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A Statement on Dr. Shu-kun Lin’s New Lies (1109 查看)

April 28, 2015 12:05PM
A Statement on Dr. Shu-kun Lin’s New Lies

April 28, 2015

By Xin Ge, Ph.D.

Columbia, South Carolina, USA

On April 27, 2015, Mr. Richard Poynder, who “has been observing and reporting on the evolution of the Open Access (OA) movement” for over a decade, published on his blog a lengthy article, The Open Access Interviews: Publisher MDPI. The following dialog in the interview, between Mr. Poynder (RP) and Dr. Shu-kun Lin (S-K L), is related to me:

RP: MDPI has also been targeted by critics in China, or at least you personally have — most notably by someone called Dr. Xin Ge. I am confused as to what this is all about: can you say briefly what allegations have been made, and why you think you have been targeted?

S-K L: Dr Xin Ge, a former scientist, has been targeting a number of people associated with a well-known Chinese scientist Dr Shi-Min Fang, the inaugural winner of the John Maddox Prize for “standing up for science”. Dr Ge has written over 20 open letters to Nature, none of which have been published. In a letter about me and MDPI, he made many ridiculous and false allegations.

It appears, however, that Jeffrey Beall may have read the allegations and been influenced by them. MDPI’s relation to Dr Fang is through sponsorship of the “Scientific Spirit Prize”, run in China by Dr Fang.

This statement is intended to refute what Dr. Lin said above.

First of all, it is ridiculous to call Dr. Shi-Min Fang (or Fang Shimin, more well-known in China as Fang Zhouzi) a “scientist,” let alone “a well-known Chinese scientist.” Dr. Fang received his Ph. D. degree in biochemistry from the Michigan State University in 1995. He quit his scientist career voluntarily 3 years later after two mediocre postdoctoral stints which yielded only one third-author publication. Since then, Fang has never published any scholarly papers of any kind, so even he himself felt embarrassed when a top GMO promoter in China tried to promote him to the rank of “a great scientist,” admitting: “It is inappropriate to call me a scientist.

Secondly, it has been demonstrated extensively and exhaustively that Fang’s award of “the inaugural winner of the John Maddox Prize” is nothing but a desperate attempt by the international GMO forces to salvage Fang’s credit bankruptcy in China (see, for example: Ge, X. Shamelessness Shouldn’t Be Anyone’s Nature ── An Open Letter to Nature, Part XXX: Why Was Fang Shi-min Awarded the John Maddox Prize (V): Why Was Albert Yuan Invited to Nominate Fang?). Also, Dr. Lin failed to mention that Fang’s “John Maddox Prize” has been frequently listed together by Fang with another equally "famous" prize he received in the United States, “Cliff Robertson Sentinel Award,” given by a “Domestic For-Profit Corporation,” Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Inc.

Thirdly, as of today, I have written 47 open letters to Nature - none of them was ever intended to be published by Nature or any other publishers-, and 4 of them “target” Dr. Lin and his MDPI (see the collection of the 4 articles: Fang Zhouzi, He Zuoxiu, Lin Shu-kun and the Secret of Their Scienafia Empire). Briefly, in the 4 articles, I have shown Dr. Lin’s dirty and shameful personal history, his malpractice of business competition in China, his secret, fraudulent, and even criminal tie with Fang, and his collaboration with Fang, secretively and maliciously, to attack Mr. Jeffery Beall and me in early 2014. Although Dr. Lin has issued multiple legal threats to me, encouraged by his then CEO Mr. Dietrich Rordorf and through his buddy Fang’s mouth, he has yet to take any real actions in the past 15 months or so. The fact alone demonstrates that what I have written is indisputable.

Fourthly, Dr. Lin failed to reveal that his hyperlinked “Statement on Libelous Allegations against MDPI and Its Founder and President Dr. Shu-Kun Lin” is an “updated” version, and the only reason for them to “update” the original statement and remove it from the homepage of MDPI’s website is because of the fact that the original statement was refuted devastatingly by me in my “Statement on MDPI’s Statement.” The fact is, even their updated statement is full of lies. For example, in the statement, Dr. Lin and his MDPI followers, Mr. Dietrich Rordorf and Dr. Martyn Rittman, were still trying to portrait Fang as “a renowned campaigner against academic corruption and pseudoscience in China,” and trying to define the nature of their relationship with Fang as an alliance “against corruption and pseudoscience in the Chinese academic system.” The fact is, Fang is the most fraudulent and corrupted person in China, probably so in the world (see any one of my open letters to Nature for evidence, or, for brief summary, read my open letter to GlobalPost). And based on the information available to the public, the only plausible reason for Dr. Lin to “associate” himself and his MDPI with Fang is for the purpose of profiteering: by giving money to Fang, Lin and his MDPI have received Fang’s protection and promotion, plus Fang’s ferocious attack on Lin’s sole business competitor in China, Dr. Zhou Huaibei and his Scientific Research Publishing, an OA publisher also. Further, the twenty thousand Swiss Francs Lin or his MDPI given to Fang’s New Threads went directly to the pockets of two of the most infamous scientists in China, He Zuoxiu and Rao Yi, Fang’s ardent supporters just like Lin. Therefore, the "Scientific Spirit Prize in China" sponsored by MDPI has nothing to do with science, has everything and only thing to do with fraud and corruption, or even crime.

Fifthly, as of today, Dr. Lin has yet to reveal the secret about his promised monthly contribution to Fang’s fraudulent money collecting machinery in the U. S., THE ORGANIZATION FOR SCIENTIFIC & ACADEMIC INTEGRITY IN CHINA, and how has he been implementing his plan to support Fang and his whole family to live comfortably for the rest of Fang’s life. More specifically, neither Lin nor Fang has responded to my allegation that Lin or his MDPI might have purchased Fang’s mansion in Southern California at the cost of $670,000, with cash. Fang’s possible tax evasion has been reported to the authority in the United States, and data about his illegal money collecting and laundering is being collected and to be reported to the governments in both America and China.

Finally, "targeting a number of people associated with a well-known Chinese scientist Dr Shi-Min Fang" has been one of my ongoing projects, for the only purpose of exposing Fang’s fraudulence and evilness. I’m determined to finish it no matter how long it will take. As of now, these people, or in my term “Fangangsters,” who have been targeted by me include the God-father Yu Guangyuan, the Shameless Party Man He Zuoxiu, the triple faker Albert Yuan (Yuan Yue), Fang’s family army member Fang Yunhuan, and of course Fang’s business partner and patron Dr. Shu-Kun Lin. Please note that except for Dr. Lin, who issued an empty statement and legal threat more than a year ago, none of these Fangangsters, including Fang himself, have been able to refute my writings, let alone have the guts to sue me. Let me take the opportunity to state here again: I welcome lawsuits filed by anyone of those who have been “targeted” by me, including Fang, and I stand by every word I have written, and will write, about Fang and his gangsters.

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A Statement on Dr. Shu-kun Lin’s New Lies (1109 查看)

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