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The Fugitive John Maddox Prize Winner Fang Zhouzi’s Fraudulent Fund Is Under Criminal Investigation in China, Again! (3185 查看)

July 30, 2015 11:48AM
The Fugitive John Maddox Prize Winner Fang Zhouzi’s Fraudulent Fund

Is Under Criminal Investigation in China, Again!

Ge Xin

On March 5, 2015, I reported that Mr. Xu Youzhen, or Xu Bo, a businessman who made a 3-million Yuan donation to Fang’s fraudulent “Personal Security Protection Fund” in January 2014, demanded the fund to be returned to him, because Mr. Xu deemed that Fang didn’t need the protection at all since he had moved his whole family to the United States and planned to live there permanently[1]. Further, Mr. Xu believed that what Fang had been doing is not fraud fighting, rather, it is personal attacking. As expected by many people who know Fang well, Fang and his gangsters immediately launched a retaliation campaign against Mr. Xu. For example, Fang repeatedly suggested and implied that Mr. Xu is a potential murderer[2]; that Xu is a terrorist and child abuser[3]; that Xu’s company is in danger of being busted for frauds[4]. Fang even revealed several pieces of Xu’s personal secret on the internet[5]. Here is an exemplary post on Fang’s twitter:

“Xu Youzhen actually dares to be the villain who sues his victim before he himself being sued. If he provokes me too much, I’ll report his terrorism remarks to the Department of Homeland Security of the United States, so that he won’t be able to visit America again for the rest of his life. And then, I’ll report his words and deeds of child abuse to the Social Services Department of California, bankrupting his dream of having one hundred sons by surrogacy agencies in Los Angeles. The purpose of his last trip to America was to locate such surrogacy agencies.”[3]

An evil villain pretends to be a victim and threatens his patron
On March 23, 2015, Fang threatened Mr. Xu that he might report Xu to the Homeland Security Department of the United States and the Social Services Department of the State of California, so that Xu won’t be allowed to visit the U. S. Please note that Fang is currently residing in his mansion in Southern California which was purchased on Oct. 15, 2013, at the price of $670,000. Fang has yet to reveal the source of the money.
(Source of the screenshot: 7:29 PM - 23 Mar 2015.)

On March 3, 2015, Mr. Sima Nan, arguably one of the most despicable persons in China, and one of Fang’s closest allies, left a voice message to Mr. Xu, warning him that he could not afford the consequences of turning against Fang[6].

Fang Zhouzi and Sima Nan have been comrades to each other since 2000. Many people believe that they are the most deceitful Chinese people in the world. The photo shows their most recent gathering, probably at Sima’s home.
(Source of the photo: 8:28 PM - 23 Jul 2015.)

The core of China’s Scicultology
During Fang’s most recent visit to China, he met with his core backers and supporters. From left: Fang Xuanchang (Fang’s most loyal buddy since 2004), Wang Chenguang (an American academic who has been heavily involved in Fang’s another money swindling machinery in the U. S.), Zhao Nanyuan (a retired professor and an ardent scientism believer), Qing Chengrui (He Zuoxiu’s wife), Fang Zhouzi, He Zuoxiu [For detail about this person, see: Open Letter to Nature: Part XXXII: The Fangangsters (II): He Zuoxiu, a Shameless Party Man (I)], Sima Nan, and Ji Xiaolong (Fang’s chief medical advisor who profits from TCM but pretends to be a TCM-hater).
(Source of the photo: 5:22 AM - 23 Jul 2015.)

It is worth noting that the primary tactic Fang used against Mr. Xu is to incriminate Xu with Mr. Xu’s own online remarks. However, almost all the remarks Fang used to incriminate Mr. Xu were posted when Xu was a Fang-lover, and, more importantly, before Mr. Xu donated the money to Fang’s fund. In other words, Fang has absolutely no problems, morally or legally, with accepting donations from a criminal defined by his own definition and identified with his own criterion.

It was under Fang and his gangsters’ continuous attacks that Mr. Xu deleted all of his previous Weibo posts, about 12,000 in total. Mr. Xu was also rather quiet on his demand for returning the money. Here is an observation by a certified weibo user who was also a Fang-lover a few years earlier:

“Many indications suggest that the threat by the Pig Thigh [referring Fang] and Sima Nan, that they might destroy the local tycoon’s business, has worked. After weighing the pros and cons, the local tycoon has retreated on all fronts to preserve his business. He is definitely giving up the 3 million Yuan. The Pig Thigh’s unique stunt is to destroy other people’s business and reputation, using the tactic of filing anonymous complaints, organizing masses to harass the government, and leveling repetitive lawsuits. Any person who does business or has a job is scared of these things. The Pig Thigh has won once again.”[7]

An ex-Fang-lover knows Fang better
(Source of the screenshot: 2015-4-17 00:58.)

However, it turns out that Mr. Xu has never stopped his fight against his former idol. On July 18, Mr. Xu posted the following message on Weibo:

“Here is one of the evidences for Fang Zhouzi and his gangsters’ fabricating the stories and covering up the facts to swindle money. It has been notarized, so it is useless for them to try to alter it. Tell you the truth, I knew their accounting book, and I knew (the money) was carved up. In the evening of January 13, 2014, the 3 million Yuan went into their account, on the 14th, Peng Jian [Fang’s personal lawyer and chief money laundering aide] opened a new bank card, and the money was transferred to the new card on the same day, then it was split up. I won’t say how I got the information for the moment; I welcome Peng Jian to talk to me.”[8]

One person asked Mr. Xu: Is it true? Mr. Xu replied:

“I guarantee its truthfulness. If there is any false information, I welcome Peng Jian’s lawsuit. It is very easy to find the opposite evidence: if the money stayed in the old account instead of going to the new account, all they need to do is to go to the bank to have them print out the account statement of the third day, or to demonstrate that the new card account wasn’t opened on the 14th. It is so easy.”[9]

After remaining quiet for about four months, Mr. Xu fought back by presenting the evidence for Fang’s swindling.
(Sources of the screenshots: 2015-7-18 21:18, 2015-7-18 21:23.)

Even though the message had been reposted for more than one thousand times, neither Fang Zhouzi nor Peng Jian responded to the allegation until 12 days later. Yes, the John Maddox Prize winner knows the trick very well: “Playing dumb, remaining silent, and pretending nothing has happened is the last strategy of all the imposters when their frauds are exposed.” And meanwhile, Fang tweets every day, mainly to attack his other ex-lovers. Yes, since the beginning of 2015, Fang has personally denounced dozens, if not more than a hundred, of his formal fans as Fang-haters. It is just like a suicidal or self-destructive event broadcast live.

On July 29, 2015, Mr. Xu revealed more secret. Answering a question why hasn’t he sued Fang for cheating his money, Mr. Xu responded:

“First of all, a criminal case is not private prosecution. I reported the case to the police a long time ago. Secondly, the swindlers, Fang Zhouzi and his gangsters, transferred the 3 million Yuan on the second day to an account they just opened on that day, after they succeeded in the swindling, and after that, no money was paid to security companies or someone who looks like a bodyguard. Instead, they spent the money lavishly, for example, on credit card payments. Thirdly, Peng Jian has been trying to hide from the police.”[10]

“Regular credit card payments in tens of thousands of Yuan (they were not payments for purchases, rather, they were for monthly balance payments), plus Alipay, and then withdrawal of cash in large sum. In short, there was no payment to someone resembling security protection. What Fang Zhouzi said that the fund’s refusal to make their expenditures public was because of afraid of revealing the details of security protection, it is an absolute lie.”[11]

Along with the message was a receipt issued by the Wuhan police authority, saying that on March 17, 2015, Mr. Xu reported to them that he was swindled by Fang’s fund. However, the most astonishing piece of information, to me at least, Mr. Xu revealed is the following one:

“Because all the big money went to Alipay to be laundered, I asked the police to hurry up their investigation. Here are the police’s original words: ‘Our internet security department told me that the internet police in Hangzhou have in disguise banned the investigation by the Hubei internet police.’ Our Party’s department is really awesome, police ban police.”[12]

Smoking guns
On July 29, 2015, Mr. Xu revealed that he reported Fang’s fraudulent fund’s criminal activities to Hubei’s police on March 17, 2015, but the police in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province banned the investigation by the police in Hubei Province.
(Sources of the screenshots: 2015-7-29 20:14, 2015-7-29 20:21, 2015-7-29 20:39.)

Although the police authority in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, is at the same rank as or might be lower than their comrades in Hubei Province, which is about 800 km away, they are nonetheless able to block the latter’s investigation on Fang’s criminal money swindling and laundering.
(Source of the photo: Google Map.)

Fang’s connection with the Hangzhou authority was first known to the public about four years ago. On April 8, 2011, just days after Legal Weekly published their Comprehensive Investigation on the Alleged Plagiarisms Committed by Fang Zhouzi, and weeks after the outbreak of Fang’s wife’s plagiarism scandal on the internet, Fang was invited by the Organization Department and the Party School of Hangzhou CCP committee to give a lecture to “Hangzhou’s leading cadres and civil servants” on “scientific literacy.”[13] In the afternoon of that day, Fang delivered a speech at Hangzhou Normal University, and the key issue Fang addressed in that speech was that “Sometimes the Frauds Committed by Students Are Coerced.”[14] It was so obvious that the Hangzhou Party was supporting Fang in their unique way at Fang's most difficult moment, and providing Fang with a stage to let him exonerate his scandalous wife and transfer the blame to her advisor.

The Hangzhou Connection
Upper: In the morning of April 8, 2011, Fang gave a lecture to the leading cadres of Hangzhou City on pseudoscience; Lower: in the afternoon of the day, Fang delivered a speech to the students at Hangzhou Normal University. Both events were arranged by the Hangzhou authority and reported by the official website of Hangzhou government and Qianjiang Evening News, respectively. Fang had never been, and would never be a solo official guest of any local Chinese government.
(Sources of the photos: [ori.hangzhou.com.cn], [qjwb.zjol.com.cn].)

There are much deeper connections between Fang and Hangzhou government. In early 2009, Fang’s New Threads was involved in a commercial crime and a local police force in North China began to investigate Fang. However, when the task force asked for help or permission from the Hangzhou authority, their request was rejected bluntly, and, according to what I was told, their original words are: “The matter about Fang Zhouzi stops here.”[15]

On July 30, 2015 (Beijing Time), Fang finally broke his silence and posted multiple responses to Mr. Xu’s allegation. Here is the first one:

“Xu Bo (Xu Youzhen) went back to his hometown Wuhan to file a police report, his intent must be to gather the information about my security protection by using his local relationships and in the name of reporting a case. If Wuhan police dare to practice favoritism and abuse the law, releasing my private information and security protection measures to Xu Bo, and causing the danger to my personal safety, I’ll definitely pursue the responsibility of the related persons of Wuhan police. Wuhan police don’t have jurisdiction over this case.”[16]

A Chinese escapee threatens Chinese police on an American website in Chinese
In the morning of July 30, 2015, Fang broke his silence and responded to the money swindling allegation leveled by Mr. Xu Bo. His first reaction is to issue a threat to Wuhan police.
(Source of the screenshot: 8:02 PM - 29 Jul 2015.)

Fang’s second response was to post a photo of Peng Jian, obviously trying to refute Mr. Xu’s saying that Peng is hiding. However, an online photo shows that Peng’s law firm hasn't opened its door for months, because a notice of arrears is still on the door, which says that the firm has been owing the property management fee of $1967.68 since May of 2015[17].

Where the hell is Peng Jian, Fang’s chief money laundering aide?
On July 29, 2015, an internet user posted the photo of the notice of arrears on the door of Peng’s law firm, suggesting that Peng had escaped (upper). Hours later, Fang posted a photo showing that Peng was taking a picture (lower). Please note that one week ago, when Fang showed off his scicult army (see: 5:22 AM - 23 Jul 2015), Mr. Peng was not, probably intentionally so, included.
(Sources of the screenshots: 2015-7-29 21:06, 10:34 PM - 29 Jul 2015.)

Fang’s third response was to comment on a post by one of his key followers, a person who even doesn’t have a high school education. Here is the follower’s post:

“Ground Beetle Xu considers his voluntary donation as being swindled, then, shouldn’t those who play his games and purchase the equipment to play the games report to police that Xu Youzhen’s gaming company swindles?”[18]

And here is Fang’s comment:

“Of course they should, according to Local Tycoon Xu’s logic.”[19]

By saying that, Fang was actually issuing an order to his followers to file police reports against Mr. Xu’s company.

A jobless American resident is threatening a Chinese entrepreneur
One of Fang’s responses to Mr. Xu’s allegation is to instigate his followers to level allegations against Mr. Xu’s company.
(Source of the screenshot: 12:36 AM - 30 Jul 2015.)

Fang’s last response to Mr. Xu’s allegation was to post Mr. Xu’s previous promises that he gave up his right over the donation, and he authorized Peng Jian to use the money any way he wants. Apparently, Fang didn’t realize that by doing so, he was admitting that his Personal Security Protection Fund has nothing to do with his personal security and safety; rather, it has everything to do with cheating for money, so they can do anything they want to do with the swindled money.

Confession in desperation
Apparently trying to discredit Mr. Xu, Fang posted two of Mr. Xu’s previous promises about his 3-million Yuan donation as a part of his response to Mr. Xu’s allegation. By doing so, Fang essentially admitted that he was lying when he said the reason he doesn’t allow the fund to make the expenditures public is because the revelation might hurt his personal safety. As Mr. Xu said, none of the money was spent on personal security protection.
(Sources of the screenshots: 1:18 AM - 30 Jul 2015, 1:48 AM - 30 Jul 2015.)

So, what should we expect from the current chaos?

First of all, we have to remember that in March 2012, Mr. Luo Yonghao reported the money swindling and tax evasion of Fang’s fraudulent fund to the Beijing authority, and Mr. Luo is still waiting for the conclusion of the investigation[1]. Secondly, it seems that Fang’s backers are still in power, although every indication suggests that they are on the verge of complete collapse. Before that happens, it is very likely that Mr. Xu will face the similar result, or more precisely, no-result, as Mr. Luo is facing.

However, it is extremely unlikely that Fang’s fate could be salvaged by the Hangzhou policemen, or anybody else, because the crimes Fang has committed in the past 15 years, both in the People’s Republic of China and the United States of America, are so numerous and huge that they will eventually break his spine, no matter who his backers are.

Stay tuned.

Money laundering
The above is a screenshot of the spreadsheet of Fang’s fraudulent, illegal, and criminal money-swindling fund, showing the activities of money transfers from January 1 to October 10, 2014. Mr. Xu’s 3-million Yuan was transferred to Peng Jian’s personal account on the next day after it entered into the Fund’s account.
(Source of the screenshot: 2015-7-30 20:23.)


[1] Ge Xin. The Greedy and Greasy John Maddox Prize Winner Fang Zhouzi Is Dunned. China Academic Integrity Review, March 5, 2015.

[2] Fang’s original Chinese:

“骂他一句他就要杀人、吃人,以前我基本不看他的微博,没注意到还有这么变态恐怖的言论。” (See: 4:12 AM - 5 Mar 2015.)

“徐宥箴妄想杀死30亿穷人呢,希特勒都没这么雄才大略。” (See: 4:16 AM - 6 Mar 2015.)

“【徐宥箴:谁敢欠我工资,我直接杀他全家。】徐是老板,给他发工资的就是他本人,难道是他自己威胁自己?还是要他员工这么威胁他?为欠薪就要杀人就已极端,还要杀全家,恐怖啊。” (See: 7:35 PM - 8 Mar 2015.)

“徐宥箴怎么老是琢磨着要杀人。” (See: 1:10 AM - 10 Mar 2015.)

“‘徐宥箴’言行毫无宽宥之心,动不动叫嚣杀人。” (See: 7:59 PM - 10 Mar 2015.)

“看徐宥箴以前那些动不动叫嚣要杀人、吃人、极端歧视女人、炫耀打小女孩、要让亲生女儿去当二奶的微博,本来就是个极度变态,怎么能怪我把他逼成神经病?我没那个能耐。” (See: 12:09 AM - 21 Mar 2015.)

[3] Fang’s original Chinese: “徐宥箴居然还敢恶人先告状,要是把我惹毛了,我把他那些恐怖主义言论报告国土安全部,让他这辈子别想再来美国,再把他虐待儿童的言行报告加州社会服务部,让他计划在洛杉矶找代孕机构生一百个儿子的梦想破产。他上次到美国来就是来找代孕的。” (See: 7:29 PM - 23 Mar 2015.)

[4] Fang’s original Chinese: “徐宥箴这是害怕我打他公司的假,吓唬谁呢?” (See: 4:42 AM - 6 Mar 2015.)

[5] Fang’s original Chinese: “徐宥箴说他是‘捐精’,捐给他女友的三十几个卵子?别人捐精要收费,他的捐精是捐一个给一百万。不请自来跑我家向我炫耀他要代孕生一百个儿子,居然成了找我咨询。来一趟我家,就造我家的谣,造我妻女的谣,他原来还知道‘隐私’两字怎么写?” (See: 8:33 PM - 23 Mar 2015.) “等土豪来打官司,让法庭向代孕机构调取纪录,就真相大白了。” (See: 12:27 AM - 25 Mar 2015.)

[6] Sima’s original Chinese: “你知道和方舟子闹翻之后的结果吗?你承受不了这个结果。” (The voice record is Here. For the transcript, see: 司马南给徐宥箴的留言录音文字版。)

[7] The original Chinese: “种种迹象表明,肘子联手司马南,威胁要搞垮土豪的生意,收到效果了。土豪权衡利弊,以保生意为上,虚晃一枪,全线撤退了;三百万肯定是放弃了。肘子的独门绝技,就是带领肘子粉搅别人生意和名誉,采取匿名信举报、聚众上访、反复起诉等手段。做生意的人和有工作单位的人,都怕这个。肘子又一次胜利了。” (See: 2015-4-17 00:58.)

[8] Mr. Xu’s original Chinese: “这些就是方舟子团伙虚构事实隐瞒真相诈骗的证据之一,已全网公证过了,他们现在跑去修改都没用了。实话告诉大家吧,我是知道帐目的,知道被瓜分了。 2014年1月13号晚上300万进帐,14号彭剑一新私人银行卡(当天开户的新卡,别说新卡是专户),14号转入新卡后瓜分。我暂时不会说怎么知道的, 欢迎彭剑找我” (See: 2015-7-18 21:18.)

[9] Mr. Xu’s original Chinese: “保证真实,若有虚假,欢迎彭剑诉讼,这反证很容易找来嘛,若第二天钱没去新卡还在账上,去银行打个第三天的流水证明第三天钱还在即可,或者证明不是14号开户的新卡即可,太容易了 。方舟子伙同彭剑,诈骗至少300万,证据摆在那,等我慢慢千刀万剐 /” (See: 2015-7-18 21:23.)

[10] Mr. Xu’s original Chinese: “1、刑事案件不是自诉的,早报警了。2、方舟子团伙骗子安保基金在骗300万第二天就把300万转到第二天开设的银行账户中,之后没有一份转到安保公司或像保镖者,而各种挥霍,比如信用卡还款。3、彭剑各种躲避警方” (See: 2015-7-29 20:14.)

[11] Mr. Xu’s original Chinese: “几万几万的信用卡定期还款(不是刷卡,是月结还款),还有支付宝,然后大量取现金,总之没有任何表现得貌似安保的。方舟子所说的不公布是为了怕暴露安保细节,完全是谎言。” (See: 2015-7-29 20:21.)

[12] Mr. Xu’s original Chinese: “因大额全到支付宝洗钱去了,我要求快查,民警原话说:‘我们网安部门说杭州网安把湖北网安协查的变相封杀了…… ’ 我党的部门真牛X,警察封杀警察 ” (See: 2015-7-29 20:39.)

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[15] Original Chinese: “关于方舟子的事情,到此为止。”

[16] Fang’s original Chinese: “徐波(徐宥箴)到其老家武汉报案,应是意图利用地方人脉关系以办案为名刺探我的安保情报。如果武汉警方敢徇私枉法向徐波泄露我的个人隐私和安保措施,对我的人身安全造成威胁,我必定追究武汉警方相关人员的责任。武汉警方对该案不具有管辖权。” (See: 8:02 PM - 29 Jul 2015.)

[17] Original Chinese: “#晒晒方舟子诈骗团伙#【方粉揭露方舟子诈骗并报警】难怪捐款部长‘老老夏’在方粉们的强大压力下选择销号跑路了。彭剑律师事务所没人,门口贴欠费N久的催缴单。难道彭剑也开溜了?看来司马南劝教主跑路是真的![url.cn] 转发给腾讯方粉阅读:評方 韩旭 X” (See: 2015-7-29 21:06.)

[18] Original Chinese: “徐土鳖把主动捐赠视为被诈骗,那么玩他游戏买装备打怪的人是不是也可以报案被徐宥箴的游戏公司诈骗?” (See: 2015-7-30 12:54.)

[19] Fang’s original Chinese: “按照徐壕逻辑当然可以。” (See: 12:36 AM - 30 Jul 2015.)

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