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Open Letter to Nature: Part XXXIX: The Fangangsters (IX): Fang’s Family Army (I): Fang Yunhuan, the Second Sister (4156 查看)

April 22, 2014 02:48PM
【Due to the webpage capacity,only about one half of the article is posted here. The full-length article is attached as a PDF file.】

Shamelessness Shouldn’t Be Anyone’s Nature──An Open Letter to Nature (Part XXXIX)

Xin Ge, Ph. D.

Columbia, SC, USA

The Fangangsters (IX): Fang’s Family Army (I): Fang Yunhuan, the Second Sister


The Ugly Face Unveiled by a Fraudulent Reward-game
Cold-bloodedness: A Family Trait
Pretending to be an Expert: A Family Custom
Fighting Online: A Family Profession

1. Dr. Xiao Chuanguo
2. Dr. Liu Huajie
3. Mr. Zhou Libo
4. Mr. Zheng Yuanjie
5. Ms. Liang Bingna

Self-promotion: A Family Secret
Plagiarism: The Family Tie
GMO: The Family Business

In the past few years, many of Fang Zhouzi’s dirty secrets have been dug up and exposed to the world, and the one which shocked many people is that literally every one of Fang’s family members, barring his aged parents and young daughter, has been actively fighting for Fang on the internet under various masks. As a matter of fact, a generally accepted rule of thumb about Fang is that if Fang reposts a message from an anonymous supporter on one of his microblogs, that person is most likely either Fang himself or one of his family members. Of course, Fang’s family army doesn’t fight for Fang in the virtual world only . In the real world, they do the same thing: touting Fang vehemently and attacking Fang’s enemies frenziedly. In other words, Fang’s family army is among the most vicious Fangangsters, equivalent to Nazi’s Waffen-SS.

On the other hand, since 2010, Fang’s “family members,” especially his daughter and, recently, his father, have become one of Fang’s most frequently used lethal weapons – the so called porcelain weapon - to fight against his enemies; and his enemies’ “family members” have been regular targets of Fang’s attacks. The following stories show Fang’s inhumane nature, and his family/social background in which his evilness has been cultivated and developed.

Fang Zhouzi’s Family Army
Every person in the above photo has been identified as a member of Fangangsters, and every one of them has intimate relationship with Fang Zhouzi. From left counterclockwise: Liu Juhua, Fang’s wife; Sharon Gao Li, Fang’s mistress; Fang Yunhuan, Fang’s second sister; Fang Yunqiu, Fang’s eldest sister; Fang Shixiong, Fang’s elder brother; two persons with names unknown, but they are known as Fang’s relatives and they work as Fang’s salary-earning bodyguards; Fang Jinquan, who is either Fang Shixiong’s son or Fang’s distant nephew, many people believe that he is the same person who works as Fang’s bodyguard (the person next to him).

The Ugly Face Unveiled by a Fraudulent Reward-game

In the afternoon of March 30, 2011, hours after newspaper Legal Weekly posted online its lengthy report, A Comprehensive Investigation on the Alleged Plagiarism Committed by Fang Zhouzi[1], Fang Zhouzi resumed his attacks on Xiao Chuanguo, who was just released from prison two weeks ago. Obviously Fang was trying to divert people’s attention from the outbreak of his plagiarism scandal. At 9:41 PM, Fang posted the following message on his microblog:

“None of the more than 300 victims of Xiao’s Procedure who can be reached at the present time have seen the effect of the procedure; about 40% of them have been handicapped by the surgery. Xiao Chuanguo lied in the New Express Daily by saying that ‘we have conducted 2000 cases [of the surgery], it is normal that there are 400 people who claim no effect, the effective rate is 80%.’ He counted all those patients who couldn’t be reached as effective. It is in fact more likely that these cases are ineffective, because even those so called successful cases which had been used by Xiao Chuanguo to promote his procedure in the media have been found to be false.”[2]

Fang’s personal lawyer and money laundering aid Mr. Peng Jian immediately made the following offer on his microblog:

“Sincerely asking for patients who have been cured by Xiao’s Procedure to show up and accept examination. If it is confirmed by examination that the illness has indeed been cured by Xiao’s Procedure, I’ll award the patient 100,000 Yuan!!!”[3]

Two days later, Ms. Tang Hairuo (汤海若), a writer and a Fang-lover, announced:

“Support lawyer Peng Jian, I am willing to add 100,000!”[4]

Then, in about two hours, a person with a fake ID Hairong-2010 (海容-2010) announced:

“I am also joining in, add 100,000!”[5]

Exactly one hour later, another Fang-lover with a fake ID Tang Bohu (唐博忽) added another 100,000[6].

The bidding war
From March 30 to April 1, four Fang-lovers offered 100,000 Yuan each to any patient who had been cured by Xiao’s Procedure. The above image is the screenshot of Hairong-2010’s microblog, showing her offer and confirmation of her offer (red boxes). Please note that she has changed her web ID to 滤波filtering (Lübo-filtering).

Of course no one has ever been able to collect the 400,000 Yuan reward. However, the reason for that was not what implied by the Nature’s congratulatory editorial on Fang’s winning of the John Maddox Prize, “the efficacy of a surgical procedure developed by the urologist” is zero[7]. 24 days after the reward-offering game, Dr. Xiao held a press conference in Wuhan, in which he claimed that Fang and his gangsters had offered money to the cured patients if they agreed not to testify for the efficacy of the Procedure[8]. Xiao’s claim was later confirmed by an official China’s news medium[9].

Testimonies against a crime
On March 16, 2012, the official website of People’s Daily posted two testimonies by the parents of spina bifida patients. One testimony says that Fang Zhouzi’s personal lawyer Peng Jian visited his family and asked him to sign a document. He was later harassed by phone calls asking him, by offering him money, to sue Dr. Xiao. The other testimony is a letter to the Ministry of Health, in which the parent testifies that in October 2010, someone telephoned him asking him not to testify for Xiao’s Procedure, and offered him 50,000 Yuan if he would agree. The above is the images of these two testimonies[9].

In February, 2012, Fang’s plagiarism scandal became national news again. Dr. Sun Haifeng, an associate professor at Shenzhen University, released a video clip showing Dr. Robert Root-Bernstein of the Michigan State University was interviewed by a Chinese journalist, in which Dr. Root-Bernstein confirmed his allegation against Fang’s plagiarism committed back in 1995[10]. When Dr. Sun announced the news on his microblog, a person asked Drs. Sun and Xiao this question:

“May I ask why [we] could not find the patients who have been cured by Xiao’s Procedure to claim the reward, rather, [you] respond to Fang Zhouzi?”[11]

To the question, Dr. Xiao replied:

“Can you trust a rogue and his scoundrel lawyer who even bilks a fine ordered by a court? You let him give the money to [Chinese] Urological Association, I will then send a cured patient for each 400,000 Yuan to the Association for examination and reward collection. The fact is, in my press conference, there were more than 20 cured patients from Hubei [Province] alone. [t.cn].”[12]

Two weeks later, a television stations in Shenzhen broadcasted a program in which two patients, along with their parents, claimed that they were cured by Xiao’s Procedure and asked for the reward[13]. However, none of the four reward-offerers were responsive.

Waiting for the reward
Two patients, one didn’t want to reveal his identity, the other was Ms. Li Xiaofen, testified for the efficacy of Xiao’s Procedure on Shenzhen Television. Li Xiaofen’s father stated explicitly that he wanted the reward offered by the Fangangsters, but till today he is still waiting.

It was at this point an internet user who called himself Six-fingered (六指) began to investigate the identity of that Hairong-2010. What Six-fingered found out was that Hairong-2010’s real name is Fang Yunhuan, who was born in 1960, lived in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, Fang Zhouzi’s hometown; graduated from Xiamen University and worked as a senior engineer and the director of Anlin Electromechanics Institute. Also, her appearance resembles Fang Zhouzi. Furthermore, just about two weeks earlier, Fang Zhouzi was featured in a newspaper published in his hometown, in which it revealed that Fang has a big sister named Fang Yunqiu, a second sister who graduated from Xiamen University. The conclusion: that Hairong-2010, or Fang Yunhuan, must be Fang’s second sister[14].

Family looks: Fang Zhouzi and his second sister Fang Yunhuan

Since then, this Hairong-2010 has changed her internet ID to Lübo-filtering (滤波filtering), and deleted the webpages containing her personal information on her institute’s website. And of course, she has never given out her promised 100,000 Yuan to any person. As a matter of fact, in August 2012, Dr. Xiao went one step further: he’d match the 400,000 Yuan reward with his own money, let Mr. Wang Zhi’an, a CCTV commentator and one of Fang’s closest followers at the time, be the mediator to conduct the cross examination, if the patient failed to pass the examination, Xiao’s money would go to the patient, otherwise, the patient would collect the reward[15]. Guess what was the Second Sister’s response? By that time, she had already moved her primary microblog from weibo.com to sohu.com, apparently being informed in advance by her little brother who reportedly received 3 million Yuan from sohu.com for moving his army to their website from weibo.com, posted the following message:

“I saw on sina that Hammer Xiao had asked Wang Zhi’an to be the mediator for evaluating the effectiveness of the urine kettle (尿壶, niào hú, referring Xiao's reflex arc procedure, in which the arc 弧has the same pronunciation as kettle壶hú). Is Hammer Xiao taking a fancy to the well-known CCTV commentator Wang for his half-heartedness exhibited in the event of measuring the height of Han-2 [referring Mr. Han Han, meaning he ranked second to his father. Also, in Chinese number 2 means dumb, stupid], or his medical professional expertise?”[16]

Obviously, what Ms. Fang Yunhuan meant was that the evaluation should be conducted not only exclusively by Fang Zhouzi and his gangsters, but also according to the standard stipulated by them. Only by doing so, a complete negative result could be guaranteed. Based on her fondness for twisting everything related to her brother’s enemies, from their names to a medical term, you should be able to tell that her viciousness and evilness is not a tiny bit less than her brother.

Cold-bloodedness: A Family Trait

As soon as Fang Yunhuan’s true identity was revealed, people began to notice that the similarities between her and her little brother was not limited to their looks. Indeed, the siblings have essentially the same blood and heart.

On July 6, 2013, Asiana Flight 214 crashed in San Francisco and three Chinese high school female students were killed in the accident. Three days later, Fang Zhouzi made the following comment on the tragedy:

“The students of North City Middle School in Jiangshan City killed in the crash were going to America to participate in ‘English Culture Summer Camp,’ which was actually sponsored by a missionary Christian school located in Los Angeles. God even didn’t bless and protect them.”[17]

Since 1990s, Fang Zhouzi has been extremely hostile to the Christian religion, calling it “extremely poisonous religion” (极毒教, jí dú jiào, which has similar pronunciation to the Christian religion’s Chinese name 基督教, jī dū jiào), and calling the Bible “The Scripture of Manipulation” (摆布经, bǎi bù jīng, a phonetic translation of the Bible)[18]. The exact root or cause of Fang’s extreme hostility to religions in general and to Christianity in particular is unknown, and his viewpoint on this regard is absurd and unpopular among Chinese because Chinese culture is traditionally tolerant to foreign religions[19], and current Chinese policy on religion is neutral to benign[20]. On the other hand, it is generally accepted in Chinese academic circle that it was Christian missionaries who first transmitted western culture, especially science and modern education, to China[21]. Even considering Fang’s astonishing ignorance, his unfounded hatred to the Christian religion is still inexplicable.

The inexplicable hatred
Since 1990s, Fang Zhouzi has been showing off his extreme hostility to Christianity. The upper image is the screenshot of a webpage with one of Fang’s anti-Christianity articles published in The China Press in 2000, entitled The Christian Religion and the “Extremely Poisonous Religion”─ A Chinese Atheist in the United States (VIII); The lower image is the screenshot of one of Fang’s microblog messages posted on Dec. 26, 2011, in which the Bible is called “The Scripture of Manipulation.”

Fang’s bestial comment on the tragic event provoked a huge wave of negative comments. Professor Zhang Aijun of Liaoning Normal University commented:

“Fang, isn’t what you have just said too wicked? People are died, and you are still ridiculing them, are you a human being?”[22]

Dr. Yang Peichang, an economist, commented: “A beast whose family name is Fang.”[22]

Mr. Gan Haibin, a businessman, scolded Fang: “Animal.”[22]

Mr. Liu Zhuang, a musician, commented: “Fang, you have demonstrated with your words and deed that you are really not a human being!”[23]

The thing is, Fang actually enjoys being scolded and cursed by millions of people on a daily basis. To him, negative response is better than no response at all, so he made two more comments on the incident to provoke the internet users:

“The cost [of the summer camp] is more than 30,000 Yuan, it can be said [that the students were going to] receive brain wash by spending huge sum of money.”[24]

“The 35 students from Jiangshan Middle School on the crashed flight were going to the summer camp of West Valley Christian School in Los Angeles. The mission of the school is ‘to inspire each one of our students to seek Christ and His Kingdom,’ ‘to establish Christian truth as a guide for life,’ ‘to instill Biblical morality in the heart of the student,’ a Christian missionary, brainwash school.”[25]

Yes, this Fang Zhouzi is the same Fang Zhouzi who would say a few months later that one million Yuan doesn’t make a difference, and an average family in Beijing could afford a house in California[26]. However, to use the tragedy to attack religion, Fang Zhouzi would say that 30,000 Yuan is a “huge sum.”

Fang Zhouzi’s happiness is built on other people’s pain
The three fatal victims of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 Crash were mourned by their parents and classmates.

One week after the Asiana accident, China National Radio announced the following news through its microblog:

“A 23-year-old female flight attendant with China Southern Airlines was electrocuted to death while using her cellphone being charged: Ma Ailun, a flight attendant with China Southern Airlines, a bride to get married soon on August 8! This 16th is her birthday; she was struck down by a strong current of electricity when she was using her genuine iPhone 5 which she bought less than one year ago. The battery of the cellphone was being charged when she picked it up. Just like that, [she] passed away forever, left her groom! She was only 23 years old! May the dead rest in peace.”[27]

This time it was Fang Yunhuan who made a bigger splash than her infamous brother. The Second Sister pretended to be an expert electrician, tried her best to demonstrate, theoretically, that it is impossible to be electrocuted by a cellphone[28]. Apparently based on his sister’s theory, Fang Zhouzi, posing as a fake news buster, made a habitual assertion on the CNR news: “Fake news!”[29]

Encouraged by her little brother’s comment, the Second Sister began to joke about being electrocuted:

“[A transient high voltage] could cause a small dark spot and a wisp of smoke; however, it could not generate a flavor of barbecue.”[30]

Another Fang-lover added:

“Sprinkle with some cumin, put a little hot pepper, grill on a Halogen lamp for a while.”[31]

The Second Sister replied joyfully:

“It seems that everyone has the experience in barbecuing human meat.”[32]

An internet user scolded them angrily:

“Whatever the cause was, it is almost certain that the young girl was dead. Just because the cause of her death is not in line with what you think, you are joking frivolously about grilling human meat, and adding cumin, you are inhumane evil cultists! A group of bastards!”[33]

On July 15, 2013, South China Morning Post reported the news with the following information:

“Experts in Hong Kong warned against using any electrical device while it is being charged.Johnny Sin Kin-on, a professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, said: ‘There is a risk using an electrical device while its installed battery is being charged, be it a shaver or a phone.’

“Dr Peter Chiu Ping-kuen, head of the department of electronic and information engineering at the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Sha Tin), expressed a similar view.”[34]

Both the fraud fighter Fang Zhouzi and the electricity expert Fang Yunhuan pretended to be blind and deaf to the news.

A family of beasts
A young flight attendant (inset photos) was reportedly dead of electrocution by using her iPhone. Not believing that was the cause of the death, Fang Yunhuan and her fellow Fang-lover joked about barbecuing human meat. The above image is the screenshot of Fang Yunhuan’s post.

Pretending to be an Expert: A Family Custom

The above incident was not the first time that Fang Yunhuan pretends to be an expert and her little brother busts a fraud based on her opinion.

In October 2012, Fang Zhouzi launched a sudden attack on Qihoo 360 Technology, an internet search engine company, saying that its internet browser collects private data from its users’ computers therefore is unsafe to use[35]. Almost immediately, it was rumored that Fang had been paid by Baidu, Inc., Qihoo 360’s chief competitor, to do so[36].

Although Fang Zhouzi has been claiming that he is one of the pioneers in the Chinese Internet[37], his knowledge in internet technology is actually worse than a layman, and his attacks on Qihoo 360 soon became a joke[38]. Then came the Second Sister. On Oct. 13, 2012, Ms. Fang Yunhuan, under her fake internet ID Lübo-filtering, posted the following message:

“After having installed 360 Safeguard and 360 anti-virus software, I restarted the system and tried to prevent 360 Safeguard and 360 anti-virus software from booting up by using msconfig. After I clicked the confirm, a warning window popped up, asking for a verification code. I assumed that was a friendly gesture, so I restarted the system after the operation. The expected thing happened after the restart: as shown in the left picture, 360 Safeguard could not be prevented!……Not allowing to terminate the process is an important feature of rogue software.”[39]

84 minutes later, Fang reposted his sister’s message with the following comment:

“Does this mean that there is no way to uninstall 360 Safeguard? If that’s the case, it is more roguish than 3721.”[40]

The fake pioneer faded into blankness after being exposed
Since 2000, Fang has been claiming that he is one of the pioneers in the development of the Chinese Internet. In 2010, Fang gave a speech at a conference in which he said he is an internet dinosaur. When he posted the transcript of the speech on his blog on sina.com (top panel), Dr. Yue Dongxiao, who had witnessed the entire process of Chinese Internet development, wrote an article exposing Fang’s shameless lie, saying that Fang Zhouzi was nothing but an ordinary, yet backward, internet user (middle panel). Fang immediately hid his speech script from the public (bottom panel, the Chinese words read: “Very sorry, this article has already been hidden!”). See [37] for details.

Yes, after attacking the software company for 4 days, the fraudulent fraud fighter Fang was still unable to distinguish process termination from program uninstallation, and he even wasn’t able to test the software himself. No wonder Fang Zhouzi was slapped by Qihoo 360, repeatedly. The first person who slapped Fang Zhouzi’s face was Mr. Tan Xiaosheng, the Chief Privacy Officer at Qihoo 360:

“The meagerness of Fang Zhouzi’s knowledge in software has already broken the bottom line of a doctorate.……”[41]

Then, Mr. Zhou Hongyi, the President of Qihoo 360, slapped Fang Zhouzi again:

“1. Including 360 Safeguard, none of the mainstream security software can be prevented from booting via msconfig, [the booting] of 360 Safeguard can be prevented via the settings menu. 2. The verification code mentioned by Fang Zhouzi doesn’t exist at all, it was fabricated. 3. 360 Safeguard can be uninstalled normally. 4. The person who doesn’t do the test himself and cites false data randomly is not a real doctor.”[42]

To the slaps, fighter Fang responded in his own way - fighting back:

“Both verification code and prevention from booting via msconfig were the words in the microblog which I reposted from a senior engineer who teaches Microsoft Operating System, I myself didn’t mention them at all. Why did both Zhou Hongyi and Tan Xiaosheng take them as my words? [Do you] have dim eyesight due to aging, or have dyslexia like Han Han who takes all of my reposts as my own writings? Based on these, Zhou Hongyi said I am not a real doctor, can I say he is a real rogue based on the same [logic]?”[43]

The thing is, several hours before Fang Zhouzi’s counterattack, an anonymous internet user had already posted the following message on weibo.com:

“Public be aware: This rumormonger Sohu user Lübo-filtering, her same ID on Sina belongs to Fang Zhouzi’s second sister Fang Yunhuan. [t.cn].”[44]

Then, Mr. Tan Xiaosheng responded to Fang Zhouzi by citing the above post:

“Fang Zhouzi smears 360 by citing false information, after being exposed he immediately separates himself from the original blogger. Using the same logic, I want to ask Fang Zhouzi: can I repost the message on the right without any responsibility and ask you whether that Lübo something is your second sister Fang Yunhuan?”[45]

To any person with a normal IQ and a sense of shame, Mr. Tang’s post looks like a fatal blow, because what he did was using Fang Zhouzi’s unique tactic to fight against Fang Zhouzi. However, Fang Zhouzi has the ability to defy any odds. Here is his reply:

“360 Chief Privacy Officer Tan Xiaosheng was so angry that he lost his composure, starting attacking my family member by naming the name. How could you dare to use the products produced by a company which uses such a person who has not the slightest idea of privacy as its Chief Privacy Officer? Do you dare to give your private information to such a person for protection?”[46]

Guess what? Mr. Tan had to delete his legitimate posts, and Fang Zhouzi has never answered his question: “whether that Lübo something is your second sister Fang Yunhuan?” However, Fang’s desperate effort to fend off the strike demonstrated unambiguously that his “family member” is his most lethal weapon, the so called “porcelain weapon” (more on this later).

Fang Zhouzi the Invincible
Mr. Tan Xiaosheng, the Chief Privacy Officer of Qihoo 360, used Fang Zhouzi’s all-conquering spear to pierce Fang Zhouzi’s impregnable shield, and he was defeated by Fang Zhouzi. The image is the screenshot of Mr. Tan’s posts (translated above, [41, 45]) which he had to delete later to escape from Fang Zhouzi’s porcelain weapon.

Box Office Poison
Since Fang Zhouzi initiated his years-long attack on Qihoo 360 on Oct. 9, 2012 (red arrowhead), the stock price of the company has been sky-rocketing.

The question is: Is Fang Yunhuan really a senior engineer in software business, as Fang Zhouzi said? The answer is a big No. According to the Alumni Network of the College of Ocean and Earth Sciences of Xiamen University, Fang Yunhuan was in the Class of 1978 in the Department of Oceanology[47]. Based on her own confessions, during and right after the above incident, her knowledge in MS system is amateur, at the best:

“I haven’t used antivirus software for several years. In the past I had installed almost every available stand-alone version of antivirus software (I used to be my friends’ volunteer computer maintenance worker), and none of genuine antivirus software couldn’t be prevented from automatic booting up, and its process could be terminated via system manager also. Might the things have changed?”[48]

“Actually I haven’t play with PC for 4 years, I only use PC, [therefore I indeed] can’t keep up with new things.”[49]

Therefore, Fang was either intentionally lying, or ignorant of his own sister’s profession when he said that what he reposted was a message “from a senior engineer who teaches Microsoft Operating System.” Either way, he fraud busting is fraudulent.

Fighting Online: A Family Profession

Although Ms. Fang Yunhuan claims that she began to use the internet in 1995[50], we actually know nothing about her online activity before the incident of “Brawl in Beijing.” Ms. Fang started microblogging on August 31, 2010, two days after her little brother was hit by a hammer. Since then, she has posted nearly 17 thousand messages on her microblogs, and the majority of her messages were posted for one purpose and one purpose only: following her brother’s lead, whatever he does. Of course, Ms. Fang’s little brother is well-known as a fighter, consequently, Ms. Fang fights too, against every one of her brother’s enemies, be they male or female, young or old, famous or completely unknown.

1. Dr. Xiao Chuanguo

Understandably, Xiao Chuanguo has been Ms. Fang’s major target. Here is the first microblog message she posted:

“Xiao Chuanguo, the director of the Urological Department in Wuhan Union Hospital, said: ‘Based on common knowledge, when hit by a hammer, there should be bruises in dark and blue. It is unthinkable that it could cause bleeding. I have been a doctor for dozens of yeas, but I have never seen such a case.’ Then, Dr. Xiao, please practice by smashing yourself with an iron hammer to see whether it causes bleeding. It is possible that blood could not be smashed out by Xiao Chuanguo the ‘doctor,’ what being smashed out is evil!”[51]

For the next 50 days or so, Ms. Fang Yunhuan would zero in on Xiao Chuanguo, eagerly waiting for his arrest. Fang Yunhuan was so eager for Xiao’s arrest that on Sept. 18, 2010, while Xiao was still in South America, she reposted a rumor that Xiao was arrested. She was the only person who made a comment on the rumor, and the only one of the two people who reposted the message[52]. The fact is, the blogger who initiated the rumor had posted several anti-Fang messages, such as “Fang Zhouzi deserves to be beaten”[53], “The [legal] responsibility Fang should bear could not be settled by just a few hammer hits”[54], and “Xiao Chuanguo, we support you beat him”[55]. However, Ms. Fang selectively reposted the single anti-Xiao rumor, indicating that she was spreading the rumor intentionally. As a matter of fact, the way Ms. Fang Yunhuan spread the rumor, by asking “Is this real?”, would be adopted later by her little brother to attack his other enemies.

Is this real? - A tactic for spreading rumors without legal consequences
On Sept. 18, 2010, Ms. Fang Yunhuan reposted a rumor about Xiao Chuanguo’s arrest on her microblog. To avoid legal liability, she asked “Is this real?” (or “Really?”) when she did the reposting. Fang Zhouzi would spread rumors against his enemies the same way later.

The fact is, not long after the hammer incident, Fang’s criminal record of filing false report to police 3 years ago began to bite him. Briefly, in 2006, Xiao Chuanguo filed a lawsuit against Fang Zhouzi and the New Threads in the U. S. federal court in New York. In February 2007, a delivery company tried to deliver the summons to Fang Zhouzi at his Beijing office. At that time Fang was promoting his new book criticizing China’s health supplement products, so he reported the incident to the public as someone sending him a life threatening letter, and he repeatedly hinted to the news media and the public that the “threatening letter” were from health product manufacturers or related interest groups. He later admitted that the “threatening letter” is the court document, but he insisted that the incident was “threatening.”[56] The story resurfaced almost immediately after Fang announced that he was hit by a hammer on August 29, 2010, and the Second Sister did all she could to convince anyone who would listen to her that the 2007 false report was not false at all[57].

On Sept. 6, 2010, Hong Kong-based Phoenix Satellite Television dug up the old story, and the implication was very clear: the hammer incident could also be a false report. Fang Zhouzi was so upset, he scolded the TV hosts:

“The two hosts, you falsely slandered me like this, do you have a tiny bit of conscience?”[58]

82 minutes later, Fang Zhouzi threatened the two TV hosts:

“The male’s name is Ma Bin, the female’s name is Zhu Youting. I have memorized.”[59]

And here is the Second Sister’s comment:

“Ma Bin was the host and the newspaper reader of CCTV-2’s The First Time program, he resigned later because of naked photo scandal. I used to enjoy ‘Ma Bin Reads Newspapers,’ [however,] after the exposure of the naked photo incident, I believed that this person must have double standards in moral aspect.”[60]

2. Dr. Liu Huajie

As I have mentioned before, right after Xiao Chuanguo’s arrest, even before, Fang and his gangsters formulated a plan to take advantage of the incident to exterminate his opponents altogether[61]. The first step of the plan was to fix Dr. Xiao as an intended murderer who masterminded the plot by hiring killers to kill Fang Zhouzi; and the second step of the plan was to implicate each and every one of Fang’s enemies as Xiao’s accomplice in the plot. The content of the plan and its implementation will be described later, for the moment, let’s just take look at Ms. Fang Yunhuan’s effort to fix Dr. Liu Huajie of Peking University as a criminal.

Two days after Xiao went to jail, Dr. Liu Huajie showed his support for Dr. Xiao publicly by posting an article on his blog, accusing Fang Zhouzi of lynching and disrupting social order under the banner of science[62]. By doing so, Dr. Liu immediately made himself the top candidate to be eliminated by Fang. On the next day, Fang attacked Dr. Liu:

“Liu Huajie, a professor in the Department of Philosophy at Peking University, supports Xiao Chuanguo strenuously: ‘The persecution of scientist Xiao Chuanguo by Fang Shimin (Fang Zhouzi) and his gangsters is intolerable by the law of Heaven. It is not that there is no retribution, it is that the time has not come yet.’‘ If Xiao Chuanguo is sentenced to prison, I’ll visit you!’”[63]

In less than 5 hours, the Second Sister Fang Yunhuan, under the web ID Hairong-2010, posted an article on her blog accusing Dr. Liu Huajie of being double-faced, because Dr. Liu had supported Fang’s fraud busting before[64]. Obviously, the Second Sister believed subconsciously that once a person had supported her brother, he or she is supposed to be loyal to him forever; otherwise, he or she must be a traitor. As a matter of fact, three hours after posting her article online, Ms. Fang accused Dr. Liu of fraud, in a way typical of Fang’s - making an allegation by casting doubt:

“It seems that Fang Zhouzi, who had been ironized by Liu Huajies as a ‘three-without-person’ is making the ‘three-with-people’ - with money, power, and status -, shaking. Whether there are some shameful things in the process he was promoted to full professorship? [t.cn]”[65]

On the next day, Fang Zhouzi published his sister’s anti-Liu article on his New Threads[66], and neither of them told the public that they are related.

On Sept. 27, Ms. Fang Yunhuan revealed in an article that “People’s Police ……are preparing to arrest all the other Xiao Chuanguos who directed the drama of making a false report.”[67] And then, Fang Zhouzi posted the following message the next day:

“Liu Huajie, Xiao Chuanguo’s hard-core supporter and a professor in the Department of Philosophy at Peking University, wrote in a blog article published on last December 19: ‘Even if Old Xiao is prisoned in the future for something, I still believe that his initial experiment [on the reflex arc procedure] is fabulous.’ Then Xiao hired the thugs at the beginning of this year. How come Liu Huajie knew at that time that Xiao would be prisoned?”[68]

Obviously, Fang and his gangsters, including his second sister, were conspiring to fix Dr. Liu as a conspirator in the attempted murder case. Dr. Liu was extremely lucky that Fang was not as powerful as Adolf Hitler, otherwise, he would definitely have been tortured to death in a concentration camp.

3. Mr. Zhou Libo

By October 10, 2010, Fang Zhouzi knew that his Final Solution plan had completely failed. Although he had threatened that he would leave China for America if, and because, Xiao Chuanguo’s sentence didn’t meet his expectation[69], he knew the truth very well: his entire value resides in his ability to make troubles in China. In other words, Fang will never leave China unless it is absolutely necessary. In America, he will definitely be a piece of worthless dead meat.

The next big fight Fang engaged in after Xiao Chuanguo was sentenced to prison was against Shanghai comedian Zhou Libo. It is said that the cause of the fight was that Mr. Zhou made some jokes about Fang in his monologues, although Fang denied that was the cause[70]. Anyway, it was on Nov. 7, 2010, when Fang mentioned Mr. Zhou’s name for the first time:

“Zhou Libo uses the jokes circulating on the internet as his own jokes to entertain people, Tang Jun uses the stories circulating on the internet as his own life experience to educate people. Which practice is more disgusting?”[71]

Two weeks later, Mr. Zhou made a comment on the situation of the Chinese internet, saying it is like a virtual anarchy world. The comment provoked fierce criticism, and Zhou deleted the comment later. Fang, however, immediately posted the screenshot of the deleted message on his microblog, saying:

“Zhou Libo neutered himself. It seems that even a clown is afraid of being cursed.”[72]

“Put it on record. Even though he neutered himself, it should be soaked in formalin.”[73]

For the next 8 days, Fang continued to attack Mr. Zhou, even his ex-wife was implicated[74]. Then Mr. Zhou fought back:

“Mr. Fang Zhouzi: fighting fraud and writing [secret] reports are not wrong per se, however, it is wrong because they are distorted by a ‘person’ like you! Your heart is as deformed as your voice! Take time to heal your wounds, don’t making troubles anymore!”[75]

“Mr. Fang Zhouzi: I am deeply sympathetic with your being attacked, and deeply disappointed with the hospital which treated you, [because] they should have transferred you directly from brain surgery department to a mental hospital! Do you really think you are a ‘left-over shit fighter’ [剩斗屎, shèng dòu shǐ, which has similar pronunciation to 圣斗士, holy fighter, shèng dòu shì]? I beg you to practice your voice to make it a little bit thicker! [Your voice] sounds like being squeezed by a door!”[76]

“Fang Zhouzi: an internet trouble-maker who made his name by fighting fraud, fixing people, filing secret reports, and scolding people! [He] excretes his unparalleled dirty metamorphic complex via an action art which looks like something noble! Don’t talk to me about culture, let alone nobility, my secular bottom line could be higher than your highest height! I advise you to stay at home! I want to see you getting older gradually, don’t disappoint me!”[77]

Fight back!
After being attacked by Fang Zhouzi for days, Mr. Zhou Libo finally fought back. The above image is the screenshot of one of his posts scolding Fang. It has been reposted 6745 times.

As mentioned above, Fang Zhouzi enjoys being scolded by common people, because he despises them and thinks that their curses help, rather than hurt, his reputation. However, being scolded by a celebrity is a completely different matter, especially if that celebrity knows, and reveals, his dirty secret. Also, Fang has a typical personality of “bullying the weaker and bowing to the stronger” – if he finds out his opponent is much stronger than himself, he would immediately adopts his “last strategy,” pretending to be dead. And that was exactly what he did, except for making a few depressed murmurs, after Mr. Zhou Libo’s ferocious counterattacks. Then, the Second Sister came to her little brother’s rescue:

“It seems that Zhou Libo is a real psychic clown even a mental hospital dares not to accept. Look at his disgusting look!”[78]

“Based on the sentences the cultural person Zhou has written on his microblog, it seems pretty clear that the cultural person Zhou has no culture, not only are they filled with shit + street roguish language, but also couldn’t his basic language knowledge pass an examination. It seems that Zhou Libo is indeed a clown who steals sentences and recites what has been written on the stage.”[79]

Besides making nasty negative comments, Ms. Fang’s another conventional tactic to help her little brother is to dig up anything negative about his enemies and repost them as many times as she can, and of course she used the tactic to deal with Mr. Zhou[80].

4. Mr. Zheng Yuanjie

Having been humiliated by Mr. Zhou Libo, who had about 5 times more followers on weibo.com than Fang did at the time, Fang started looking for his next prey. On Dec. 5, 2010, Mr. Zheng Yuanjie, a famous fairy tale writer, posted a message to introduce an article about his maternal grandfather, Mr. Liu Runfu, written by a senior author. In the message, Mr. Zheng said that his grandpa was a famous TCM doctor who had treated Dr. Hu Shi, a formal president of Peking University[81].

Fang Zhouzi, who would be praised and encouraged by journal Nature in less than two years for his “challeng[ing] official support of traditional Chinese medicine”[7], made the following comment on Mr. Zheng’s post:

“Historically, old TCM doctors like to cling to celebrities. In the literatures, there are only records showing that Hu Shi took medicine prescribed by TCM doctor Lu Zhong’an for a self-curable ‘ailment’ when he was young, which has been used by TCM to blow their own trumpet that TCM had cured Hu Shi’s heart disease, diabetes, and chronic nephritis, and Lu Zhong’an became a famous doctor in his generation just for that. Liu Runfu the famous old TCM doctor claimed that he had treated Hu Shi, however, he only made such a claim to his famous grandson, too low key.”[82]

The truth is, the illness Hu Shi suffered was not an ailment, but a severe undiagnosed disease which could not be cured by western medicine. It was Hu Shi himself who said in 1921 that his western medicine doctors thought the illness was either a heart disease or chronic nephritis. After the western doctors failed to cure the illness, Hu went to Dr. Lu Zhong’an and he did recover after Dr. Lu’s treatment[83]. Hu Shi was so impressed by Dr. Lu’s skill that in 1925 he recommended him to Sun Yat-sen[84], the first president of the Republic of China, who was also an ardent TCM opponent. As a matter of fact, Lu Zhong’an was not the only TCM doctor who treated Hu Shi. In 1923, a TCM doctor named Pan Nianzu cured Hu Shi’s hemorrhoid[85]. However, in the late 1950s and early 1960s, as the incumbent President of Academia Sinica, Hu Shi changed his stories subtly, saying that TCM didn’t cure his heart disease or chronic nephritis. Even his famous student Mr. Luo Ergang would say that Hu Shi lied[86]. And it was based on the distorted stories told by Hu Shi in his later years that the TCM-haters such as Fang Zhouzi try to deny TCM’s efficacy and “challenge official support of traditional Chinese medicine.”

So, how did Mr. Zheng Yuanjie respond to Fang’s attack? He did nothing. Why? Because he was scared. Here is the story: an internet user, apparently trying to provoke the fight, asked Mr. Zheng:

“Old Zheng, Fang Zhouzi satirized that your grandpa was a TCM doctor, I am very angry! Are you going to respond?”

Mr. Zheng replied:

“I dare not. The procedure the police followed to crack the Xiao Chuanguo’s case was to list all the enemies of the attacked as suspects and investigate each of them one by one. According to this person’s behavior, the risk of his life won’t be small. In the case he is murdered, if I had responded to him, I would be listed by police as a suspect. Some people you can argue with, some people you should absolutely not argue with. I can be anything, except for being a scapegoat.”[87]

Even the King of Fairy Tales was bullied by and scared of the Internet Tyrant Fang Zhouzi
The above image is the screenshot of Mr. Zheng Yuanjie’s post translated above.

Mr. Zheng’s non-responsive comment resulted in a new wave of attacks on him from Fang and his gangsters. Fang first accused him of anti-intellectualism[88], which generally means in Fang’s dictionary that a person with an education less than his has archived a success bigger than his. Then, Fang began to accuse Mr. Zheng of pornography and anti-science, anti-education[89], anti-Einstein[90], cheating[91], pro-violence and ignorance[92], etc., even though he admitted that he had never read Mr. Zheng’s works directly.

Indeed, Mr. Zheng is a perfect target for Fang’s fraudulent fraud fighting: a person with great reputation and a pair of cold feet. Therefore, even Fang’s Second Sister couldn’t help but jump on him, to make sure the internet fight would be picked up and reported in the traditional news media, which is considered by Fang and his gangsters the sure sign of victory. To Mr. Zheng’s “I dare not” comment, Ms. Fang commented:

“The people who fabricate fairy tales for living are full of fantasies; the truth is taken as fairy tales, and the fairy tales are used as the truth; by mixing truth with false, [he] becomes a king.”[93]

To her brother’s other accusations against Mr. Zheng, Ms. Fang agreed totally:

“The majority of those people who have been crowned with ‘King,’ ‘Master,’ who enjoy these titles and feel super good, and use the media to hype themselves, are like a peacock spreading its bright plumage: the front is gorgeous, the back is embarrassing.”[94]

“The fairy tale world of Snow White is beautiful, the fairy tale circle (circling money) of the King of Fairy Tales is secular and violent, and it also caters for ‘market economy’──making money is King.”[95]

The question is, whether this Zheng Yuanjie is really as bad as the Fang siblings said? Quite the contrary: According to various internet resources[96], although Mr. Zheng has only received elementary education, he has been the most popular fairy tale writer in China since 1985. In 2008, Mr. Zheng received the WIPO Creative Award by World Intellectual Property Organization; the Special Contribution Award by the Project Hope of China Youth Development Foundation; the China Charity Award by Ministry of Civil Affairs. In 2010, when Fang launched attack on him, Mr. Zheng donated 1 million Yuan to an earthquake area and was elected by Chinese internet users one of “Ten Good People in China.” Therefore, in addition to being famous and timid, there are more reasons for Fang to pick on Zheng: Fang hates successful people, especially those who don’t have a Ph. D. from the United States, let alone without a secondary education; Fang hates to see other people’s success be recognized, especially by the awards more prestigious than the John Maddox Prize; and the last but not the least, Fang hates charity and philanthropy, any kind.

One might think that since Fang hates Mr. Zheng so much, his attack on Mr. Zheng would continue forever, just like his attack on Mr. Han Han, which has lasted for more than two years and is still going on. However, the truth is, Fang’s attack on Mr. Zheng lasted for less than two weeks. Why? One reason was that he was engaged in another fight with Chinese news media (the story will be told in detail later); however, the more relevant reason was that on Dec. 27, 2010, the Justice Network announced that Fang Zhouzi became a candidate for its annual China Righteous Characters award[97]. And four days earlier, the network announced that Mr. Zheng Yuanjie wrote an inscription for the event[98], indicating that he had either contributed to the event financially, or would be involved in the selection of winners. You do the math.

5. Ms. Liang Bingna

On Jan. 26, 2011, the Justice Network announced the result of their selection for the 2010 China Righteous Characters, Fang Zhouzi was one of the ten winners[99]. On the next day, an internet user made the following comment:

“Saw two pieces of news: one is that Fang Zhouzi was selected one of the ten China Righteous Characters by the Procuratorate Daily and the Justice Network. He is a character for sure, however, heaven knows if he is righteous, anti-TCM, pro-GMO, for the reasons only he knows; the other is that a deputy mayor of a town was asked whether it is appropriate to compensate equally for demolition one room and six rooms. The deputy mayor answered calmly: it is. I don’t know whether it is that deputy mayor’s math is not working, or the government is not working.”[100]

The message was reposted by 11 people, among them was Ms. Liang Bingna, a reporter with Dahe Daily. Here is her comment on the post:

“It is the small group of oligarchs which is not working.”[101]

That message appears to be the first comment she made on Fang, though indirectly. However, a half month later, she would become Fang Zhouzi’s worst nightmare. On Feb. 12, 2011, Ms. Liang posted the following message on her microblog:

“My colleague said that he had personally seen a little patient who was unable to urinate normally could do it after Xiao’s treatment. That is the result I obtained by asked the colleague repeatedly. According to the colleague, Fang had found that patient, paying him to sue Xiao; however, the patient didn’t want to, saying that he won’t do the ungrateful thing. Huh, sometimes a person being scolded on the internet is not necessarily a bad guy.”[102]

Ms. Liang was almost immediately surrounded and pestered by a group of Fang-lovers, led by a person with a fake ID Wang Haoran (网好燃Flammable Internet)[103], who is most like that Yush or Yushi (羽矢) on the New Threads, Fang’s chief advisor on Xiao’s affair. The gangsters first pretended to ask for evidence or details about the effectiveness of Xiao’s Procedure, but soon became abusive, accusing her of spreading rumor[104] and even prostitution[105]. However, it seemed that Ms. Liang had no intention to retreat from her position. Then came Fang Zhouzi. He first made Ms. Liang on his “List of China’s Bad Journalists”[106], then he made the following comment:

“We have been looking everywhere for the patients cured by Xiao Chuanguo’s Procedure but we haven’t been able to find any, and the few typical cases propagandized in the media before have all been negated. Not only has this Dahe Daily’s Liang Bingna who has a conscience and wants to tell the truth found such a patient, but also a patient who is a warrior refusing to be bought by Fang Zhouzi. Then, let him come out. Using your toes to think about it, there have already been more than 3 hundred Xiao’s victims who are preparing to sue, [we are] busy enough, why would we buy a cured patient to join in the lawsuits?”[107]

Fang’s post ignited the second wave of attacks, and the abusiveness escalated, someone even suggested that Ms. Liang had an affair with Dr. Xiao[108]. Among the new attackers was the Second Sister. Here are her two comments:

“Can you expect ivory out of Na’s mouth?”[109] (Note: a Chinese proverb says “A dog's mouth emits no ivory.”)

“Those media people who mark conscience and truth on their foreheads are not trustable.”[110]

Group attacks
Because Ms. Liang Bingna posted a positive message about Xiao’s Procedure, Fangangsters began to attack her for days, using all kind of abusive languages. The above image is the screenshot of one of Ms. Fang Yunhuan’s posts, attacking Ms. Liang.

Ms. Liang paused for a day after Fang’s post, but Fang’s gangsters won’t stop their attacks. Then, just like Mr. Zhou Libo launched a ferocious counterattack on the fraudulent fraud fighter after being attacked for days, Ms. Liang started hers. Briefly, from the afternoon of Feb. 13 to the evening of Feb. 18, 2010, Ms. Liang Bingna posted more than two hundred responsive messages; however, the scope of these messages were no longer limited to Xiao’s Procedure, but included Fang’s plagiarism, fabrication, intentional cheating, and scifooling, etc. Here are some of her posts:

“This time I accidentally mentioned a sensitive term and a sensitive incident, i. e. the Xiao-Fang Dispute. After several days’ debate, I believe that every one of us should be able to think independently, and respect other people’s questions raised after independent thinking. Everyone in the world has the right to speech, and debating is beneficial. To the opponents, [we] should not launch group attacks like Fang-lovers have been doing. If you are right, justify yourself; after that, everything is self-evident.”[111]

“I really start to deeply sympathize with Xiao Chuanguo. Also, this time the e-friends popularized so much knowledge to me, which benefits me a lot. Sympathize with Mr. Xiao Chuanguo again, at least he didn’t plagiarize. As a self-claimed fraud fighter, you should allow other people to speak, allow other people to question, and should not try to suppress other people’s questioning. On the contrary, [you] should provide solid evidence to convince the people who have questioned you.”[112]

“Fang Zhouzi, an unemployed vagrant who graduated from a third-tier university in the U. S., serves as an American dog by holding a Green Card, persecuting Chinese scientists, bringing calamity to China the country, bring disaster to Chinese the people. In front of talented but powerless Chinese, he pretends to be a fighter; in front of the bigwigs who have mediocre talent but have power therefore useful to him, he pretends to be a joker; in front of his mentally retarded lackeys, he pretends to be an omniscient.”[113]

“After being reprimanded by Teacher Fang, I have discovered that both Fang’s success and failure rely upon Fang-lovers. To all those naysayers, under Fang’s guidance, the Fang-lovers scold them first, then pester them endlessly. Some Fang-lovers pretend to remonstrate earnestly and kindly, some pretend to be objective, some try to muddy the water, some try to provoke incidents. The most laughable ones are those who pretend to take your side. Teacher Fang the fighter, you should have put your army in order before entering the battleground.”[114]

“My investigation result: Fang said that [Xiao’s Procedure] has not a single effective case, I found one case, in which Xiao’s reflective arc surgery was used successfully to treat urinary and faecal incontinence in a spina bifida patient in Xinjiang, a girl named A Zu. Fang said that more than three hundred people are suing Xiao. My investigation result is: three people had sued in Erqi District Court in Zhengzhou, and all of them were rejected. Now, five people are suing in Huiji District Court in Zhengzhou, an insider told me that no court announcement has received yet. I believe that more people will come out to question in the future.”[115]

To Ms. Liang’s counter offensive, not only did Fang the fighter immediately adopt his “last strategy,” his gangsters also disappeared altogether. As a matter of fact, Ms. Liang asked Fang directly and repeatedly, 23 times to be exact, for evidence showing that Little Shanshan and A Zu’s surgeries were unsuccessful[116], and till today, Fang is still pretending that he is both blind and deaf.

Fang Zhouzi the fake fighter was chased down and beaten up by a woman
On Feb. 12, 2011, Fang sent an attack signal to his followers by posting a message accusing Ms. Liang Bingna of lying and spreading rumor. From Feb. 15 to 17, Ms. Liang made nearly 2 dozens of comments on Fang’s post, asking for evidence to back his claim. The fake fighter has never found his guts to respond the requests yet. The above image is the screenshots of Fang’s original message (upper left corner) and Ms. Liang’s follow-ups. Please note that Ms. Liang changed her avatar after Fang posted the screenshot of her original message.

The funniest thing is, on April 22, 2011, more than two months after the bloody fight and 70 days after listing Ms. Liang Bingna on his “List of China’s Bad Journalists,” the fraudulent fraud fighter Fang announced that Ms. Liang is a fake journalist[117]. However, till today, Ms. Liang is still on that “China’s Bad Journalists” list. In other words, to the fraudulent fraud fighter, a journalist can be a real one, though bad, and a fake one simultaneously. The John Maddox Prize winner didn’t, and still doesn’t, realize, or simply doesn’t care, that by vomiting his poisonous fluid on his enemy, he hurts himself more.

The fraudulent fraud fighter Fang’s fraudulent formula: Real=Fake
On Feb. 12, 2011, Fang listed Ms. Liang Bingna, a journalist with Dahe Daily, on his “List of China’s Bad Journalists” (inset image pointed by a red arrowhead), based solely on a message she posted online saying that Dr. Xiao Chuanguo’s Procedure did cure a patient. On April 22, 2011, Fang announced, based solely on a message posted by a person with a fake ID saying that another journalist with Dahe Daily couldn’t find Liang Bingna’s name on an internal list, that Ms. Liang is a fake journalist. Meanwhile, Ms. Liang is still on Fang’s list, thus making her a both real and fake journalist. Fang’s message reads: “That fake journalist changed her ID to Dahe Daily’s little reporter Liang Bingna, and sina.com still verifies her identity. She is really something.”[117]

The Most Courageous Female Journalist in China
Two days after being listed by Fang Zhouzi, China Academic Integrity Review awarded Ms. Liang Bingna a certificate to recognize her fearless fight against the cyber terrorist and his vicious gangsters.

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