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The Fraudulent and Criminal John Maddox Prize Winner Fang Zhouzi Commits Perjury, Again! (3444 查看)

August 10, 2014 11:42AM
The Fraudulent and Criminal John Maddox Prize Winner Fang Zhouzi Commits Perjury, Again!

Xin Ge

In October, 2013, Fang Zhouzi, the winner of the British John Maddox Prize in 2012, purchased a mansion in Southern California at the price of $670,000, most likely with cash[1]. On the same day of the purchase, Fang signed a Quitclaim Deed to “remise, release and forever quitclaim to: Juhua Liu, a Married Woman, as her sole and separate property.”[2]

The news that Fang had purchased a house in the affluent Southern California area was revealed almost immediately on the internet[3], and caused huge curiosity about the source of Fang’s funding, because up to that time, Fang had been crying poor in public frequently, and using his supposed poverty as a leverage to solicit donations from his supporters[4], including those who were so poor that they could not afford a computer[5]. Indeed, Mr. Cui Yongyuan, a well-respected and extremely popular CCTV talk show host, openly accused Fang of cheating, “Shamelessness in public, lowliness by nature.”[6] Fang first cited privacy for the reason to refuse to answer questions related to the matter[7], then he accused Mr. Cui of rumormongering[8]; however, he stopped short of threatening Mr. Cui with a lawsuit.

In early January 2014, the address and the exact purchasing price of Fang’s California mansion became known, and Mr. Cui again accused Fang of cheating[9], and Fang sued Mr. Cui for defamation a few days later[10]. Mr. Cui filed a counter lawsuit against Fang for seven counts of defamation[11]. On July 23, 2014, the case was heard before the Haidian District Court in Beijing, and the following is a part of the transcript[12]:

Cui Yongyuan: We want to ask that since we have presented two documents from the United States, whether Fang Shimin’s signatures on the documents are authentic?

Presiding Judge: Plaintiff answers the question.

Fang Shimin: It can be told by comparing the signature in the complaint with the plaintiff’s signature.

Presiding Judge: Please answer the question directly.

Fang Shimin: No. [They are not Fang’s signatures.]
【note: The Chinese word was 不是, which literally means “No,[ they are] not.”】

Shortly after the court hearing, Mr. Cui’s lawyers obtained a copy of Fang’s driver’s license in the State of California, the signature is exactly the same as the one on the Quitclaim Deed[13].

It was not the first time that Fang lies to a court in China. In June 2006, Fang presented a list of evidences to the Jianghan District Court in Wuhan in Central China where Dr. Xiao Chuanguo had sued Fang for defamation. On the list was a webpage on the Huazhong University of Science and Technology Alumni Network which contained an article by a “Shuizhonghua,” commenting on Dr. Xiao Chuanguo’s curriculum vitae. The fact is, the article was written by Fang himself, and originally posted by him under the fake name Shuizhonghua on the forum of his own New Threads. It was reposted on the HUST Alumni Network on the next day, probably by Fang himself also. To deceive the judges into believing that the article is an objective, independent, and reliable evidence, Fang purposefully and intentionally hid the fact that he was the author and the original poster of the article which was originally appeared on the website he had full control[14].

A few months after cheating the court in Wuhan, Fang cheated the courts in Beijing. In September or October of 2006, to move another libel lawsuit filed by Dr. Xiao against him from Beijing’s Xicheng District Court, where Fang lost his first case in China three years earlier, to Beijing’s First Intermediate Court, Fang lied again, claiming that he was an “Overseas Chinese,” which, according to China’s law, means a Chinese resides mainly in a foreign country: “Overseas Chinese denote Chinese citizens who have settled down abroad”[15]. Of course Fang had been, and still is, mainly living in the Xinhua News Agency compound in Beijing with his wife Liu Juhua since 2002, and he only visits the U. S. briefly each year for the sole purpose of maintaining his Green Card. So, to deceive the court with his legal status, Fang made up a fake address where he was supposed to live in the United States: 9590 Gold coast San Diego 92126[16]. It was found out immediately after the information was made public that the address was fabricated: the websites of the San Diego County in California, the U. S. Postal Office, and Google Maps all showed that there was no such an address. The funny thing is, the Beijing Courts were actually fooled by Fang’s lie, and Dr. Xiao lost his case in the Intermediate Court.

In summary, not only is Fang Zhouzi slanderous and scandalous, he is also a pure fake and criminal. It is only a matter of time before he is put in a prison. The only uncertainty is in which country.

Quit, or not quit? That’s the action!
The Quitclaim Deed signed by Shimin Fang (lower red arrow). Please note that the mailing address provided on the top of the document, 5857 Gablewood Way. San Diego, CA 92130 (upper red arrow) is the residence of a couple of Fang-lovers, Wang Wei & Xie Huirong.

On the scene
Fang Zhouzi in Southern California in October 2013 with his associates. Please note that the background of the photo on the left is Rong Rong Salon, owned by Fang-lover Xie Huirong, whose home address is used as Liu Juhua’s mailing address.

A perfect match
Shimin Fang’s Driver’s License information provided by the California government. Please note that the birthdate is the same as Fang Zhouzi’s, the signature is the same as the one on the Quitclaim Deed. (Source of information: 2014-08-07 21:33.)

High Resolution of Fang’s right thumbprint

(Source of information: 2014-08-09 00:28.)

A plaintiff lie
The screenshot of the hearing transcript released by the Haidian District Court on July 23, 2014.

The Game of Money
(Please click the photo to download the book.)


[1] The statement is based upon the following facts:

(1) SAN DIEGO COUNTY RECORDER'S OFFICE. GRANT DEED. Doc# 2013-0651497 (a photocopy of the document is available here).
(2) Real Estate website www.zillow.com: 1561 Archer Rd, San Marcos, CA 92078.

[2] SAN DIEGO COUNTY RECORDER'S OFFICE. QUITCLAIM DEED. Doc# 2013•0651498 (a photocopy of the document is available here).

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[5] The secret was revealed actually by Mr. Wang Zhi’an, a CCTV commentator and a former friend of Fang’s, one day ago: “方舟子被人发现在美国买豪宅,又改口说自己的收入还可以了。既然自己的收入还可以,为啥不自己掏钱雇保安,不自己花钱打官司?成立什么安保基金?要知道,好些方舟子的支持者,那可是穷得连电脑都买不起,都是上网吧发帖支持方的,方你好意思让这些人省吃俭用出钱让你打官司,你去美国偷偷摸摸买豪宅?” (See: 2014-08-09 03:46.)

[6] Original Chinese: “肘子一边300万美元在美国买豪宅一边在网上哭诉安保基金不够用了,求大家再赏一点,公开无耻,天生下流。” (See: 2013-12-22 01:54).

[7] Original Chinese: “我又不是什么委员,我在美国有没有房子住什么房子,那是我的隐私,他有什么权利要知道?”(见:2013-11-30 21:03)。

[8] Original Chinese: “以前方黑造谣说我用30万美元在美国买豪宅,崔永元毕竟是去美国‘调查’过的,知道那在美国 算不上豪宅,于是给加个零,造谣说我300万美元在美国买豪宅。那样的豪宅我所在城市就没几幢,崔永元不拍一段让大家看看,让我享受一下大资本家的待遇? 这种张嘴就造谣的人,还敢骂人‘公开无耻,天生下流’?”(见:2013-12-22 14:53)。

[9] Original Chinese: “我不认为这些钱都是肘子嗑普骗来的,肯定还有其它的骗法。” (See: 2014-01-08 02:50); “肘子67万美元换了300万人民币,体育老师教肘子算术,算术老师教肘子生物,生物老师教肘子诗歌,诗歌老师看肘子脸皮过厚,啥也没教。肘子操行评定如此。” (See: 2014-01-10 16:45); “肘子说,"我要是不“两袖清风”,代个言站个台收个保护费,几千万的豪宅也买得起",真不要脸,按斤卖你也卖不了这个价,出卖良心你也卖不了这个价,你卖的还少吗? ” (See: 2014-01-10 22:17.)

[10] See: 2014-01-13 14:51. (《方舟子起诉崔永元侵害名誉权民事起诉状》。)

[11] Original Chinese: “【崔永元反诉方是民】坐等方舟子证明:崔永元(1)‘给孩子加个菜’项目是‘一帮骗子加流氓在搞慈善’;(2)从公益基金提取2000万管理费;(3)小崔考察转基因纪录片使用‘职业托儿’;(4)以交易手段在中美电影节中获奖;(5)动用关系操纵腾讯微博;(6)不配在大学任教;(7)为有机奶粉代言等。” (See: 2014-04-15 20:55.)

[12] See: 2014-07-23 17:43. (北京海淀法院:《方是民与崔永元名誉权纠纷案合议庭进行法庭询问(三)》,北京海淀法院新浪微博。)

[13] See: 2014-08-07 21:33. (大洋彼岸的绅士:《方舟子欺骗法庭的证据大曝光》,新浪微博。)

[14] Ge Xin. China's Court Should not Become a Toy in the Hands of a Transnational Rogue ── An Open Letter to the Chief Justice of China's Supreme Court. AIR-China, July 28, 2014. (葛莘:《中国的法院不应该成为跨国流氓手中的的玩物──致中国最高人民法院院长的一封公开信》,中国学术评价网,2014年7月28日。)

[15] See: Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Returned Overseas Chinese and the Family Members of Overseas Chinese.

[16] The secret was actually revealed in the Judgment of the case. When Fang posted the Judgment on his New Threads, he deleted the information. However, the Judgment was later posted online by one of Dr. Xiao’s lawyers, and the secret was out. (See: Yi Ming. The Feud between Drs. Fang Zhouzi and Xiao Chuanguo. 亦明:《方舟子陷害肖传国始末》。)

Shamelessness Shouldn’t Be Anyone’s Nature ──An Open Letter to Nature

Part 01: Shameless cover-up
Part 02: Shameless “standing-up”
Part 03: Shameless make-up
Part 04: Fact distortion and mess-up
Part 05: Shameless, fraudulent, and malicious fighter
Part 06: A fake scientist’s fight against science
Part 07: A fraudulent fighter’s fight for fraud
Part 08: A fighting dog for commercial and political forces
Part 09: An evil villain's fight for his career
Part 10: A congenital liar has Nature as his amplifier
Part 11: Fang’s Law
Part 12: Fang’s Law-II
Part 13: A Thief Couple
Part 14: A 24K Pure Evil
Part 15: An Unprecedented Professional Literary Thief
Part 16: The Science Case
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Part 38: The Fangangsters (VIII): Shu-Kun Lin and His Predatory MDPI Journals (IV): His Path to Fame and Wealth
Part 39: The Fangangsters (IX): Fang’s Family Army (I): Fang Yunhuan, the Second Sister
Part 40: The Hanly War (I)

The John Maddox Prize Organizer, Sponsors, and Judges Should Investigate Your Inaugural Winner Fang Shi-min
A Response to the Statement by Ms. Tracey Brown, Dr. Philip Campbell, and Dr. Colin Blakemore, 3 Judges of the John Maddox Prize
Fang Zhouzi, He Zuoxiu, Lin Shu-kun and the Secret of Their Scienafia Empire

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