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Part XLII: The Hanly War (III): Fang’s Water Army (II)_2 (2545 查看)

October 05, 2014 12:37PM
The Declaration of War

On Jan. 18, 2012, Fang not only launched his sudden attack on Han Han, he also made his first counterattack on Han Han, posting 9 posts after Han Han’s A Normal Essay. As a matter of fact, 27 minutes after Maitian apologized to Han Han publicly, Fang declared that he would continue the fight without the initiator Maitian:

“What does Maitian’s apology have anything to do with me? He has been a person who likes to scold other people, and he scolded me before. However, I have found something interesting from his articles questioning Han Han, and his apology won’t stop me from digging on. I didn’t have an interest [in Han Han] initially, but I’ll continue after having seen Han Han’s holding-Luo Yonghao’s-thigh response.”[64]

On the next day, after making the water army allegation against Han Han simply because of the fact that most comments, more than 90% of them, on his anti-Han Han posts were negative, Fang posted an article, entitled A Reply to Han Han’s A Normal Essay, on all of his major blogs, including the New Threads[65]. The article, which was basically assembled with his previous microblog posts, is Fang’s first full-length article against Han Han in the Hanly War. It is equivalent to Fang’s formal declaration of war on Han Han.

Although Fang’s Reply contains about 4 thousand Chinese characters, Fang didn’t use a single character to admit his wrongful accusations against Han Han and his sinister presentation of the information to mislead his readers, let alone apologize to Han Han. Instead, Fang played the victim again: in the beginning of the article, Fang accused Han Han of “fabricating my points of view and attacking me vehemently,” in addition to the previous “holding Luo Yonghao’s thigh” charge[66], and in the end, he complained that Han Han scolded his baldness:

“Han Han considered ‘growing bald at the age of 45’ a physiological defect, and used it to attack me; then there are a lot of his fans scolding me ‘baldy’ ‘baldy’ on the internet, apparently thinking that they have hit my soft spot. Having been hit by a hammer, how could I fear such a personal attack?……”[67]

Fang’s article generated more than 10 thousand comments under his Weibo post, and the post was forwarded more than 11 thousand times. It is Fang’s first post in the Hanly War reaching 5 digits in these two categories. The questions are: How did Fang achieve that, and what did people say?

1. The Fang-lovers

It seems that Fang’s sudden attack on Han Han really caught many Fangangsters off guard; they were not sure whether Fang’s attack was just one of Fang’s countless casual and habitual encounters to bite people, or the start of a well-planned long-term campaign. However, Fang’s Reply to Han Han on the next day sent a signal which was so clear and strong that even his dumbest followers won’t misread Fang’s true intension. If there were still any doubts left, they would be wiped out by Fang’s continuous reposting of his article on weibo.com. Yes, Fang reposted his article five times, spreading various rumors while he was doing them (more on this later). That’s why most of Fang’s “old clubs” jumped out to show their solidarity and support. For example, Mr. Deng Zhiguo (邓志国), one of few Fangangsters who dare to use their real names as their web IDs, made the following comment within 12 minutes of Fang’s post:

“Rational, justified, and temperate.”[68]

This comment or its variants would be repeated by other Fang-lovers for nearly a hundred times. Here is the comment by that Rational Organism:

“[Fang Zhouzi is] rational and justified; Han Han is immoral and intemperate.”[69]

Another self-admitted “hardcore Fang-lover” Chuan Miaozi (川苗子), who lives in California area, commented:

“The way Fang Zhouzi busts Han Han’s fraud is absolutely right. If his father [has indeed] helped him writing, then [Fang] can finish him by looking for the paradoxical and self-contradictory places.”[70]

Mr. Peng Jin, a lecturer at Sichuan University who used to use “Matlab_Jin” as his web ID but changed to his real name (彭谨Matlab) after his real identity was dug up and exposed on the internet, posted the following comment:

“Han Han should learn from the elder generation how to swear on the internet. Logic, fact, evidence. Han Han is indeed short of one breath. The ability and the competence of the ACT [alt.chinese.text] era antecessor are shown here. Han Han is lucky that he still has 10 more years. I recommend that he should come back with a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering after retiring from driving.”[71]

Lecturer Peng’s sarcastic remark was hailed by several Fang-lovers, among them was the math Professor Liang Ke of Nankai University:

“It is still helpful to read a few more books.”[72]

One internet user commented on Liang’s remark:

“You’re right, [one] does need to read more books; for example, the similarity [with other people’s articles] of the thesis by Fang Zhouzi’s wife could reach 40% 【actually 90%】. If not reading, [she] would only be able to allow other people to correct her spelling.”[73]

Professor Liang shouted back:

“Had you been able to read more books, you won’t have talked so basely about other person’s wife because that you are unable to defeat that person.”[74]

The sentence pattern “you scold (or insult, attack, bully, abduct, etc.) Fang Zhouzi’s wife because you are unable to defeat Fang Zhouzi” is the argument most frequently used by Fang and his gangsters to defend Liu’s plagiarism and Fang’s selective and fraudulent “fraud busting” whenever the scandal is brought up. The story actually started on April 29, 2011, two days after Liu’s plagiarism case was reported by a Chinese newspaper, when Dr. Yuan Zhong (袁钟), a TCM doctorate and the President of Peking Union Medical College Press, and also one of the 4 initiators of Fang’s illegal and fraudulent money-collecting fund, posted the following message:

“I liked to fight when I was a kid, but I won’t bully girls, which is the bottom line for a man. In the past, only the Nationalists would insult a communist’s wife to make the Communist Party member succumb to their interrogation. So did Japanese. In Liang Jian [a TV series], the Japanese was unable to subdue Li Yunlong, so they abducted Li’s wife. Unexpectedly, such a despicable act has occurred today also. Some people are unable to subdue Fang Zhouzi, so [they] start to insult his wife. Fang Zhouzi is not perfect, he has quite a few shortcomings, however, [these people] should not use such despicable means [to defeat him], a man should not be so mean.”[75]

Yuan’s comment literally turned Ms. Liu, a plagiarist and a back stage manipulator, into an innocent victim; and Fang, a fraudster, a coward, and a plagiarist also, into an undefeatable hero – the so called “turning a defeat into a victory.” Therefore, it became an instant classic for defending both Fang and Liu’s fraud, till this day. For example, 4 days after Yuan’s comment, Fang Zhouzi accused Dr. Sun Haifeng of “playing the dirty trick of blackmailing a person by abducting his wife because of being unable to beat the man”[76]. On March 1, 2012, when the Open Letter to the Graduate School of China’s Social Sciences was made public, signed by 154 Chinese scholars around the world asking the school to investigate Liu Juhua scandal, Mr. Fang Xuanchang, one of Fang Zhouzi’s top associates, made the following comment:

“Bullying a person’s children and wife because of being unable to beat that person, that’s a roguish behavior resulted from lack of family education when he was young. But, how come there are only so few people to sign the letter? Fang Zhouzi is the person who has offended the most people in China, none of his opponents have been able to defeat him, however, the number of the rogues who come out to openly bully his family member is only about one hundred, it seems that his opponents’ family education in general was pretty good!”[77]

A panacea prescribed by an old TCM doctor
By accusing the fraud busters of bullying Fang’s family member because they were unable to defeat Fang himself, Fang and his gangsters immediately turned the coward into a hero, the plagiarist into an innocent victim, and the fraud busters into villains. The above image shows the microblog posts by Dr. Yuan Zhong (top), Fang Zhouzi (middle), and Fang Xuanchang (bottom) using the argument (underlined) to attack Fang-haters or defend Fang’s evildoings (the texts are translated above[75-77]).

The Fang-lovers
Left: Three months before purchasing a house in southern California for his bossy and plagiarist wife Liu Juhua, Fang paid a visit to the family of Chuan Miaozi, one of few female Fang-lovers in the United States. Please note that the female Fang-lover wore a shirt with Fang’s cultish slogan: “Brain has science, heart has justice.” (Source of picture: 2013-7-5 19:04.) Middle: Mr. Peng Jin, a lecturer at Sichuan University who has demonstrated experimentally the efficacy of a TCM drug[78], but is still following Fang to attack TCM. (Source of photo: 2014-02-18 08:25.) Right: Mr. Liang Ke, a math professor at Nankai University, is one of few Fang-lovers in their twilight years. (Source of photo: 2012年10月9日-14日.)

That clumsy “Swordsman” posted 38 comments under Fang’s post, in addition to 11 he posted under Fang’s previous brief declaration, defending Fang in any way he could think of. His first post was a reply to the following question:

“Pig Thigh Fang says that Han Han has a team, and we can also ask Pig Thigh whether he has a team and what he does is only acting as a cannon fodder?”[79]

Here is the Swordsman’s response:

“How do I wish that Fang Zhouzi has a team! However, even Old Luo has testified that he is alone – a lone fighter! ……”[80]

However, under the same post, when another Fangangster, the “Lofty Tree,” was confronted with the question, “are you Teacher Fang himself, or a member of his team”[81], apparently because of his lofty touting of Fang, this idiotic “Lofty Tree” readily admitted that Fang does have a team:

“Read my microblog, which will tell you my status in Fang’s team.”[29]

Then he added:

“Of course Fang Zhouzi has a team. Many internet users on the New Threads have provided many materials which were published by Old Fang after summarization. I myself published several articles in 2007.”[82]

As I have mentioned repeatedly before, one of Fang’s most distinctive mental characteristics is the lack of imagination, even though he has been pretending to be a poet since the mid-1980s, when everyone tried to get a name by writing poetry. In other words, almost every allegation Fang has leveled against other people was based on his personal experience: because he has committed the fraud or crime before, therefore he “imagines” that other people must, or should, have done the same. The truth is, Fang has committed every fraud or crime of which he has accused other people. The secret is known to every Fangangster, that’s why they would either admit it readily like that stupid “Lofty Tree,” or cover it up with stupid excuse, like that dumb “Swordsman.”

Among the comments made by those Fangangsters who are still hiding their real identities, the one by “A Laugh in the Ocean” (X沧海一声笑X) is the most laughable:

“Suggest [China’s] Ministry of Education including this article by Mr. Fang Zhouzi in the language [textbooks] for the primary and secondary schools, so that those kids who will not be able to receive a college education could learn more excellent cultural knowledge.”[83]

What even funnier is that this Fang-lover dared only to make the suggestion under Fang’s post. He even didn’t have the guts to post his grandiose suggestion on his homepage.

Even though Fang-lovers poured in these laudatory comments, they were nonetheless in the absolute minority. In other words, Fang’s “rational, justified, and temperate” reply was scolded, like his other anti-Han posts, miserably. Here is the comment by that gabby “syea1984”:

“This reply article contains nothing extraordinary; don’t understand why there are so many people cursing.”[84]

“Internet violence is too horrible.”[85]

This Fang-lover will never acknowledge the fact that it was Fang Zhouzi who initiated the internet violence, and what Fang received is nothing but what he truly deserves.

Fang’s loyalists swear their loyalty to Fang
The above images show the screenshots of the comments, habitually flattering Fang and denunciating Fang’s opponents, posted by Fang’s loyalists under Fang’s two posts announcing that he would continue to “question” Han Han. Please note that at least two of these loyalists, Xu Zhuzi (虚逐子) and Jin Bingyan (靳冰岩) have separated themselves from Fang and his gangsters since early this year.

A cobbler in need of a master
An internet user with a web ID “Handsome Cobbler” (帅皮匠) but later changed to “Tinglin Town Lip-synching Chorus” (亭林镇假唱团) posted 29 comments under Fang’s post to support Fang’s attack on Han Han. He admitted that he used to fan both Han Han and Fang Zhouzi, but changed to a Han-hater after Fang’s entering into the Hanly War. The photo in the middle of the above image is this cobbler with Fang, posted online by himself (see: 2014-07-26 09:27).

The clumsy and dummy Swordsman
After posting 17 supportive comments under Fang’s first counterattack post in the Hanly War, the Hefei-based Swordsman nearly tripled his effort when Fang formally declared war on Han Han, posting a total of 49 comments under Fang’s short (2012-1-18 23:54) and long (2012-1-19 13:37) posts, respectively.

The fouling fathers
After Fang declared war on Han Han, two internet users, both married and with children, opened their foul mouths to support Fang and attack Han and Han’s supporters. The person on the left used to call himself Wu Banwen (吴半文), but later changed his web ID to “Tongtong Rita’s Father” (桐桐Rita爸爸). The person on the left calls himself “Zero Bar” (零杆).

The Minutemen
During the Hanly War, many anti-Han accounts on weibo.com were registered immediately after Fang declared war on Han Han, and the real entities behind these accounts remain unknown to the public. The two accounts, which posted dozens of pro-Fang/anti-Han comments under Fang’s war-declaring posts, as shown in the above image, were both registered on Jan. 19, 2012. As of today, neither of them has more than 20 posts on their homepage.

Fang’s foreign legion
Some Fang-lovers are overseas Chinese. A person living in New Jersey area in the United States with a web ID “xiyuguke” (a lone traveler in the west) but later changed to “Midnight Alcohol” (午夜乙醇), posted 38 message in about two hours under Fang’s long post to attack Han Han. The photo in the center of the above image was posted online by himself (See: 2014-04-15 09:32).

The lady killers
Because many of Han Han’s supporters are young females, the Han-hater/Fang-lovers were extremely fond of using sexually abusive language to attack them. The person on the left, who calls himself Xuan Zhongzi (玄中子), was particularly aggressive, vicious, and dirty in the battle of declaring war, posting 29 abusive comments under Fang’s short post, plus 4 more under his long post. However, this thug was miserably defeated by Han-fans who used foul language to attack him back. The two persons on the right were not Fang-lovers per se; however, because of hating Han Han, they supported Fang and his war against Han Han whole-heartedly, and attacked Han-fans viciously. The person on the upper right is a man, even though he uses a female image as his avatar; he calls himself “Railway Hard Labor” (苦逼铁路工人) which might be his real job. Like the Hard Labor, the person on the lower right, “Kane Zero,” was also extraordinarily hot tempered, possibly depressed by his hard life in the real world.

Fang’s zombie brigade
Two days after entering the Hanly War, the number of Fang’s zombie soldiers exploded, they posted hundreds of messages under Fang’s two posts to show their support. These zombie accounts usually post brief messages, such as “support Fang Zhouzi!” However, some of them do post lengthy, though repetitive, messages, such as those by a “jead121” (Top panel, left) who posted 16 comments to denounce Han Han. The didactic tone and condescending attitude revealed in these messages resemble the ones in the posts by Ms. Liu Juhua. It is almost certain that Fang’s family army is behind some of these zombies. The profiles of some these zombie accounts are shown, please note none of them have triple digit posts on their homepages, nearly 3 years after they posted comments to support Fang or attack Han Han.

2. The Han-haters

As I have mentioned repeatedly, Fang’s supporters during the Hanly War are mainly composed of two groups of people: the Fang-lovers and the Han-haters. The Fang-lovers are mostly interested in pushing Fang into a “prominent position in Chinese society,” as Dr. Zachary Burton, Fang’s Ph. D. advisor at MSU, said explicitly[86]; or even in the world, like the fake American Ph. D. Albert Yuan did deliberately[87]. However, those Han-haters are more interested in bringing Han Han down than promoting Fang. To some extent, these people supported Fang’s fraudulent fraud busting for the same reason as Fang does it: enjoying watching other people, especially those rich and famous, being humiliated in public. And for that reason, Fang transformed almost every single one of the Han-haters into a Fangangster, especially during the initial stage of the Hanly War. Now, let’s take a closer look at two of these Han-haters-turned Fang-lovers.

A. Mr. Zhang Xiao

Under Fang’s post of A Reply to Han Han’s A Normal Essay, an account with a web ID iamzhangxiao3 posted the following message 5 times in 23 minutes:

“Han Han’s writings are psychopathic; psychologically, they are the normal revenge reaction of his father’s who was hurt mentally before. Lu’s facial appearance looks like a treacherous villain from Henan, [thus I] identify them as snakes and rats living together, and cornered dogs! Of course, psychological diagnosis cannot be used as evidence in the court of law; however, as long as they are fakes, there will definitely be the day when they reveal their true colors, unless their secrets have been covered by dusts for too long. It is fortunate that Fang Zhou[zi] relays [the fight], I hope he is really awesome!”[88]

The person also posted the following message 3 times in 4 minutes:

“Han-fans’ IQ really makes people chill! I start to worry about the situation when democracy arrives. A democracy with Chinese characteristics must have an IQ admission system, those Han-supporters and Han-fans with low IQ, without character and humanity are really disastrous. Although they have their rights to making a decent living by catering to the garbage taste with garbage writings, it is really scary if these garbage morons are allowed to participate in the political life……”[89]

It turns out that the person’s name is indeed Zhang Xiao (张晓), and he works in a hardware factory in Dongguan, the Sex Capital in China, adjacent to Guangzhou. Besides the above posts, he also posted many repetitive anti-Han and pro-Fang comments under other posts.

However, Mr. Zhang Xiao’s Fang-lover tenure lasted only about one month. On Feb. 21, 2012, this Zhang Xiao reposted two of many old posts by Mr. Zhou Libo, a Shanghai-based comedian, scolding Fang[90]. One month later, he wrote his own anti-Fang post:

“The Fang Zhouzi couple is really a perfect combination created by nature! When they question other people, they are capable of using any means; however, when other people question them, they want to touch people’s hearts with their essays and poems. Actually Han Senior has used the trick before, but the truth is not a one-sided statement, rather, it is the demonstration and evidence convincing to both sides. When will Chinese people get rid of the recurrent curse by these liars and rogues? Only transparency and supervision.”[91]

Since then, he has repeatedly called Fang “a mad dog.” The following message was posted on August 13, 2012, commenting on one of Fang’s post:

“Fang is a psychopathic mad dog, I really don’t understand what kind of person is willing to deal and live together with such a mad dog. He is a mad dog without any EQ, a dog suitable only for attack, a mad dog waiting to be killed at any time.”[92]

Six days later, this ex-Fang-lover made another comment on an article demonstrating that “Fang Zhouzi not only has done all kind of evil things, he also loves to curse other people”[93]:

“Mad Dog Fang indeed enjoys directing the morons to curse people, [he is] obviously a person with split personality and a psychopathic dirty mind, absolutely hasn’t mastered the debate style of American gentlemen. ……”[94]

The transformation of a Han-hater into a Fang-hater
Mr. Zhang Xiao who hates Chinese people in general and Han Han in particular turned himself into a Fang-lover immediately after Fang declared his war on Han Han. He posted many pro-Fang/anti-Han posts and comments on weibo.com. However, apparently because of the exposure of Fang’s dirty secrets on the internet, this person gradually changed to a Fang-hater, posted many anti-Fang posts. In the above image, the left column shows the screenshots of his anti-Han comments under Fang’s war-declaration post (2012-1-19 13:37); the right column shows the screenshots of his anti-Fang comments and posts.

B. Three Grams of Oil

Under Fang’s war-declaration post, a person with a web ID “Whirling Big Mouth” (婆娑大嘴), which was changed to “Whirling Historiette” (婆娑史话) later, and again to current “Three Grams of Oil” (三克油u), posted the following message 4 times in one minute:

“Ho-ho, Fang Zhouzi created the New Threads, and he is the spiritual successor to Lu Xun in the intellectual community; the Han’s Trio who fantasizes that he himself is the public enemy has been thought to take over the mantle of Lu Xun. The real Li Da and fake Li Da【he meant Li Kui (李逵, Lǐ Kuí), a fictional figure who was so fond of killing people that a person pretended to be him to rob other people. The Chinese character 逵 (Kuí) resembles 达(Dá), hence the confusion】, please PK. I think that Fang Zhouzi looks like a ‘real warrior,’ the language of Han’s Trio is only a ‘mixture of a gifted boy and rogue.’”[95]

And he posted the following message 4 times in two minutes under Fang’s same post, plus 3 times more in one minute under Fang’s another post:

“A fighter with shortcomings is better than a perfect fly. When tens of thousands of green and red flies are flying in from Han’s Trio, [they] should have thought that Fang Zhouzi is a true science fighter with scientific spirit, he has exposed so many fake, evil, and ugly [people or things] in the past 20 years. On the other hand, your Han’s Trio is cynical and got his fame only because of scolding people; however, has he ever really hurt any people who deserve to be scolded? Shut up, flies!”[96]

In a time span of less than two and a half hours, this person posted at least 31 comments under Fang’s posts, eulogizing Fang and scolding Han - sounds and looks like a true Fang-lover.

The volunteer water army
Two Han-haters (iamzhangxiao3 and 三克油u) became Fang’s water army soldiers voluntarily when Fang formally declared war on Han Han. They posted multiple repetitive comments under Fang’s posts. In the above image, each line is a post, and the exact words are highlighted with the same color. The four messages in the image are translated above[88-89, 95-96].

A transient Fang-eulogizer and Han-assailant
An internet user who calls himself “Three Grams of Oil” posted at least 31 comments under Fang’s microblog posts on Jan. 19, 2012, to support Fang and attack Han Han. The inset image is his which was posted online by himself (see: 2011-7-11 13:10).

However, like his comrade Mr. Zhang Xiao, this Fang-lover started his transformation to a Fang-hater in about one month. On Feb. 14, 2012, Fang, drowning in the mouth water of the Weibo users, posted “a set of love poems I am relatively pleased”[97], to show off his dual talent in both science and literature, which, according to himself, is the exact meaning of his penname, an ark made of two boats[98]. On the next day, this “Three Grams of Oil” made the following comment on Fang’s self-pleased poems:

“[Fang’s poem writing] is just elementary. The poems showed that Hierarch Fang didn’t understand the innate beauty of writing. The first poem is a plagiarism and imitation of Shu Qing’s The Goddess Summit. The second poem derives its idea from Su Shi’s Listening to Qin. About the third one, when people are in love too deep they want to die, which is a universal mentality of spiritual climax. The imagery that people in love are like living in a house of fire was better described by Hai Zi in his Ring the Bell.”[99]

The funniest thing happened on Nov. 10, 2012, when the video clip of Fang’s John Maddox Prize acceptance speech became one of the biggest jokes on the Chinese internet. Here is the comment made by the Three Grams of Oil:

“Fuck, now I know why Hierarch Fang likes to stay in China.”[100]

The John Maddox Prize has made the fraudulent fraud fighter Fang a joke in China
Since winning the British John Maddox Prize, Fang has been known by almost every Chinese as a shameless liar. The video of Fang’s acceptance speech has been all over the internet, and most people used it for inspirational purpose: if a person who lived in the United States for more than 10 years and obtained his Ph. D. there speaks such broken English, and a person with such broken English dares to constantly criticize and laugh at other people’s English, then no one should be ashamed of his own English, no matter how broken it is. The above image shows a post providing Fang’s video, and the comment made by the ex-Fang-lover “Three Grams of Oil.”

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