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Open Letter to Nature, Part XLI: The Hanly War (II): Fang’s Water Army (I): Introduction_2 (2115 查看)

September 10, 2014 05:10PM
Fang Zhouzi: The Ancestor of the Internet Water Army

It is very possible that Fang is one of the first people, or The first person, to use a water army to promote himself and attack his personal enemies, and his water army is renowned for its dirtiness, viciousness, and evilness.

1. The King of the Internet Mobsters

In a short essay written in March 1995, 2 months before stealing his professor Dr. Root-Bernstein, Fang revealed that he was accused of using a fake ID to attack other people or Christianity[83]. Based on Fang’s reaction to the accusation, neither admitting guilt nor denying wrongdoing, it can be certain that the fake ID was his. Of course, one of the key characteristics of a water army is to post online under a fake ID.

In another short essay written in July 1995, two months after stealing his professor, Fang revealed the reason for his combativeness and belligerence:

“To let the believers of ‘love’ show their teeth and swing their claws; to let those who consider themselves famous and important after copying a few classics exude foul stench; to let those who speak logic every time they open their mouths reveal their hooligan’s tails; to let those sanctimonious people expose their hidden flying needles, is like to let those who praise themselves as otherworldly transform into vixens with disheveled hairs, all of these things are the biggest entertainment on the internet.”[84]

The above paragraph is the revelation of the “fraud fighter” Fang’s mental setting: he enjoys fighting, because that’s the only channel through which he could vent his inexplicable hatred towards the mankind, and hurting other people is “Netizen” Fang Zhouzi’s biggest and the only enjoyment and entertainment.

After seizing the absolute control of the New Threads, Fang not only uses fake IDs to post on his own website, he also encourages his followers to use multiple fake IDs to tout and defend him. For example, Dr. Liu Huajie, Fang’s ex-friend and current deadly foe, published several such articles under at least two different fake names on the New Thread[85].

Besides using fake IDs, Fang has invented one more tactic which would be the key feature of Fang’s water army: by compiling the so called “Netizens’ comments,” Fang instigates and encourages his anonymous followers to launch vicious group attacks on his personal enemies[86].

Before the appearance of weibo.com in 2009, Fang’s gangsters in China were actively involved in various major forums, such as tianya.cn and kdnet.net. During that time, whenever Fang published an article, either in the print media or on his New Threads, the article would immediately be posted and reposted all over the Chinese internet, indicating strongly they were organized and coordinated activities. Indeed, based on my personal experience, these gangsters were well organized: if an internet user expressed an opinion critical of Fang, he would be immediately sieged by a group of internet thugs, who would try their best to change his opinion, or shut him up, and their ways of doing these, ironically, were the same when they do it on weibo.com several years later, as summarized by Ms. Liang Bingna, a journalist with Dahe Daily:

“To all those naysayers, under Fang’s guidance, the Fang-lovers scold them first, then pester them endlessly. Some Fang-lovers pretend to remonstrate earnestly and kindly, some pretend to be objective, some try to muddy the water, some try to provoke incidents. The most laughable ones are those who pretend to take your side.”[87]

What Ms. Liang didn’t say is, once the person being sieged fights back, especially with evidence of Fang’s frauds, these people would immediately disappear altogether, just like being ordered by someone. Obviously, they were extremely scared of discussing the issues, because such discussions would unavoidably lead to the diffusion of such information. In other words, these gangsters had one goal in their minds: to silence the anti-Fang voices.

2. The King of Zombies on Weibo

The advent of microblogging, especially the appearance of weibo.com, changed the game completely. Before weibo.com, the Chinese internet was somehow fragmented or departmentalized into many plates. Weibo.com unified these semi-independent kingdoms and millions of wemedia, which essentially broke the monopoly and manipulation of information by the state-run media and the lords of major websites such as Fang. For one thing at least, weibo.com essentially made Fang’s New Threads obsolete and worthless.

Fang’s decision to move his battleground from the New Threads to weibo.com was based on several considerations, and the most important one is that Fang knew that he could boost his “impact factor” by cheating: he could fake his popularity and prowess by purchasing zombie fans[33]. As a matter of fact, Fang is no longer trying to hide the fact. Early this year, when Mr. Guo Guosong, the ex-executive editor-in-chief of Legal Weekly, showed the evidence in a court that Fang’s defamation had a huge negative impact on his reputation because he has nearly 5 million followers on weibo.com, one of Fang’s lawyers immediately countered by saying: many of these followers were fake[88]. A few months later, Fang, trying to derail his arch-enemy Luo Yonghao’s upcoming launching of Smartisan cellphone, said that at least 80% of Luo’s 6 million followers on weibo.com are zombies[89]. The fact is, almost every internet user in China knows that Fang is the king of zombies, so the zombie rate of his followers, whether the 4.86 million on weibo.com, 19.3 million on sohu.com, or 7.1 million on qq.com, must be much higher than that of Mr. Luo’s. There are many indirect evidences showing that the number of Fang’s true supporters is less than a thousand.

Besides faking his own popularity, Fang also fakes his support rate by deleting the negative comments and blocking the internet users who are critical of him, which, of course, is nothing new, because Fang has been doing that on his New Threads from the very beginning. However, on weibo.com, the job has been done “professionally” and systemically (see below).

The only problem to Fang is, compared with the New Threads, over which he has absolute control, weibo.com is a public platform, and even though Fang did enjoy privilege on the website, such as free zombie fans, almost unlimited blocking quota, and the constant suppression of anti-Fang voices by the webmaster, he had to do the backstage manipulations indirectly, i. e. via the website, which made him feel humiliated sometimes, and made many others complain.

Although Fang enjoyed his most glorious days on weibo.com in 2010, the glory didn’t last long. As a matter of fact, Fang soon found out that weibo.com was becoming his grave: the scandals associated with him, his wife, and his gangsters, exploded on the internet like the fireworks in the night of Fourth of July; and Fang’s dictatorial and imperious behavioral pattern, which his followers had been used to but was completely astonishing to other people, plus his unprecedented and unscrupulous evildoings, made his enemies increase every single day, literally. And that’s why in the summer of 2011 the Fangangsters tried to destroy weibo.com.

In the midnight of August 23, 2011, when Dr. Root-Bernstein’s accusatory open letters against Fang’s plagiarism became national news, Dr. Sun Haifeng posted a screenshot of the online conversations among Fangangsters[90]. Here is the conversation between two of them:

Gangster A: I am a little worried, Teacher Fang is fighting back the American Professor’s reply with “rumor,” I am afraid that these villains will feed in calumnies again, and the American Yelling Animal (叫兽, Jiàoshòu, which is pronounced the same as 教授, professor) will lose his mind, and then the situation will become out of control.

Gangster B: Then what do you think we should do?

Gangster A: Focusing the ammunition on attacking the liberals, and once [the attack is] hyped by the media, the American matter will be forgotten. It might be possible that the government sees that the weibo.com is so chaotic and they will shut it down. If so, every problem will be solved.

Gangster A: The bugle of offense has already sounded, let’s go, comrades!!!

Top secret
To divert people’s attention away from Fang’s plagiarism scandal, Fangangsters deployed a scheme: Attack the liberals, and the best-case scenario would be the shutdown of weibo.com. What Fang did later was exactly according to the plan.

3. A Few Battles Fang’s Water Army Fought before the Hanly War

As mentioned above, Fangangsters mainly do three things on the internet: to promote Fang, to advance Fang’s agenda, and to attack Fang’s enemies. And among the three things, the last one is the most characteristic of their viciousness and evilness, because what they want is to completely silence Fang’s naysayers, therefore when they do it, they forget completely to put on the camouflages of science, rationality, logic, moral, or justice. The following stories are told to demonstrate that Fang had been using water army to attack his enemies long before he used them against Han Han.

(1) Ms. Zhao Lihua, a Female Victim of Fang’s Water Army

On Sept. 24, 2010, Ms. Zhao Lihua (赵丽华), a well-known poet, posted the following message on her Weibo:

“Since I expressed my opinion on Fang Zhouzi’s total negation of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fang-fans and Fang-50 Cents have been coming from everywhere to scold me. They are all newly registered, their IDs consist of Arabic numbers plus English alphabets. Sina.com has solved a few of my complaints; however, they registered new IDs and scold me again. What kind of person has such a guilty conscience? What kind of person is so dirty? The internet is transparent, and the person’s nature and true colors behind it could be seen through. Fang’s fraud busting is beneficial; however, his split personality on the internet has reached to a horrifying degree.”[91]

On the next day, Ms. Zhao posted another one:

“Whenever [a person] says something negative about Fang Zhouzi, his 50 Cents will come from everywhere to attack that person, persistently and endlessly. They will re-register after being blocked, and change to countless different IDs. They fight continuously, day and night, never stop. Their words are so obscene, their means are so despicable, it causes extreme terror! I have been hurt by these people so much that I’ll never mention the word Fang Zhouzi. If I have to say something about him, I’ll temporarily replace [his name] with the word ‘Voldemort’.”[92]

Of course Ms. Zhao was not attacked by Fang’s water army only because of TCM issue. The feud between Ms. Zhao and Fang actually started a few weeks before the “Brawl in Beijing” incident when it was reported that the infant formula manufactured by Shengyuan (圣元, or Synutra International, Inc.) caused several cases of precocious puberty[93]. Fang, for some ulterior reasons and posing as “the expert of fraud busting” and a “writer of science popularization,” immediately defended the company, saying that the number of the cases is too few to link the incidents to the product[94]. Here is Ms. Zhao Lihua’s comment on Fang’s statement:

“Fang Zhouzi and Sima Nan are renowned for anti-pseudoscience. However, I am holding a skeptical attitude towards these anti-fraud heroes who seem to know everything and grasp the truth in their hands. The scope of our knowledge about the world is very limited; it is just the opposite of the real scientific attitude to make a simple judgment on an unknown matter. Especially Fang Zhouzi’s recent affirmative defense for Shengyuan, the babies drank the formula only, and you say that the formula does not contain high amount estrogen, then why don’t you give us an explanation to the puberty?”[95]

Fang’s response? He immediately began to mock Ms. Zhao’s poems[96]. A few days later, Fang wrote an article saying that “simple early breast development is a benign condition, in fact, it is not really an illness”[97]. However, two years before that, when he was trying to fix TCM as a pseudoscience, Fang used “one case of child breast development caused by glycyrrhizin tablets” as an evidence to demonstrate that licorice is poisonous[98] – Yes, the renowned American “biomedicine” Ph. D. Fang Zhouzi believes that licorice is a TCM drug. In other words, to Fang, one case of child breast development is more than enough to prove that licorice, which has been used by mankind for thousands of years, is poisonous, thus proving the harmfulness of TCM; however, 3 similar cases – Fang insisted that there were only 3 cases, but there were much more - are not enough to question the safeness of a formula product.

Days after Fang was hammered, Ms. Zhao began to question Fang’s “wound” caused by that magic hammer. She even initiated a poll asking the internet users about the wound: whether it was caused by a hammer, bitten by a mosquito, or pinched by his wife? More than a thousand people responded, and only 20% of them believed that the wound was caused by a hammer[99].

Fang receives special treatment from Chinese Government
Upper: Ms. Zhao Lihua initiated an online survey on Sept. 5, 2010, asking the internet users about the possible cause of Fang’s wound (lower left corner): 1. It was caused by the murderous assailants who were trying to kill him; 2. The assailants were just trying to warn him; 3. It was bitten by a mosquito; 4. It was pinched by his wife[99]. Lower, from left: Fang’s hammer-wound on his back[99]; Journalist Zhang Peng was beaten by a policeman in Guangdong[100]; a 75-years-old female petitioner was beaten multiple times in Beijing[101]. Fang’s wound led to a nationwide manhunt for the assailants, oversaw by the Ministry of Public Security of China; however, the authorities rejected the requests for investigating the other two incidents.

So, exactly how vicious was Fang’s water army? According to Ms. Zhao, they not only scolded her, but also her teenage daughter, her three-years-old niece, and her mother who had already passed away[102]. And Ms. Zhao did repost one of these messages by one of Fang’s water army soldiers:

“When are the big girl and the little girl going to sell [sex]? I have booked their first nights, how about one hundred Yuan per person? You have to guarantee that they are virgins; otherwise I pay ten Yuan only! Imagining the big girl and little girl’s pussies are as ugly as their mother’s, I already fell sick. However, if they are virgins, I’m still interested.”[103]

Yes, the above post was written and posted by a member of Fang's water army who always claim that their brains contain science, and their chests are filled with justice. And they are indeed proud of their master’s John Maddox Prize!

Under siege by Fang’s water army
Ms. Zhao Lihua, a well-known poet, was sieged by a group of Fang’s water army after her criticizing Fang’s fraudulent “science popularization” and “fraud fighting.” On Sept. 23, 2010, she exposed 23 web IDs who had been attacking her the most viciously. By Sept. 1, 2014, 8 of these 23 IDs (black underlines) have disappeared completely from weibo.com, 9 of them still don’t have avatars, and only 5 of them have posted more than one message on their homepages. The above image is a composite of the screenshots showing Ms. Zhao’s posts (blue box in the middle), and the information portions of the homepages of these water army thugs. Those IDs who have disappeared are identified by a sign from the system saying: “Sorry, this ID doesn’t exist at present.” (See the red box in the blue box.)

The attacks on Ms. Zhao by Fang’s water army suddenly stopped in mid-October, when Fang flew to the United States for yet another secret mission. Here is Ms. Zhao’s finding:

“Haven’t you noticed? Once they saw Fang Zhouzi ran away, the 50 Cents stopped immediately! It is really an instant reaction. There were at least a hundred 50 Cents on my microblog this afternoon, and in the evening, after they saw Fang Zhouzi fled away, they immediately disappeared like birds and animals, posting no more. Why? Because no one was going to pay them!”[104]

Still have doubts about Fang’s relationship with the water army?

The fact is, Fang’s attack on Ms. Zhao has never stopped. Just a few months ago, Fang posted the following message on his microblog on qq.com:

“Having no poetic talent but choosing to write poetry, having no artistic talent but choosing to paint, that’s what Zhao Lihua has been. Both her poetry and paints are doodles, tasteless and boring. However, because she is the wife of an official, therefore there are people who want to hold her smelly feet.”[105]

Ms. Zhao fought back in less than two hours:

“A person who has married to a woman who had served an old leader as an intimate nanny, a person who cheats for money by filing internet reports and blackmailing, a person who lives on plagiarism and extortion, has seen that neither my books nor paints sold well, so he begins to hype for me.”[106]

“A person who bites according to his superior’s order. A person who busts frauds to blackmail. A person who calls anyone mom if that person gives him milk. A person who has a roe head and rat eyes. A person who looks disgusting. A person whose heart is dark and murky. A person who has a tangled and troubled mind. A person who has no baseline. A person who is even worse than a dog.”[107]

Three months have passed since Ms. Zhao posted these messages, and Fang has yet to respond them, despite the fact that the posts have been read by millions of people. What a “fighter”!

A qualitative description of Fang Zhouzi
The above is the screenshot of Ms. Zhao Lihua’s posts on Fang Zhouzi. The words with the red underline say that the post has been read by 2.06 million people, as of Sept. 10, 2014.

(2) Ms. Zhao Hejuan, another Female Victim of Fang’s Water Army

Two months after stopping attacking Ms. Zhao Lihua, Fang’s water army found another target. On Dec. 17, 2010, Ms. Zhao Hejuan, a female journalist with Caixin Media, posted the following message on her microblog:

“From last evening to tonight, I have been attacked by various dirty languages for a whole day, and it is continuing. I am already a mother with a child, but I was accused of being the second or third mistress and having to have abortions. Even my ‘mother’ has been ‘fucked’ by them for countless times. It is very difficult to imagine that these things are done by the supporters of a person who respects science and civilization. I have neither created nor spread rumors. On the contrary, I called for treating the rumors rationally. I only had a different opinion about the way Fang Zhouzi treated them. Speechless.”[108]

Even a supporter became the victim of Fang’s water army
Ms. Zhao Hejuan was on Fang’s side when other journalists expressed their curiosity about the promotion Fang received from his journalist wife while Fang was accusing another reporter of nepotism. However, when Ms. Zhao expressed her dissent from Fang’s attack on these onlookers, Fang immediately directed his water army to attack her. The above image is the screenshot of Ms. Zhao’s post, telling her experience.

So, what had happened? The story will be told in detail later, however, a brief sketch is as following: in early December 2010, Fang launched a sudden attack on Ms. Yan Bingguang (颜秉光), a journalist with Xinhua News Agency, accusing her of nepotism. However, it was soon discovered that Fang had been one of the biggest beneficiaries of the Xinhua News Agency and promoted by his own wife Liu Juhua in China’s newspapers. The story was spread widely among the journalists that Fang went completely nuts, threatening those onlookers by implicating their affiliated institutions. And at this point, Ms. Zhao Hejuan, who had been supportive of Fang, made the following comment:

“In a twinkling of an eye, Fang Zhouzi’s logic got messed up, using personal enmities as the criteria of right and wrong. Let’s focus on the issues.”[109]

Fang fought back almost instantaneously:

“We are using different logics, of course you think it is messed up. Making and spreading rumors to slander my wife is called focusing on issues, my fighting back is called using personal enmities as the criteria of right and wrong. Is this the logic of you journalists?”[110]

Immediately after Fang’s “fighting back,” Ms. Zhao’s microblog was flooded by Fang’s water army. Obviously not knowing Fang very well, Ms. Zhao, after being cursed and scolded for an entire day, asked Fang to restrain his water army:

“Many journalists who are under the attacks told me to remain silent, an insane should not be provoked. However, I determine to post this message. This is not an individual or accidental phenomenon, I sincerely hope that Fang Zhouzi could do something rational, communicate rationally whenever encountering an issue, rather than being spoiled by fans or spoiling the fans.”[111]

There is a Chinese idiom called “ask a tiger for its skin” (与虎谋皮), and what Ms. Zhao did was just that. Almost 13 hours after Ms. Zhao’s appeal, Fang responded:

“Neither cursing with dirty words nor scolding other people insane is good. However, blaming me for other people’s cursing, and using that to teach me to be rational, [it is amazing that] a Chinese journalist could even invent such a logic.”[112]

By saying that, Fang was actually sending an encouraging signal to his “fans.”

Although Fang denied his connection to these thugs, his “fighting back” against another female journalist, made about 15 hours earlier, spoke loud and clear:

“When you reposted the message [about my wife], you initiated the attack by saying “love your life, keep away from Fang Zhouzi,’ and now you dare to ask other people not to engage personal attack? Only journalists are allowed to attack other people, and the other people are not allowed to fight back? Who has given you the special permit to attack?”[113]

Yes, the fraudulent fraud fighter used to be really brave and fearless when he faces a female opponent.But no more.

(3) Ms. Bao Limin, a Female Victim of Fang’s Water Army

As mentioned above, Ms. Bao Limin, the editor-in-chief of Elite Reference, posted a message in the midnight of July 27, 2011, to criticize Fang without naming Fang’s name[58]. As of now, Ms. Bao has less than 22 thousand followers. And at that time, her posts rarely had more than 10 comments. However, this post generated nearly a thousand comments - most of Fang’s hardcore associates came out to defend Fang.

One of the first commentators of the post was Mr. Du Lei (杜磊, web ID 三思柯南, sānsī kēnán), who has been following Fang since the beginning of the century, and is one of the most active Fangangsters. Although being a male, he has been pretending to be a female: using a female avatar, and registered as a woman (see the images below). Here is his comment:

“Let me say something also: A society which expects other person to be a martyr is pathetic.”[114]

A katoey Fangangster
Mr. Du Lei, a freelancer with Southern Weekend (Nanfang Zhoumo, 南方周末) and China Youth Daily (中国青年报), has been one of Fang Zhouzi’s closest associates and the most vicious thugs since early 2000s. Under the web ID Sansi Kenan (三思柯南), or simply Kenan, Mr. Du pretends to be a female internet user.
Top: the identity portions of Mr. Du Lei’s microblogs on weibo.com (left) and sohu.com. Please note that not only does Du Lei use a female image as his avatars, he also registered as a female internet user on both websites (the red arrows point the Chinese character “female.”
Middle: Mr. Du Lei’s photos (pointed by the black arrows) as shown (left) on Southern Weekend with Dr. Alan I. Leshner, the chief executive of AAAS [115], and (right) in AAAS Matters[116].
Bottom: In 2004, Mr. Du Lei, along with 9 other Chinese, received an AAAS fellowship for Reporters in Developing Regions and visited EurekAlert! staff at the 2004 AAAS Annual Meeting in Seattle. Apparently for that reason, Mr. Du wrote an article, Beyond BCG Vaccine: New Hope to Conquer Tuberculosis, which was published on the website of EurekAlert! under the name of Du Lei (杜磊, left, red box)[117]. The same article was published under the name of Kenan (柯南, right, red box) in February, 2004, in the electronic magazine OurSci[118], which was founded by Mr. Du and Ms. Wang Yanhong, hence proving that Kenan is Mr. Du Lei.

What Mr. Du said set the tone for the other Fangangsters. Mr. Liang Ke (梁科, web ID NKLiang), a mathematics professor at Nankai University and a Fang-lover, immediately followed suit:

“Let me say something also: A person who blames other person for not challenging those in power is despicable.”[119]

The third heavyweight Fangangster who came to Fang’s rescue was Ms. Wang Yanhong (王艳红, web ID 碧声, bì shēng), a journalist with Xinhua News Agency, and a Fang-lover since the beginning of the century when she set up the website of OurSci with Mr. Du Lei. Here is her comment:

“What you said is really senseless, and considering the previous matter, it is even more senseless.”[120]

Then the fake “American Ph. D.” Albert Yuan joined in:

“You even dares not to publicly name the name of that ‘some person,’ [and yet you are talking about] challenging those in power, ho-ho.”[121]

In short, Ms. Bao was scolded the whole night by the Fangangsters, and by next morning, Fang reposted Ms. Wang and Albert Yuan’s comments, with his own:

“If challenging those in power is very safe, it’s better that you do it yourself. If the danger of challenging those in power is greater than being hunted down by an iron hammer, then [the question is]: does the person who wants other person to challenge those in power for her have ‘human beings’ in her eyes, and kindness in her heart?”[122]

Fang would post 3 more comments on Ms. Bao’s post[123], and together, they generated more than 1,200 comments, mostly by the Fangangsters[124]. Of course Ms. Bao was completely shut down, or shut up.

Let’s continue to take a look at how wild these thugs were. Here is a comment by a Fang-lover Mr. Gu (web ID 七是, qī shì), a lecturer at Lanzhou Jiaotong University:

“Let me say something also: saying the words ‘some person’ is essentially a vixen chewing maggots.”[125]

Here is a comment by an anonymous Fang-lover (web ID weik2000) whose comments on Ms. Bao would be reposted by Fang twice, an unusual honor to the Fangangsters:

“Bao Limin is the most shameless person, the identification is completed.”[126]

A Fang-lover who uses an anti-sense web ID “Anti-TCM is Anti-Human Beings” (反中医就是反人类), posted the following comment twice in two minutes:

“Fuck, if you are brave enough you should challenge those in power by discussing Charter 08 on Elite Reference; even an editor-in-chief of a 50 Cent magazine dares to talk about justice, Bao Limin herself is a stinky whore, and she has the nerve to say that a decent women has no chastity.”[127]

Fang’s Old Man & Old Woman Clubs
The Fangangsters love to bully women, so whenever they find a female target, they will rush to get their bites. The above image shows the screenshots of the comments on Ms. Bao’s post by these old clubs, whose real identities have only been exposed recently.

A worker Fangangster
Like real eusocial animals, the Fangansters have differentiated into different divisions, responsible for and specialized in different tasks. A “Sign Languager” (手语者), who belongs to Fang’s inner and family circle, is mainly responsible for reposting Fang’s posts, as well as other important Fangangsters’ messages – he does know who is who among the Fangangsters. As of Sept. 9, 2014, there are 26,439 posts on his homepage on Weibo.com, and more than 90% of them are reposts of other people’s posts. He probably has reposted every one of Fang’s posts. The above image shows the comments that Fang-lover made on Ms. Bao’s post, mainly by reposting other people’s comments.

However, the MVP award in the battle against Ms. Bao should go to a female Fang-lover (web ID syea1984) who posted 15 comments on Ms. Bao’s post, plus 32 more on one of Fang’s comments on Ms. Bao’s[124], and 45 of the 47 comments were posted within less than 2.5 hours, from 11:49 to 14:10, Beijing Time. The following message was posted 11 times:

“Why didn’t anybody say that he dares not to challenge those in power when he exposed the Minister of Railways in 2001? What have you done? Based on what you want him to do this and that, does he owe you anything? Why don’t you ask him to bring the State President down?”[128]

She also posted another comment for a total of 8 times[129].

The so called Fang’s exposure of “the Minister of Railways in 2001” was actually a 123-character comment Fang made, along with other people, on the news that Mr. Fu Zhihuan (傅志寰), China’s Minister of Railways from 1998 to 2002, was made a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering:

“It turns out that Academician Fu’s theory of management science is mainly a slogan ‘Passenger transportation should be fast, and freight transportation should be heavy.’ According to this criterion, it won’t be rare that every one of the Party and the State leaders and the minsters will become an academician of Engineering Management in the future. For example, that famous slogan ‘First slow down, second look around, and third cross the road,’ which has ‘engineer managed’ so many people, is more in line with ‘management science.’ If it was proposed by a high rank official, that official should also be offered a title of academician. If it was proposed by a commoner, then forget about it.”[130]

It must have been counted by Fang as one of his 100 fraud-busting-per-year achievements. No wonder Fang dares not to give the list of his fraud busting. No wonder that Fang-lover syea1984 won’t offer the detail about the story when she was asked for, rather, she suggested that person to search the website of the New Threads himself[131].It is very strange that she, who knew Fang and Fang’s New Threads so well, didn’t mention the fact that Fang’s New Threads had “exposed” other officials who ranked much higher than Mr. Fu, including Mr. Xi Jinping, who would become China’s paramount leader in one year. Obviously, what she said was well calculated. So, who is she?

Had those people who were bombarded by the woman with her messages on July 28, 2011, taken a look at her homepage on weibo.com, they would have ended up empty-handed, because she won’t post her first message on her homepage until 9 months later, even though she registered her account in March 2010. And if you do take a look at her homepage right now, you will still have no clue that she is a Fang-lover, because most of her 600-plus posts are pure reposts of other people’s messages, and few of them related to Fang, or the New Threads, or even fraud busting. No wonder she repeatedly denied that she was a Fang-lover[132].

However, if you know the fact that 8 months later, in March 2012, Ms. Sharon L. Gao, an employee of US FDA and Fang’s true lover since 1996, also denied that she was a Fang-lover[133], and she also asked other people the same question, “Based on what you want him to do this and that?”[134]; and if you know the fact that she had been pretending to be at least two different male internet users on Fang’s New Threads since July 2010, with Fang’s consent, doing exactly the same thing as that syea1984 did, touting Fang and attacking Fang’s enemies; and if you know the fact that she was most active on the Chinese internet between 10 AM and 1 PM Beijing Time – all these stories will be told later in detail -, then you will not be surprised when that masked syea1984 turns out to be Ms. Gao.

In defense of Fang Zhouzi
On July 28, 2011, a female internet user under a fake ID “syea1984” defended Fang hysterically, posting 45 comments in a period of 141 minutes, many of them were just repeats of what she had said before. The above image is the screenshots of her comments, those on the left were made on Ms. Bao’s post, the rest were made on Fang’s comment on Ms. Bao’s post. The inset images are syea1984’s enlarged avatar (upper) and Ms. Sharon L. Gao with Fang in the U. S. in 2012.

Hourly frequency of posting on weibo.com by Ms. Sharon L. Gao
From July 23, 2011 to May 19, 2012, Ms. Gao posted 924 messages on her homepage on weibo.com. These posts were used to analyze her posting frequency. The abscissa is Beijing Time. The double arrowhead bar indicates the time frame when that syea1984 posted 45 comments on Ms. Bao’s post. (Please note that Ms. Gao lives in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. She cleared her microblogs on both sohu.com and weibo.com after her secret long-lasting sexual relationship with Fang was exposed on the internet in last year.)

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Open Letter to Nature, Part XL: The Hanly War (I) (2510 查看) 附件

亦明 June 22, 2014 02:30PM

Open Letter to Nature, Part XLI: The Hanly War (II): Fang’s Water Army (I): Introduction_1 (3263 查看)

亦明 September 10, 2014 04:56PM

Open Letter to Nature, Part XLI: The Hanly War (II): Fang’s Water Army (I): Introduction_2 (2115 查看) 附件

亦明 September 10, 2014 05:10PM

Part XLII: The Hanly War (III): Fang’s Water Army (II)_1 (1261 查看)

亦明 October 05, 2014 12:35PM

Part XLII: The Hanly War (III): Fang’s Water Army (II)_2 (2546 查看) 附件

亦明 October 05, 2014 12:37PM

Part XLIII: The Hanly War (IV): The Rumormonger_1 (1368 查看)

亦明 November 04, 2014 02:44PM

Part XLIII: The Hanly War (IV): The Rumormonger_2 (1265 查看) 附件

亦明 November 04, 2014 05:26PM

Part XLIV: The Hanly War (V): The Incriminator_1 (1332 查看)

亦明 November 19, 2014 03:28PM

Part XLIV: The Hanly War (V): The Incriminator_2 (1261 查看)

亦明 November 19, 2014 03:31PM

Part XLIV: The Hanly War (V): The Incriminator_3 (1216 查看) 附件

亦明 November 19, 2014 03:36PM

Part XLV: The Hanly War (VI): The Intimidator_1 (1235 查看) 附件

亦明 January 11, 2015 02:05PM

Part XLV: The Hanly War (VI): The Intimidator_2 (1119 查看)

亦明 January 11, 2015 02:08PM

Part XLV: The Hanly War (VI): The Intimidator_3 (1287 查看)

亦明 January 11, 2015 02:10PM

Part XLV: The Hanly War (VI): The Intimidator_4 (1133 查看)

亦明 January 11, 2015 02:12PM

Part XLVI: The Hanly War (VII): The Pseudoscholar_1 (1255 查看) 附件

亦明 January 28, 2015 12:23PM

Part XLVI: The Hanly War (VII): The Pseudoscholar_2 (1069 查看)

亦明 January 28, 2015 12:25PM

Part XLVI: The Hanly War (VII): The Pseudoscholar_3 (1010 查看)

亦明 January 28, 2015 12:26PM



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