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The Greedy and Greasy John Maddox Prize Winner Fang Zhouzi Is Dunned (1619 查看)

March 05, 2015 11:06AM
The Greedy and Greasy John Maddox Prize Winner Fang Zhouzi Is Dunned

Xin Ge

On March 3, 2015, Mr. Xu Youzhen (Weibo ID徐宥箴1, real name Xu Bo, 徐波), a self-claimed “honest and intelligent, a genuine self-made undereducated tycoon”[1], and one of Fang Zhouzi’s most loyal followers in the past few years, demanded Fang to return the 3 million RMB (about 480,000 USD) he donated to Fang’s “Personal Security Protection Fund” in last January:

“I saw Lawyer Peng Jian said that he had established a security protection fund to collect donations to support Fang Zhouzi’s fraud fighting by protecting Fang Zhouzi’s safety, so out of the purpose of justice, I donated 3 million Yuan. However, last month, I went to the United States, and I found that Fang Zhouzi had moved his whole family to America to live there permanently (his child will go to school there), therefore, he doesn’t need security fund at all. Also, what Fang Zhouzi is doing is not fighting against the fraud; rather, what he is doing is attacking people. I believe that I have been cheated. If I am not cheated, please return the money, otherwise, I’ll report the case to police.”[2]

“I made the donation to protect the fraud fighter, to support fraud fighting. However, since Fang Zhouzi has moved to America, how could his enemies in China hurt him? I went to his home personally, and he told me that he was going to live in America permanently. Therefore, I knew I was fooled. He slanders me on Twitter that I have cursed his daughter, and I find what he does is personal attack, not fraud fighting.”[3]

Waking up
After fighting for Fang viciously and ferociously for years, Mr. Xu Youzhen has finally realized that the person he had been fighting for is his worst enemy. The above image shows Mr. Xu’s posts denouncing Fang’s fraudulent fraud fighting, and demanding for the return of his 3 million Yuan donation (translated above).

The dispute between the Scicult Hierarch and his follower/patron started a few days earlier when a documentary on smog in China, Under the Doom, made by Ms. Chai Jing, an ex-CCTV reporter, with her own money, was released on the internet and went viral[4]. Mr. Xu supports Ms. Chai’s views, while Fang, who has been having a very complicated and calculated relationship with Ms. Chai since 2007[5], immediately launched an attack on the documentary, as well as on Ms. Chai Jing, saying that lung cancer is mostly caused by smoking rather than by breathing the polluted air, and Fang also spread the rumor by saying that Ms. Chai is a smoker[6]. Of course Ms. Chai’s documentary has been immediately suppressed by the mighty Propaganda Department of the CCP Central Committee[7], although the connection between Fang’s instant reaction and the secretive governmental directive is unknown. What is known is that Fang has had an extraordinarily close, yet secretive, tie with the Chinese government[8].

Under the Doom
A screenshot of Ms. Chai Jing’s documentary Under the Doom, showing Ms. Chai was talking to her audience. Since the release of the film, Ms. Chai has been attacked by many people, including the gangsters led by Fang Zhouzi.

Fang’s attack on Ms. Chai apparently ignited Xu’s anger, who had found out that he was cheated by Fang a little more than a month earlier. Therefore, Mr. Xu made a serial counterattack on Fang. After a few exchanges, Fang accused Mr. Xu of cursing his daughter – still remember Fang’s deadly “porcelain weapon”? – and Mr. Xu demanded the return of the money. So, how did the inaugural John Maddox winner respond to the demand? Here it is:

“The money donated two or three years ago does not belong to him anymore, and he actually thinks that he has the control over it? It only makes people laugh. On the other hand, the money was not donated to me. At the beginning, he wanted to give me the money, but I refused. Why does he ask me for the money? He wants to be one of the lowest rogues, but the world is not running according to his rule.”[9]

“Xu Youzhen threatens that if I don’t return the money he would report to police that I have swindled, and he says that he found I reside in America so I don’t need the security protection, what I does is not fraud fighting but personal attacking. I have been residing in the United States for more than ten years, and the information has been open to the public ever since, he knows that just now? When he made the donation to the security protection fund, he stated that there are no any restrictions and the money can be used for any purpose, so why is it his business where I reside? It is not up to him to say whether I need the security protection or not, whether what I am doing is fighting against the fraud or attacking people. If he wants to report to police, go ahead. Luo Yonghao has reported to police before.”[10]

“I thought that Luo Yonghao is the person without the lowest bottom line among the people I have met, and now I have finally met a person who is worse than him, it is really a wonderful world. The funny thing is, Xu Youzhen visited me with one of my friends, I invited them to dinner, and he insisted on paying the meal, swearing that he would never be a person like Luo Yonghao. Is he going to ask me to pay for the dinner also? Now he claims that what he wants to do is to be a perfidious rogue, what he has said before doesn’t count. The only thing is, are there any people who dare to deal with him on anything from now on?”[11]

The rogue without the lowest bottom line
After being dunned by his deceived donor, Fang immediately launches a personal attack on him.

As I have mentioned repeatedly in my serial ongoing Open Letter to Nature, Mr. Luo, like Mr. Xu, used to be one of Fang’s strongest supporters; however, they turned into personal enemies in 2007, because of an issue over Ms. Chai Jing - Yes, Ms. Chai is one of the “goddesses” manufactured by the so called “Old Men’s Eating Club” to which Mr. Luo, as well as that fake American Ph. D. Albert Yuan, belongs[12]. Although Fang has been attacking Mr. Luo continuously and constantly since that very moment, Mr. Luo, for some reason, continued his support for Fang’s fraudulent fraud fighting: after donated 1,000 Yuan in 2006 to Fang’s “Science and Technology Fraud Fighting Fund” (科技打假资金), Luo made another donation in 2010 to the fund, which, by that time, had been transformed into Fang’s “Science and Technology Fraud Fighter’s Personal Security Protection Fund” (科技打假人士人身安全保障资金) by his personal lawyer and money laundering aid Peng Jian, taking the full advantage of the incident of “Brawl in Beijing.” In 2011, Fang escalated his attack on Mr. Luo, obviously trying to divert public attention on his, and his wife’s, plagiarism scandals, and in March 2012, Mr. Luo filed a complaint with Chinese government claiming that Fang had been using his private fund(s) to swindle the public for money, because neither Fang nor the funds had made the details of their expenditures public in the past 5 years or so. To disqualify Mr. Luo from filing the complaint, Fang actually instructed Mr. Peng Jian to return the money Mr. Luo donated to the fund in 2006, despite the fact that Mr. Luo had vehemently refused to accept the money[13].

The mysterious expenditures
On March 13, 2012, Peng Jian announced, for the first time since he transformed Fang’s fraud fighting fund to Fang’s personal protection fund in August 2010, that the latter fund had already spent nearly 600,000 Yuan, about 100,000 USD. As of now, the only obvious expenditure of the protection fund seems to be the hiring of two child labors as Fang’s bodyguards, who are said, by one of Fang’s closest associates, to be Fang’s relatives. The above image shows the webpage of Fang’s security protection fund, announcing the “accumulated expenditures,” and Fang’s bodyguards, discovered and photographed by Mr. Yao Bo (web ID 五岳散人) 3 months later (see: 2012-6-19 00:26.)

Disqualifying the questioner from questioning
On March 16, 2012, Mr. Peng Jian, who is Fang’s personal lawyer and the sole manager of his money collecting funds in China, sent 2,500 Yuan to Mr. Luo Yonghao, to disqualify him from questioning the legitimacy of the funds he manages for Fang. The note on the money order says that the money was intended to return Mr. Luo’s 1,000 Yuan donation and pay a meal they had years earlier, plus interest. (The money order image was posted by Mr. Luo Yonghao at 2012-3-20 12:28.)

Reporting the fraud committed by the so called “fraud fighter”
On March 22, 2012, Mr. Luo Yonghao formally filed a complaint with Chinese authority accusing Fang Zhouzi of swindling. The move immediately became national news. The above images show four newspaper reports on the event.

Confronting the coward “fraud fighter”
On March 28, 2012, Mr. Luo finally captured the opportunity to question Fang directly why he hadn’t made the expenditure of his funds public as he promised years earlier. During the entire process, Fang never had the guts to look at Mr. Luo eye to eye, or answer Luo’s simple question face to face. Rather, he pretended to play his cellphone (upper left), and with the help of Peng (upper right), he escaped into the elevator (lower left), and left Peng to deal with Mr. Luo. (The images are captured from this video: 罗永浩拦截方舟子和彭剑当面对质.)

So, why would Fang insist on returning Luo’s 1,000 Yuan despite Mr. Luo’s objection but refuse to return Mr. Xu’s 3 million Yuan despite Mr. Xu’s demand? Of course because of the 2,999,000 deferential. The fact is, when Mr. Xu made the donation, Fang was broiled in the “California luxury mansion” scandal: it was just revealed a week earlier that Fang, who had been constantly and obstreperously crying poor in public, purchased a mansion in Southern California with $670,000, cash. At that time, Fang would neither confirm nor deny the transaction, but he decided to sue Mr. Cui Yongyuan, an ex-CCTV talk show host, for defamation, because Mr. Cui said the money Fang used for the purchase was swindled[14]. Here is what Fang said about Mr. Xu’s donation:

“A few days ago, I refuted Cui Yongyuan by saying that the security protection fund collected merely over 1 million Yuan, which is not enough to buy a ‘luxury mansion.’ Now, with this 3 million, it’s enough. Does it make my excuse invalid?”[15]

Enough is enough?
On the next day after Mr. Xu donated 3 million Yuan to Fang’s fund, Fang voluntarily admitted that the donations collected by his fund is “enough” for him to purchase a “luxury mansion” in the United States.

The fact is, everyone knows that since 2002, when he married his wife Liu Juhua, Fang has been living primarily in China, or more specifically, in the compound of the Xinhua News Agency in Beijing, so Fang’s claim that “I have been residing in the United States for more than ten years, and the information has been open to the public ever since” is a plain lie. As a matter of fact, in July 2014, Fang lied to a Chinese court by denying his signature on the house purchasing document[16]. So you know that the John Maddox Prize winner is a congenital liar and habitual perjurer.

Fang’s “luxury mansion” obtained with dirty money

Stay tuned for more development in the story.

ScieNazi Joseph Goebbel Fang is rewarded by some British for doing evil in China


[1] Xu’s original Chinese: “正直智慧、真白手起家的土豪”(See: [weibo.com].)

[2] Xu’s original Chinese: “我看见@彭剑律师说弄了安保基金收捐款,保护方舟子安全,以支持方舟子打假,我出于正义目的,捐款了300万。但我上月去美国,发现方舟子已经全家搬到美国并定居(孩子未来在美国读书),那么他是不需什么安保资金的,方舟子也不是在打假,是打人。我认为被骗了。若不是被骗请还钱,否则我会报警处理”(See: 2015-03-03 19:49.)

[3] Xu’s original Chinese: “我捐款目的是保护打假人,支持打假,但方舟子定居美国了,中国仇家怎么可能伤害他?我亲自去他家,他亲自对我说以后定居美国的。所以我明白我被骗了,他推特上造谣污蔑我诅咒他女儿,我发现他这是打人,不是打假。”(See: 2015-03-03 20:06.)

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[6] Fang’s original Chinese: “很多人问,新生儿良性肿瘤和空气污染有关系吗?没有任何证据表明有关系。如果有关系,空气污染重灾区新生儿良性肿瘤发病率会明显上升,但没有这个迹象。有人把柴静女儿得良性肿瘤归为她吸烟,这也没有证据。孕妇吸烟有很多危害,例如增加新生儿畸形、早产、死亡的风险,但无证据表明能增加良性肿瘤风险” (See: 6:03 PM - 28 Feb 2015.)

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[9] Fang’s original Chinese: “捐出去两三年的钱早已不属于他,他竟还以为有支配权,徒增笑耳。何况不是捐给我的,当初想给我钱被我拒绝,他找我讨钱干什么?他想当最下作的那种流氓,但世界并不按他的规则运转。” (See: 4:01 AM - 3 Mar 2015.)

[10] Fang’s original Chinese: “徐宥箴扬言我不还钱他就要报警说我诈骗,说是发现我定居美国不需要安保,而且我不是打假是打人。我定居美国十几年了,从来公开,他才知道?他给安保资金捐款时声明无任何限制可用于任何用途,我在哪定居关他什么事?我需不需要安保、是打假还是打人也不由他来定。想报警请便。罗永浩当初也报警过。” (See: 4:33 AM - 3 Mar 2015.)

[11] Fang’s original Chinese: “我本以为罗永浩是我遇见的最无底线的人,现在总算遇见一个比他还没底线的,这世界真奇妙。可笑的是,徐宥箴跟一个朋友来找我,我请他们吃饭,他非要买单, 信誓旦旦向我保证决不当罗永浩。接下来他也要讨饭钱了?他现在自称就是要当背信弃义的流氓,说过的话都不算数,只是以后谁敢跟这种人打任何交道?” (See: 5:08 AM - 3 Mar 2015.)

[12] For the complicated relationship, see: [5].

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