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Part XLII: The Hanly War (III): Fang’s Water Army (II)_1 (1254 查看)

October 05, 2014 12:35PM
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Shamelessness Shouldn’t Be Anyone’s Nature
──An Open Letter to Nature (Part XLII)

Xin Ge, Ph. D.

Columbia, SC, USA

The Hanly War (III): Fang’s Water Army (II): From the Sudden Attack to the Declaration of War


Although Fang Zhouzi keeps alleging that Han Han has used the internet water army against him, he has never presented any evidence to substantiate his allegation. The fact is, it is Fang who has been constantly using water army since the very moment when he started attacking Han Han. The evidence is presented, and some members of Fang’s water army are identified.


The Sudden Attack

The Counterattack

The Declaration of War

1. The Fang-lovers
2. The Han-haters

A. Mr. Zhang Xiao
B. Three Grams of Oil


The Sudden Attack

As mentioned in the previous part, Fang Zhouzi’s water army allegation against Han Han was made on the second day after his entering into the Hanly War, Jan. 19, 2012[1]. However, Fang used his water army against Han Han on the very first day of his sudden attack, right after shooting his first bullet:

“In his article questioning Han Han, Maitian mentioned that Han Han admitted in his ‘The Middle-aged Gifted Boy Got Stuck in the Door,’ published in his blog in April, 2007, that some of his friends knew the password of his blog, and they had modified his articles for him. I was curious and wanted to take a look at the article, however, I couldn’t find it on Han Han’s blog, because Han Han has deleted all of his blog articles published in the nine-month period between Dec. 13, 2006 and Sept. 18, 2007. Offering a heavy monetary reward [for evidence] on one hand, and destroying the evidence at the same time on the other, it makes people think that the offering contains no sincerity.”[2]

Of course the entire post was a stolen product[3]. However, what’s more interesting to us is the fact that Fang was told immediately that Han’s articles were deleted long before his “offering a heavy monetary reward,” rather than “at the same time.” Here is the comment posted by an internet user “EdwardPsc” within 1 minute of Fang’s post:

“These articles were deleted a long time ago……”[4]

One minute later, a “Corley” posted the following:

“That was because that Han Han published his blog articles, and the publisher asked [him] to delete [them from the internet]. Zhouzi has already become insane completely.”[5]

Another minute later, a “Reasno” posted the following:

“These articles were deleted a long time ago, they are not just deleted. I remember that there was a person who talked about the issue, and Han Han gave the reason for the deletion directly; I forgot the exact reason.”[6]

Another internet user followed in:

“They are not deleted just now, but a very long time ago. Han Han’s explanation at that time was that the publisher asked so when the articles were going to be published.”[7]

It seemed that Hierarch Fang had just made a fool of himself, right? Not to his followers. Here is the comment by Mr. Wu Xingchuan, “the Commander of Fang Zhouzi’s Water Army”[1], 4 minutes after Fang’s post:

“A long time ago, Fang Zhouzi pounded historian Yu Ying-shih in the area of historical textual research, and Yu was humiliated badly. This time, he is going to conduct textual research on Han Han, it will be a great show again!”[8]

Dr. Yu Ying-shih (born 1930) is a renowned Chinese historian, having been serving on the faculty of Harvard, Yale, and Princeton since 1960s[9]. So, how could Fang, who has no training in history whatsoever, “pounded historian Yu Ying-shih in the area of historical textual research,” and “humiliated” him “badly”? The story is rather long, but the truth is, it was Fang who was badly humiliated by Professor Fu Jie of Fudan University right after he published his “historical textual research” paper in 1999[10]. As a matter of fact, Fang was hurt so bad that he essentially gave up his plan to make a name in the humanities area after quitting his scientist career. The entire incident was analyzed and documented by me in 2009, and Fang has never made a single comment on my articles or the book[11]. However, to “legitimize” his master’s attack on Han Han, and to scare off his master’s opponents, Mr. Wu distorted history, possibly instructed by his master[12]. Altogether, Commander Wu posted 11 comments in the thread to tout Fang’s “textual research and reasoning” talent.

Of course Commander Wu won’t fight for Hierarch Fang alone. 10 minutes after Fang fired his first shot, an “Autumn Tree” (“_秋_天_的_树_”) made the following comment:

“If ‘Dr.’ Fang picks on a doctorate among the high rank officials randomly and investigate his dissertation, [you’ll find out that] it was ghostwritten indeed. Do you dare to do that?”[13]

To the comment, a “Swordsman of the City” (“倾城刀客”), the branch head of the Fangangsters in the Hefei metropolitan area, responded:

“‘Do not impose on others what you do not desire others to impose upon you.’ Do you dare to? You should not force other people to do the things you are interested in.”[14]

The “Swordsman” would post four more comments under Fang’s post, but he didn’t respond to the reply by that “Autumn Tree”:

“I dare not. I am only a common person, not a professional ‘fraud busting’ ‘science popularization writer.’ Hasn’t Fang been claiming all along that he seeks for truth only? Since he has put a cloak of morality on himself, he should not complain when other people look down on him for his picking only on those innocuous matters.”[15]

The fact is, by the time Fang entered into the Hanly War, many Chinese people had already known the secret of Fang’s fraudulent fraud busting, therefore, one of the major criticisms against his attack on Han Han was his selective “fraud busting,”- targeting only the common and powerless people. One “Phuket Kata” (普吉岛KATA) made the following comments:

“Why doesn’t Old Fang pay attention to the corrupted officials? Isn’t it that [you] only picking on the easy targets?”[16]

“Pig Thigh Fang, if you are indeed capable, you should show us your condemnation of the corrupted officials; [your attack on Han Han] is really caused by eating too much.”[17]

To the two comments, an “Old Qiao” (老乔look1m), a key member of the Fangangsters, responded with the same message:

“Are you so blind that you cannot see? Go to the website of the New Threads, there are many corrupted officials who have been busted by Fang.”[18]

Of course it was a plain lie, and that Old Qiao did know that he was lying, that’s why he kept asking other people to go to the New Threads to look for the information on their own, rather than presenting the information, or the links to the information, voluntarily to them. Altogether, this Old Qiao posted 16 messages under Fang’s post to defend Fang, and he dared not to post any of them on his homepage.

The Loyalists
Fang’s loyalists are the Fangangsters who are personally involved in the activities planned, organized, or called for by Fang, such as buying his books, donating money to his funds, participitating in the GMO promotions, etc. They will always support Fang, no matter what he does, and they will attack anyone Fang attacks. The above image shows the screenshots of the comments under Fang’s first shot at Han Han, made by Fang’s loyalists who touted, hailed, applaud, and more importantly, defended Fang’s evildoing. Most of them would do the same during the entire Hanly War.

I have pointed out before that whenever Fang launched a new campaign against somebody or something, he would be able to assimilate a new group of people as his supporters, simply because of the fact that there is a great demand for evildoings in China: the social conflictions are so intense that it seems everyone has at least one enemy, and they hate their enemies so much that only complete ruin of them is satisfactory. And to some people, especially those lowly and powerless, Fang’s frequent and selective public humiliation of the rich and famous has been a channel to vent their hatred and anger, and that’s one of the major reasons for the Han-haters to become Fang-lovers instantly after Fang shot his first shot at Han Han. Also, these Han-haters shared a common belief: only Fang was able to topple Han Han. However, many of these Han-haters would change to Fang-haters after they found out that Fang was more interested in his personal gain than bringing down Han Han, and he had been as fraudulent as or much worse than any of his targets. Anyway, in the initial stage of the Hanly War, these Han-haters/Fang-lovers tried their best to push Fang as deeply as possible into the war so that he won’t be able to back off. One such example has been given previously[3], and here is another one.

An internet user with a web ID “Qingzhi 1988”(清之1988) has only 15 posts on his homepage on weibo.com, the earliest one was posted on 2012-5-22, but before that time, he had posted many comments to support Fang. As a matter of fact, he was one of the first people who hailed Fang’s attacked on Han Han:

“[Fang] has finally launched attack [on Han Han]; there will be dramas to watch.”[19]

“[I’m] really excited, [the drama] is getting more and more exciting, hoping it will be more exciting than the Kai-Fu Lee incident.”[20]

In total, this “Qingzhi 1988” posted 10 comments in support of Fang, helping Fang in any way he could think of, and assuring other people that Fang’s victory is nothing but guaranteed. However, after realizing that Fang had nothing but speculation, this Fang-lover quietly became a deserter.

The attachments
The Han-haters turned themselves into Fang-lovers immediately after Fang started his attack on Han Han. Some of these people would soon become Fang’s deadly enemies; some would remain attached to Fang. The above image is a collection of the screenshots of the celebratory comments by some of these Han-haters/Fang-lovers on Fang’s first shot at Han Han.

Of course, the main force of Fang’s water army is those faceless zombies, and they did show up. 6 minutes after Fang’s post, an “Awesome Lord IS Awesome” (牛爷牛), who has not a single post on his homepage, posted the following comment on Fang’s post:

“This time, Old Fang might have no interest in busting Han Han, however, this microblog is indeed a solid material (thumb up).”[21]

The real identity of this Lord would become a hot topic one day later when Fang reposted one of his comments. Many people believed and still believe that it is one of Fang’s, or his wife’s, little accounts (the story will be told later.)

4 minutes after the “Awesome Lord,” a Red Bulldozer (originally “红色推土机-”, later changed to “稗类”) posted the following comment on Fang’s post:

“Brother Zhou, don’t jump to a conclusion so easily. The article was deleted before the incident, and the two matters are not related at all.”[22]

Then another faceless Fang-lover who called himself “A Lofty Tree in a Dark Valley” (originally “幽谷乔木SAP” then changed to“幽谷乔木2000”) jumped out to Fang’s defense:

“You should not jump to your conclusion easily either, Old Fang has a lot of ways to draw a snake out of its hole, and this is his first provocative step; I believe that Old Fang will talk about the 20 Million Yuan every day in the next five days. Let’s see who is worried!”[23]

This “Lofty Tree” would respond to two more internet users the same way in the next 2 minutes. A “winnierobin,” apparently a Fang-lover, persuaded Fang not to attack “driver Han Han,” because he believed that the attack would make Fang’s bigger enemies, such as Xiao Chuanguo, Luo Yonghao, Tang Jun, and Kai-Fu Lee, happy[24]. The Lofty Tree responded:

“Old Fang has a lot of ways to draw a snake out of its hole, and I believe that Old Fang will talk about the 20 Million Yuan every day in the next five days. Let’s see who is worried!”[25]

A “Yes_KE” (later changed to KnightE_量化投资) said:

“Old Fang, this time you should apologize to Han Junior; the deletion of these blog articles happened very long before, and for a specific reason. Your speculation like this is obviously not fair [to Han Han]. I hope that after your having found the truth you could clarify the matter and apologize to show your fairness.”[26]

And the “Lofty Tree” responded:

“Ho-ho, you are too young, Old Fang has a lot of ways to draw a snake out of its hole, and this is his first provocative step; I believe that Old Fang will talk about the 20 Million Yuan every day in the next five days. Let’s see who is worried!”[27]

So, who is this faceless “Lofty Tree”? It turned out that he does have a face. Eight months earlier, he was invited and received by Fang to participate in the first ever GM Rice Tasting Gathering organized by Fang, and he was so flattered by the treatment that he uploaded so many photos to show off, including a photo showing him handshaking with Fang, and a photo showing him holding a bag of GM rice[28]. As a matter of fact, when an internet user suspected that he might be Fang Zhouzi himself because he touted Fang so hard, this Lofty Tree replied proudly: “Read my microblog which will tell you my status in Fang’s team”[29].

Both Fang Zhouzi and his follower “Lofty Tree” have a crooked backbone
Left: In July 2010, during a TV debate, Fang bent his back to shake hands with Mr. Yu Jinyong, a self-assumed real estate tycoon who had threatened to fix Fang because Fang had just busted Mr. Tang Jun, who received his doctoral degree from the Pacific Western University like Mr. Yu did. Fang was so scared of Mr. Yu that he wrote an article particularly to “Say Something Fair for Tang Jun and Yu Jinyong”[30]. In 2014, Mr. Yu was sentenced to 11 years in prison for contract fraud; Right: In May 2011, the “Lofty Tree” bent his back to shake hands with Fang who organized a GM rice tasting event to promote GMO.

The “Lofty Tree” was not the only zombie soldier fought for Fang in his first battle against Han Han. One internet user commented on Fang’s post:

“[You need to] speak clearly when [the articles] were deleted; if they were deleted before, Fang Zhouzi’s last sentence constitutes pure [personal] attack. By the way, Fang Zhouzi you coward, where were you when the trains clashed?”[31]

A zombie with a web ID “coursse” which was changed later to “Occasionally Still Be” (偶然还是) immediately jumped out to defend Fang:

“No wonder Han Han is so popular. It doesn’t matter whether one knows or not about railway, there is or not relevant information, as long as he curses the Ministry of Railways after the clash, he will win you over.”[32]

The internet user responded:

“Logical error. The first sentence questions Fang Zhouzi’s post, the last sentence questions Fang Zhouzi’s character. They are unrelated matters, and neither sentence involves Han Han.”[33]

The zombie:

“Questioning character? Is Fang the State Administration of Work Safety, taking the State money without doing the job?”[34]

The internet user:

“[I was] referring a particular case: It is okay that he remained silent when the train accident happened. I understand. However, when a reporter wrote a report, Fang jumped out to criticize it, which was really low. Just like when other people were crying, he criticized their crying tone. I was a Fang-fan before, and started to dislike him after that.”[35]

The zombie then began to lighten the matter:

“Ho-ho, it is his freedom to decide what to criticize and what not to, he is not a State employee, it is okay as long as what he says makes sense. Focus on the matter, not the person.”[36]

Yes, whenever Fang is criticized for something, the Fangangsters will always ask the critics to “focus on the matter, not the person.” However, they will never ask Fang the same, even though Fang always “focuses on the person, not the matter.”

Fang’s zombie brigade
In Fang’s first battle against Han Han, at least 9 zombies fought for Fang by posting comments under Fang’s post. The number would increase exponentially. The profiles of 8 of these 9 zombies are shown. (The three numbers under the avatars are, from left, the number of accounts the account is following; the number of followers the account has; and the number of posts on the account’s homepage.)

The Counterattack

5 seconds to 5 PM on Jan. 18, 2012, or less than 7 hours after Fang launched his sudden attack on him, Han Han posted his second response to the ghostwriting allegation. The response, entitled A Normal Essay, contains nearly 5 thousand Chinese characters, answered every one of Fang’s “questions” or accusations[37]. To most people, the Hanly War seemed to be over by then, and indeed, Maitian, the initiator of the War, admitted defeat in hours[3]. However, to Fang, Han Han’s essay instantly became his excuse to continue the War. Here is his first response to Han Han’s A Normal Essay, posted at 7:14 PM of the day:

“I believe that Han Han’s most recent blog article responding [to the allegation] was written by himself. A ghostwriter who had gone to school for a few more years won’t write the following words: ‘You, for your career, grow bald at the age of 45, if I say the similar things to you, would you feel the fucking chest tightness? However, I won’t do that, because it is the most despicable tactic,’ ‘demonstrates that the vitality of your sperm is relative poor, and the combination of these theories that your wife must have had an affair and your sperm’s vitality must be very low, demonstrates that your child must not be yours.’”[38]

Fang’s post generated nearly 8 thousand comments, more than twice the number generated by his first shot at Han Han. And among the comments, the phrase “quote out of context” (断章取义) appeared 1,320 times. Yes, many people immediately recognized Fang’s old trick. Here are a few comments made within 3 minutes of Fang’s post:

“You are really good at quoting out of context.”[39]

“[Are you] doing the quoting out of context again?”[40]

“Don’t quote out of context.”[41]

“Quoting out of context, [it’s] your favorite trick.”[42]

And here is a comment by Mr. Luo Yonghao, one of Fang’s archenemies:

“Is it useful to mislead readers by quoting out of context like this? Aren’t we able to read Han Han’s original essay?……Oh, as long as Zhouzi has fooled himself and his stupid fans, he will be able to declare another victory.”[43]

One day later, Han Han posted his third essay responding to the ghostwriting allegation, in which he made 5 accusations against Fang Zhouzi: 1. Quoting out of context; 2. Quoting out of context to such an extent; 3. Creating rumors; 4. Spreading rumors; 5. Misleading. Here is the one commenting on Fang’s above post:

“Fang Zhouzi wrote these words with an obvious intention, to let people believe that the content of my essay was to insult and scold him. The original text and the context of my essay have been read by everyone, and generally a person who tries to quote out of context would quote to the periods, however, Fang Zhouzi actually quoted out of context to commas. Quoting out of context to such an extent, it can be described as devoting his life to quoting out of context.”[44]【Note: the Chinese idiom for quoting out of context is 断章取义(duànzhāng qǔyì), which literally means cutting the article into pieces (断章) to get the meaning at will (取义). There is another Chinese idiom called 舍身取义 (shěshēn qǔyì) or 舍生取义(shěshēng qǔyì), which means “devote one's life for a just cause.” The same word 取义has two completely different meanings in the two idioms. In the last sentence, Han Han combined the two idioms together to satirize Fang.】

The question is: Did Fang indeed quote out of context? The only way to answer the question is to read the contexts. Here is the context related to Fang’s first quotation:

“Mr. Fang Zhouzi, to search data for your science popularization and fraud fighting, you can sit in front of a computer till three or four o’clock in the early morning; however, if I insist that you have an interest group, pretending that I heard it from a friend in my circle, and having had a meal with one of your ghostwriters who was fired by you, then you won’t be able to clarify the matter in your entire life. May I ask you, who are sitting alone in front of your computer, you, for your career, grow bald at the age of 45, if I say the similar things to you, would you feel the fucking chest tightness? However, I won’t do that, because it is the most despicable tactic, utilizing the particularity that in the writing profession there is no way to prove one’s innocence, dressing in the cloak of questioning, and doing the dirty job of slandering. As a semi-colleague of mine, you can put yourself in my position and think that I have been typing the fucking characters one by one till early morning for countless times in the past 13 years, don’t I feel the fucking chest tightness?”[45]

Here is the context related to Fang’s second quotation, actually addressing to Maitian:

“Not everyone does things based on conspiracy and relationship, and not everyone is as listless as you who could not work till one o’clock. You worked for Baidu.com before, so according to the conspiracy theory, you must have received payment from Li Yanhong to damage my reputation. If you are married and have a child, according to logic, since you could not understand the fact that I had to work on the next day but I was still writing at one o’clock in the midnight, which demonstrates that you are unable to do that, demonstrates that your vigor is not strong, demonstrates that you are unable to satisfy your wife, demonstrates that your wife must have an affair in the past two years. You have worked in the IT industry for a long time, which demonstrates that you have been sitting in front of a computer all along, demonstrates that you have been exposed to a lot of radiation, demonstrates that the vitality of your sperm is relative poor, and the combination of these theories that your wife must have had an affair and your sperm’s vitality must be very low, demonstrates that your child must not yours. Isn’t it your logic? No, I won’t say so, neither will I question you like that, although there is a certain possibility.”[46]

Did Fang quote out of context? Of course he did, and his purpose for doing that is very simple, that is to find an excuse to continue his attack on Han Han. And for that purpose, Fang’s water army made two major arguments: first, Han Han was “man-made,” hence he is a fraud and should be busted; and second, Han Han scolded Fang, so Fang has his right to fight back. Here is a message which was posted 16 times in 90 minutes under Fang’s post by an “Old Ghost on the Internet” (互联网老鬼):

“Luo Jinbo has already confessed his packaging and manipulation of Han Han: Hoping that Rao Xueman takes the commercial route, and Han Han holds the morality banner and to be an intellectual.”[47]

Mechanic monotone
An “Old Ghost on the Internet,” who has not a single post on his homepage on weibo.com, and his self-introduction is “There are always some thirty days each month when I don’t want to go to work”[48], posted a total of 17 comments with essentially the same content under Fang’s first response to Han Han’s A Normal Essay, and 16 of them were posted within a period of 90 minutes. The upper panel shows the screenshots of these comments (his enlarged avatar is shown in the upper right corner), and the lower panel shows the similarity of these comments by linearizing each post into a line, and highlighting the same words with the same colors.

The “Old Ghost” must be a real ghost because his comments were commented on at least five times, but he never responded to any of them. Two of the five comments were made by an internet user with a web ID “Independent Small Bridge” (独立小桥, dúlì xiǎoqiáo, which was later changed to独立小瞧, dúlì xiǎoqiáo):

“Lu has really said so, it turns out that [Han Han] is indeed packaged by him.”[49]

“This comment should be supported.”[50]

Among thousands of the internet users who have commented Fang’s post, this Small Bridge was the only one who made a positive comment on the Old Ghost’s monotonous comments. Needless to say, this Small Bridge is a Fang-lover, and also probably the manipulator of the Old Ghost. In total, he made 23 comments under Fang’s post, all in support of Fang, or against Han Han and his supporters, and none of them showed up on his homepage. Here is one of his comments, attacking Han Han’s supporters:

“You people couldn’t tell, or turn a blind eye to, Han Han’s indirect curses; however, you are accusing Fang Zhouzi of quoting out of context. The Han-fans are really unreasonable. ‘I won’t say that you are impotent, that your wife is having an affair, that your child is not yours,’ I suppose that you have no objections to what I have just said to Han-fans by imitating Han Han.”[51]

Still remember that Swordsman? He posted 17 comments to support his Master, and the most interesting one is the following:

“Fang Zhouzi is only questioning, he didn’t give a definition, which is nothing wrong. However, it is Han Han’s big mistake to mention Old Luo, and based on this fact I can assert that Han Han doesn’t have a team behind the scene.”[52] 【He probably meant “draw a conclusion” when he wrote “give a definition.”】

Sounds confused? Me too - except for his conclusion, I understand neither his logic nor his words. It is a consensus among Chinese people that a Fang’s follower has either a blackened heart or a dysfunctional brain. And this Swordsman definitely belongs to the latter category.

Either evil or idiotic, probably both
The above image shows the screenshots of the pro-Fang and anti-Han Han comments made by the Independent Small Bridge (left) and the Swordsman of the City (right) under Fang’s first counterattack post. (The inset photo shows the Swordsman, it was posted online by himself. See: 2014-08-20 17:36.)

Another active Fang-love, who calls himself “Bindweed Dodder” (旋花菟丝子) but changed his web ID to “Psilo_Cybin” later, posted the following message, or its variants, 4 times in 7 minutes, apparently trying to provoke a fight:

“Obviously Han Han was bursting foul language indirectly, it’s not simply a matter of an astringent style of writing, it involves the issue of culture. As a public culture figure, what he did is disgraceful. If his body is straight, he should not fear that his shadow is awry. If [he is] really pure gold without any impurities, [he should] not be scared of being tempered with fire, and he shouldn’t be ashamed into anger like this. Also, Han Han should have got used to all kinds of debates, and this time his response to the questioning is indeed relatively abnormal, which lets me think that something is fishy.”[53]

I can guarantee you that if anyone wants to apply all of his “shoulds” or “shouldn’ts” onto his master Fang Zhouzi, this Fang-lover will demonstrate eloquently that his master is exempt from these principles. Altogether, this Fang-lover posted 19 comments in less than 2 hours, arguing against 7 Han’s supporters, but he didn’t have the guts to post any of these comments on his homepage.

Bindweed Dodder’s posts generated 20 responses, only one, by a “senseandsensibility1224,” was positive: “What you said is right!”[54] This comment is actually one of 8 comments made by this person in 23 minutes under Fang’s post, and among the 8 comments, the following one is the most interesting:

“Support you to continue according to the spirit of science and rationality; a good man should be able to withstand defamation.”[55]

Again, you can be assured that when this Fang-love wrote “a good man should be able to withstand defamation,” he was actually talking about Han Han, not his master Fang Zhouzi. So, who is this guy? It turns out that this “senseandsensibility1224” used to call himself “tom1201,” and there are only 6 posts on his homepage, the earliest one was posted on 2012-10-27, more than 10 months after he had posted 8 (and a lot more) comments to support Fang. The funny thing is, all the 6 posts on his homepage are nonsense, and his last post, a single word “I” (我), posted at 2012-12-9 19:03, was reposted later by 9 commercial water army-like accounts, suggesting strongly that the account might be a liaison between Fang’s water army and the commercial water armies.

Another person who also posted 8 comments in about 20 minutes under Fang’s post was a person who used to call himself “clyet2” but later changed his ID to “Rational Organism” (理性生物). The reason this person drew my attention is because not only that he uses the same image for his avatar as Fang’s wife Liu Juhua does, but also that he uses Fang’s cultish poem, “Clench my hand / Let my totem brand your hand / Please pass the fire, until / Century later, all my desperate screaming is solidified,” as his self-introduction, just like Fang does. Based on his assertive tone and overbearing attitude, one cannot help but speculate that the account holder is either Fang Zhouzi or his wife Liu Juhua. Here are the first 3 of the 8 comments posted by this person:

“Ashamed into anger, these words are really amateurish.”[56]

“Ashamed into anger, these words are really amateurish. A bunch of public intellectuals are even praising them, considering them ‘strong counterattack,’ sigh…”[57]

“No quoting out of context at all, [if they’re quoting out of context, then] from now on by adding ‘according to your logic,’ anyone will be able to scold other people at will, the IQ of Han-fans……”[58]

One internet user responded to his third post by saying:

“He is indeed a baldy, what Han Han said is not wrong, and there are photos to prove it. As for whether Han Han has ghostwriters behind the scene, it is better that Fang presents his evidence.”[59]

The Rational Organism went mad with anger:

“What’s wrong with a baldhead? Does he need to pick on it? Attacking a person’s appearance has always been the testimony of dirtiness.”[60]

The fact is, Fang Zhouzi, as well as his gangsters, is extremely fond of attacking the physical appearances of his enemies'. However, his followers will never say he is both dirty and ugly.

A hybrid
The above image shows the introductory portions of the homepages of Fang Zhouzi (top), Fang’s wife Liu Juhua (middle), and the Rational Organism (bottom) on weibo.com. The Rational Organism uses Fang’s self-introduction as his own (red boxes), and the same image as his avatar as Liu Juhua's. Both Fang and Liu stopped using their weibo accounts in August 2012, but Rational Organism’s account is still active, used mainly to support Fang.

The octets
Two Fang-lovers, “senseandsensibility1224” and “Rational Organism,” each posted 8 pro-Fang/anti-Han comments in about 20 minutes under Fang’s first response to Han Han’s A Normal Essay. There are many indications suggesting that the people behind these accounts are intimately associated with Fang Zhouzi.

The most active soldier of Fang’s water army in the first counterattack battle against Han Han was a person who uses Fang’s cultish slogan, “Brain Has Science - Heart Has Justice,” as the attributive part of his web ID “Wu Duoduo” (脑中有科学-心中有道义--巫多多). In about two hours, he fought against 19 Han Han’s supporters with 31 comments; and the most interesting comment is the one he made on the following message:

“Although I am a Fang-fan, what Fang quoted is indeed out of context. In [Han’s] original text, what followed is ‘Isn’t it your logic? No, I won’t say so, neither will I question you like that,’ quoting only the part in front of it is a little something.”[61]

3 minutes later, the “Brain Has Science - Heart Has Justice – Wu Duoduo” made a three-character comment on the above message: “Pseudo-Fang-fan”[62].Yes, a real Fang-fan will never say anything negative about Fang.

The storm troopers
The above image shows the screenshots of the comments by some of the most noticeable and abusive soldiers of Fang’s water army.

Of course, the faceless zombies will fight for Fang in every battle. And this time, both the number of zombies and the number of their posts increased significantly compared with 9 hours earlier. In Fang’s first battle against Han Han, I captured only 9 Fang’s zombies who posted about 20 comments. However, in the first counterattack battle against Han Han, there were at least 29 zombies who posted more than 80 comments, and that “Lofty Tree” alone posted 24 - the following message was posted 10 times within 50 minutes by him:

“This in itself is curse words, ‘You are very charming, which demonstrates that you are a prostitute. Is this your logic? Of course I won’t say that, I won’t question you like that either,’ are you happy?”[63]

The charming and stupid Lofty Tree
In 50 minutes, this Fang-lover used a similar message, imitating Han Han’s argument, to counterattack 10 different Han Han’s supporters. Obviously, he didn’t realize that his logic is defective, just like his spine. In the above image, the ten comments are aligned, and the exact words are highlighted in yellow, which read: “You are very charming, which demonstrates that you are a prostitute. Is this your logic? Of course I won’t say that, I won’t question you like that either.”

Fang’s forever growing zombie brigade
The above image shows the screenshots of some of the pro-Fang/anti-Han comments posted by the faceless Fang-lovers/Han-haters under Fang’s first counterattack post.


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