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Part XLIV: The Hanly War (V): The Incriminator_2 (1254 查看)

November 19, 2014 03:31PM
(2) A Cunning “Muding Story”

A few days after the California Lawyer incident, Fang began to accuse Old Luo’s English of tax evasion. And from the information fed in by his followers, Fang also learned that Luo’s school was providing service of applying foreign schools to students. Fang, who is extremely jealous of his opponents’ success, immediate instigated his followers to “investigate” the problems in the area. On Jan. 7, 2012, Fang reposted a message by a “Cucumber Whose Knee Was Hit by an Arrow” (膝盖中箭的黄瓜), who has disappeared completely from weibo.com since then:

“Have done a little research, [Old Luo’s English] won’t guarantee the success of application, but they do write applications for the applicants. Arranging other people to write application for applicants is beyond the scope of consulting business as Old Luo said, suggesting that Luo Yonghao’s replies, which looked objective, are lies.”[55]

Fang was extremely excited:

“This is not only doing business beyond the scope, it is also cheating American universities by fabrication, and once [such activities] are disclosed, it will be blacklisted.”[56]

About 3 hours later, Fang reposted another message by a Muding Story (木丁故事):

“Oh my god, I have just asked a student, he actually said that his application was written by Old Luo’s people. Old Luo, what’s going on? Have you really violated the law? Please don’t disappoint us!”[57]

Fang also made a comment to validate the story:

“Old Luo’s English charges tens of thousands of Yuan for study abroad consulting, if what they do is indeed like what he said, helping with correcting grammar errors in the application, who would need their service?”[58]

However, 2 minutes after Fang’s reposting and commenting, his face was slapped by that Muding Story who posted the following announcement:

“This is fake news [released to] find out the truth about the iron-clad facts and evidences presented by the rigorous Dr. Fang. After the fiascos of the California Lawyer and Slim or Die, shouldn’t Fang Zhouzi have learned something already? Hope you won’t behave like a hungry man who would eat anything, have some basic quality, verify the facts before disseminating them!”[59]

Fang’s first reaction to the announcement was to block Muding Story instantaneously[60], and then he posted the following message:

“Luo-fans think that they could smear other complainants by faking a piece of news about complaining Luo Yonghao, their intelligence is really lovely. Why hasn’t the Siemens thought of doing the same? Welcome every Luo-fan to act together to file complaints against Luo Yonghao, and let the internet be filled with the negative voice about Old Luo’s English training, and exhaust Luo Yonghao to death. It is said that he is going to make phone calls individually to extinguish the fire, [and now] he has one more job to do: to distinguish the true complaints from the false ones.”[61]

Here is the response by Muding Story to Fang’s above message:

“Zhouzi is misleading his audience in his realm again. What I said meant to remind Dr. Fang to be responsible for his power of speech, and he should at least conduct some kind of verification for the messages he posts, he should not use hearsay evidence and post them for the only reason of hurting his opponents. How come [what I did] became smearing other complainants? It is just like that [whenever some people] criticizes your double standard, [you’ll] use your wife as a shield.”[62]

Fang has been using his “last strategy” to deal Muding Story since then.

An older fishing experiment
The above image is the screenshots of Muding Story’s fishing experiment, showing that Fang first reposted Muding Story’s fabricated news at 21:29 on Jan. 7, 2012, and Muding Story revealed the truth two minutes later.

Fabricator Fang Zhouzi

Although Fang declared that he’d cease fire for one day on Jan. 23, 2012, to “give the father and son of Han’s family a day off for the Spring Festival”[63], he actually spent the whole day, from 11:51 AM to 11:41 PM, on weibo.com, posted 13 messages, scolding first “Han’s Family Swearing Troopers”[64], then Mr. Luo Yonghao[65], and then Mr. Wang Jiamin[66]. Here is his last post of the day:

“Hi everyone, please don’t wait anymore, the new article exposing Han won’t be posted at zero o’clock. Read [the article] after waking up tomorrow. Now let me read a ci I wrote when I was young for you. After having seen that it is so easy to pretend to be a god and play ghosty tricks in the literary world, I am marching towards there this year, Bang! 【Partridge Sky: The grasses have no fragrance and the evil birds are beeping, [we are] separated apart and rarely have a meeting. Watching the waning moon together with so much yearning, I fight a pack of wolves alone, without pausing. Don’t cry, listening, I’ll sing a song to hide my feeling. To thank your friendship, I’ll pledge an oath while dreaming.】”[67]

New Year Declaration
At the midnight of Chinese New Year Day of 2012, Fang declared that he would march into the literary world to pretend to be a god and play ghosty tricks because he thought it was easier to do these things there.

The take-home message of the post is that Fang had determined to fight against Han Han to the end, and he believed that he was more than qualified to destroy the high school dropout.

1. Fabricating a Scarecrow

On the day after the Spring Festival, when most Chinese married men are supposed to visit their in-laws with their wives, Fang posted his second paper in the “‘Genius’ Han Han” series, "Genius" Han Han's Writing Ability, trying to demonstrate that Han Han didn’t possess the capability to write from the very beginning. Here are the first two sentences of his paper:

“Han Han considered himself ‘a person with special talent’ (Southern Metropolis Daily, Nov. 13, 2002), which of course meant his writing talent. Han Han’s father Han Renjun believed so, too. In his book, My Son Han Han, he wrote: ‘When he was in his second and third grades, Han Han started writing his compositions by ‘inventing’ stories, it seemed that he was never bothered by writing compositions which was bothering so many little kids.’”[68]

Based on above, plus a comment by another person who considered Han Han a genius[69], Fang tried his best to demonstrate that Han Han is a self-claimed genius but in fact an idiot.

Like in English, in Chinese, genius (天才, tiāncái) and talent (天赋, tiānfù) are two completely different words, the former refers to a super-intelligent person like Albert Einstein, the latter means simply a special ability which a person receives at birth. So, even if Han Han had indeed claimed that he has a special talent, no one, except for Fang, could interpret the claim as that he was boasting that he is a genius. The fact is, Fang not only intentionally misuse the Chinese words, he even twisted Han’s claim.

The Southern Metropolis Daily report Fang cited above was entitled Han Han: I Am a Person with a Special Talent. It seems that the title was derived from the following conversation at the end of the report:

Reporter: Since dropping out of school, you have not been interested in college life at all?

Han: [One] cannot learn what he wants to learn in college, because going to school and learning are two different concepts, [one] might not reach his goal of learning by going to school. To the majority of people without a special talent, going to school is the path to making a living; however, it is unnecessary to those people who have a special talent.

Reporter: Those people who have a special talent? Such as you?

Han: Such as me. I am not going to school, but it doesn’t mean I am not learning. Further, I am not going to school, but I already have possessed the ability to make a living.[70]

The fact is, in the interview, Han Han repeatedly expressed his dislike of writing, and he said explicitly that he had no plan to make a living by writing:

Reporter: What do you normally do? Writing? Have you written for the media?

Han: No, I write almost nothing right now, at most 2 to 3 hundred characters per month, writing randomly. And there should be no more new works from now on. From the very beginning I didn’t intent to make a living by writing, and I didn’t plan to be a writer. The reason I wrote books before was because I was in school, and there were few things which made me interested in school, only writing could make me feel a little fun. Now I have quitted school to stay at home, I can do a lot of things I like to do, for example, I have been practicing car-racing, and will participate in car rally competitions next year.[71]

In other word, Han Han has neither claimed that he is a genius, nor claimed that he has a special talent in writing. Therefore, the entire series of Fang’s “Genius” Han Han, and particularly the article "Genius" Han Han's Writing Ability, was based on the false assumption manufactured deliberately by Fang, a fact noticed by some internet users. Here is a comment on Fang’s article:

“Besides quoting out of context and using double standard, what else is Fang Zhouzi good at? The article ridiculing Han Han’s writing ability is based on Han Han’s so called ‘special talent.’ Where has Fang Zhouzi’s language ‘Zhuangyuan’ ability gone? I don’t see that the talent was referring to the writing talent. The original article is here: [t.cn]”[72]

Another internet user (Neil反面教材) was much more diligent, he cited the conversation between Han Han and the reporter, and even posted the screenshot of the report, and made the following comment:

“It is called quoting out of context when one separates a sentence from its language situation and makes a comment on the isolated sentence. If you want to frame a person, this tactic works very well.”[73]

Fang’s tactic of framing his enemies by quoting out of context has been known to many people for many years. The above image shows the screenshot of the post partially translated above (left) and the attached original report cited by Fang to demonstrate that Han Han had claimed that he has a special talent in writing (right).

2. Fabricating a Standard

(1) The Supreme Justice

So, why would Fang want to fabricate a rumor saying that Han Han is a self-claimed genius with a special talent in writing? Here is his answer:

“In 2006, Han Han revealed in his blog the script image of his second grade composition, Winter, and he thought it was ‘well-written’:

‘The winter has arrived, the weather is very cold, and it is very likely to snow. When it snows, we wear a lot of clothes, and everyone goes outside to make snowmen and play snowball fights. Sometimes, I play with them together, and it is really fun. I always lose in snowball fights. I’m determined to defeat them later, and let them to taste my mightiness. Nov. 14, 1990.’

“Whether the content, narrative, or wordings are all very mediocre, and in such a composition by a second grader, [no one] could detect any sign of a genius, kids at any ages could do it, and [if you] say that the composition was written by an average first grader or a higher class kindergartener, someone would believe you. What does a composition written by a kid with literary talent look like? Let’s take a look at the composition I and Chaplin written by the deceased young literary wonder boy Ziyou when he was a first grader:

‘Chaplin (1899-1977) went to a singing school when he was 8 years old. In 1906, [he] wrote, directed, and acted by himself. I like what he acted on TV. I want to act in 2018 also. I’ll act “Puppet” in 2025, “Happiness” in 2031, “My Family” in 2036, “The Robber, Part One” in 2038, and “Part Two” in 2042. In 2064 act “A King,” in 2074 act “Women Are Really Happy.” April 29, 1997.’

“Very unique and imaginative, that is what other people are unable to write. It is not difficult to see by comparing the two compositions that Ziyou had literary latent from his childhood, while Han Han had not.”[74]

Again, Fang’s deeper intent was to assassin Han Han’s character. According to Fang’s logic, since Han Han believed himself to be a genius, or at least believed to have a special talent in writing, so his writings from the very beginning should be superior to other people’s, otherwise, he must be a liar.

The problem is, it seemed that no one else, except for Fang, was able to tell the superiority of the composition by Ziyou over Han Han’s. Here are some comments on Fang’s article:

“Some points are far-fetched, especially about the comparison of the articles between Han Han and the literary wonder boy, let’s not to talk about Han Han’s level for the moment, but I really could not see the merit in Ziyou’s article. According to my understanding, as long as you have a list of Chaplin’s works, you are able to write it. Does it need imagination for such a thing?”[75]

“Where is the wonder in the literary wonder boy Ziyou’s I and Chaplin? I have read it many times but I failed to find it. Please teach me.”[76]

“Isn’t that what Ziyou wrote was copying encyclopedia? Isn’t that Fang Zhouzi you are so awesome? Why don’t you show us what you wrote [when you were young]?”[77]

“Someone please tell me, which part of Ziyou’s composition showed his talent? Isn’t it the list of Chaplin’s works!?”[78]

The funny thing is, more than 27 months later, on April 27, 2014, Han Han posted another his childhood composition, written 3 days after the Winter. The entire composition is as following:

“One day, when I stood by the river watching chrysanthemums after returning home, I suddenly heard a weird sound. I looked around, but strangely I found nothing. I thought today is really weird. Suddenly, I saw a little bird on a branch by the riverside, and it seemed that she was playing hide and seek with me. I took a closer look, the bird’s beak was very long, and her tail was also very long. I immediately recalled the text of Lesson16, The Birds. Among the nine birds described in the text was a bird called kingfisher, and I knew for sure that the bird on the branch was a kingfisher. There was a red spot in the emerald-green feathers, and the beak looked like a woodpecker’s, long and sharp. You see, what a beautiful kingfisher!”[79]

Han Han’s post was reposted, and commented on, tens of thousands of times, and the story was even reported on the official website of Xinhua News Agency[80]. However, Fang Zhouzi, the number one Han Expert in the world, pretended to be blind, deaf, or dumb, to the newest evidence for “‘Genius’ Han Han's Writing Ability,” even though Fang had never stopped his attacks on Han Han till that very moment. Obviously, the evidence was disadvantageous to him.

The funnier thing happened two days later, when Fang reposted a message from a Fang-lover/Han-hater who picked up, among the tens of thousands of comments on Han Han’s essay, a comment which questioned the ballpoint pen Han Han used to write the essay two dozen years ago: how come the ink color hasn’t faded yet? Here is the John Maddox Prize winner’s comment:

“The Old Han Han invented a special ballpoint pen ink for the Little Han Han.”[81]

The devil's advocate
On Jan 22, 2012, Fang Zhouzi posted an image of Han Han’s composition written on Nov. 14, 1990, when he was an 8 years old boy and a second grader (upper left). The essay would be used by Fang two days later to belittle “‘Genius’ Han Han's Writing Ability.” 27 months later, Han Han posted another composition he wrote on Nov. 17, 1990 (upper right), which showed unequivocally “‘Genius’ Han Han's Writing Ability.” Fang first tried to ignore the new evidence, but 2 days later, he implied, by reposting and commenting on a message by one of his thugs, that the composition was faked by either Han Han or his father (lower). Of course Fang will never question the authenticity of the former composition, even though it looks the same as the latter in both handwriting and the ink used.

It is so obvious that Fang’s hatred towards Han Han had reached to such an extent that he won’t give up any chance to make a venomous bite at him. Yet, he claimed repeatedly that he had no malice towards Han Han[82]. It seems that in Fang’s dictionary, the word malice is defined as “standing-up for science.”

(2) Shooting Himself in the Foot

The fact is, like everything he does, the extremely narcissistic and jealous “internet wonder boy” Fang Zhouzi had multiple purposes when he lavishly promoted and praise the “literary wonder boy” Ziyou.

Ziyou’s full name is Wu Ziyou (吴子尤, 1990-2006), his biological father is Dr. Wu Guosheng, a historian and philosopher of science and a professor at Peking University, who almost single-handedly blocked Fang Zhouzi’s entry into the University in 2000, hence becoming one of Fang’s most hated enemies. In 2002, Dr. Wu divorced his wife Liu Hong, and Ziyou live with his mother till 2006 when he died of cancer[83]. Fang and Ms. Liu Hong probably got acquainted with each other on Jan. 8, 2011, when both received the “annual good book salute” by The Beijing News[84]. Two days later, Fang launched his attack on Mr. Wu Xiaobo, accusing him of plagiarizing Liu Hong[85]. No wonder someone made the following comment on Fang’s “Genius” Han Han's Writing Ability:

“The most commonly made mistakes by Mr. Fang is that he knows only one side of the story, but doesn't know the other side, therefore, he often makes stupid mistakes, holding his side of the story like clutching at the life-saving straw. Maybe because of his knowing Liu Hong, so he especially cited the elementary school composition by the deceased youth writer Ziyou to attack Han Han; however, he doesn’t know that Ziyou adored and respected Han Han dearly. According to his upright and trenchant personality, had he known the matter in the underworld, it would be possible that he’d write an article to discuss the matter with you. I wish that Mr. Fang dreams Ziyou at the midnight.”[86]

Indeed, Ziyou liked Han Han very much. Here is a paragraph apparently written by Ziyou’s mother Liu Hong in 2007:

“How much Ziyou liked Han Han! He read Han Han’s books, and often read the books to me, reading, laughing, and commenting. How exciting! Last year, Han Han started the whirlwind of blogging, we followed him every day, often fascinated and overwhelmed with admiration. At the end of the year before last, Ziyou wrote Han Han in My Eyes, and submitted to Southern Weekend, because they had told him previously that they were willing to open a column for Ziyou, with no restrictions on time and length, etc. However, the article was not published.”[87]

Not only did Ziyou like Han Han, he also disliked Chinese education system, especially the exam-oriented composition class, just like Han Han did. In a letter written to the famous Taiwan writer Li Ao, Ziyou wrote:

“Our school life is terrible, horrible. What I mean is that the school imprisons our thinking, shape every one of us into an obedient and precise examination machine.”

“What the exam-oriented composition has created is ice-cold words and sentences, and ice-cold people, without feeling, having no feeling! How horrible it is!”

“The composition which didn’t win an award was about my illness. I guess the reason it was not selected was because that the exam officials had seen too many fabricated compositions (it is said that in the College Entrance Exam, there are many compositions about their parents’ death or their own illness), and this time they saw a real one, they dared not to believe it.”[88]

(3) The Deformed and Hated Education System

The fact is, China’s language education is disliked not only by the literary youths such as Ziyou and Han Han, but also by the students in the high school which Han Han quitted. Commenting on a stupid mistake Fang made in his “Genius” Han Han's Writing Ability, the official microblog of Song Jiang No. 2 High School posted the following message:

“Classmate Fang, what Han Han enrolled in was Song Jiang No. 2 High School, not Jin Shan No. 2 High School. Since classmate Fang has so much energy, why don’t you bust the fraud of China’s language teaching, instead of hyping nastily, won’t it be better to hype up your wife’s plagiarism?”[89]

As a matter of fact, except for Fang Zhouzi and a few others, almost everyone else, including Dr. Kong Qingdong, a Chinese Literature professor at Peking University, an extreme leftist, and Fang’s political ally since late 2011, dislikes, or more precisely, hates, China’s exam-oriented education system in general, and the language education in secondary schools in particular. For example, in 1999, a book edited by Kong Qingdong and his friends, entitled Scrutinizing the Language Education in Secondary Schools: The Embarrassment at the End of the Century, was published. You don’t need to read the entire book to know the contents, all you need to do is to take a glimpse at the image on the cover and read Chairman Mao’s Quotation cited on the front page:

“At the present time, the examinations are used to give students a hard time by using the method of treating enemies, launching sudden attacks, asking weird and tricky questions. It is the method for writing eight-part essays. I don’t like it, and it needs to be changed completely.”[90]

The Embarrassment at the End of the Century
The cover (left) and front page (right) of Scrutinizing the Language Education in Secondary Schools: The Embarrassment at the End of the Century, a book criticizing China’s language education in secondary schools, co-edited by Kong Qingdong, Mo Luo, and Yu Jie and published in 1999 by Shantou University Press. Chairman Mao’s Quotation on the front page is translated above.

China’s education system
In this very popular cartoon, the teacher says the following to his animal students: “for the sake of fairness, each one of you has the same assignment: climb up that tree!” (Source of the image: 2013-7-29 23:12.)

Here is what Mr. Qian Liqun (钱理群), a renowned Professor of Chinese Language and Literature and an expert in Lu Xun Studies at Peking University, said about the guiding force of China’s language education in the secondary schools, namely, the College Entrance Examination, or Fang’s “old lover”:

“It formed an irresistible force and wanted to force my thinking into a fixed, unquestionable, and rigid model, and further control my mind. I felt the suffocation of life, and stuck in the inexplicable fear and pain.”[91]

Despite the efforts by generations, the situation remains the same, or getting worse. In 2007, Mr. Wang Meng, a well-known author and China’s Minister of Culture from 1986 to 1989, told news media: Had he taken the language exam [in the middle school now], he would have to hand in a blank sheet. Why? Because he had absolutely no idea how to answer the following question: What does the following sentence mean: “there is a poplar tree outside of my window.” The examinees have to pick one, and only one, correct answer among the following 4 choices:

A. There is a poplar tree growing outside of my window.
B. From my window I can see a poplar tree standing outside.
C. There is a tree outside of window, and it is a poplar tree.
D. The house with a poplar tree outside of the window is the house I live.[92]

Of course Fang Zhouzi is absolutely capable of answering questions like that, and he is extremely proud of such ability. As a matter of fact, that’s the exact reason for his love of such an education system. And indeed, in his "Genius" Han Han's Writing Ability, Fang repeatedly cited Han Han’s mediocre scores on Chinese language class as the evidence for his lack of writing ability, no wonder an internet user made the following comment:

“I am not surprised that scientist Fang, who is an insider of the system and highly educated, is so loyal to the traditional evaluation standard of the system, however, it is the first time that I have seen that the scores of middle school compositions are used to measure a writer’s writing level. The thinking of a scientific man is invincible in the world. In Fang’s eyes, both Bill Gates and Jobs must be losers.”[93]

Of course Fang won’t respond to comments like this.

3. The Fake Zhuangyuan Was Busted

Apparently because of Fang’s nonsense talking about writing and stupid comparison between Han Han and Ziyou, some people immediately began to question Fang’s eligibility to make a judgment on other people’s writings. For example, one Weibo user wrote:

“Writing is the last thing which should have a unified standard; however, Brother Fang has decided to judge which article by Han Han is good, which is bad, like a language teacher, isn’t it like that [hurdler] Liu Xiang says that [NBA player] Yao Ming doesn’t play basketball well? What kind of qualification do you have to judge other people’s writings? At least I think these argumentative writings by Han Han are better than Brother Fang’s, they are well-reasoned and well-founded. Look at Brother Fang’s writing, in the entire article you talked nonsense, dared not to reveal your view points. What a shame.”[94]

Fang didn’t respond to this particular comment, however, he did find an opportunity to show off his qualification when a Weibo user scolded him: “Moron, have you ever gone to high school and written exam-oriented compositions?” Fang replied joyfully:

“Thank you for giving me a chance to show off: I enrolled in high school with the top score in the whole county, and from elementary school to College Entrance Exam, my scores in composition and language had been number one in my grades all along, never been surpassed. Language was the easiest and most stable subject for me.”[95]

And immediately, Dr. Kong Qingdong, one the strongest critics of China’s language education merely ten years ago, made a flattery comment:

“Fang Zhouzi’s writing ability is at the level of humanities professors.”[96]

To which Fang replied:

“With Professor Kong’s recommendation, I am no longer afraid of unemployment.”[97]

Less than an hour later, Fang grabbed another chance to show off. One internet user asked Fang:

“Is there any evidence showing that you were really the number one in Chinese language in Fujian Province?”[98]

Fang was almost overwhelmed by the opportunity:

“‘Fang Expert’ has already investigated, ‘A Group of High Score Examinees Emerge in Our Province College Entrance Exam,’ published in the front page of Fujian Daily on August 2, 1985, reported that I captured the first place in that year’s language test in the College Entrance Exam in Fujian. Now, Han’s Family Army is studying the Fang Expert’s works really hard trying to get the truth, you go ahead to ask them.”[99]

However, it didn’t take very long for the “number one in Chinese language in Fujian” to reveal his true colors. To most Chinese, it is common knowledge that a person’s school or examination record has little, if any, relationship with his/her creative writing ability. Here are two comments on Fang’s article:

“Doggy Fang you should try to demonstrate that the Dream of the Red Chamber was not written by Cao Xueqin, who was even unable to write the eight-part essays well, how could he write the Dream of the Red Chamber? Cao Xueqin, you didn’t set a table in Qianmen Square to write in front of the public, who knows whether the book was written by you or not? When we talk about literary talent, we should talk about Doggy Fang’s number one record in College Entrance Exam, which was not achieved by boasting, rather, it was achieved by taking the examination in front of so many people, really awesome.”[100]

“Logically speaking, Hierarch Fang should know clearly the evaluation standard of the examination-oriented compositions. Is he so stupid to believe that a person could be a good writer as long as he can write good compositions? Is he playing dumb or pretending to be something?”[101]

At beginning, Fang pretended that he was blind when he saw these comments. However, at the midnight of the day, Fang picked up the following comment to respond to:

“Cao Xueqin even didn’t gain a Xiucai [an entry level degree] in the Imperial Examination, whether that means the Dream of the Red Chamber was ghostwritten also?”[102]

Here is Fang’s comment:

“Cao Xueqin was a Bannerman, not allowed to take the Imperial Examination, so even if he wanted to pass the exam he won’t be able to. Furthermore, there was a special way to write the eight-part essays during Ming and Qing dynasties, so it is not the same thing as today’s composition.”[103]

As many people pointed out immediately after Fang posted the above message, contrary to what he said, the Bannermen were actually allowed to participate in the Imperial Examination in Qing dynasty (1644-1912) in which period Cao Xueqin, the supposed author of the Dream of the Red Chamber, lived. To cover up his stupid mistake, Fang posted the following message:

“I looked it up [and found out that] the Imperial Examination for the Bannermen was held irregularly. Also, the Bannermen took the provincial examination directly, so there were no Bannermen Shengyuans [the official name of Xiucai]. Anyway, Cao Xueqin didn’t take the Imperial Examination.”[104]

Again, Fang’s ignorance was busted immediately by so many people. For example, an internet user Sima Shao (司马少) who claimed that he was 25-years old and, like Han Han, didn’t finish his high school, wrote several scholarly articles torefute Fang, which were widely read. Here is the first paragraph of his first such article, entitled, sarcastically, “Language Zhuangyuan” Fang Zhouzi’s Proficiency in Literature and History:

“Since Mr. Fang has read so many books, he should know that [one’s] knowledge level cannot by judged by his age, or his educational background. Although the current education differs dramatically from the ancient Imperial Examination system, it does have some similarities. Historically speaking, are you able to say that Zhuangyuan must be better than Xiucai? Pu Songling [the author of Strange_Stories_from_a_Chinese_Studio]Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio[/i]] was a writer, so I won’t use him as an example. It is very likely that these Zhuangyuans couldn’t write a book like Gu Zuyu’s Essentials of Geography for Reading History. Gu Zuyu experienced the ending of Ming dynasty, and lived in seclusion with his father. He didn’t like to take the Imperial Examination. Han Han didn’t like to take the College Entrance Examination because he thought that the education system is too absurd. Although their reasons were different, their ‘unwillingnesses’ are the same. Not going to school is not the same as not learning, and a bad exam score is not the same as having no knowledge.”[105]

“Language Zhuangyuan” Fang Zhouzi’s Proficiency in Literature and History
Three days after laughing at “Genius” Han Han’s Proficiency in Literature and History, Fang’s own “proficiency in literature and history” became the laughing stock in China. The above image is Mr. Sima Shao’s long microblog “Language Zhuangyuan” Fang Zhouzi’s Proficiency in Literature and History, which is not only 60% longer than Fang’s corresponding article against Han Han, but also way much deeper and broader in knowledge than Fang’s. Mr. Sima Shao would write several more articles to expose Fang’s ignorance in literature and history. Fang has never gathered his guts to mention Mr. Sima Shao’s name, even once.

Mr. Sima Shao’s most damaging argument against Fang was this: it is widely believed that the first 80 chapters of the Dream of the Red Chamber were written by Cao Xueqin who was a Xiucai [an examinee who is qualified to take a Provincial exam] and the last 40 chapters by Gao E, who was not only a Bannerman, but a Jinshi [an examinee who passed the final exam in the Imperial Examination]. Also, most people believe that what written by Gao E is worse than those written by Cao Xueqin. Therefore, Mr. Sima Shao reasoned that first, Fang hadn’t read the Dream of the Red Chamber, one of China’s Four Great Classical Novels, because Fang didn’t know the background of Gao E; second, the first 80 chapters were ghostwritten, because Cao’s degree was much lower than Gao’s, so he could not write anything better than Gao did[106].

What do you think Fang’s response to these arguments? Of course he adopted “the last strategy of all the imposters when their frauds are brought to light is to play dumb, remain silent, and pretend nothing has happened.” As a matter of fact, the truth about Fang’s knowledge in history and literature had already been exposed by me three years earlier[27], and the truth about his fraudulent “Language Zhuangyuan” would be soon revealed by his big sister’s stupidity (the story will be told later).

4. Kong Qingdong, One of Fang’s Lackey Scholars

As I have mentioned repeatedly, whenever Fang faces a crisis in his fraudulent fraud fighting, there would always be some “scholars” come to his rescue (for example, see Drs. Eddie Cheng and Sun Wenjun’s defense of Fang’s plagiarism of Dr. Root-Bernstein[107]). And the Hanly War is no exception: despite Fang’s obvious stupidity, ignorance, and fraudulence, Dr. Kong Qingdong, as one of the most well-known Chinese literature professors in China, “certified” Fang’s proficiency in language and history. So, why did he want to ally with Fang? Exactly who is he?

(1) The Fifty Centers Join Hands Together

Before November 7, 2011, Dr. Kong’s image on Fang’s New Threads had been mostly negative, or more precisely, a target waiting for Fang’s direct attack, mainly because of his anti-GMO and pro-TCM stances. For example, on June 6, 2007, China’s Reading Weekly published an article entitled Kong Qingdong’s The Serious Stories about Lu Xun Is Criticized of Multiple Hard Mistakes[108]. The article was soon appeared all over the internet, including the governmental Xinhua Net and People’s Net, and on July 31, 2007, Fang reposted the story on his New Threads in the category of Fraud Busting (dajia), and two days later, he pirated the full-length article and posted it again on his website[109]. 11 days later, on Aug. 13, 2007, Fang pirated another article entitled The 300 Mistakes in Kong Qingdong’s The Serious Stories about Lu Xun, which was written by a middle school teacher Chen Linsen and originally posted on his blog two days earlier[110]. Three weeks after that, Fang pirated for the third time, posted on his New Threads an article by Yuan Zhaoqi, who criticized Kong’s “Lu Xun Studies” without naming Kong’s name[111]. It is absolutely certain that had Fang released his list of the 1,000-plus frauds he had busted before November 2011, Professor Kong Qingdong would have been on the list.

Besides pirating other people’s articles to expose Kong’s mediocre scholarship, Fang had published several articles by his gangsters to attack his personal life. For example, on Aug. 27, 2011, Fang posted an anonymous article, Condemn the Rogue Professor of Peking University Who Has Philandered with a Female High School Student, and according to the article, one of the two suspects of the rogue professor was Kong Qingdong[112].

Named and shamed
Less than three months before allying with Kong Qingdong, Fang posted an anonymous article on his New Threads naming Kong as one of the two suspects who had had a sexual affair with a high school student, based purely on speculation. The above image is the screenshot of the webpage. Please note that the article has no author, even a fake one. The red underlines highlight Kong’s name and the accusation.

So, how did Fang the fraud buster Fang ally with the suspected womanizer Kong Qingdong?

By November 2011, Fang’s true colors, a habitual plagiarist, an internet thug, and a scifool writer, had been known to many people. As a matter of fact, because Fang had been attacking the liberals to divert people’s attention to his dirty secrets, many people had begun to suspect that he was a hidden member of the Fifty Cent Party[113]. And on Nov. 7, 2011, Dr. Zhang Ming’s post, saying that Fang and his long-term buddy Sima Nan, the prototype of a Fifty Center, were praised by a “big leader” for “sharing the sorrow with the Party,” essentially erased any doubts about Fang’s government connection - that’s why Fang hated Dr. Zhang so much[1]. Since Fang had no needs to hide his political position after that, he immediately held out an olive branch to Professor Kong, arguably the spiritual leader of China’s radical leftists, when Kong was battling with the liberal Southern Newspaper Group. Hours before Professor Zhang’s revelation of Fang’s big secret, Professor Kong posted the following message on his Weibo:

“A minute ago, the traitor journal Southern People Weekly harassed me with a telephone call, asking for an interview. Their attitude was very nice, but their language was very insidious. Monk Kong replied resolutely with a parallelism: go to your mother, scramble to your mother, and fuck your mother!”[114]

The “Triple Mother” incident immediately became national news, and on the next day, Fang, for the first time, commented directly on Kong’s post:

“The person sent to you by the black medium Southern People Weekly is not a reporter, but a hooker. Just recently, their ex-hooker had publicly solicited prostitution on Weibo. However, the mother of the hooker is innocent, therefore, it’d be better to delete the three mothers.”[115]

Three days later, Kong praised Fang by commenting on another Fang’s flirting post:

“Zhouzi is indeed an extraordinary talent; the ci is very well versed. How many versatile talents have been stifled by the current education system!”[116]

Hence the ally formed.

The cause and the effect
Top: On Nov. 7, 2011, Dr. Zhang Ming, a political science professor at Renmin University of China and a well-known liberal intellectual, announced that Fang was praised by a “big leader” for his “sharing the sorrow with the Party” activities; Middle: On Nov. 8, 2011, Fang began to flirt with Dr. Kong Qingdong, a Chinese literature professor at Peking University and one of the most famous radical leftists; Bottom: On Nov. 11, 2011, Dr. Kong praised Fang’s literary talent.

Fang’s left-wing allies in the Hanly War
The five people in the picture constitute almost the entire body of China’s Fifty Cent Party Central Committee. Dr. Wu Danhong is an associate professor at China University of Political Science and Law, and according to what Fang posted in November 2012, when they had become the deadliest enemies, Wu is the only Fifty Center on the internet he was able to positively identify[117]; Sima Nan identifies himself as a journalist, but he doesn’t have any affiliations, and he is the most recognized Fifty Center in China; Ms. Yuan Ruijuan is probably a homemaker and she calls herself “the charming Chairperson of the Fifty Cent Party” (迷人的五毛党主席); Dr. Kong Qingdong is a professor at Peking University and the spokesman of the leftists; Mr. Zheng Donghong is a journalist with Xinhua News Agency, he calls himself “the General Secretary of the Self-Supported Fifty Cent Party” (自干五总书记). Wu, Yuan, and Zheng were the key members of the notorious “Rumor-refutation Alliance” (辟谣联盟). It has been demonstrated that the “Rumor-refutation Alliance” in general and Mr. Zheng in particular had been actively and deliberately engaging in rumormongering[118]. Before Jan. 24, 2012, when Kong Qingdong publicly praised Fang’s literary talent for the second time, Sima, Yuan, and Zheng had already expressed their support for Fang’s attack on Han Han. Wu Danhong would soon join in, but he would be attacked by Fang Zhouzi in less than a year, because Fang thought Wu was trying to usurp the leadership of the anti-Han Han movement.
(Please note that the photo was posted online by Wu on 2013-3-27.)

(2) The Plagiarists Help Each Other

About one month after Kong Qingdong jumped into Fang’s war wagon against Han Han by certifying Fang’s Chinese language proficiency, he was accused of plagiarism. On March 2, 2012, China Youth Daily, the newspaper which kicked Fang out about a half year earlier because of Fang’s plagiarism scandal, published a lengthy report entitled PKU Professor Kong Qingdong Accused of Plagiarism. According to the report, Kong, in his Brothel Culture, which was published in 1995 by China Economic Publishing House, plagiarized a book entitled Brothel Literature and Chinese Culture , written by Professor Tao Muning of Nankai University and published in 1993[119]. Kong refused to comment on the allegation directly, rather, he claimed that the allegation was “political persecution” against him by the liberals[120].

Playing the victim and political cards
Facing the overwhelming coverage on his alleged plagiarism, Kang Qingdong replied only with a few words: “It is political persecution, once a month, let them keep hyping.” “It is Southern group’s political siege.”[120]

The funny thing is, just about one year earlier, when Fang was accusing Professor Zhu Xueqin, a liberal at Shanghai University, of plagiarism, Professor Kong made the following comment to support Fang:

“We should admit that the atmosphere in China’s academic circle is indeed not good, there are so many plagiarisms. Sure, it should be really cautious when defining plagiarism. However, there are many abnormal practices. I am in the academic circle, and I have seen personally a large amount of plagiarisms, exact plagiarisms, paragraph by paragraph, even paper by paper. Of course, if the plagiarisms are committed by students, it will mainly be the responsibility of their teachers like me, but there are cases committed by scholars. I don’t think it is an individual problem, we need to reflect and there are mistakes in our academic institution.”

“There are too few people who are courageous enough to fight against fraud, there is not enough. Not only should we challenge Fudan University, we should also challenge Peking University and Tsinghua University, we should discipline ourselves stringently, strengthen the supervision, and purify the academic atmosphere.”[121]

It was even funnier when the biggest plagiarist Fang Zhouzi came to Kang’s rescue, pretending to be the supreme authority on plagiarism in the world:

“Kang Qingdong’s Brothel Culture is a popular work, and the criteria of plagiarism for popular works and academic works are different, it doesn’t need to note the source of an opinion. When he cited the work by Tao Muning and Liu Dalin, he didn’t copy the words, rather, he paraphrased with his own words. Furthermore, he listed the two books as his references, therefore, it is not plagiarism. If the cited portion is too much, it involves the issue of copyrights. I haven’t made the comparison yet, don’t know how much was cited, so I am not able to make a comment on that issue.”[122]

Ironically, just two days before the outbreak of Kong’s plagiarism scandal, the Open Letter signed by 154 scholars around the world, asking the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences to investigate Liu Juhua’s plagiarism scandal, was made public[123]. Fang immediately started his retaliation by singling out Mr. Xu Youyu, a prominent scholar affiliated with the Institute of Philosophy of CASS, and one of the signatories of the Open Letter: he picked up an old accusatory post on the internet and made the following comment:

“In her Master’s Degree thesis written in 2002, my wife noted the sources when citing the references but didn’t paraphrase, [and for that reason] she was convicted of plagiarism by Xu Youyu and other 156 rogue scholars at home and abroad, sending a letter to Chinese Academy of Social Sciences asking for investigation. In his Jin Yuelin Academic Award-winning book The Copernican Revolution, Xu Youyu copied paragraphs of literatures frequently without using quotation marks, and he didn’t provide notes for paginations of his sources, so according to his criterion, it should also be considered plagiarism, and as a research fellow at the Academy of Social Sciences, the nature of the problem is even more severe, CASS please investigate the case.”[124]

The above post was reposted by Kong in 14 minutes[125]. It seems that Kong had just purchased his fraud insurance from the fraudulent fraud fighter Fang in time, and he did get what he paid for. Here is a comment on Kong’s repost:

“The most important reason why this guy supports Fang is that he is afraid that his fraud would be busted. Fang’s supporters are all the same!”[126]

What really astonishing is, Fang actually told Chinese media on March 2, 2012, that the reason Mr. Xu Youyu signed the Open Letter was because he was busted by him first[127]. Yes, the John Maddox Prize winner was so courageous to stand-up for science that he reversed the causal relationship between Mr. Xu Youyu’s signing the Open Letter against his wife Liu Juhua and his retaliatory accusation against Mr. Xu Youyu.

The iron triangle of the plagiarists
In March 2012, the plagiarism scandals involving Kong Qingdong and Liu Juhua became national news. The above image is a composite of 7 newspaper reports published during that time. Fang’s outright lie about Mr. Xu Youyu is highlighted with a red box.

The fraudulent fraud fighter Fang’s procedural justice

The John Maddox Prize winner Fang Zhouzi fights fraudulently to protect his wife’s fraud
The cartoon was published on Shenzhen Economic Daily on March 6, 2012.
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