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Part XLV: The Hanly War (VI): The Intimidator_2 (1117 查看)

January 11, 2015 02:08PM
The “Goddess of Democracy” Was Mobbed by the “Rationalists”

Because Fang is extremely cowardly and unmanly in front of real opponents, and he does want to pretend to be a hero in front of his followers, so he selectively targets those he believes he could defeat triumphantly. As anyone could predict, many of these supposed vulnerable enemies are women. Indeed, after being humiliated by Mr. Wang Ran, Fang’s “thump” war was mainly fought against females.

1. The Friendly Fires

22 minutes after announcing that Mr. Wang Ran had fallen into the big hole he was digging up, Fang declared his another victim:

“I think that it is the very fact that ‘the Goddess of Democracy,’ a returned overseas student who teaches at a renowned university, holds the filthy feet of a racing driver who quitted school as a freshman in high school and whose authorship of his own writings is being questioned, reflects the absurdity of our era. ‘Thump,’ another person falls in. Anymore?”[65]

The fallen “Goddess of Democracy” was Dr. Liu Yu, who received her doctoral degree in political science from Columbia University in 2006, and has been teaching in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Tsinghua University since 2010. Dr. Liu’s book, Details of Democracy, published in 2009 by the Joint Publishing Company in Shanghai, was a huge success, and mainly because of it, she got the nickname “The Goddess of Democracy”[66]. Obviously, Fang’s “thump” announcement was referring Dr. Liu’s support for Han Han, or in his words, “holding someone’s filthy feet.” The question is: what did Dr. Liu say?

The story actually started from a post by Albert Yuan, the fake doctor who would nominate Fang for the John Maddox Prize 7 months later[67]. On Jan. 24, 2012, Albert Yuan, under his web ID Local Motor, posted the following message:

“Han Han is a pretty good racing driver, but how inferior his articles published on his blog really are! He keeps showing off his wittiness, keeps expressing his sentiment, with little real material. Nonetheless, the ‘phenomenon of Han Han’ is indeed worth of attention, it reflects the absurdity of our era. I feel pitiful whenever I saw so many mid and old aged intellectuals zealously expressing their love for Han Han. These people don’t have independent thinking; all they have is believers’ blind worship, and blowing their own trumpets.”[68]

I have mentioned before that the fake doctor Yuan is a pretentious person, very much like Fang; and his talent in writing, as well as his knowledge in science and humanities, is extremely meager, also like Fang. It is still a mystery as why and how such an inferior writer suddenly became well-known and influential in China. Anyway, Yuan’s above post incurred many criticisms immediately. Here is one by a fashion editor of sohu.com:

“Teacher Local Motor, I know that you have written on science and technology, music, life sciences, and so on and so forth… It can truly be said that you know everything, from male impotency and premature ejaculation to atom and physics, you are good at translation and then write them up. However, I could not stand reading a single word of yours, [because] there is no pleasure of reading [your writings] at all. Please forgive my candidness, your writing is the worst in the entire journal of San Lian, peerless……”[69]

The comment was supported by many internet users, except for one person with a fake ID who defended Yuan and counter-accused the commentator of plagiarism. When being questioned whether he was Yuan’s sockpuppet, that masked man disappeared immediately[70]. It seems that the John Maddox Prize nominator’s dirty secret was not a secret after all. Admittedly, Albert Yuan did issue an open response, saying that he was sorry that his writings were beyond the upper limit of the fashion editor’s intelligence[71].

However, the real blow to Yuan’s comment came from Dr. Liu Yu:

“I understand why the scientific men don’t like Han Han’s writings; however, is it the ‘scientific spirit’ to assert that other people’s like [of Han Han] is ‘believers’ blind worship’? A good article is either widening knowledge or enlightening ideas, Han Han is not good at the former (he is not a scholar), however, in the society where ideas are so messy and confusing, his credit in enlightening ideas or at least inducing the discussion on them should not be denied. Many people like him not out of worshiping, but rather out of affirming his value in this area.”[72]

Four minutes later, Liu added another comment:

“I think that what really reflects the absurdity of our era is that a bunch of mid and old aged intellectuals, who are supposed to committed to produce ‘real material,’ overbearingly question a popular novel-writing racing driver why his random comments on the injustice do not have the scholastic real material, rigorousness, and thoroughness.”[73]

2. The Complex Relationships

Yuan and Liu knew each other personally, and they were members of the famous “Old Men’s Eating Club,” a private circle of celebrities or even officials who meet regularly to eat and chat, of course, Luo Yonghao was, and still is, one of its core and adhesive members[74]. Another fact is, outside the Club, Dr. Liu was, and still is, way more popular than Albert Yuan. And apparently for these reasons, Yuan immediately made two concessions, in his own way:

“You are right, I should have added ‘a portion of,’ the problem is that there are too many ‘a portion of’ people right now, [I am] not able to delete [their posts] as soon as they appear.”[75]

“Actually, the reason I don’t like Han Han’s writing is because they instigate a very dangerous sentiment. However, you are right, I’ll not discuss him anymore, it is important to cook the meal, hehe.”[76]

To the last message, Dr. Liu responded:

“In China’s brain-washing education environment, Han Han’s critical observation on the system is enlightenment by itself, especially to the youth. Of course, it is not enough just having anti-system sentiment, rational analysis is also needed; but it is the long term shared responsibility of the intellectual community, no one is able to do it alone in a short period of time. As a matter of fact, I don’t really like Han’s writing very much; however, I think [you] should not demand a horse carriage to carry the load of a train.”[77]

And about 34 hours later, Fang’s made his “thump” announcement by picking on Liu’s “the absurdity of our era” remark. Before that, Fang was among the first people who reposted Yuan’s message by saying “sending some Han’s Family Swearing Troopers to you.”[78]

Although the fight between Fang and Liu in the Hanly War was brief and indirect, the background was much more complex and profound.

First of all, when Fang and Mr. Luo Yonghao turned against each other in 2007, Dr. Liu, under a web ID “Drunk Piano” (醉钢琴), allied with Luo and fought against Fang and his gangsters, especially that katoey Du Lei, who apparently was devastatingly humiliated[79]. Of course Dr. Liu was on her way to become the “Goddess of Democracy” from that time on.

Secondly, in June and July, 2011, when Fang and his comrade Sima Nan were defending the brutality of the city management force in Chongqing, the Red Capital led by Mr. Bo Xilai at the time, Albert Yuan initiated an attack on Dr. Liu, and not only katoey Du Lei and Fang jumped on her, but also the “rationalist” Sun Wenjun, who were trying to site on the fence four years earlier[80].

Jump out in force
Albert Yuan, Du Lei, and Sun Wenjun, and their leader Fang Zhouzi all jumped out together to attack Dr. Liu Yu in June 2011, shortly after the debate on an incident involving Chongqing urban management force and a female fruit peddler. Fang was later thanked for his defense for the government by an anonymous Chongqing official. The above image is the screen shot of a message originally posted by Albert Yuan and comments by Du Lei, Fang Zhouzi, and Sun Wenjun. Yuan’s post cited Liu Yu’s answer to the question “What is the thing which you believed in firmly before and have a deep doubt right now?” Liu’s answer: “I believed in the power of rationality before, however, I feel that everyone’s brain is filled with a high wall, rationality might not be able to penetrate it.” Yuan’s post was intended obviously to laugh at Dr. Liu’s loss of faith in rationality. Du Lei’s comment: “The person who has seen Liu Yu’s performance of rolling all over the floor is smiling at the this Q&A without a comment.” Fang’s comment: “If she was doing self-diagnosis and found that her own brain is filled with a high wall impenetrable by rationality, she nonetheless has a little rationality.” Sun Wenjun’s comment: “If rationality is not able to penetrate, fMRI might be able to.”

Thirdly, less than two months before the outbreak of the Hanly War, it was revealed that Albert Yuan was an important member of the “Old Men’s Eating Club.” Ironically, the club was associated with another “Goddess,” Ms. Chai Jing, a CCTV hostess, and the very person who caused the feud between Luo and Fang back in 2007. Luo calls Ms. Chai “our Chai Jing,” and Ms. Chai and Albert Yuan were, and probably still are, very good friends – Chai wrote a preface for Yuan’s book in 2010, and there was a rumor back then that they were dating each other. In 2013, Ms. Chai was accused of relying upon these Old Men to boost her popularity and stock[81].

So what do these gossips have anything to do with what I am talking about here? One thing is that they give us a clue about the sudden rise of the music critic - turned science writer Albert Yuan: like the Goddesses Chai and Liu, it is almost certain that he got his fame mainly via his association with these Old Men, the things we are not certain are why these old men wanted to associate themselves with such an inferior “scientist,” and how did they get along with each other: Yuan is a radical leftist, and the Old Men are mostly liberals. The other significance of the gossips is that they show us that Yuan had absolutely no obvious reasons whatsoever to launch his attack on Han Han, especially on the day he was hosting another gathering of his Club fellows, but he chose to do so. Therefore, the reason for his alignment with Fang must be a hidden and ulterior one, just like his promotion of GMO.

The Old Men’s Eating Club and the stars the Club has made
Left: Dr. Liu Yu and Ms. Chai Jing in one of the Old Men’s Eating Club gatherings in 2010; right: Ms. Chai Jing and Albert Yuan in another gathering 3 months earlier. The photos were posted online by Mr. Chen Xiaoqing, a member of the Club and a director with CCTV. (See: 2010-7-20 01:38, 2010-10-10 01:13.)

The kingmaker
Out of the “Old Men’s Eating Club” led by Luo Yonghao have walked two “Goddesses,” Ms. Chai Jing of CCTV, and Dr. Liu Yu of Tsinghua University. Luo has befriended (red dumbbells) with everyone in the picture, and supported Fang’s fraudulent “fraud fighting” until the end of 2011, when Fang threatened to “kill pigs” and spread rumors against his deceased father. Fang has attacked (black arrows) every one of Luo’s friends shown above except for Albert Yuan, who has been one of the inner members of both the “Old Men’s Eating Club,” probably not long after his “returning” to China in 2005, and Fang’s scicult. Yuan’s sudden rise in status in China is most likely caused by his association with the Club, especially with Mr. Luo Yonghao and Mr. Zhang Lixian (张立宪, or 老六), an influential publisher. Although knowing the tight relationships among Luo Yonghao, Han Han, and Dr. Liu Yu, Yuan nonetheless decided to join hands with Fang to attack them. Fang’s attack on Ms. Chai was uncharacteristically moderate, because she has been one of the strongest advocates for Fang’s fraudulent “fraud fighting” among the Chinese celebrities, and she has been a personal friend of Fang’s wife Liu Juhua.

3. Fang’s First Victory

On Feb. 4, 2012, 8 days after Fang declared that she had been “thumped,” Dr. Liu Yu cleared her microblog on weibo.com, and left a message:

“[I’ve] gong to Iceland, you guys enjoy yourselves.”[82]

The U. S. trained Goddess of Democracy became a victim of China’s mobocracy on the internet
The above is the screenshot of Dr. Liu Yu’s microblog on weibo.com, showing, as of July 15, 2014, that she has 785,252 followers, 150 thousand more than the number on Feb. 4, 2012, when she deleted all of her posts. The red arrow head points to the number of her posts - zero.

Of course she was flooded away by Fang’s water army. Although the valuable historical data were lost because of the complete clearance of her posts, there is still enough information to support the conclusion. Here is that katoey Du Lei’s comment on Liu’s first comment on Yuan’s post:

“Such words were spelt out by a bachelor of Renmin University, a doctorate of Columbia University, a post-doctorate of Harvard University, a lecturer of Cambridge University, an associate professor of Tsinghua University, [you’d better] resign, [otherwise, you are] wasting the taxpayers’ money.”[83]

On the same day, Sun Wenjun dug up their old dispute happened 4 years earlier to “review the history, and experience the repeat of human nature”[84].

On Jan. 29, 2012, Lu Jinbo announced that Han Han was going to sue Fang Zhouzi for defamation[85]. Fang immediately issued a five-point statement, saying that he won’t appear in the court; his attack on Han Han belongs to the category of academic criticism and is protected by the freedom of speech; the lawsuit won’t stop him from continuing the attack. Fang also made a counter allegation against Han Han, saying that he and his team violated his reputation right[86]. Five hours after Fang’s statement, Dr. Liu Yu made the following comment:

“Some people are saying that Han Han’s lawsuit infringes freedom of speech. It seems that in any civilized countries the freedom of speech has not reached to the absoluteness that the right of reputation might be abolished. Comparing with the internet confrontations which resemble the mass movement of ‘free airing of views, great debate and big-character posters’ [during the Cultural Revolution], I think, whatever the result will be, it is a progress to determine the issue of reputation right by professional legal workers according to the law based on the principle of procedural justice. Of course the premise is judicial justice.”[87]

One internet user immediately reminded Liu:

“My guts feeling tells me that Fang Zhouzi’s next step is to start investigating sister Liu Yu’s works and demonstrating [they were] ghostwritten or stolen.”[88]

Several hours later, the same person posted again:

“I don’t understand why these people hate Liu Yu to the extent to gnash their teeth, scratch their heads, beat their chests, and stamp their feet. Could anyone explain to me the reason?”[89]

Probably around that time, Liu told a journalist that she was considering retreating from weibo.com because of its “belligerence”[90]. Here is the description of the situation by a research fellow at the Institute of Literature of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in early 2013:

“Because Han Han didn’t have a Weibo account, the raged anti-Han army found nowhere to vent [their rage], so they thronged to Liu Yu’s Weibo to shout abuse, even compared Han Han and Liu Yu to ‘a pair of doggy man and woman,’ and wanted to knock them both out of the alter. Had Liu Yu had a pair of magic hands which are able to bring a dead man’s life back, she would not have been able to do anything to stop the tempestuous attacks from the anti-Han army, and eventually, she was forced to leave the Sina Weibo by the curses, just like Bai Ye was years earlier.”[91]

The so called “anti-Han army” is a tactful term for “Fang’s water army,” or Fangangsters.

On the day Dr. Liu Yu left weibo.com, Fang declared his victory by commenting on the following post by a Fang-lover who identified himself as “Love science, a Deng-leftist, but not a Mao-leftist”:

“The Goddess of Democracy touted by the Southern [newspaper] Group gelded her own microblog……The collapse of Han Han doesn’t mean much, what the most important thing is the fall downs of Southern Group and those male and female public intellectuals……They are all imposters.”[92]

And here is Fang’s comment:

“Even the ‘Goddess of Democracy’ has collapsed? I have said all along that once Han Han tumbles, not only his wife would turn against him, his friends leave him, but also those public intellectuals with thin facial skin would leave weibo.com.”[92]

Like Fang’s other anti-Han posts, this one was also flooded with negative comments. Here are the first three comments from the internet users whose identities had been verified by weibo.com:

A designer with Ericsson: “Mad dog, don’t you roar……”[93]

A researcher with Hainan Administrative Law Institute: “Too dirty and too shameful!”[94]

A columnist: “An ignorant is fearless.”[95]

4. Xu Kaibin, A Fang’s “Scholar”

On Feb. 24, 2012, Dr. Xu Kaibin, an assistant professor in the School of Media and Communication at Temple University, posted an article online, “questioning” Liu Yu’s scholarship[96]. Three days later, Fang posted the following message on his microblog:

“Liu Yu, the pro-Han leader and ‘Goddess of Democracy,’ is found not only having a low level of academic, having not published papers in the 141 SSCI journals in the political science area, but also having forged publication record, saying that a paper published in the non-academic International Politics Journal was published in the SSCI journal International Politics. Xu Kaibin: Liu Yu’s Academic Level. [t.cn]”[97]

Fang didn’t tell his followers that Dr. Xu, an extreme leftist, had been attacking, “academically,” Fang’s public intellectual enemies, including Professor He Weifang, Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, and Mr. Luo Yonghao since August 2011[98]. Fang didn’t tell his followers that this Dr. Xu had called on those Chinese scientists who had been promoting GM rice like crazy to test the food on their own bodies before pushing it into the market[99]. Of course Fang won’t tell his followers that one day earlier, Dr. Liu Yu had already issued a response to Dr. Xu’s criticism[100].

Dr. Xu Kaibin, one of “Fang’s scholars”
Since 2011, Dr. Xu has been attacking Dr. He Weifang of Peking University, Dr. Liu Yu of Tsinghua University, Dr. Kai-Fu Lee of Innovation Works, Ms. Hu Shuli of Caixin Media, and Mr. Luo Yonghao, all of them are liberals, and except for Ms. Hu, all of them have been attacked by Fang Zhouzi. Dr. Xu’s most famous Chinese writing is probably the one calling for re-trial of Mr. Bo Xilai, the spiritual leader of China’s extreme leftists, and one of Fang’s political backers, Those Who Put Bo Xilai on Trial Will Definitely Be Tried by the People[101]. According to Google Scholars, as of Jan.10, 2015, Dr. Xu has 14 academic publications, which have been cited a total of 20 times. The above images are the screenshots of Dr. Xu’s homepage on Temple University’s website (upper), and his publication list on the New Threads (lower).

As a matter of fact, the website which published Dr. Xu’s article originally is known as a left-wing website[102]. And there is evidence showing that the website was intentionally trying to discredit Dr. Liu Yu, because it changed the title of an article, without the authorization by the author, from “Liu Yu’s Demanding for Democracy and Han Han’s No Revolution” to “Liu Yu’s Academic Level is Even Worse than Han Han’s”[103]. Dr. Xu was harshly criticized for being a “fake foreigner” who uses “Fang Zhouzi’s way” to attack Liu Yu, and his Fang-style “transboundary fraud fighting,” or more precisely, “ignorance-based discrediting activity”[104]. Do you think the John Maddox Prize winner Fang would ever tell other people these facts? Not even in your wildest dreams!

Dr. Liu Yu’s retreat from weibo.com was regarded by Fangangsters as a landmark victory in their anti-Han campaign, “symbolizing the complete collapse of the first group of public intellectuals who are also the strongest supporters for Han Han”[105], as a Fang-lover proclaimed. Of course the assertion was nothing but a joke. Just a half year earlier, in July 2014, this Fang-lover bragged that he was the first person who betrayed Fang after the “big flag” incident[106]. However, Dr. Liu’s retreat was indeed considered a Han Han’s defeat at the time. Here is a comment by an internet user made on the day when Liu Yu left weibo.com:

“Real public intellectuals will never win their fights against thugs, because they want to stick to many principles of democracy, for example, they cannot disallow other people to speak, even if what they are saying is slanderous. However, the thugs have no such principles, what they have is only one goal, which is to ruin the public intellectuals’ reputation and creditability, with whatever means, regardless of the procedure and facts. Therefore, Liu Yu deletes her microblog posts, Han Han doesn’t respond anymore, and people like Fang Zhouzi, Ranxiang [a fake ID by an extreme leftist] are still standing strong, how normal it is.”[107]

A Reporter Became a “Hooker”

Before washing away the Goddess of Democracy with his water army, Fang had also threatened several other celebrities.

The first of these people was Ms. Hu Ling (凤凰卫视胡玲), the chief correspondent of Phoenix Satellite TV’s in Beijing, who gained her fame during the Great Sichuan Earthquake in 2008 when she interviewed Mr. Hu Jintao, the President of China at the time. On Jan. 25, 2012, Ms. Hu posted the following message:

“Uncle Han Renjun, with Mr. Fang Zhouzi’s persistent fraud busting, I have finally found you at the beginning of the new springe, and determined resolutely to be one of your followers. I only want to say that whether or not these writings were written by your, or Han Han, or your team, I have already saved them all in my computer, and they will be used as the first textbooks for my children! As long as the words are sincere, they will have the power to last forever!”[108]

A few minutes later, she added:

“To be more concise, thanks for Han Han’s writings, thanks for Han Han’s father’s nurture, Fang Zhouzi can shut up!”[109]

Left: Ms. Hu Ling was reporting live from the Sichuan Earthquake scenes; Right: Ms. Hu Ling pushed through her way to face President Hu Jintao in 2008. (Source: phtv.ifeng.com.)

34 hours later, Fang reposted Ms. Hu’s posts with the following comment:

“‘Thump,’ another one jumped down. Anymore? In a half hour, I’ll open the new season, let me hear one more sound.”[110]

Before Fang’s comment, Ms. Hu’s posts had gathered only a few dozens of comments and forwards. Immediately after Fang’s comments, the Fangangsters flooded Ms. Hu’s microblog. And exactly because the target was a young lady, these thugs went extremely wild, the sexually abusive words such as “chick” (鸡), “bird” (鸟), or straightforwardly “hooker” (妓者, jì zhě, pronounced the same as 记者, journalist. The term was invented and used frequently by Fang Zhouzi to refer Chinese journalists, despite the fact that his wife has been a journalist since they met in 2001) were among the most frequently used terms by them. Look at this comment by a person who registered his Weibo account just one day earlier and called himself first “Fix the world with a spit” (一口唾沫定江山), and then changed to “Besides Brother Bridge there is no other brother” (桥哥之外再无哥):

“The brain of this woman named Hu Ling is really not very clear. According to her, she can be pulled down and rapped by any man in the street, as long as he can make her high. Such a bitch can be employed by the Phoenix Satellite TV? No wonder the Phoenix Satellite TV nowadays is completely different from the one in the past.”[111]

A thug from Fang’s water army
Insulting women with sexually abusive language is the game these thugs are most fond of. The above image is the screenshot of comment made by one of such thugs, “Besides Brother Bridge there is no other brother,” on one of Ms. Hu Ling’s post, translated above[108, 111].

Another Fang-lover who calls himself “A Liar in the Five Sacred Mountains who cheats for his foods and drinks” (混吃骗喝五岳谎人), mocking one of Fang’s personal enemies, Mr. Yao Bo whose web ID is “An Idler in the Five Sacred Mountains” (五岳散人), was among the first to launch a serial attack on Ms. Hu, posting 6 abusive comments within 22 minutes after Fang’s “thump” announcement. Here are the first four of them:

“Idiot, another stupid bird.”[112]

“Uncle Han has escaped!!!!”[113]

“Old Fang, the grand finale!!! Uncle Han’s unbelievable magic show!!”[114]

“[The people associated with] the Little Bird [TV] Station are all stupid bird people.”[115]

Another Fang-lover with a fake web ID “huqiujintong” but later changed to “Clear and watery icy wood” (清清水水的冰木), who would become a Fang-hater in a few months after Fang started his fight against Ms. Li Li, posted 9 comments. The following one was posted twice:

“Hehe, I didn’t find out until today that there are so many bitches that have secret crush on Dr. Fang. Here comes another non-virgin who is trying to seduce the Fraud Fighter Fang. I guess that the Fraud Fighter Fang is only interested in the virgins; Auntie Hu had better take a shower and go to bed alone. Don’t try to lure Knight Fang with a banner of loving the faker.”[116]

The abusive comments posted by Fang’s thugs “A Liar in the Five Sacred Mountains who cheats for his foods and drinks” (left) and “Clear and watery icy wood” (right) attacking Ms. Hu Ling.

The funny thing is, possibly being apprehended by the minimal possibility that Ms. Hu Ling was indeed trying to seduce Fang, Fang’s wife Liu Juhua and his mistress Sharon G. Li also jumped on her. Here is the comment by the (fake) Master of Journalism from the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (GSCASS) and the chief reporter of Xinhua News Agency:

“How pathetic Hu’s son is, [his mother] has prepared rotten eggs for him even before he is born (Li Ao’s words).”[117]

Here are the two comments made by the FDA agent Sharon G. Li:

“How come our motherland has such a joker journalist? Laugh to death.”[118]

“Maybe [she] is an undercover Fang-lover, we have to blame our motherland for having made too many spy dramas in the last few years.”[119]

The Milky Way
The screenshots of the comments by Liu Juhua and Sharon G. Li on Ms. Hu Ling’s pro-Han Han posts, translated above. Please note that Liu didn’t post her comment on her homepage, while Sharon G. Li deleted all of her posts on weibo.com in early 2014 after her extramarital sexual relationship with Fang became known to the public. [In the vernacularized Chinese, a man’s legal wife is called大奶 (dà nǎi, big lady), and his first mistress is called 二奶 (èr nǎi, second lady). The character奶also has other meanings, such as grandma, breast, and milk, so these terms are occasionally translated into the First Milk and the Second Milk. See: Wiktionary.]

However, unlike the “Goddess of Democracy,” Ms. Hu has never wavered in her support for Han Han even under such vicious attack. On Jan. 28, 2012, the next day after being mobbed by Fangangsters, Ms. Hu Ling reposted Han Renjun’s Talking about Myself, and citing the following as her comment:

“‘I hope that Han Han is able to live in a social environment in which normal people have their trust in and communication with each other. You might disagree with his viewpoints, you might dislike him and scold him directly, however, please don’t to frame him, slander him with malicious speculations. It is very easy to destroy Han Han with all kinds of rumors and assumptions…I think that Han Han is not so easy to be killed by rumors.’ ─ Please read it patiently!”[120]

Even under Fangangsters’ continuous vicious attacks, Ms. Hu Ling has never retreated from her position on supporting Han Han. The above image shows two screenshots of Ms. Hu’s posts, the upper one recommended an article praising Han Han; the lower one expressed her wish to watch a drama based on one of Han Han’s novels in Beijing[121].

Kai-Fu Lee Became “Carefully Lee”

1. The Faker Yuan Again!

24 hours after Fang announced that Ms. Hu Ling had “thumped” into his hole, Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, “a Taiwanese IT venture capitalist, executive, writer, micro-blogger, and computer scientist ……based in Beijing”[122], posted the following message:

“In a society filled with trust, people normally adopt the presumption of innocent until proven guilty. In a society the trust is missing, people normally adopt the presumption of guilty until proven innocent.”[123]

Everybody, including the fake doctor Albert Yuan, knew Dr. Lee was commenting on Fang’s attack on Han Han. Here is the faker’s comment:

“There really exists difference in this aspect between China and America, the question is why? Are Chinese people natural skeptics? I am not talented, [but want to] propose a hypothesis: whether it is possibly caused by the dishonesty of many people in the high positions such as you? I also understood why there are differences between the Chinese and English editions of your autobiography.”[124]

This was Albert Yuan’s second attempt to join in Fang’s anti- Han Han campaign in two days after his first one was smashed by Dr. Liu Yu. Obviously, Yuan thought Dr. Lee’s post offered him another opportunity. The question is, exactly what the faker was talking about?

On Nov. 22, 2011, not long after he was kicked out of the column in China Youth Daily apparently because of his plagiarism scandal, Fang launched a sudden attack on Dr. Lee. In a time span of 7 hours, he posted 17 consecutive posts on weibo.com, accusing him of CV fraud and dishonesty in his autobiography, Making a World of Difference: The Kai-Fu Lee Story, because in the Chinese version of the book, Lee claimed that in 1990, at the age of 28, he was the youngest vice professor at Carnegie Mellon University. Fang, based on a paper published in 1990, in which Lee was introduced as a Research Computer Scientist, asked Lee to explain the discrepancy[125]. Although Dr. Lee responded immediately, pointed out eight factual mistakes in Fang’s allegations[126], the fight didn’t stop until the end of November, and it was reported frequently by national news media including Xinhua News Agency and people.com, the official website of People’s Daily.

Although most people believed that Dr. Lee was innocent, at the most he made a negligent error in translating his academic title at Carnegie Mellon University, “assistant professor,” into “vice professor” in Chinese, for the reason that in the higher education institutions in China, an entry level teacher is called “assistant teacher,” which is actually lower than a lecturer, and the position above a lecturer is vice professor[127], Fang and his gangsters believed, and are still believing, otherwise: just like they believe anyone who has been attacked by Fang is guilty of being attacked, Kai-Fu Lee was guilty of lying to or deceiving Chinese people. And that’s exactly what the faker Albert Yuan meant in the above post. It is extremely surprising that the triple faker Yuan, who faked his “American Ph. D.” credential, faked his “mainstream scientist” resume, and faked his “science writer” career[128], had the guts to keep reminding Dr. Lee his “fraud.” That’s how shameless the Fangangsters really are.

Triple Faker Albert Yuan accuses Dr. Kai-Fu Lee of CV fraud

2. A Prelude

It is almost certain that Fang’s attack on Dr. Lee was a revenge on one of Lee’s post, made public three months earlier, calling on him to focus on more important issues like the Wenzhou train collision and the Guo Meimei and the Red Cross scandal, instead of continuously attacking individual public intellectuals[129]. Another likely reason for Fang’s attack on Dr. Lee was political: about 10 months after Fang’s attack, the Party Building Net, the official website of the Propaganda Department of the CCP Central Committee, published an article entitled Zhou Xiaoping Asks Kai-Fu Lee Ten Question[130]. It is the most definite signal indicating that Dr. Lee was considered a political enemy by the Chinese government, therefore Fang’s attack on Dr. Lee was nothing but a prelude to a government-organized campaign. And of course, Mr. Zhou Xiaoping, a famous radical leftist and patriot, was the person who triggered Fang’s expel from China’s internet on Oct. 21, 2014, and Fang has been trying his best to portrait himself as a victim of Mr. Zhou’s soaring in China[131].

Expected move, unexpected outcome
Upper: On Nov. 23, 2011, the day after Fang’s sudden attack on Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, the spokesman of the Innovation Works told the news media that Fang’s attack on Dr. Lee had been expected since August 2011 when Dr. Lee concurred with CCTV hostess Ms. Wang Lifen’s suggestion that Fang should focus on more meaningful things [than private individuals] (red boxes). The image is the newspaper page from the Oriental Guardian published on Nov. 24, 2011. Lower: On Dec. 5, 2011, Bozhou Daily reported that the majority of the internet users praised Dr. Lee’s decency and grace in responses to Fang’s attack. The report also quoted a comment by Mr. Wang Jiamin (web ID Ma Rila), saying that Fang’s attack on Dr. Lee was like a bite on hairs rather than the neck. Mr. Wang would be one of the major opponents against Fang’s attack on Han Han in less than two months. Please note that in the title, Fang Zhouzi Busts Kai-Fu Lee’s Fraud (actually Fang Zhouzi “fraud busts” Kai-Fu Lee), the words “fraud busts” have the quotation marks, indicating most people didn’t believe Fang’s attack on Kai-Fu Lee was really busting fraud.

Only with the above story in mind, one is able to understand why Albert Yuan’s comment on Dr. Lee’s message was hailed by many Fangangster, including that internationally infamous plagiarist Liu Juhua: the female faker put a smiley face to show her approval of and encouragement for the male faker.

Fake Dr. Albert Yuan is praised by fake Master Liu Juhua
After fake American Ph. D. Albert Yuan posted a message to attack Dr. Lee, Liu Juhua, the fake Master of Journalism from GSCASS and an infamous chief reporter of Xinhua News Agency showed her approval with a smiley face[132].

Then, Fang made his comment:

“Kai-Fu Lee is carefully preparing on the edge of the hole to jump in.”[133]

Fang’s comment generated the second wave of attacks on Dr. Lee. Here is a comment by that katoey Du Lei:

“That’s why Vice Professor Kai was dug up in the society where the trust is missing, and such a thing won’t happen in a society filled with trust.”[134]

Here is a post by that Wu Xingchuan, the commander of Fang’s water army and the (fake) “senior executive” of a nonexistent company[135]:

“Kai-Fu Lee: In the society filled with trust, my position is Assistant Professor. In the society the trust is missing, my position is Associate Professor.”[136]【Please note that Dr. Lee never claimed that he was an associate professor. It was Wu who translated a Chinese vice professor to an American Associate professor. 】

Still remember that idiotic “Qingzhi 1988” (清之1988)? He appeared again, posted at least 13 comments on Dr. Lee’s message, mainly recycling his older ones, including that “There was Kim Il Sung in [North] Korea, there is Han Renjun in China……”[62]. Here is his first comment:

“This Kai-Fu Lee is simply an idiot, why is a hypocrite like you followed by so many people. Guilty or not, what Fang said has his sources, he didn’t fabricate; his reasoning is of high quality, they are proper questionings. According to you, it seems like that Fang likes to smear other people. Don’t you forget, you own asshole is not clean either? Is Obama your classmate? You hypocrite.”[137]

Besides these (fake) evidence-based attacks, there were also some pure rumors. For example, a Fang-lover “atmnght” posted the following story: when Fang was busting Lee a few months earlier, Lee was so scared that he used his connections to look around the world for the people who are close to Fang so that they could plead for leniency for him, and even Fang’s wife’s bosses were involved[138]. The rumor was actually initiated by the CCTV commentator Mr. Wang Zhi’an, one of Fang’s closest followers at the time, who would become one of Fang’s most hated enemies in about one and a half years. On Dec. 8, 2011, Mr. Wang posted the following message:

“Not long after Fang Zhouzi started exposing Kai-Fu Lee’s fraud, Lee was scared when he learnt that Fang was seriously trying to investigate his history. He immediately asked many people to beg Fang Zhouzi [not to do so]. According to Fang, what Kai-Fu Lee feared the most was that Fang was going to investigate the lawsuit he had had with Microsoft years earlier, at that time, Microsoft made all of Lee’s emails in the company public, which have too many secrets. Oh dear, had he known that the thing has to be like this today, he might not have done it in the first place.”[139]

The reliability of Mr. Wang’s story was seriously questioned by many people, including Fang’s closest associates such as Du Lei and “Xuzhuzi” (虚逐子). Here is what that Xuzhuzi wrote:

“It is weird. If Old Fang decides not to play the fourth season, he should have no reason to reveal the secrets, [so] how did you know them? On the other hand, does it sound like that Old Fang was conquered by the public relation [campaign]? @Fang Zhouzi.”[140]

Besides this Xuzhuzi, there were at least two other people thought the story indicates that Fang received payment from Dr. Lee, and many more people asked Wang to show the evidence to substantiate his story, and asked Fang directly to verify it[141]. However, till this day, neither of them has responded to the requests yet.

Fang’s water army attacks Dr. Kai-Fu Lee
After Fang made a threatening comment on Dr. Lee’s “innocent until proven guilty” post at 2012-1-27 17:14, a pack of Fangangsters jumped on Dr. Lee to attack him and his supporters. The above images are the screenshots of the comments by some these thugs who made multiple comments. Please note that except for those comments by that “atmnght,” which were in the commentary section of Fang’s comment on Dr. Lee’s post, all the others were the comments directly under Dr. Lee’s post.

3. A Perennial Target

It seems that Fang and his water army did stop Dr. Lee from supporting Han Han publicly for the moment. However, three months later, Dr. Lee led a delegation of mainland Chinese, including Han Han, to Taiwan, which was received by the Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou[142]. The photograph showing President Ma shaking hands with Han Han immediately flooded the China’s internet. Of course Fang was extremely upset, he spent the entire evening of May 3, and the entire day of May 4 to let off his bitterness, calling China “The People’s Republic of Cheating”[143], the delegation “Cheaters’ Delegation”[144]. As a matter of fact, Fang’s resentment was so huge that on the third day, May 5, 2012, he reposted an old and anonymous article accusing Mr. Ma Ying-jeou of CV fraud[145].

Hail to the Chief
On May 3, 2012, Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou shook hands with Han Han and greeted him by saying “I've heard so much about you.” Two days later, Fang reposted an old rumor article accusing Mr. Ma of CV fraud[145].

On Sept. 5, 2013, Dr. Lee revealed that he was diagnosed with cancer[146]. Fang immediately seized the opportunity to pretend to be a cancer expert, making the story the topic of his “micro-column on qq.com”[147] One month later, Fang reposted a message accusing Dr. Lee of using water army[148].

The fact is, before Fang was kicked out of China’s internet on Oct. 21, 2014, he had never stopped his attack on Dr. Lee[149]. And even after being kicked out China’s internet, Fang is still watching Dr. Lee carefully. On Nov. 18, 2014, Fang posted following message on his Twitter account:

“I have just found that Kai-Fu Lee actually has more than a million followers on Twitter, however, his retweet numbers are very low; some of them are single digit, most of them are double digits. Could the followers on Twitter be purchased?”[150]

To understand Fang’s reasoning, you have to know the following facts:

1. At that time, 28 days after relocated to Twitter after being kicked out of China’s internet, Fang had less than 28,000 followers;
2. Just less than one month earlier, Fang had nearly 20 million followers on sohu.com;
3. Just less than a half year earlier, in May 2014, to demonstrate that Fang’s influence on China’s internet was very limited, Fang’s private lawyer Peng Jian told the Third Intermediate People's Court in Beijing that the average numbers of comments and reposts of Fang’s posts on sohu.com were merely over two hundred[151].
4. Just less than a year earlier, in January 2014, another Fang’s lawyer told a court in Guangzhou that many of Fang’s 5 million followers on weibo.com were fake[152].
5. In August 2012, when nominating Fang for the John Maddox Prize, the fake American Ph. D. Albert Yuan wrote: “His blog, as well as Weibo (a twitter-like Chinese website) are all extremely popular in China.”[153]

So, what can we make of these facts? Very simple: Fang has been knowingly purchasing zombie accounts as his followers to boost his image for the only purpose of cheating, such as cheating for the John Maddox Prize. However, when Fang wanted to cheat the court to get monetary compensation in his countless libel lawsuits, he would tell the judges that his followers are fake, and his influence in China is very limited, therefore he was unable to clear his name by providing evidence on his own microblogs, hence the people sued by him should be punished monetarily. In other words, Fang’s zombie followers could be used by Fang either way to cheat, and simply based on his own fraudulent history, Fang assumes that everyone else must have been cheating also.

However, Fang’s real intention in the above message was actually asking his rich followers to purchase zombies for his Twitter account, because with merely 30,000 followers, “Netizen” Fang’s life, in both real and virtual worlds, is really, really miserable. In other words, Fang could not face the fact that the number of his real followers (Fangangsters or ScieNazis) is extremely limited, maybe just a few hundreds.
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