Beijing University of Chemical Technology, and a member of the elite “Thousand Talents Program,” of a lot of things, including padding his CV with the publications of a homonym (卢俊, lú jùn) at Yale University, and faking his Ph. D. degree from University of Toronto. Mr. Lu was delisted from the “Thousand Talents Program” on the same day of Fang’s accusation, and fired by the University on the next day.

The question is: whether the two “achievements” should be attributed to Fang? The answer is a gigantic NO!

According to Fang, several months before his accusation against Ms. Fu Jin, Fu’s American employer, the University of California at Irvine, had already begun an investigation on her forging academic qualifications and title, and her full-time employment in China[47]. Also, in Xiamen University’s statement on Fu’s firing, Fang’s name was never acknowledged[48], and Fang, who has a reputation of seizing every bit of credit he thinks he deserves, didn’t show a tiny bit of resentment toward the administration of Xiamen University, instead, he “praised” the University[49]. So it looks like that behind Fang’s open accusation against Ms. Fu, there were a great deal of backstage manipulations, with only one plausible purpose: to bail Fang out of the disastrous situation he was facing in China at that time (more on this later).

The Lu Jun case was first exposed by an anonymous person on www.mitbbs.com, on July 26, 2012 at 20:24, EST (8:24 AM Beijing Time on July 27)[50]. The news was reposted on weibo.com like crazy shortly afterwards, but the message was soon shielded by the administration of the website[51]. Then Fang posted his first accusation against Mr. Lu Jun at 3:16 PM Beijing Time, about 7 hours after the outbreak[52]. At 5:22 PM, the official website of “Thousand Talents Program” announced that Lu’s enrollment into the program was revoked[53]. About 4 hours after that, Beijing University of Chemical Technology announced that Lu was under investigation, and the University fired Lu the next day[54].

Based upon the above timeline, it is obvious that Fang’s contribution to the downfall of Mr. Lu Jun was at most secondary: using his so called “prominent position in Chinese society” to grab undeserving credit for himself. The action by the government, blocking other people’s same, but earlier and more original messages, and letting Fang be the exclusive “fraud fighter,” indicates, again, the backstage manipulations, which, again, had only one plausible purpose: to bail Fang out of the disastrous situation he was facing in China at that time.

The fact is, to grab the credit, Fang claimed that he phoned the Organization Department of the CCP Central Committee to inform them the news so “to ensure that this serious fraud case can lead to administration's attention in a timely manner to reduce national losses,”[55] which sounds extremely ridiculous, because the matter was not an emergency, and Fang almost never makes phone calls to domestic institutions, so why the hurry in this case?

What even more funny is, obviously trying to make his own contribution, Fang wrongfully accused Mr. Lu Jun of fraudulently using another Lu Jun’s Ph. D. degree from the University of Toronto[56], which must be the basis of Nominator Yuan’s statement, “he reported two Chinese researchers using false diploma.” However, neither the “Thousand Talents Program” nor Beijing University of Chemical Technology mentioned that Mr. Lu Jun had forged his Ph. D. degree [57]. So, just like his scifooling, Fang’s “fraud busting” is also fraud-prone: he is more likely than not to make a fool of himself if he doesn’t steal from other people.

Indeed, in a time span of mere 9 days during which he “he reported two Chinese researchers using false diploma,” Fang fumbled more times than his succeeded. Here is the list of failures:

★On July 25, 2012, Fang attacked Xiamen University for their appointment of Mr. Xia Ningshao (夏宁邵) as the dean of the Public Health College, saying that Mr. Xia’s education background, a mere secondary vocational education, was too low, and the appointment was an insult to modern education system[58]. Fang also accused Mr. Xia of CV fraud[59]. Only after many people defended Xia by providing evidence supporting the appointment[60], and both Professor Xia and Xiamen University ignored him, Fang gave up his effort to topple another professor at Xiamen University.

★On July 26, 2012, Fang attacked Professor Li Yong of Xiamen University for double employments. According to Fang, Li Yong was employed full-time at Xiamen University, but meanwhile, he was a full-time assistant professor at University of Pittsburgh, so he was cheating the taxpayers of Fujian Province, where Fang was born and grew up. Fang apologized 81 minutes after his allegation for mistaking the two different Li Yongs as the same one[61].

★On July 28, 2012, Fang announced that an American scientist reported to him a plagiarism committed by Mr. Wang Jiaquan, a professor at Hefei University of Technology, and smugly “complained”: “It makes my place like an International Reporting Center.”[62]. Two days later, Fang admitted that the paper involved had been retracted six months ago. What Fang didn’t reveal was, the retraction was made at the authors’ request[63].

The question is, why did Yuan selectively report Fang’s success stories to the organizer of the John Maddox Prize, while hiding his more numerous failures, or more accurately, “fraudulent fraud busting”?

Another question is, why did Fang, who apparently had given up his fighting ground in academic community since the summer of 2011, suddenly busted 5 supposed academic frauds in July 2012? The answer to the question needs a separate article to deliberate, so I just give a brief summary below.

Thanks to the incident of Brawl in Beijing, by mid-2012, Fang had become the most despised and hated person on weibo.com. The landmark event occurred on June 12, when Fang threatened the weibo users with lawsuits:

“From now on I begin to pursue the legal responsibility of each individual who has spread rumors and slandered my wife and my daughter, and I request that Sina provide me with the real name registration information of these people. To the anonymous and overseas users, I request that Sina promptly stop this kind of slandering behavior, otherwise I’ll ask them to assume the joint and several liability.”[64]

To Fang’s surprise, thousands of people responded to the threat by begging Fang to sue them, even more people repeated what Fang just prohibited them from saying – “spread rumors and slander my wife”[65]. In short, Fang had evolved from a national hero to public enemy number one in less than 2 years.

Fang’s political and commercial backers and sponsors had invested too much on this fake hero to give him up, so they plotted several schemes to re-build Fang’s positive image. The first scheme was the hiring of Fang in early July 2012 as the Chief Scientific Advisor by hudong.com, a semi-governmental online firm founded by Pan Haidong, the infamous “Gigantic Cheater in the Thousand Talents Program.”[66] (Mr. Albert Yuan was hired by that firm as a Scientific Advisor at the same time.) However, the scheme backfired: it not only didn’t save Fang, it made hudong.com even more notorious[67]. Then came the second scheme: academic fraud busting.

Fang’s fraud busting in late July 2012 had all the characteristics of hype: Fang initiated the attacks on his microblog, the media pressed the attacked to respond, and afterward, Fang declared his victories, and media praised Fang’s heroics. For example, from July 19 to Aug. 1, 2012, Fang appeared in Chinese news media at least 18 times, mainly in the newspapers of his hometown[68], arguably the most clustered appearances since August 2011, when Dr. Root-Bernstein of Michigan State University publicly denounced Fang’s plagiarism.

The fact is, from July 2011 to July 2013, the two-year period flanking the cluster, that five cases were the only “academic frauds” - barring some small cases involving Fang’s personal factors - Fang had busted; everything else were unrelated with “academic frauds” (see the table below), so this fact alone strongly suggests “the summer storm of 2012” was deliberately plotted.

So, why don’t the judges of the John Maddox Prize ask your Nominator Yuan: whether the nomination of Fang for the John Maddox Prize was part of the plot?

7. “Mr. Xiao Chuanguo, a urologist at Tongji Medical College in Wuhan, hired two thugs to chase him down in broad daylight and try to kill him using a hammer.”

This lie has been exposed and refuted in my article, Nature Asian-Pacific Correspondent David Cyranoski’s “Brawl in Beijing” Is a Fraudulent and Malicious News Report. Briefly, Xiao denies that he have hired anyone to attack Fang, let alone kill him. And it needs a complete idiot to believe that someone with intention to kill someone would do it “in broad daylight” and “using a hammer.”

8. “The reason for this attack was apparently retaliation.”

This is another lie which has been exposed and refuted in my Nature Asian-Pacific Correspondent David Cyranoski’s “Brawl in Beijing” Is a Fraudulent and Malicious News Report. The simple fact is: the retaliatory person was no one else but Fang Shi-min.

9. “Mr. Fang has been openly criticizing Mr. Xiao’s medical practice.”

Again, this lie has been exposed and refuted in my Nature Asian-Pacific Correspondent David Cyranoski’s “Brawl in Beijing” Is a Fraudulent and Malicious News Report. “Mr. Xiao’s medical practice” wasn’t the issue in Fang’s anti-Xiao campaigns until Fang ran out of other retaliatory weapons.

10. “Xiao opened a clinic in Wuhan, doing illegal operations on patients without proper clinical trials, and without proper documentations from Chinese FDA.”

This lie was invented by Nominator Yuan. First of all, Dr. Xiao has never “opened a clinic in Wuhan,” to the best of my knowledge. What Yuan meant must be the Shen Yuan Hospital, which was located in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, about 600 kilometers away from Wuhan.

Secondly, the operation (Xiao’s Procedure) was not, and still isn’t, illegal in China: Dr. Xiao was invited to come back to China in 1990s to do the operation on patients by the administration of a State-owned enterprise, and the operations were funded by Chinese government[70]. After learning the news, the Chinese Health Minister Chen Minzhang even personally invited Dr. Xiao to return to China[71].

Before Brawl in Beijing, the legitimacy of the operation had never been questioned by Chinese government or news media, and only after the Wuhan court took away the punitive fine from the bank account of Fang’s wife that it began to be questioned by Fang and his gangsters. After Brawl in Beijing, on Nov. 9, 2010, a spokesman of Ministry of Health, under the tremendous pressure from Fang, his backers, his followers, and a group of unsatisfied patients, answered a question about Xiao’s Procedure from a reporter with Caijing magazine, the same magazine Fang’s diehard follower Fang Xuanchang worked as an editor at the time. What the spokesman said was:

“Currently, there is not enough medical evidence for the safety and efficacy of the technique, further demonstration is needed to determine whether this technique is clinically applicable.”[72]

Based on the above oral opinion, Fang and his gangsters has been claiming that Xiao’s Procedure was banned in China. The legitimacy of the “ban” has been challenged by Dr. Xiao since April 2012[73], and the ministry has yet to respond as of today. Currently, the operation is still being offered to patients in Shen Yuan Hospital in Shenzhen[74].

Thirdly, Xiao’s Procedure was tested clinically in both China and the United States[75], whether they constitute “proper clinical trial” is a different matter, but it is not for Nominator Yuan to judge, because he has absolutely no training, no knowledge, and no experience in this field: he even did not know the fact that neither “Chinese FDA” nor the FDA in the United States has the Jurisdiction over a surgical procedure.

11. “But because of Xiao’s influence, a lot of Chinese reporters wrote false stories about him.”

This is another lie invented by Yuan, which even Fang dares not to tell.

First of all, Xiao was basically unknown to the people outside his profession before 2005, and that was the very reason it took Fang four years to find out his true identity. Nominator Yuan needs to explain what kind of influence Xiao had.

Secondly, according to Fang’s “List of China’s Bad Journalists,” before Brawl in Beijing, only 4 journalists, belonging to 3 news media, were labeled by Fang as “Xiao Chuanguo’s gunners” (肖传国枪手), in Fang’s dictionary, it means the person who has praised Xiao in news report(s). Among the 4 gunners, one was a reporter with China News Agency, Ai Qiping (艾启平), who wrote a report in 2008 telling the story that many foreign urologists and neurosurgeons came to Wuhan to learn Xiao’s Procedure from Xiao[76].

The other three gunners were involved in a series of reports aimed at rescuing a Hainan boy who was suffering from spina bifida therefore unable to defecate and urinate without his parents’ help. To start with, Ms. Yue Qin (岳钦), a reporter with Southern Metropolis Daily in Hainan Province, wrote a report about the boy, Little Shanshan (小善善), and asked for donations for his operation. Ms. Yue had never heard of Dr. Xiao or Xiao’s Procedure before. However, one of her colleagues had personal experience with Xiao’s Procedure and recommended it to Ms. Yue. At that time, Shen Yuan Hospital in Zhengzhou was the hospital specialized with Xiao’s Procedure, so Ms. Yue contacted the reporters with Zhengzhou-based Dahe Daily, the latter, who were also unaware of Xiao’s Procedure, investigated the background of the hospital, and then arranged the operation. To make a long story short, on August 13, 2006, Dr. Xiao went to Zhengzhou specially to do the operation on the boy, not only free of charge, he also donated 20,000 RMB to a “neurogenic bladder relief fund.”[77] And since then the three reporters have become “Xiao Chuanguo’s gunners” and on the “List of China’s bad journalists” simply because of reporting the event.

A tale of the Good and the Evil
Because of the serial reports by Southern Metropolis Daily and Dahe Daily, Little Shanshan became a key witness in the fight between Xiao and Fang after August 2009. Fang and his gangsters, including Nominator Yuan, insist that the operation on the little boy was ineffective, but Dr. Xiao considers it successful[77].
Left: Little Shanshan before Xiao’s Procedure as reported by Southern Metropolis Daily. According to the report, the boy’s feces had to be dug out with fingers by his mother, and his urine was released by dripping. Because of those, he also suffered from internal infection frequently.
Right: in August 2010, about four years after receiving Xiao’s Procedure, Little Shanshan showed to Dr. Xiao and many other people that he could self-void[78].

The judges of the John Maddox Prize need to ask your Nominator Albert Yuan: exactly which reporters wrote which false reports under Xiao’s what influence? In fact, it would be even better if Nature could send their Asian-Pacific Correspondent Mr. David Cyranoski to Hainan to take a look at that boy, for the sake of “sound science and evidence on a matter of public interest,” if you do mean what you say!

12. “Many patients believed those stories and went for the operation, and regretted.”

Sure, Fang and his gangsters do have a list of a few hundred unsatisfied patients, at least they claimed so. The strange thing is, most of them have refused to take urodynamic tests to determine the effectiveness of the operation, apparently under Fang’s influence[79].

Now, let’s take a closer look at one particular unsatisfied patient, Mr. Jin Bingyan (靳冰岩), who has been the most active and vicious accuser against Dr. Xiao. On August 16, 2009, six days after the fateful date when the Wuhan court enforced their judgment against Fang, Fang published Mr. Jin’s letter wrote in 2008 to the Minister of Health, saying he received Xiao’s Procedure (not from Dr. Xiao) in November 2007, but after more than a year, not only there was no improvement at all, but the suffering got worse. Also according to him, he was so stinky that he dared not to be close to other people[80]. However, in October 2010, Mr. Jin posted a message on his microblog saying that the train from Kaifeng to Beijing was so crowded that it took hours to have the chance to use the bathroom, so he had to hold [his bowel and bladder][81]. The fact is, Mr. Jin went to Beijing to demonstrate in front of the court house with other patients, apparently instigated and financially supported by Fang’s “Science and Technology Fraud Busting Fund,” asking for punishing Xiao severely. Mr. Jin stood outside the court house for hours without going to bathroom, and it seemed that no one around him minded or noticed his stink. In April 2012, reporters of Shenzhen Television visited Mr. Jin in Kaifeng, and found him doing very well. In more than one hour, he didn’t go to bathroom, and didn’t emit unpleasant odor. He also admitted to the reporters that the operation didn’t make his condition worse[82].

Revenge on kindness
Left: Mr. Jin Bingyan (red oval) demonstrates outside of a Beijing court house in October 2010 with other patients who have received Xiao’s Procedure treatment, asking for severely punishing Xiao Chuanguo[81].
Right: Mr. Jin opened a store, supposedly sponsored by Fang’s fund money, in his hometown and seems odor-free[82].

So, why don’t the judges of the John Maddox Prize ask your Nominator Albert Yuan: as a reporter yourself, have you ever investigated the reasons of these patients’ regrets? Exactly how many of these regretted patients are like Jin Bingyan?

13. “Only when this incident happened did the government banned Mr. Xiao’s operation.”

As already mentioned, Chinese government has never issued an official ban on the procedure. What happened was that the Health Ministry’s spokesman issued his opinion on a press conference orally, but there has been no written document related to the opinion. Dr. Xiao’s lawyer has challenged the legitimacy of the opinion, and Xiao is currently treating his patients with his procedure in Shen Yuan Hospital in Shenzhen.

14. “If it not for Dr. Fang, there would be more victims.”

Well, one thing is for sure: if it not for Dr. Fang, many patients would have received the treatment of Xiao’s Procedure. Whether they would be victims or not, it depends on who was the judge. According Fang, the operation on Little Shanshan was a complete failure!

15. Nature has published a story about this accident.

Yes, Nominator Yuan was referring the “fraudulent and malicious news report” by Mr. David Cyranoski. It is amazing that both the nominator and the judges of the John Maddox Prize relied upon that “fraudulent and malicious news report” to promote Fang the Evil.

16. Nature/Medicine also named Mr. Fang People of the Year.

Nominator Yuan lies unscrupulously. In the December 2010 issue of Nature Medicine, there is a half-page section titled “The Yearbook,” in which the journal’s editors “list[ed] key people who made headlines this year, either by standing up for what they saw as right or by stopping what they felt was wrong.” In the entire issue of the journal, I could not found the phrase “People of the Year.” The question is: where did Nominator Yuan get his phrase?

17. “Fang Shimin: Least likely to back down Chinese blogger”

The answer to the above question is: when Nominator Yuan talked about “Nature/Medicine,” he was not reading “Nature/Medicine,” instead, he was reading the New Threads – just like Nature’s Asian-Pacific Correspondent Mr. David Cyranoski wrote his report by reading a blog of Fang’s gangster's. Briefly, on Dec. 9, 2010, Fang translated and published the part of himself in the Yearbook of Nature Medicine, 2010. It was Fang who made up a phrase “年度人物”, and Nominator Yuan translated it faithfully into “People of the Year”! What a pair of cheaters!

The fact is, the title Nature Medicine bestowed upon Fang was “Least likely to back down.” However, for some reason, Fang modified it into “Fang Shimin: Least likely to back down Chinese blogger.” And the Nominator Yuan copied Fang’s distortion faithfully, again. What an idiot!

Shameless distortion
Upper: the page image of Fang in Nature Medicine’s The Yearbook 2010. The words which were distorted by Fang are underlined.
Lower: screenshot of the New Threads webpage showing Fang’s translation and distortion of the original text in Nature Medicine’s The Yearbook 2010. The Chinese phrase “People of the Year” made up by Fang is red-boxed. The distorted phrases are underlined.

18. “But even writing under a pen name (’Fang Zhouzi’) did not protect him from a physical attack, in which he says he was chased down by assailants wielding a hammer.”

I don’t know who wrote the eulogy of Fang for Nature Medicine’s Yearbook, but I do know that whoever wrote it, he/she didn’t know a thing about Fang. Fang is a worshiper of Lu Xun, who went by his pen name instead of his real name, Zhou Shuren. To imitate Lu Xun, Fang goes by his pen name Fang Zhouzi in China, instead of his real name Fang Shi-min. Therefore the pen name doesn’t, and was not intended to, offer Fang any protection “from a physical attack,” - Fang knows it, and everyone else knows it, except for the editor who wrote the above sentence. In fact, the same thing is true in the West: Magic Johnson is known by more people than Earvin Johnson Jr. It is really astonishing that a scientific journal with a pretty good reputation could select their “People of the Year” with such ignorance!

19. “Shimin suffered only minor injuries, but the incident brought attention to the perils faced by journalists reporting on fraud in China.”

The incident of “Brawl in Beijing” didn’t reveal “the perils faced by journalists reporting on fraud in China,” rather, it revealed the viciousness and unscrupulousness of the evils, namely, Fang, his gangsters, and his backers, faced by Chinese scientists and scholars. As far as I know, no journalists in China have faced perils by reporting academic frauds, and that is the very reason Fang and his gangsters have chosen Chinese scholars as their prey. It is pitiful that the “attention” of Nature Medicine has been so vainly wasted!


Including the citation, Mr. Yuan’s recommendation letter contains 25 sentences, and 19 of them, 76%, are situated with lies and venom, just like Mr. David Cyranoski’s “Brawl in Beijing.” With such coordinated efforts, it seems that even Adolf Hitler and Osama bin Laden are over qualified for some kind of prize.

The three judges of John Maddox Prize have stated that “The award of the John Maddox prize was based on nominations of individuals on the basis of their involvement in public communication of science and/or medicine in particularly challenging circumstances.” Mr. Yuan’s fraudulent and malicious nomination letter justifies neither the judges’ statement nor their decision. According to Yuan’s letter, the only “challenging circumstance” Fang faced in China was his fight with Dr. Xiao; and according to the statement by the judges, that fight had already been re-defined as a “personal dispute.” Therefore, the statement is self- contradictory, unless, besides Mr. Yuan’s unethical and untruthful recommendation, someone else also recommended Fang for the Prize, hopefully with more compelling evidence. If that’s case, I believe that the judges should make the nomination(s) public for the sake of “sound science and evidence on a matter of public interest,” if that was your true intention.

Please read the PDF file for the notes with hyperlinks.】

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