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Part XLV: The Hanly War (VI): The Intimidator_1 (1234 查看)

January 11, 2015 02:05PM
【The full-length article, including notes,is attached as a PDF file.】

Shamelessness Shouldn’t Be Anyone’s Nature
──An Open Letter to Nature (Part XLV)

Xin Ge, Ph. D.

Columbia, SC, USA

The Hanly War (VI): The Intimidator


In the early stage of Hanly War, Fang used his terrorist tactics to intimidate Han Han’s institutional and individual supporters. Nine such incidents have been documented, and the inside information of Fang’s terrorist group are also presented.


Caijing Net Became a “Porn Website”
1. “A 2-Bi Net”
2. “The Exam Pencil Net”
3. “A Pornographic Bible Net”
4. One of the Most Shameless People

An Investment Banker Became a “Venture Capital Angel”
1. Han Han: Not an Idol, Therefore Non-Collapsible
2. Angel: Flushable

The “Goddess of Democracy” Was Mobbed by the “Rationalists”
1. The Friendly Fires
2. The Complex Relationships
3. Fang’s First Victory
4. Xu Kaibin, A Fang’s “Scholar”

A Reporter Became a “Hooker”
Kai-Fu Lee Became “Carefully Lee”
1. The Faker Yuan Again!
2. A Prelude
3. A Perennial Target

The “Queen of Microblog”
1. “Xizi”
2. Standing-up against the ScieNazis
3. Fighting Back
4. The Old Clubs in Action

“A Transgenic Weasel”
The Final Thumps
1. A Shameful Era
2. A Pair of Anti-Han Army “Marshals”

The Revelation
1. “Wage Arrears Fang Shimin,” A Professional Blocker Hired by Fang
2. “Shi Jing Fei,” A Fraud Software Designer Hired by Fang


When Fang Zhouzi entered into the Hanly War on Jan. 18, 2012, his followers thought that their master could destroy Han Han and finish the War in days, at most in weeks. And many more people were curious to watch the internationally renowned fraud fighter’s unprecedented prowess and mightiness, because before that time, Fang’s so called “fraud busting” activities were mainly in the domain of academic, which, to most people, is rather foreign. However, just after a few days, Fang’s fraudulence and evilness became so obvious to these observers, and they began to express their support for Han Han publicly. Fang, although totally disregarding the fact, evidence, or truth, is extremely sensitive to the opinions expressed by the observers, because according to himself, winning the audience is not only everything, but also the only thing:

“I have been emphasizing all along that the sole purpose of all debates is to show to the onlookers.”[1]

So, to win over the observers, or to stop the observers from supporting his enemies, in this case, the enemy was Han Han, Fang used another tactic: to threaten or intimate any people or institutions who dare to support Han Han. Indeed, during the years-long and still ongoing Hanly War, Fang has instigated his gangsters for countless times to attack hundreds of individuals and institutions. Generally speaking, anyone who spoke for Han Han or questioned Fang’s evildoings would be attacked by Fang and his thugs: the process usually starts from a report by one of Fang’s followers, saying that someone is supporting Han Han or opposing Fang, and Fang would repost the report by making an insidious comment on it, then his water army would flood the target by massive abuses, and/or file secret reports to the institutions to which the person affiliated or the government agencies which they believe have jurisdiction over the matter. Admittedly, Fang does choose his targets: those who are rich and famous, or affiliated with name brand institutions (big companies, highly-ranked organizations, or governmental agencies) were his prime targets. In this part of the Open Letter to Nature, I’ll tell a few such stories.

Caijing Net Became a “Porn Website”

1. “A 2-Bi Net”

On Jan. 19, 2012, the second day after his entering the Hanly War, Fang assembled his microblog posts into his first full-length article against Han Han, entitled “Reply to Han Han’s A Normal Essay”[2]. The official microblog of Caijing.com.cn, the website of Caijing Magazine, a leading business and financial news magazine in China, made the following comment on Fang’s article:

“【Micro-sigh】[Although] the rationality is both yours and ours, it probably eventually belongs to the people who have the most energy……It looks like a grand game of chess over the Spring Festival……Purely watching and sighing, [it] doesn’t represent any positions and viewpoints.”[3]

To the above, Fang replied:

“[You’ve] already published a commentary article to support Han Han and called me a 2-Bi youth, yet [you] are hypocritically saying that [your post] doesn’t represent any positions and viewpoints. Do you want other people to call you a 2-Bi net?”[4]

Ever since the last century, Fang has been repeatedly and proudly claiming that he never uses dirty words[5], and the facts that some people who do use dirty words in their writings and speeches have been criticized and laughed at by Fang to imply or suggest explicitly that they have moral problems[6]. However, in the above post, Fang not only used a dirty word, he used it twice.

In contemporary Chinese, especially on the internet, the character 逼 (bī, pronounced like English letter B with a flat tone) means female sexual organ vagina, and it is generally considered one of the dirtiest words, that’s why many people prefer to use English letter B to substitute it if it has to be used. Combined with the character 二 (èr, pronounced like English letter R with a falling tone), which means two, but also means dumb, stubborn, simple-minded. And the word二逼 (èr bī), which was used twice by Fang in the above post, does have the combined meanings of the two characters. To my knowledge, it was the first time and probably the only time when the word came out Fang’s mouth directly, indicating that Fang was extremely frustrated and desperate at the time, which was noticed by many onlookers[7].

Losing his composure
Fang has been claiming that he never says a dirty word. However, in the above post he used one of the dirtiest words in Chinese dictionary, twice (red colored characters).

The funny thing is, just one day earlier, Fang ridiculed Han Han’s using curse words 他妈的 (tā mā de, “damn it” or “fuck”) and 傻逼 (shǎ bī, “sucker”) in his A Normal Essay, apparently trying to show that he was more educated and civilized than Han Han was[8]. Therefore, Fang’s gaffe indicated clearly that he was hurt badly by Caijing Net. The question is: Why? The answer is this: Fang has been considering the print media the final judge for the winners and the losers in his fights against his enemies. The words such as “the case has been reported by the news media” have been used frequently by Fang to validate his correctness. For example, on a TV debate held in July 2010, Fang repeatedly using “even the media have reported the case” as his evidence that Mr. Tang Jun had indeed committed a CV fraud[9]. On Sept. 24, 2010, a few days after Dr. Xiao Chuanguo’s arrest, Fang posted the following message on his Weibo:

“Both the British ‘Independent’ and the French ‘Le Figaro’ have reported Xiao's ‘glorious deeds,’ and I expect the US mainstream media will do so very soon. Xiao Chuanguo is finally recognized internationally this time, [and he is] getting what he has wished the most.”[10]

And many more[11].

On the other hand, Caijing Magazine was one of Fangangsters’ strongholds in China’s news media, Fang’s buddy Fang Xuanchang had been its science editor since 2010. Therefore, Fang was extremely scared of the rebellion against him in the Hanly War by the media in general, and by Caijing Net in particular. That’s why the dirty word jumped out his mouth involuntarily.

Indeed, the article published by Caijing Net was probably the first such article criticizing Fang’s fraudulent attack on Han Han. Here is its abstract:

“The Weibo world is usually clauded by an irrational atmosphere; many self-assumed rationalists often become irrational, dreaming, while touching the keyboard, that the orgasm will come soon. [They] always have a natural self-shielding against the rational voices. Han Han’s voice interrupted many people’s dreams in which they were experiencing from self-foreplay to self-orgasm.”[12]

Here are the two paragraphs mentioning Fang:

“After a few rounds, Maitian apologized; then Fang Zhouzi made a flashy appearance on the scene.

“If we say that in the Maitian era the farce was covered at least by a fig leaf of reasoning, which looked like an episode of super crappy private detective drama, then, after its entering into the Fang Zhouzi era, it degraded into a pure spurt of mouth water. When and how the farce will end depends on how long the main character is able to maintain his vigorous energy.”[13]

2. “The Exam Pencil Net”

On Jan. 25, 2012, the microblog of Caijing Net posted the link to Han Han’s announcement that he was going to publish the manuscript of Triple Door to prove his innocence, with the following message:

【Han Han: Open and Aboveboard – My Manuscript】This incident makes me realize that it might be useless just to stay still and take care of your own feathers, because when your feathers get too bright, it could incite some people’s desire to dump shit on you. Thank everyone who hates me, you have made me full of vigor. I’ll fly away from the range of your firearms. If you throw shit upwards, the only place it falls will be your face. What you are going to see is nothing but the brilliance of my feathers. [t.cn].”[14]

By that time, Fang had already found his composure, so he scolded the network in a more educated way:

“The Exam Pencil Net wants to be buried together with Han Han.”[15]

By “Exam Pencil,” Fang meant “2B,” or “èr bī,” meaning “double vaginas,” or dumb asshole.

From that very moment on, Fang began to use his scare tactics, saying that the reason he had not shown the convincing evidence to demonstrate Han Han’s fraud was because that he was digging up a gigantic hole so he could bury Han Han completely. Therefore, anybody, especially institutions and celebrities, who dared to support Han Han publicly, was jumping into the big hole to be buried together with Han Han. Of course it is well known now that the only person who is in the hole is no one else but Fang himself.

The problem to Fang was, his scary tactics didn’t work. Here is the reply by Caijing Net to Fang’s scold:

“Mr. Fang is a public figure, [if you want to] burst foul language, you should do it openly and aboveboard. If you think you are righteous, spell it out. From now on, this Weobo will ignore such queer [comments] of yours.”[16]

Fang was unable to respond to the above counter-blow, but his gangsters were. A boydreamer, who has no avatar, only 12 followers and 10 posts on his homepage as of today, and has changed his web ID to “Dark Grandpa takes you to fly” (黑爷带你飞) since then, made 19 comments. Here are the first three of them:

“This junky Weibo, like an idiot, really a junk.”[17]

“This editor, you should be fired.”[18]

“A fucking idiotic editor.”[19]

Here is a comment by that katoey Du Lei:

“Let’s burst foul language in a civilized manner like Caijing Net does.”[20]

Of course katoey Du was calling for a group attack on the network. As expected, a Fangangster who calls himself “I resemble me more than me” (我比我更像我) jumped out. As of today, this person has only 70 followers and 42 posts on his homepage; however, he made about 3 dozens of comments on the post by Caijing Net, scolding Han Han, his father, his mother, his wife, and even his daughter. Here are his first two comments:

“Fuck your mother’s vagina, he didn’t ask for your response.”[21]

“Are you qualified to be a medium? You openly support a little Shanghai bum, do you still have the neutrality of the professionalism?”[22]

Fang’s water army floods the microblog of Caijing Net
Two members of Fang’s water army cursed the editors of Caijing Net and Han Han and his family members after the website showed their support for Han Han and criticized Fang. The post generated a total of 929 comments, the two Fangangsters contributed more than 5% of them directly, and about 14% indirectly, because the fights they provoked.

On Jan. 26, 2012, Caijing Net made the following comment on a pro-Han Han message posted by Mr. Shi Kang (石康), a well-known writer:

“Jealousy is the most dangerous self-mutilation knife. Crazy jealousy can make a person lose their rationality completely, which makes him unaware that his face is getting hateful. Good morning.”[23]

Knowing they were talking about Fang, that katoey Du Lei jumped out again to Fang’s rescue:

“Aren’t there any problems that the employees of Caijing Net hijack the official microblog of Caijing Net so blatantly? Doesn’t the official microblog represent Caijing Net?”[24]

Fang, who characteristically bullies the weak and fears the strong, didn’t make a comment on Mr. Shi Kang’s message, apparently because that Mr. Shi was neither affiliated with any institutions which Fang’s gangsters could have him fired from, nor did he has written any academic degree theses which his gangsters could dig up shit from or dump shit on. Also, Mr. Shi looks like a tough guy so he might “stand-up” for himself when being attacked. So, Fang made a comment on Caijing’s message indirectly by commenting one of katoey Du Lei’s comments:

“I have just asked this Exam Pencil Net whether it wanted to be buried with Han Han together. As expected, it jumps into the hole indeed.”[25]

About one hour later, Fang made another threat to Caijing Net. He first picked up a comment, out of thousands of those on one of his “Han’s Studies papers,” which said:

“It seems that Fang Zhouzi has sufficient evidence, however he doesn’t show them to the public once and for all; rather, he seduces our appetite deliberately and mysteriously, lets us watch his performance.”[26]

And here is Fang’s comment:

“If the hole is not dug up slowly, will Caijing Net and a bunch of celebrities jump into it to be buried together with Han Han? Be patient, the good show has yet to come.”[26]

Two months later, Fang admitted that he was really having a hard time during the Chinese New Year period[27]. So we know that Fang was purposely deceiving the public by saying “the good show has yet to come,” and of course it has never come, as of today, three years after being promised. And I bet two thousand pounds and a John Maddox Prize certificate that you will never be able to see the “good show.”

Under the attacks by the Fangangsters, Caijing Net issued two statements on Jan. 26, saying the posts on their official Weibo account were authorized and they did represent the Net’s position on the public event[28, 29]. Here is its second one:

“To a public event, this Weibo has its own judgment and bottom line, what [it] reposts or doesn’t repost is determined by their public values. This Weibo is not interested in private quarrelings, and will not repost the contents which are hearsays, conjectures of other people’s motives. Meanwhile, this Weibo respects and understands the fact that different people have different perceptions and judgments. Therefore, if [you] don’t like this Weibo, please vote by using your feet. Vituperation indicates nothing but your incompetency.”[29]

3. “A Pornographic Bible Net”

On Jan. 27, 2012, Mr. Wang Liming (王立铭), under his web ID “Metamorphic Pepper” (变态辣椒), posted a comic strip entitled The Man Who Is Unable to Prove He Is a Man[30], depicting the tactics Fang used to question Han Han, which essentially says that there is no way Han Han could prove his innocence in front of Fang Zhouzi. The cartoon was so influential that even Caijing Net reposted on their Weibo on the next day, with the following comment:

“Unable to prove yourself without transformation? Let’s live in an environment in which everyone is normal. Today is the last day of the long holidays of the Spring Festival, have you prepared the mood for returning to the normal work and life? Good Morning. Picture by Metamorphic Pepper 2012.”[31]

The man who is unable to prove he is a man
The cartoon depicts a dialogue between Fang Zhouzi and Han Han. The dialogue is as following:
1. You are not a man! 2. Why do you say so? 3. You are impotent! 4. I have had many girlfriends, they can testify. 5. These women are most likely bought by you! 6. Fuck! Do I have to show you? 7. You can’t prove your fertility with a penis! 8. I already have a daughter! 9. Who knows whether she is yours or not!
10. We can test DNA! 11. DNA cannot demonstrate that you are sexually potent! She is possibly the result of artificial fertilization. 12. You can’t demonstrate, don’t you? 13. Ah…you……don’t have……ah…… [30].

As expected, that katoey Du Lei jumped out again. He posted a message under the title of “Slapping Faces Again”:

“Caijing Net ‘is not interested in private quarrelings, and will not repost the contents which are hearsays, conjectures of other people’s motives. ……Vituperation indicates nothing but your incompetency.’ It is too polite to say that it is ‘self-slapping,’ the [verb] should be used is ‘strapping.’”[32]

Yes, this “science popularizer” believed, at least subconsciously, that Fang’s attack on Han Han was a “private quarreling.” And again, Fang made a comment on katoey Du’s post:

“The Exam Pencil Net which ‘adheres to the philosophy of Caijing Magazine’s journalistic professionalism’ is taking me as its private enemy, and they are even not scruple to change to a Pornographic Bible Net.”[33]【Note: Fang substituted the first character of Caijing Net (财经网) (财, cái, finance) to 淫 (yín, pornographic, obscene), therefore the entire meaning of the title changed, because the second character经 (jīng) also means classic and bible, in addition to economy or economics.】

For some obvious reasons, such as Fang’s connection to the “Big Leaders,” most media in China were scared of Fang. However, Caijing Net was an exception. To Fang’s attack and threat, it responded head on:

“Mr. Fang has flattered himself. The cartoon describes with images the phenomenon that [someone] engages in presumption of guilt wantonly on a citizen under the guise of questioning but without any solid evidence. The reposting was based on the consent to the above understanding. Our Net does not have private enemies; however, we do have our value judgments on public events.”[34]

Just like that Fang and his gangsters would try to force Mr. Jeffrey Beall to admit his mistake by entangling the Photo War in early 2014 in the MDPI incident[35], in January 2012, Fang and his gangsters tried desperately to use the caricature incident to force the Caijing Net, the first institutional supporter for Han Han, to back down. And at that time, their only option left was to engage in personal attack. Here is Fang’s next post:

“It seems that the Exam Pencil Net likes very much that the internet users use the editor-in-chief He Gang’s image to draw the similar obscene pictures, describing with images Caijing Net’s journalistic professionalism. Does anyone know which part-time worker the Weibo of Caijing Net hired to manage [the account]?”[36]

By that, Fang was instigating his followers to attack “the editor-in-chief He Gang.” The fact is, Mr. He Gang was, and still is, the executive editor-in-chief of Caijing Magazine, and in the statement issued two days earlier, Caijing Net already stated explicitly that their Weibo account represents Caijing Net only, not the Magazine[28]. So, why did Fang want to attack Mr. He? There were several reasons.

First of all, Fang knows very well that in China, the higher a person’s position is, the more timid he becomes, because he will lose more if he slips. Also, it will be easier for Fang to conduct backstage manipulations using his connections to Zhou Yongkang and Li Changchun, because the higher ranked officials have a shorter route to the top. That’s why Fang tried desperately in 2006 to move the lawsuits against him filed by Xiao Chuanguo from the primary courts to the intermediate courts, both in Wuhan and Beijing[37], and threatened and sued in 2011 Legal Daily instead of Legal Weekly, a subsidiary newspaper of the former but with an independent legal status, for publishing a comprehensive investigation report on his plagiarism[38].

Secondly, two months earlier, in November 2011, Mr. He Gang defended Dr. Kai-Fu Lee when he was attacked by Fang for a supposed CV fraud, and Fang listed Mr. He as a member of so called “Pro-Lee team”[39], obviously meant to incite his gangsters to attack them.

Thirdly, three days earlier, on Jan. 25, 2012, Mr. He reposed Dr. Root-Bernstein’s open letter to Fang, first made public in August 2011, accusing him of plagiarism[40]. Fang must have been hurt by Mr. He’s repost very much because he pretended to be unaware of it, despite he was informed the reposting many times.

Therefore, Fang’s naming Mr. He Gang’s name in the above post was a calculated and deliberate move. The funny thing is, when Mr. He demanded an immediate and public apology from Fang, Fang fought back:

“It is the website belonging to your magazine which has published the obscene cartoon insulting me, violating my rights of portrait and reputation. Although the website is not under your direct leadership, which I have already clarified, how dare you try to pretend to be innocent and ask me for an apology? Is this Caijing’s professional journalism?”[41]

So, exactly how did Fang “clarified”? 84 minutes earlier, Fang posted the following message:

“The person in charge of the Exam Pencil Net is CEO Cheng Jianguo. CEO Cheng publicly supports Han, it seems that he likes very much that the internet users use his image to draw the similar obscene pictures, describing with images Caijing Net’s journalistic professionalism.”[42]

30 minutes later, Fang posted another message instigating his followers to attack Mr. Cheng:

“You have overestimated the boss of Caijing Net. The boss of Caijing Net Cheng Jianguo has started his working day already, he is supporting Han on his Weibo right now, and it seems he enjoys it very much. Otherwise, how dare the managing editor of the Weibo to be so presumptuous?”[43]

Mr. Cheng Jianguo replied Fang almost immediately:

“Mr. Fang has been overrunning the internet for more than ten years, and one of the biggest weapons he relies upon is to mobilize other people to engage in group attack on his target for him. If such crazy smearing and attack could solve the problems and also raising Mr. Fang’s image, please help yourself.”[44]

Fang’s reply:

“The Caijing Net led by CEO Cheng Jianguo uses pornographic cartoon as a weapon to attack other people, and its image has already been raised to a pornographic website, people like me of course can only help ourselves.”[45]

The dirty secret is well-known
One of Fang’s most fearful tactics used in his fraudulent fraud fighting campaigns is to instigate his gangsters to mount group attacks on his targets, and by 2012, that dirty secret had already become common knowledge. The above image is the screenshot of Mr. Cheng Jianguo’s post, exposing Fang’s dirty trick, translated above[44]. The post, as well as the post containing the “pornographic cartoon,” was soon deleted, apparently under Fang and his gangsters’ pressure. (Note: the magnified cartoon is added to the screenshot by me.)

Unfortunately, most of these posts, translated above, disappeared overnight. What happened? First of all, katoey Du Lei, who led a group of Fangangsters, launched an anti-Caijing Net campaign, asking, or more precisely, threatening, everyone on weibo.com who looked like to be associated with the network whether he or she the person who posted the “porn and personal attack” message[46]. Secondly, some other Fangangsters, for example, Professor Sun Wenjun, even threatened Caijing Net with a lawsuit[47]. In the evening of Jan. 28, an internet user with a fake ID “Own King 999” (自己的国王999) posted an article on tianya.cn, entitled: Caijing Net: The First Medium Who Might Face a Lawsuit in the Fang-Han Dispute[48]. This person claimed that he was neither a Han-lover nor Fang-lover, but was hurt by Caijing Net’s repost of the cartoon, because his daughter was watching his screen while he read the post. He pretended to ask other people how to file a complaint or a lawsuit against Caijing Net, but his true intention was obviously to incite them to do the same. He finally filed a complaint against Caijing Net with “China Internet unhealthy information reporting center.”

The game of playing the victim
On Jan. 28, 2012, the official microblog of Caijing Net reposted a cartoon strip depicting the fraudulent fraud fighting tactic used by Fang Zhouzi against Han Han. Fang and his gangsters immediately launched a campaign trying to incriminate the network. The above image is a composite of screenshots showing a person with a typical zombie microblog account (no avatar, 0 post) (top) posted an article on tianya.cn trying to threaten Caijing Net with a lawsuit and instigate other people to follow suit[48].

It was under such a background that Caijing Net deleted the post containing the cartoon, and Mr. Cheng Jianguo deleted his post on Fang’s threat. The future John Maddox Prize winner Fang Zhouzi won again, in the name of anti-porn.

4. One of the Most Shameless People

The fact is, although Fang claims that he suffers mysophobia morally, he is perhaps one of the dirtiest people in China’s 5-thousand-year history. First of all, he used to brag that he had had so many sexual partners that he could even not remember their names[49]. Secondly, he has been maintaining an extramarital sexual relationship with Ms. Gao Xiaohong (Sharon G. Li), an FDA agent in the U. S. up to the moment he was awarded the John Maddox Prize (more on it later). Thirdly, in the early part of the Hanly War, Fang allied tightly with Ms. Li Li, or Muzi Mei, who made her name by promiscuity. Therefore, the “pornographic cartoon” was nothing but “a red herring designed to draw attention from the real issue,” as Mr. Jeffery Beall realized in the midst of the Photo War[35].

The funny thing is, in August 2012, the relationship between Fang and Ms. Li Li deteriorated to such extent that Ms. Li became Fang’s top enemy for the next year or so, and Fang would call Ms. Li “3-dirty woman.” On the New Year Eve of 2013, Fang reposted a poll initiated by Mr. Liu Yu (刘宇007), one of the most vicious Fangangsters, asking how much money his scicult buddies would be willing to pay for sleeping with Ms. Li Li, and the four choices he listed were: 1. 10 Yuan; 2. 250 Yuan; 3. Being paid 100,000 Yuan; and 4. Prefer being killed. Trying to hurt Ms. Li further, that thug even attached three photos of Ms. Li’s, and a photo showing three pigs were mounting on each other[50].

So, what do you think the moral mysophobic patient Fang Zhouzi’s reaction to the vile practice? He reposted the post with the following comment:

“The poll is closing soon; it is not weird that 95% of the people chose ‘prefer being killed,’ it is weird that there are people who chose the other options.”[51]

The self-claimed porn victim Fang uses a porn image to humiliate one of his personal female enemies
On 2012-09-28 19:59, Fangangster Liu Yu (刘宇007) initiated an online survey, asking his fellow scicult friends how much money they would spend on sleeping Ms. Li Li, one of the so called “Fuck 4” female supporters for Fang’s attack on Han Han. Liu Yu also attached a photo showing that three pigs were engaging in intercourse to make his malicious intention more obvious. By Dec. 31, 2012, when Fang reposted the survey and made a noxious remark, the survey had received about 1,400 votes. Fang’s reposting inspired another 300 or so scicult members to participate in the survey. Please note that at that time, Fang had about 8 million nominal followers on sohu.com.

An Investment Banker Became a “Venture Capital Angel”

1. Han Han: Not an Idol, Therefore Non-Collapsible

On Jan. 26, 2012, when Fang was fighting against Caijing Net, Mr. Wang Ran (王冉), a Harvard-educated investment banker, published an article entitled About Han Han: Not an Idol, Therefore Non-Collapsible[52]. The article, arguably the first of such kind by a celebrity from the third party, was not only reposted by many “Big Vs,” the internet users whose identities have been verified by weibo.com, and who also have many followers, but also widely praised. The following is my translation of the article:

1. I do not agree with Han Han’s every point of view without any reservations, however, I have no tiny bit of doubt that in the perspective of enlightening people and nurturing citizenship in the past three years, Han Han’s influence and contribution to the Chinese society could not be surpassed by anybody.
2. Han Han’s greatest contribution does not lie in whether he has uttered a profound truth, rather, it lies in that he has showed us a citizen’s proper attitude to the power: no matter how awesome you are, I might still think you are clownery; you can tell lies with a sincere face, but you cannot stop me from laughing at you, and then do something I can to change you little by little, and meanwhile, I am living the life I enjoy.
3. Although many people think that the New Trio by Han Han [published] at the end of last year indicates the reversal of his civic attitude to some extent, however, I believe that the Trio is a precious New Year gift from Citizen Han Han to the Chinese society. He tells us with accurate words: every matter which appeared meaningless to discuss about can be discussed when a proper means and context are found.
4. Although Han Han might have started writing a long time ago, my serious attention to and admiration of him began only after 2008. And they were all because of his blog, not because of his Triple Door. I even didn’t know that he had done such naive things as participating in writing competitions. Perhaps because that I haven’t read many of his novels, I personally believe that Han Han is best at writing articles about 5 inches long.
5. I have absolutely no doubt that the articles since Han Han started blogging are all written by the racing driver Han Han, just like I have absolutely no doubt that the racing driver is the same Han Han who writes his fabulous blog articles. As for the things happened before that time, some mature old men can entertain themselves by playing CSI, however, I am sorry, I am not interested, because I didn’t have any interest in Han Han’s early compositions and novels in the first place. Even though they were indeed all written by uncle Han, or any of Han Han’s father’s younger brothers or elder brothers, it won’t affect my respect for and admiration of the blog writer Han Han a tiny bit. The respect and admiration is based on the matter on its merits only and on an equal footing. Han Han is only a writer who gives me pleasure of reading with his independent thinking and many short writings. He is not my idol, therefore there is nothing to collapse.
6. Even if, in the most unlikely scenario, that Han Han’s short blog articles which I like so much were engineered or even written by his ‘team,’ I still hope that China could have more Han Hans with a team, than a Fang Zhouzi without a team. The difference between the two is that one of them is willing to watch the government and those in power with his solemn eyes; the other is only willing to stare at other celebrities. There is no need to compare them for sharpness or rigorousness, because they are at the different levels. The realms are different, therefore a comparison is impossible.
7. I have always been respecting critical thinking; however, I do not applaud doubting everything. The difference between the two is, the former needs faith, the latter needs only endless mental labor in one direction. The goal of the former’s criticism is to build a house on the ruins, but the latter wants to change even the pyramids into broken walls.
8. Even so, for the sake of fairness, Fang Zhouzi is not completely worthless to our society. He reminds those celebrities under the spotlight that you might regret later when you are bragging in front of a camera. In the foreign countries, a person who wants to run for President wishes that he could have been more cautious about his words and deeds since he was 10 years old, he should not exaggerate too much in his speeches, let alone tell lies casually. Here in China the Western hypocritical democracy is not in fashion, therefore we can only rely upon Mr. Fang Zhouzi (perhaps also including Mr. Sima Nan whose head has just been clamped) to remind us.
9. Finally, although I understand that Han Han as a father has his limit of tolerance in certain areas, I still think his best way to face the questioning is, like I have said in my previous microblog posts, no explanation. Let yourself be a myth like Elvis Presley.

2. Angel: Flushable

Mr. Wang Ran’s article was posted early afternoon on Jan. 26, 2012, and it was almost immediately reposted by Caijing Net[53]. However, Fang waited more than 12 hours to issue his only, and indirect, response to Wang’s article, by commenting on the following message by a Fang-lover with a fake ID “global-investment”:

“Let’s take a look at that Wang Ran from the angel team. Look at his nine reasons for supporting Han Han, my intelligence is insulted.”[54]

And Fang’s comment:

“The angel has finally come? ‘Thump,’ one is down. Anymore?”[54]

Obviously, Fang, as well as his lover, didn’t know the difference between an investment banker and a business angel, which was pointed out by Wang Ran immediately[55]. However, the more important question is: why did Fang waited so long to respond? The answer is this: he was waiting for his water army to defeat Mr. Wang first. As a matter fact, in less than an hour after Mr. Wang posted his article on weibo.com, Dr. Sun Wenjun, the chief theorist of Fang’s Science Nazi empire, made the following comment on Mr. Wang’s post:

“China needs a person who could even not finish his secondary education, and whose scientific literacy is approaching to zero to enlighten its people? It’s really a joke.”[56]

Although Dr. Sun’s comment was hailed by the Fangangsters, including Fang’s wife Liu Juhua who had been using a fake ID “An Ordinary Scholar Smile” (一介书生smile) since December 2010, but later changed to “My Field and Garden are Overgrown and I’m Going Home” (田园将芜我自归去), to support her husband’s fraudulent fraud fighting, anyone else can tell that its stupidity and emptiness were just as obvious as Fang’s “thump”: China’s ideology and examination oriented education is by nature and definition the stupefying education, which leads directly to the Science Nazi’s simplified belief that a person’s test scores indicate his/her intelligence, and the higher the test scores one has gained in science education, the more power and influence he or she is supposed to possess[57].

What even funnier than Dr. Sun’s stupidity was the comment by Ms. Liu Juhua, whose plagiarism in her Master’s degree thesis was exposed 10 months earlier, and her mysterious and likely fraudulent education background would soon become one of the hottest topics on the internet. Here is was she said, 23 minutes after Dr. Sun’s comment:

“This is the issue about true and false, not about Han Han’s contribution. What kind of enlightenment could be achieved by fraud? Is doing practical work equivalent to no altitude and realm? Which pyramid has been toppled by Fang Zhouzi? Nowadays, some people regard the wall made of dirt and shit as a pyramid, and who goes so far as to talk about Fang Zhouzi’s altitude and realm, he is truly enlightened by Han Han.”[58]

Absolute shamelessness
Ms. Liu Juhua, Fang Zhouzi’s plagiarist wife and a publicly convicted fraudster, talking about the issue of true and false, blasting Han Han, and promoting her husband under a fake ID.

Almost simultaneously, Fang’s water army invaded Mr. Wang’s blog. A “Halley Xu” (Halley徐) posted the following comment, in the exactly the same wording, 8 times in 30 minutes:

“Whether Meng Niu [A milk manufacturer which had been accused by Fang of tainting their products with insulin-like growth factor 1] is toxic is not important at all, even its occasional toxicity and carcinogenicity won’t affect its image in the public. At least Meng Niu has made indelible contribution to strengthen the health of the youth.”[59]

Another “Photographer Tommy” (拍照的tommy) made the following comment, also in the exactly the same wording, 8 times in 48 minutes:

“The Achilles heel of Wang Ran’s article is that [he] pursues outcome justice but forgets that what really important is procedural justice, [he believes that] it is Okay to engage in fraud for the sake of enlightening people. [He] has read his books in vain, and lived his life in vain.”[60]

Obviously responding to the criticism by “Photographer Tommy”, Mr. Wang replied:

“Some of Mr. Fang’s supporters mentioned procedural justice in their comments. This is very good, [I’m] very glad to see that they also care about procedural justice. What I want to say is only one sentence: there won’t be procedural justice without the presumption of innocence.”[61]

So, what’s the response from Fang, or that “Photographer Tommy,” or any member of the Fangangsters? They disappeared altogether, except for an idiotic “Qingzhi 1988” (清之1988), who left 8 abusive comments on Mr. Wang’s original post, and kept grumbling the same on Mr. Wang’s new post:

“There was Kim Il Sung in [North] Korea, there is Han Renjun in China, they both are the manufacturers of gods. Korea’s Kim Jong-un drove a truck at the age of 4, China’s Han Han wrote Triple Door at the age of 16, they both are figures like gods.”[62]

Here are more idiotic comments from this Fang-lover:

“Haha, Old Fang is too naughty, you post your new articles only after the celebrities have jumped down [to the hole].”[63]

“Fang Zhouzi is really giving his blood and sweat out for the cause of China’s honesty. He has spent the entire Spring Festival on searching for the data [of Han Han’s fraud].”[64]

The problem is, unlike Fang’s anti-Han posts which generally receive about 90% negative comments, the comments on Mr. Wang’s article, more than 4 thousands in total, plus 12 thousand reposts, were all positive and supportive, except a handful negative and abusive ones from Fang’s Science Nazi. Still wondering why did Fang wait 12 hours to make his timid, indirect, and imbecile “thump” response?

Science Nazi does evil in the name of science
The text alignment of the machinery posts by Fang’s water army, translated above[59, 60]. Each line is an individual comment on Mr. Wang Ran’s article, and the numbers in the parentheses to the right are the time when they were posted. The highlighted texts are exactly the same; however, every post differs from the rest by punctuations or blank spaces, because weibo.com doesn’t allow the same user to post identical comment on the same post more than once.

Fang Zhouzi’s water army attempts to flood an angel
Fang’s water army left abusive, senseless, and repetitive comments on Mr. Wang Ran’s pro-Han post, obviously trying to deter the author. The above images are the screenshots of such comments by three of these thugs.

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