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Part XLIII: The Hanly War (IV): The Rumormonger_2 (1264 查看)

November 04, 2014 05:26PM
【The full-length article is attached as a PDF file, which is more reader-friendly.】

2. Mr. Han Renjun’s Crime

So, exactly what had Mr. Han Renjun done to deserve such malicious attacks by the Fangangsters?

Before 2012-1-19 19:52 when the “Awesome Lord” posted his comment, Mr. Han did nothing except for reposting on his homepage the articles written by other people criticizing Maitian’s Man-made Han Han[78]. The only two comments made by Mr. Han himself were on Han Han’s first response to the allegation, and on Ms. Fan Bingbing’s 20 million Yuan reward announcement, respectively, and both comments were made on Jan. 16, 2012, two days before Fang launching his sudden attack on Han Han. Here is what Mr. Han Renjun said about Han Han’s first response:

“Since Han Han has unexpectedly responded, let me say something also. First, someone is used to judge other people based on himself, fantasizing that everything the other people have done is a conspiracy, the way of thinking is unique; secondly, I might say that no one in the present China is able to duplicate Han Han’s writing style; if someone can, I am willing to adopt him as my own son! Anyone who doesn’t believe me can try to imitate [Han Han] and show us the results. An old farmer knows at a glance whether the thing growing in the field is wheat or weeds.”[79]

On the other hand, exactly 100 minutes after being attacked by Fang for the first time, Mr. Han Renjun reposted a message by one of Han Han’s friends, which says:

“After playing [electronic] games for a while, Han Han suddenly excited, saying that he was going to perform live writing. Then he wrote Man-made Fang Zhouzi.”[80]

That person also posted a photo illustrating what he was saying. And Mr. Han Renjun’s comment is:

“Ho-ho, there were even several ‘supervising’ teachers.”[81]

Live performance
In the middle of playing game with his friends, Mr. Han Han (person on the right) decided to write a response to Fang Zhouzi’s A Reply to Han Han’s A Normal Essay on the spot, and the article he wrote was Man-made Fang Zhouzi. The scene was captured and uploaded onto the internet, and the photo was reposted for more than 11 thousand times. Fang has been pretending to be blind and deaf to the post and the photo, and he is still refusing to respond to many allegations Han Han leveled against him in the article.

After one of Han Han’s friends posted the message and the photo showing that Han Han wrote his Man-made Fang Zhouzi on the spot, several Fang-lovers posted the negative comments on the post, claiming that the article was badly written and Han Han had lost the war already, even though their master dared not to say anything about the message.

Till this day, Fang has never made a single comment on either the original message by Han Han’s friend, or the comment by Han Han’s father. However, his attack on Mr. Han Renjun has never stopped. As a matter of fact, Mr. Han Renjun would soon become Fang’s major target.

3. The Best Defense Is to Attack the Enemy’s Tender Spot

So, why would Fang want to attack Han Han’s father in the first place?

First of all, as mentioned before, attacking his enemies’ family members is Fang’s deadliest weapon, because Fang knows that to most Chinese people, family members are their tenderest spot, and by hurting that spot, he is not only hurting his enemies the most, which he enjoys tremendously, but also making it most likely that his enemies will succumb to him. As a matter of fact, 12 hours before launching his attack on Han Han’s father, Fang purposefully implicated Han Han’s toddler daughter in the Hanly War by reposting a trashed article by Han Han[82]; a few hours later, he dragged Han Han’s wife into the War[3]. Therefore, Fang’s attack on Han Han’s father was a well calculated and carefully planned move.

Secondly, by attacking Han Han’s father, Fang was sending a clear signal to his gangsters to, by any means, broaden the front and dig up any information which could be used by him to smear or destroy Han Han.

Thirdly, at that time, Han Han wasn’t using his Weibo account, so his responses to the attacks were made public first on his blog, and then relayed to Weibo by his father and friends. As mentioned previously, the first priority in Fang’s fraudulent fraud busting is to scare off and silence his opponents, so that he could declare victory by default, because, according to him, remaining silent is “the last strategy of the imposters whenever their frauds are brought to light”[59]. Therefore, Fang was trying to silence Mr. Han Renjun and monopoly the public opinion on weibo.com.

However, there was a more direct reason for Fang to launch his attack on Han Han’s father in the midnight of Jan. 19, 2012. As mentioned above, Han Han posted his Man-made Fang Zhouzi in the evening, and Fang posted his response Rumormonger Han Han 88 minutes later. However, it was immediately clear that Fang’s response was disastrous to him, even his followers were unable to find words to praise it: the post generated nearly 15 thousand comments, and more than 90% of them were negative, and all the Fang-lovers could do was to scold and attack these negative commentators (see the screenshots at the end of the text).

The fact is, Han Han’s Man-made Fang Zhouzi contains 2,380 characters, in which he accused Fang of 5 wrongdoings. Fang’s reply contains only 1,181 characters, less than one half the length of Han Han’s article. Why would a counter-attack article be shorter than the article it was rebutting? The only explanation is that the counter-attacker had not much to say. That’s why many comments on Fang’s article used the word “weak” or “powerless”[83].

Furthermore, Fang’s refusal to answer Han Han’s allegations showed a sharp contrast to his constant demands for other people to answer his countless and never-ending allegations, no matter how empty, stupid, and trivial they are. Therefore, many people immediately doubted his fraud busting history. Here is one of such comments:

“Mr. Fang Zhouzi, Han Han’s reply is rational and well-founded, however, you responded like this, which is so trickery, I really doubt whether your previous articles on fraud busting were written by yourself. If you do have evidence [of using ghostwriters by Han Han], please bring it out. Don’t post microblog messages randomly based on your speculation. [The fact that] you can negate a person based on crude speculation makes me really doubt whether you are a scholar, let alone a fraud fighting scholar.”[84]

However, the stupidest thing Fang did in his Rumormonger Han Han was the excuse he used for his malicious misleading quotations: Sina Weibo has a 140-character limit. Not only is it not an excuse for evildoings at all, it is a pure lie also: Fang has so many blogs to use, and even on Weibo, he can use the long-microblog tool, or post multiple and serial messages to overcome the limit. That’s why many internet users called him “shameless”[85].

So, to disembarrass himself of the disastrous situation, Fang decided to attack Han Han’s father, just like whenever his plagiarism scandals resurface, he would immediately resume his attacks on Traditional Chinese Medicine or the liberal intellectuals to divert people’s attention.

However, like his previous attempt, Fang’s attack on Han Han's father was a disastrous to him also. Many people pointed out the fact that Fang had been defending his wife’s plagiarism aggressively, so what’s wrong with a father defending his own son? Here are some of these comments:

“When some people accused your wife of plagiarism, you yelled that other people were pushing your wife with their snouts, and wanted to kill this and kill that. [And now] you are twittering and chirping here, digging other people’s preceding generations. Do not impose on others what you do not desire others to impose upon you. I beg you to have a sense of shame. Being a whore and building a monument of chastity at the same time.”[86]

“[You are] really an exotic flower. What Han Han’s father did was nothing but reposting a few messages. And you? How long have you been playing rogue on your wife’s thesis plagiarism?”[87]

“When other people accused your wife of plagiarism, you yelled fight and kill, swearing not to coexist with them. Now when you fight against Han Han, and Han’s father said something for his son, you say the father and son are having labor division! It turns out that Zhouzi is so lenient with himself, and so strict with other people. Zhouzi, I support you!”[88]

4. Who Is the Awesome Lord?

(1) Fang’s Last Strategy

Simply because that Fang had for so many times played the trick of spreading rumors by reposting the messages originated from his little accounts, the most recent example is what he did to Mr. Jeffrey Beall early this year[89], it was suspected almost instantaneously that the Awesome Lord is one of Fang’s countless sockpuppets, or a member of Fang’s water army. Here are some of the remarks made in the first few minutes of Fang’s reposting:

“The Awesome Lord Is Awesome is a zombie fan.”[90]

“About this Awesome Lord Is Awesome, let me propose a conspiracy theory: look at the numbers such as his followers, is he a member of Mr. Fang’s water army? He [Fang] only picks and reposts those microblogs which are in favor of him, what is his motive?”[91]

“Clicked into [his homepage] and found that the Lord had posted no message at all. Whom do you try to fool with a sockpuppet?”[92]

“Is the little account reposted by Old Fang registered recently??? The account like this is very unreliable.”[93]

“Let’s watch Fang Zhouzi’s zombie Fan!! [Having] 0 post; [from] Saudi Arabia, Mr. Fang is really good at reposting!”[94]

“Let’s remember that the Awesome Lord Is Awesome is Fang Zhouzi’s little account being used to deceive the public, [he is] really shameless. A shameless person is able to do anything.”[95]

As a matter of fact, the following message was posted and reposted for 152 times - yes, one hundred and fifty two times -, under Fang’s post:

“The Awesome Lord Is Awesome is Balky Fang’s water army, the first person he follows is Balky Fang, and his number of posts is zero. Balky Fang does not follow Awesome Lord Is Awesome, and [the latter] didn’t @Fang Zhouzi, [yet] Balky Fang was able to find this post and repost it, really awesome.”[96]

By the next morning, many influential Weibo users posted their comments. Here is the one by Dr. Sun Haifeng:

“【Surrounding Fang Zhouzi and watching him masturbating with a sockpuppet】First using an anonymous sockpuppet or a little account to post a cynical and enigmatic rumor or a seditious message, then deceitfully using his primary account to repost and comment on it as one of the ‘letters by internet users’ to smear his opponents by exaggeration. The dirty and fraudulent tactic was used by Fang Zhouzi repeatedly to slander and frame me during the outbreak of the Liu Juhua’s plagiarism scandal, and it was used more skillfully to frame and attack He Weifang, Yu Jianrong. Now, the old trick is used again on Han Han.”[97]

Fixed in formalin
The above image is the screenshot of Fang’s microblog, reposting and commenting on the message by the faceless “Awesome Lord Is Awesome.” The screenshot was captured by Dr. Sun Haifeng on the day when the message was posted, and the red oval highlights the profile of the zombie Lord: following 30 accounts, being followed by 24 accounts, having no posts, and from Saudi Arabia.

33 minutes after Dr. Sun, Mr. Luo Yonghao posted the following comment on Fang’s post:

“Uncanny military combination of husband and wife: one of them uses plagiarized thesis to cheat for diploma, job, and Xinhua News Agency’s house; write article to lie that the support rate for the Green Dam is 90%…; the other lives in the house obtained by his wife using the fake thesis and busts other people’s fake theses, fake diplomas, and fixes almost every one of the well-known liberal intellectuals as Persimmon Oil Party [柿油党, shì yóu dǎng, a homophony of 自由党, zì yóu dǎng, Liberal Party]; and says that those people who have questioned his double standard on the plagiarism issue involving his family member and non-family members are ‘insulting’ woman…. The labor division is really wicked.”[98]

Despite these outcries, Fang, as always, has been pretending to be a blind and a deaf and a dumb till this day: he has never responded to any of these comments.

Yes, remaining silent when his evildoings are exposed to the light is indeed Fang’s last strategy.

(2) The Lord Was Borne to Protect Fang’s Right to Free Speech

The Awesome Lord registered his account on Nov. 19, 2011, when Fang threatened Sina Weibo that he was going to move to sohu.com because some of his GMO-promoting posts had been deleted by Sina:

“Due to the fact that the Sina administration has repeatedly deleted my posts with the contents about the Document No. 1 of the CCP Central Committee concerning the promotion of the GM crops’ industrialization and commercialization, I am suspending the update of my Sina Weibo, and moving to Sohu Weibo, until these deleted posts are reinstalled, or the Sina administration explains why it is illegal to post CCP Central Committee’s document.”[99]

Many Fangangsters, including several zombies, immediately threatened that they would leave Sina for Sohu with Fang, if Fang’s demand was not met. Probably at this conjuncture, the Awesome Lord registered his Weibo account. He didn’t make a comment on Fang’s above post, but he did when Fang resumed his posting on weibo.com several hours later, claiming that Old Chen, Sina’s editor-in-chief, had explained and apologized to him[100]. The following appears to be the Lord’s first post:

“Obviously it was Sina who had caused the big trouble; they even dared to block the Central [government]. How did they explain? Anyway, I bring my own supply to support Old Fang.”[101]

According to the Lord himself, before posting the above message, one of his sockpuppets was eliminated by Sina because of his abusiveness, and he registered the new account to make sure that “Old Fang’s right to free speech” was guaranteed:

“Today, I only swore once and my account was eliminated. One cannot afford to hurt the medium which dares to resist against the central government.”[102]

“As long as Old Fang’s speech right is guaranteed, it is worthwhile no matter how many sockpuppets are abolished.”[103]

The Awesome Lord is really awesome
“Awesome Lord Is Awesome” registered his Weibo account on Nov. 19, 2011, to protest against Sina and protect Fang’s right of speech. The background of the above image is the screenshot of this person’s homepage, showing that he has no post at all and his registration date (red box). However, right after his account was opened, he made numerous pro-Fang comments under Fang’s posts. He would make hundreds, if not thousands, of similar comments under Fang’s many posts, and he deliberately disallowed these comments to show up on his homepage to prevent other people from tracing his record. Please note that the Lord has changed his location from Saudi Arabia to “other places” sometime after his identity became a hot topic on weibo.com.

(3) The Lord Fought against Fang’s Enemy

Although the Awesome Lord mainly made comments on Fang’s posts, he did occasionally comment on the posts by other people, especially Fang’s enemies.

On Dec. 9, 2011, Dr. Zhang Ming, a political science professor at Renmin University of China, posted the following message on weibo.com:

“In these days, who doesn’t have fear? However, even if with fear, [I still] have to speak out. I have sorted it out a long time ago, the worst thing is death. Be assured, when the time arrives, I won’t wait for your arrest and to be tortured for confessions.”[104]

It turned out that Dr. Zhang was threatened by the authority in the then Red Capital of China, Chongqing[105], which, as mentioned previously, had sent Fang a letter to thank him for his defense for their officials’ brutal treatment of a peddler in June 2011[106]. Also, on Nov. 7, 2011, Dr. Zhang revealed the news that Fang Zhouzi, along with his Fifty Center buddy Sima Nan, was praised by a “big leader” for “sharing the sorrow with the Party”[107], which essentially confirmed people’s long time suspicion that Fang had been a big Fifty Center. Of course, Fang and his gangsters vehemently denied the news; however, after Dr. Zhang asked Fang to verify the news with his Xinhua News Agency’s chief reporter wife[108], Fang was completely silenced. Therefore, you should be able to imagine Fang’s hatred towards Dr. Zhang.

Many Fangangsters were gloating when they heard that Dr. Zhang was facing a life threat, and Fang’s wife Liu Juhua, who was completely silent when Zhang revealed her husband’s good news or misfortune one month earlier, was among the earliest ones. She, under a fake ID “An Ordinary Smiling Scholar” (一介书生smile), which was later changed to “My Garden Is Overgrown with Weeds so I’m Going Home” (田园将芜我自归去), posted two comments on Dr. Zhang’s post, and this is the first one:

“Don’t you have a big leader above you? You can even personally listen to big leader’s private conversation about who is good and who is bad, so, don’t worry, the flood won’t dash against your temple of the dragon king. ”[109]【Note: “The flood dashes against the temple of the dragon king” (大水冲了龙王庙) is a Chinese proverb, meaning a conflict arises between people on the same side, because according to Chinese legend, the Dragon King controls water.】

25 minutes later, Liu’s husband Fang made the following comment:

“Is it because that he has made so many fight appointments and claimed that ‘beat you whenever I see you’ so that he is worrying that he is considered an underworld and dangerous youth? Who has the guts to arrest the invincible big professor who has a pair of miraculous fists?”[110]

4 minutes after Fang, the Awesome Lord made the following comment on Dr. Zhang’s post:

“You are so pretentious, are you okay? ”[111]

151 minutes later, Fang’s wife jumped out again, saying:

“Zhang Ming talks about Fifty Cent on Weibo all the time, has he deeply fallen in love with the Fifty Centers? ”[112]

Three’s company, Episode I
On December 9, 2011, Fang Zhouzi, Liu Juhua, and the Awesome Lord Is Awesome all jumped out to exult at Dr. Zhang Ming’s misery. Fang’s post has been deleted, but the content is preserved in many reposts, such as the one shown in the image (the sentences highlighted with the red underlines. Fang’s comment was actually posted at 2011-12-9 13:08). Please note that both Liu Juhua and the Lord used emoticons in their comments.

(4) The Lord Defended Liu Juhua’s Right to Plagiarism

Three weeks after joining hands with Fang and Liu to fight against their common enemy, the Lord did again.

On December 21, 2011, Fang reignited his years-long fight against Mr. Luo Yonghao, because Life Weekly, the magazine with which the fake American doctor Albert Yuan has been associated since 2005, published a report on Fang, along with several other reports on other public intellectuals, including Mr. Luo. Fang felt offended or belittled by the juxtaposition[113], and Luo ridiculed Fang’s association with the infamous Sima Nan[114]. Fang then responded first by calling him “Luo Mighty the Pretentious”[115], then posted the following message:

“Everyone knows that it is a very low behavior to attack a person by attacking his family members. Actually, it is also very low to attack a person by attacking his friends……”[116]

If you still remember that when Fang first declared his “no-interest in Han Han,” what he said was actually “I don’t have a tiny bit of interest in Han Han, unless he also bullies my family members”[59], then you should know that Fang posted the above message to lure Mr. Luo into the trap of “attacking my family members.” However, at that time Mr. Luo was heavily involved in his dispute with Siemens on the quality of their refrigerators, so he only fought back against Fang occasionally.

On Jan. 26, 2011, under Fang’s continuous attacks, Luo responded by calling Fang Zhouzi “Fang Juhua”[117], and immediately the Fangangsters and Fang himself seized the opportunity to accuse Mr. Luo of attacking Fang’s family member[118], because the word “Juhua” (菊花), which literally means chrysanthemum, is also Fang’s wife’s given name.

So, why did Mr. Luo call his old buddy and current foe “Fang Juhua”? Did he really intend to offend Fang’s wife? Here is Mr. Luo’s response:

“What the fuck did I attack? You yourself childishly give other people nicknames all the time, so, to tease you, the internet users have given you several nicknames. What they meant by ‘Fang Juhua’ is Fang Anus, you should not try to translocate the cursing words to your wife, and then pretend to be the family member of the victim. Good for nothing!”[119]

Indeed, in recent years in China, especially on the internet, the word “juhua” has become a metaphor for anus[120], simply because of their resemblance. As a matter of fact, when Mr. Luo called Fang Zhouzi “Fang Juhua” 6 months earlier[121], Fang didn’t charge Luo with the crime of attacking his family member at all. So you know that Fang’s “family member” or “family members” are indeed his porcelain weapons, and they would be used against Han Han very soon.

Anyway, from “Fang Juhua” to “Liu Juhua,” the plagiarism committed by Fang’s wife became a central topic in the fight between Fang and Luo. On Dec. 28, 2011, Fang posted the following post:

“Now I have found out that in 2006 Luo Yonghao donated 1,000 Yuan to the ‘Fraud Busting Fund,’ which I am not involved in the management, and because of this, Luo Yonghao thinks that I should be grateful to him, should not criticize and scold him. In the same year, to drag me to open a blog on his Bullog, Luo Yonghao treated me to a dinner, the cost is unknown, but should not be more than 1,000 Yuan. Luo Yonghao has been laughing at me since then for not paying for my own meals. I am asking Luo Yonghao to leave his remittance address, I’ll return these two payments plus the interest in a total amount of 3,000 Yuan to him.”[122]

And it was under this post the Lord revealed his true colors. Briefly, an internet user commented on Fang’s double standard, and the Lord engaged in a heated debate with that person, plus 4 other people, defending Fang and Liu in any way he could think of. In total, this Lord posted 18 abusive comments in which the word “傻逼” (shǎ bī, literally “idiotic vagina” or “idiotic pussy”) was used 19 times. Here is the Lord’s first comment:

“The supports of the feebleminded and idiotic pussy Luo don’t know the two things for sure. However, Old Fang’s supporters knew the true colors of the idiotic pussy Luo long ago because of the two events. ”[123]

6 minutes after the Lord, a South_park_Kenny commented:

“I am not a Fang-hater, and I support Fang’s fraud busting also. The only thing is that I could not tolerate the double standard he has been using to treat his wife and other people. @FangZhouzi.”[124]

The comment initiated the fight between him and the Lord. Here are the first two responses by the Lord:

“Double standard? It has been a single standard all along. Haven’t you read his explanation articles? On the other hand, what kind of celebrity is his wife? Or is she a person occupying an important position? [She is] nothing but a normal journalist. Even if [she] did commit plagiarism, what kind of harm does it have?”[125]

“It is really a fucking joke; the idiotic pussy Luo’s fans are indeed feebleminded. [Does it mean that] it is plagiarism simply because you have said so? Who the heck are you? The celebrities busted by Fang are all very influential, and the harms of their frauds are huge too. You like [them] so much, unable to differentiate what’s important and what’s not, idiotic pussy sucker. ”[126]

Ironically, Liu Juhua, the leading character of the scandal, didn’t show up until next morning. Here is her sole comment:

“As expected, cult Luo has shown his infinitesimal, higher-order derivative of the power function……hope he’ll show as much as possible the heavily flavored original ecology of an idealist rogue. ”[127]

God knows what she was talking about; however, the very fact that she made a comment on the post in the early morning indicated that she had been watching the thread very closely.

Three’s company, Episode II
In the evening of Nov. 28, 2011, Fang posted a message announcing that he would pay Mr. Luo Yonghao back the money which Luo had spent on him (Left top). The Awesome Lord Is Awesome made 18 comments under this post, defending Liu Juhua’s plagiarism and Fang’s handling of the scandal (the posts with the faceless avatar). In the next morning, Ms. Liu Juhua, under a fake ID, also made a comment under the post (the post with her image), scolding Luo Yonghao. Please note the extensive use of emoticons by the Awesome Lord, as well as Liu.

By the way, on March 16, 2012, in the midst of intense public scrutiny of Fang’s fraudulent “Fraud Busting Fund,” Mr. Peng Jian, Fang’s personal lawyer and the sole person in charge of the Fund, returned 2,500 Yuan to Mr. Luo Yonghao, in order to disqualify Mr. Luo from questioning the fund as one of its donors[128]. According to the note on the money transfer receipt, the money was used to pay back Luo’s 1,000 Yuan donation, the dinner cost, plus interest. Yes, the “Fraud Busting Fund” is responsible for the fraud buster’s personal debt, and Fang is still claiming that he has no personal involvement in the Fund. He must think that his creditability is still worth something.

Withdrawal Notice
On March 20, 2012, Mr. Luo Yonghao posted the above Notice on his Weibo, which shows that Mr. Peng Jian sent him 2,500 Yuan on March 16, 2012. The note says that the money was intended to return Mr. Luo’s 1,000 Yuan donation and pay the dinner, plus interest. The Big Fool Peng said, after being heavily criticized and questioned, that 1,500 Yuan was out of his own pocket instead of the Fund[129]. Two days later, Mr. Luo publicly reported the suspected fraud of the “Fraud Busting Fund” to Chinese government. As of today, the agency which accepted the report has not revealed their investigation result yet.

(5) The Lord Adopted Fang’s Last Strategy

It seems that the Awesome Lord read every one of Fang’s posts, and he made comments on most of them, normally one comment per post. For example, on Jan. 20, 2012, Fang posted 19 messages on his Weibo, and the Lord commented on 13 of them, one of each. Therefore, when this Lord posted multiple comments under a single post, it would serve as the surest sign of losing his composure. So far, the only other time he did so was after Fang reposted his comment.

As mentioned above, immediately after Fang reposted the comment by the Lord to attack Han Han’s father, the Lord was suspected by many internet users to be one of Fang’s little accounts. Then the Lord jumped out. He posted 37 comments under Fang’s post, trying desperately to convince others that he is not Fang’s sockpuppet. Here is his first post:

“Someone is saying that my account is a zombie? Very good. Let me put it this way: the reason I registered this Weibo account is to read microblogs and the comments on them, those who do microblogging might not be real people, and those who do not do microblogging might not necessarily be zombies. Still the same words: everyone has his freedom, don’t be too autocratic. ”[130]

Of course he was lying, because, as he had confessed on the day of his registration that he had multiple little accounts on weibo.com, therefore he had no reason to register a new account to read Weibo. Also, as shown above, the only purpose of the account was to post pro-Fang comments under Fang’s posts. In other words, what he wanted with the account was to support Fang Zhouzi secretly, instead of reading Weibo.

It seemed that the Lord’s effort didn’t convince anybody; on the contrary, his habitual use of emoticons was noticed by an internet user:

“Don’t you feel chest tightness and heart depression? On one hand, you try to add a smiley emoticon to every reply to show you’re relaxed and careless; on the other hand, you are forcing yourself in your heart to ho-ho-ho, telling yourself torpidly ‘these people are really retarded.’ …Alas!”[131]

The Lord responded with his last post of the day:

“An expert at mental masturbation, and you have indeed masturbated so well that your quilt is wet. ”[132]

In less than an hour, a Weibo user, who calls himself “Zhuji Farmer” (诸暨农民), noticed the Lord’s previous comments in defending of Liu Juhua’s plagiarism:

“Judging from the comments made by the Awesome Lord Is Awesome under Fang Zhouzi’s another post <2011-12-28 18:43>, in which he tangled on the issue about the diploma of Fang’s wife, this Lord is most likely to be Fang Zhouzi’s wife.”[133]

As a matter of fact, the Farmer posted multiple comments under Fang’s post, and noticed the Awesome Lord at the same time, alleging explicitly that the Lord is Fang’s wife[134]. However, the Lord was completely unresponsive, and Fang blocked the Farmer on the same day[135].

So, do you have any ideas about the identity of this Lord?

A futile effort
In the midnight of Jan. 19, 2012, after reposting and commenting on a comment by the Awesome Lord Is Awesome, Fang was immediately accused of using his little account to post a malicious message. To defend Fang, that Lord posted more than 3 dozens of comments under Fang’s post, trying his best to convince other people that he is an independent individual not associated with Fang in anyway. Please note that the Lord is extremely fond of using the emoticons.

Extremely emotional
Upper: Like Awesome Lord Is Awesome, Fang’s wife Liu Juhua was also fond of using emoticons in her posts. The image is the screenshots of some of the comments made by Liu Juhua between Nov. 9, 2011, and Jan. 29, 2012, showing her extensive use of emoticons. The red boxes highlight the comments made by both Liu and the Lord under the same posts.
Lower: On Liu Juhua’s homepage on weibo.com, there are currently 1,070 posts, posted between 2010-12-3 12:39 and 2012-8-7 14:17. Among these posts, 312 of them have at least one emoticon, some contain multiple emoticons, and in some posts, the entire content is an emoticon. In total, Ms. Liu used 346 emoticons, which are shown in the image, chronically.

The last strategy
In the early morning of Jan. 20, 2012, a Weibo user who calls himself Zhuji Farmer posted multiple comments under one of Fang’s posts, alleging that the Awesome Lord Is Awesome is Ms. Liu Juhua’s sockpuppet (screenshots on the left). In the afternoon, the Farmer found out that he was no longer able to comment on Fang’s posts, suggesting that Fang had blocked him earlier (image on the right). As of today, none of these three people, Fang Zhouzi, Liu Juhua, and the Awesome Lord Is Awesome, have responded to the Farmer’s allegation yet.

The End of the Beginning

Generally speaking, by the end of Jan. 20, 2012, the outcome of the Hanly War had already been decided. Here is the timeline showing the major exchanges between Han Han and Fang Zhouzi in the first 3 days of the War:

1.2012-01-18 10:15: Fang launched his sudden attack on Han Han.

2.2012-01-18 16:59: Han Han posted his A Normal Essay, in which he answered every “question” Fang had raised against him by that time.

3.2012-01-19 13:32: Fang posted his A Reply to Han Han’s A Normal Essay, in which Fang essentially declared war on Han Han for two reasons: Han Han used curse words and Han Han “held Mr. Luo Yonghao’s big thigh.”

4.2012-01-19 21:30: Han Han posted his Man-made Fang Zhouzi, accusing Fang of fabricating and spreading rumors, and intentional misleading. He asked Fang to answer his allegations item by item.

5.2012-01-19 22:51: Fang posted his Rumormonger Han Han: A Reply to Han Han’s Man-made Fang Zhouzi, in which he refused to answer any but one of Han Han’s allegations; also, he leveled a counter-accusation against Han Han, saying that it was Han Han who was rumormongering.

6.2012-01-20 11:15: Fang posted his Rumormonger Han Han II: The Second Replay to Han Han’s Man-made Fang Zhouzi, denied another one of Han Han’s allegations.

7.2012-01-20 20:36: Han Han posted his Enjoy Yourself, Alone, announcing that he won’t respond to Fang’s further attack or “questioning.”

8.2012-1-20 22:12: Fang declared victory, but vowed that he would continue.

1. Going from Bad to Worse

As mentioned above, Fang’s Rumormonger Han Han was disastrous, simply because he was unable to refute any of Han Han’s allegations. To salvage himself from the disaster, Fang began to attack Han Han’s father, which made the situation even worse. Therefore, on Jan. 20, 2012, Fang posted his Rumormonger Han Han II: Second Replay to Han Han’s Man-made Fang Zhouzi, trying to explain away Han Han’s last allegation, misleading. Here is what Han Han wrote in his Man-made Fang Zhouzi:

“An internet user posted a message, the content was that DICT and SPSS were used to examine the blog articles published between 2008 and 2011 by Han Han and Lu Jinbo on Sina Weibo [blog], and the conclusion was that it could not prove that these articles differ significantly. However, the conclusion concluded nothing but that the software needs to be improved. Tossing a brick to induce a jade, hoping those who are interested in textual analysis will continue.

“Mr. Fang Zhouzi reposted the message, saying that this research is interesting, it will be more convincing if [the articles by] some other people are included in the test. Mr. Fang Zhouzi’s intention is very obvious: software has demonstrated that the articles written by me and Lu Jinbo are similar, implying that my ghostwriter is actually Lu Jinbo. DICT is software used for English textual analysis, as a science popularization writer, Fang Zhouzi actually think that English textual analysis software can be used to analyze Chinese articles. Mr. Fang Zhouzi, did you watch the last night’s game between Barcelona and Real Madrid on your microwave?

“Mr. Fang Zhouzi, tell you the truth, I have experienced many written polemics; the means used by you are the lowest and stupidest. What is dirty? It is not dirty simply because I used word ‘fuck.’ In the last article, I even scolded myself ‘fuck,’ because I was angry. However, when I write articles, I will not use these low tactics. Probably there is not a single ‘fuck’ in your articles; however, what you have written is dirty.”[136]

After quoting the above paragraphs, Fang made the following comment in his Rumormonger Han Han II:

“Han Han copied the microblog message by this internet user (Hong Jiachun) in its entirety, but he didn’t copy my comment which is much shorter. Here is the original text of my comment: ‘This research is interesting. [Had the experimenter] used more controls, for example, the blog articles by Han Han and other people (such as mine), it would have been more convincing.’

“What I meant was very clear. I cannot categorically deny and laugh at the applicability of [the software] for textual analysis, like the high school dropout who has no academic training. I can only give criticism and suggestion from the perspective of generally applicable scientific experimental design. In fact, I was critical of the experimental design, which compared only the articles by Han Han and Lu Jinbo. Even though [the result] could not demonstrate that their articles differ significantly, it doesn’t prove anything, because it might be possible that a random comparison of any two people’s articles could not demonstrate their significant difference. That’s why I suggested a negative control, comparing Han Han’s articles and mine, if the result shows no significant difference, it indicates the analysis is not usable (My writing style is obviously different from Han Han’s, like the difference between the heaven and earth), it is only convincing when it give otherwise results .

“Thus, I didn’t agree with the experimental result. However, Han Han wrote: ‘Mr. Fang Zhouzi’s intention is very obvious: software has demonstrated that the articles written by me and Lu Jinbo are similar, implying that my ghostwriter is actually Lu Jinbo.’ [Did he do so] because his knowledge is too limited, didn’t know what is a control experiment, or because he wanted to mislead the readers? I believe it was the latter, because when he paraphrased my microblog, he deleted two key phrases ‘use more controls’ and ‘(such as mine),’ which altered the meaning completely. How come his lengthy blog article had no room for these 6 words? It shows that he knew clearly what is ‘control,’ but he dared not to let the readers who do not read Weibo know my true intention. This is another typical example of rumormongering by quoting out of context. Such tactic is indeed ‘the lowest and stupidest.’ However, he has the guts to scold me ‘the lowest and stupidest,’ such language is indeed ‘dirty.’”[137]

Fang’s quibbling fooled no one except for his moronic followers. Here are 3 comments on his Rumormonger Han Han II, made within 7 minutes after its appearance:

“Every normal person knows what you meant when you reposted the message about the software [analysis]. Fang Zhouzi, you are too insidious, I look down on you from the bottom of my heart.”[138]

“May I ask you: are you fighting against fraud right now, or fight purely for winning a battle? Many of your posts against Han Han are based on the argument that ‘my original intention was not as that [as Han Han said], you are invincible by using this particular trick.”[139]

“After having thought for a whole night, [You] only find these garbage words to muddy the water. Besides causing troubles, what else are you good at? Can you respond directly? Your article is a mess, I couldn’t even tell which is citation and which is your original writing, you are even worse than a high school dropout! So pitiful! You certainly didn’t sleep well last night, acting like an eagle rushing to shit, you reposted randomly by painstakingly looking for a nonsense comment out of thousands of cursive comments to create an illusion that you are supported by many people!”[140]

However, a more generalized and insightful comment appeared about 4 hours later:

“China’s progress is reflected in the aspect that more and more people don’t blindly believe anymore the expert opinions by the bastards like Fang. Young people are becoming able to tell this old rogue’s little tricks easily. Hallelujah!”[141]

In short, Fang’s Rumormonger Han Han II generated more than 10,950 comments, and like its precedent, more than 90% of these comments were negative, and the rest supportive comments were almost completely made by the few too familiar old Fang-lovers (see the screenshots below).

2. The Fraudulent Fraud Fighter Enjoys Himself, Very Much

In the evening of Jan. 20, 2012, Han Han posted his last response to Fang’s attack, Enjoy Yourself, Alone. Here is its first paragraph:

“After this essay, I’ll pay no attention to Mr. Fang Zhouzi anymore, because these essays are meaningless, continuing writing these things will become quibbling. Of course, Mr. Fang Zhouzi might say that oh, he is running away, he is escaping, he has lost, and then he might join hands with his followers to form a circle, dancing and singing. After all, I need to write real articles, and I also need to celebrate the New Year. When celebrating the New Year, some people wish others a happy New Year, some people receive gifts, some people sing the red songs, and some people get together with their families. Only Mr. Fang Zhouzi stays alone to block [other internet users]. As the New Year Eve is coming, I wish Mr. Fang Zhouzi not to take things too hard any longer, and have a happy New Year. When the New Year’s bell rings, you should not be still studying my graduation thesis over and over, oops, I forgot I even didn’t graduate from a high school, and I have neither a college diploma nor any kind of academic papers. It also seems that it is impossible to fake a [car racing] record. Heck, how [do you] hand such a situation?”[142]

Fang has never responded directly to Han Han’s this essay yet. However, just as predicted by Han Han, as a matter of fact by many people who knew Fang well, Fang immediately declared his victory:

“After throwing my combination punches for only twice, I saw Han Han’s announcement saying ‘I’ll pay no attention to Mr. Fang Zhouzi anymore.’ Of course, before leaving the ring, he had to say something to save his face. His leaving won’t affect my continuation. It is not a martial art contest which ends [automatically] when someone is knocked off stage. Comparing with the message posted by Lu Jinbo in the midnight, which shows his belief that Han Han would fight to the end and win a complete victory, I believe even more that Han Han’s blog articles in the past few days were not ghostwritten by Lu Jinbo.”[143]

Oh yeah, although to most people it looked like that Fang had been beaten up by Han Han repeatedly in the past three days, the fraudulent fraud fighter Fang Zhouzi courageously declared that he had knocked Han Han off stage. Have you ever heard of Ah Q? Well, you have just witnessed one.

On the other hand, after having been attacking Han Han for three entire days, from the early mornings to the midnights, Fang had not found, let alone presented, any evidence to support his ghostwriting allegation, and there was no indication whatsoever suggesting that he could ever find one; and yet, this fraudulent fraud fighter vowed that he would continue. It seems that Fang Zhouzi obeys only Fang’s Law.

The fact is, even though Fang said in his victory declaration that he would continue his attack on Han Han, it is very obvious that he had already made up his mind to turn upon Lu Jinbo, because he named Lu’s name repeatedly[144] after Han Han issued his last response. However, something happened, thus the fight between Fang and Han in the first three days became the foreplay of the deadly Hanly War.

A pure thug
A Fangangster with a web ID “No More Nicknames Available for Registration” (昵称都被注册光了) posted 67 pro-Fang/anti-Han comments under Fang’s Weibo post, Rumormonger Han Han.

A dumb artist who loves Fang
A Fang-lover who calls himself “GG Alpha and GG Beta” (吉吉阿尔法与吉吉贝塔) and claims to be an artist posted 78 comments under Fang’s Rumormonger Han Han to defend Fang and scold Han.

A Fang-lover who calls himself “blueteeeeth” (or蓝门牙3) posted 71 abusive comments under Fang’s Rumormonger Han Han, attacking Han Han, his father, and his supporters. Most of these comments were posted in a time span of less than 3 hours. The record shows that in 2014 alone, the account has been punished by Sina Weibo for at least 12 times for personal attack and harassment.

A pair of thugs
Xuan Zhongzi, the Toilet Mouth, and a fake Earl in a Canyon (峡谷中的伯爵) each posted dozens of comments under Fang’s Rumormonger Han Han to support Fang and attack Han Han and his supporters.

Three Fang-lovers, “Small Fish in Aries” (白羊座的小鱼儿2), leslie_940904, and yevjd each posted multiple comments under Fang’s Rumormonger Han Han to support Fang’s attack on Han Han.

The three musketeers of Fang’s water army
Three loyal Fang-lovers, weibo_aiwen, “The Swordsman of the City”(倾城刀客) and Mr. Peng Jin (彭谨Matlab), posted multiple comments under Fang’s Rumormonger Han Han II to support their master.

Three traitors
Three ex-Fang-lovers, Mr. Zhang Xiao (iamzhangxiao3), Warrior 100 (骁勇100), and Three Grams of Oil (三克油u), posted multiple and repetitive comments under Fang’s Rumormonger Han Han II to support their master. All of them would become Fang-haters sooner or later.

Fang’s swear troopers
The above image shows that some Fang-lovers scolded Fang’s enemies, from Han Han to his publisher Lu Jinbo to his friend Luo Yonghao, with the most vicious language under Fang’s Rumormonger Han Han II.

Fang and his loyalists
After posting his Rumormonger Han Han II, Fang reposted three times, and many of his loyal followers jumped out to either make supportive comments or repost it. These loyalists, about 100 in total, would appear frequently under Fang’s posts and support Fang no matter what.

A couple of zombies
Two faceless Fang-lovers, “A Lofty Tree in a Dark Valley” (幽谷乔木2000, left) and jead121, posted dozens of comments under Fang’s Rumormonger Han Han II to support their master. As pointed out previously[1], jead121 is more likely than not to be one of the countless Weibo accounts controlled by Fang’s wife Liu Juhua.

V-H Day
As predicted by Han Han, the Fangangsters, led by Fang Zhouzi, jumped out, held hands, formed a circle, dancing and singing to celebrate after Fang declared his victory over Han Han at 2012-1-20 22:12. 98 minutes earlier, Han Han announced that he would ignore Fang’s further “questioning.” The above comments constitute the major body of Fang’s support base. About 90% of the comments under Fang’s post were negative.

Dead man walking
When Fang Zhouzi declared his victory at 2012-1-20 22:12, a zombie account with a web ID “Empty” (_____空空) which was later changed to “Finance Class Representative”(金融课代表), suddenly became active, posted 34 comments under Fang’s post to support Fang. As of today, the homepage of the account has only 38 posts, the earliest one was posted on 2013-5-3.

A clown
When Fang Zhouzi declared his victory over Han Han at 2012-1-20 22:12, many people expressed their disdain. An internet user (FANCL芳珂) posted 30 comments using vomiting and shit emoticons only (left). Some internet users simply scolded cursed Fang.

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