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Part XLV: The Hanly War (VI): The Intimidator_3 (1285 查看)

January 11, 2015 02:10PM
The “Queen of Microblog”

50 minutes after directing his water army to flood Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, Fang issued another directive:

“‘Thump,’ Yao Chen, the ‘Queen of Microblog,’ has jumped down also. The hole I’m digging up will be big enough anyway. I welcome you to list those celebrities and websites who are still strenuously supporting Han Han. When this series is finished, I’ll acknowledge these uninvited supporting stars in the cast and crew list.”[154]

So, who is this Yao Chen, and what did she do?

1. “Xizi”

Ms. Yao (born 1979) is one of the most popular movie stars in China, and one of the earliest weibo.com users. Since 2010, Ms. Yao has been the most followed microblogger in China, with nearly 76 million as of now, January 2015. In June 2014, Ms. Yao was listed as one of the World's 100 Most Powerful Women by Forbes[155]. However, she made herself Fang’s enemy because she posted the following message on Jan. 27, 2014:

“Sigh, [someone] has been wrangling from pre-New Year to post-New Year, and [it seems that he] enjoys it. If I was [the person who is being attacked], I won’t be so patient: I would have taken legal action a long time ago to prove my innocence. What is it called in legal term? Sounds like ‘defamation.’”[156]

And about 3 hours later, Fang made the above “thump” comment on Ms. Yao’s post. Obviously afraid of the content of the post, Fang didn’t repost the message he was commenting on, and he didn’t give the link to the post either.

The Queen has just incriminated herself
The background of the above image is the screenshot of Ms. Yao’s post translated above. The 3 inset photos on the right show Ms. Yao’s images. (Sources of the images: hongfen.org; women.sohu.com; hk.crntt.com.)

In the traditional Chinese culture, acting was considered one of the most shameful occupations, not far away from prostitution, and there was even a derogatory term for the actors or actresses, Xizi (戏子, xì zi, literally a person who performs). Another characteristic of the traditional Chinese culture is its patriarchy: women were believed to be inferior, and thus should subordinate themselves to men. Although Fang and his gangsters pretend to be the believers in science and followers of Western culture, the truth is that they have inherited the worst elements in the Chinese tradition. For example, Fang himself has been using the term Xizi frequently to insult his enemies, whether they work in the entertainment industry or not. For example, in March 2013, Annie Yi, a Taiwanese singer, actress, and writer, posted an anti-nuclear message on weibo.com, and Fang commented:

“A Xizi without scientific literacy performs and pretends to be a democracy goddess on the issue of science and technology-related people's livelihood. Did mainland Chinese learn this from Taiwanese, or Taiwanese learned this from mainland Chinese?”[157]

Fang’s remark generated huge negative response, and Fang fought back by repeating the term to provoke further uproar:

“Why do some people behave like their ancestors tombs are dug up when I call those entertaining stars who perform in front the public on public issues Xizi? When did these entertaining stars begin to have such a high status in China that even a derogatory term cannot be used?”[158]

Fang’s another derogatory term used frequently for his enemies, “liberal arts silly girls” or “humanities silly girls” (文科傻妞), is a live testimony of his contempt for women. As a matter of fact, whenever fighting against a female enemy, Fang could not help controlling his desire to show his superiority and dominance, especially when she doesn’t have a Ph. D. degree from a university like the Michigan State University. Influenced by their leader, the Fangangsters are extremely fond of attacking female targets with dirty languages. Here are the comments by a Fang-lover who calls herself “pooniu”:

“Nothing but a female Xizi, had she had some insights, she won’t have lost her husband.”[159]

“Junk movies! A mentally retarded upstart, large breasts, idiotic master and fans, no imagination, no sense of humor, no creativity.”[160]

And she posted the following comment at least six times in four minutes:

“Yao Chen, the Xizi in Han Han’s Swearing Troop. Wake up and hurry up to support [Han Han].”[161]

Here are the comments made by that “atmnght”:

“I have experienced the stupidity of Yao Chen the Xizi before.”[162]

“Oh my God, every Xizi wants to be the Tenth-Daughter of Du [a fictional figure who was sold to a brothel but later committed suicide for being betrayed by her lover], gives up her prostitution career and gets married, and becomes a public intellectual. How could she miss such a golden opportunity for hyping? It’s a good thing, don’t stop her.”[163]

Still remember that “Besides Brother Bridge there is no other brother”? Here is one of his comments:

“The actresses in Hong Kong and Taiwan even sell sex, does Beauty Yao sell also?”[164]

The hardest working Fang-lover was “Press the whole world with one finger” (一指压天下) or “Farming and reading in the mountains” (山林耕读), whom I have introduced before[153] and will introduce more later. In a time span of 25 minutes, this guy posted at least 13 comments on Ms. Yao’s post, and the following one he posted 10 times:

“Sister Yao, I didn’t realize that your quality is this poor! Fang Zhouzi is now hoping Han Han’s lawsuit! The question is whether Han the fake god dares to sue.”[165]

“Standing up for science”
Fang’s ScieNazi thugs flood Ms. Yao Chen’s microblog with dirtiest words they could ever think of.

2. Standing-up against the ScieNazis

The funny thing is, Ms. Yao Chen, like Ms. Hu Ling, didn’t back down from her position a tiny bit. In the evening of Jan. 27, 2012, she posted the following message:

“If a man quarrels with a stone, who will win?”[166]

Two days later, she posted another one:

“Light and darkness do not merge with each other.”[167]

On Feb. 2, Ms. Yao reposted a PowerPoint file made by Mr. Zhang Zhi (张志, web ID 秋叶, Autumn leaf), a faculty member at Wuhan Institute of Technology, entitled Watch the War between Fang and Han, and Learn How to Think Independently, in which Fang’s various vicious and evil tactics used against Han Han were analyzed and summarized[168]:

1. Take a predetermined position;
2. Use short microblog messages to play the emotional card, use long-microblog analyses to play the rational card;
3. Rapidly change to the next proposition when the previous one has not concluded yet, making the general public unable to think thoroughly, thus they have to believe his entire logic and conclusions;
4. Use the authenticity of a proposition to imply the authenticity of another proposition, even though the two propositions don’t necessarily have logical connection;
5. Use the reasons for the questioning as the evidence to make conclusions;
6. Selectively shield off different opinions;
7. Put labels on his opponents;
8. Disregard legal procedure; rather, resort to the power of various news media.

There was an interesting episode in these few days. Probably on Jan. 28, Ms. Yao began to follow Dr. Sun Haifeng, a famous Fang-hater, on her weibo account. That katoey Du Lei announced the news immediately after he noticed Ms. Yao’s move:

“The person who is most recently followed by Yao Chen is Sun Haifeng, could Yi Ming be the next one? Will Xiao Chuanguo be followed also?”[169]

Fang’s comment on the news:

“Fang-haters of all countries, unite again!”[170]

The capital crime in Fang’s ScieNazi Empire
Probably on Jan. 28, 2012, Ms. Yao Chen added Dr. Sun Haifeng, one of the most active Fang-haters on weibo.com, to her friend circle on weibo.com. 129 minutes past the midnight, Du Lei (inset picture) announced his newest discovery, and posted the screenshot of Ms. Yao Chen’s most recent friends. 20 hours later, Fang reposted Du’s message, proclaiming Yao a Fang-hater.

3. Fighting Back

The big play occurred on Feb. 3. In the early morning of that day, Han Han posted an article entitled The Third of February, intended to be his closing statement on the ghostwriting allegation. Ms. Zhang Xin, the CEO of SOHO China, made the following comment on Han Han’s article:

“Reading Han Han’s closing speech makes people want to cry. Whether it is the Han Han who used to be edgy, or the Han Han who is currently in a low mood, he always has his distinct charisma. Han Han says: ‘Having experienced the incident, I understand many things, I’ll use all kind of works, whether they are racing, writing, or anything else, to let my friends feel proud of having such a friend as me. [t.cn]”[171]

Ms. Yao added:

“Hehe, I have been thinking all along that this incident is an examination question given to Han Han by the fate. Although the process is intricate and difficult, the good thing is that he has found the answer. I hope that after the stormy incident, everything will be bright and smooth.”[172]

In The Third of February, there was the following sentence:

“Because Fang Zhouzi has threatened to punish each one of those people and media who have supported me, so if Fang Zhouzi wants to revenge on them later, I’ll do my best to help them; on the other hand, when Fang Zhouzi wants to accuse other private citizens of fraud, I believe that many people will no longer believe him, just like me.”[173]

One “young scholar” who calls himself “Absalom” (押沙龙) asked:

“It really scares me, when did Fang Zhouzi issue the threat? How come I haven’t noticed that?”[174]

Six minutes later, he added:

“If he has really said so, then this person is too evil.”[175]

Many internet users assured “Absalom” that Fang had indeed issued such threat for multiple times, and among them was Ms. Yao Chen:

“He has indeed said so, the fact is, I didn’t know Fang and Han at all; however, I couldn’t hold back [my opinion], so I said something about the matter only, didn’t name the names. Unexpectedly, Fang was extremely excited, bit me several times, he also reposted an article insulting me. A doctorate with such a terrible character is not trustworthy.”[176]

Of course Ms. Yao Chen’s comment, which was posted only as a comment so it didn’t show up on her homepage, incurred another round of attacks from the Fangangsters. Here is a comment by an extremely vicious female Fangangster Li Yanying (李艳英, web ID只看晚霞) who posted at least 6 comments cursing Ms. Yao:

“Fuck! I used to like Yao Chen very much, now I have seen her true colors, she is nothing but a mentally handicapped clown.”[177]

Here is a comment by a Luo Wei (罗炜Nowe) who also posted six comments scolding Ms. Yao:

“A whore has no heart, a Xizi has no soul, and Yao Chen has no brain.”[178]

Here is a comment by a “Follow each other, if you follow me I’ll definitely follow you, otherwise my dad dies” (互加关注有粉必回不回死爹):

“How come a Xizi like Yao Chen who has neither boobs nor brain became the Queen of Microblog? By spending money on purchasing zombie fans?”[179]

Here is a comment by a “Handsome Aaron” (帥帥aaron):

“It is understandable if a Xizi could not control her underneath mouth, however, if she could not control her upper mouth either, it becomes annoying!”[180]

Without an exception, all these thugs changed their web IDs later.

4. The Old Clubs in Action

However, what differentiates the second round fight between Ms. Yao Chen and the Fangangsters from the first one is that almost every member of Fang’s Old Man Clubs jumped out. For example, katoey Du Lei posted 11 comments, pestering both Yao Chen and “Absalom.” Another Fang’s old club, Mr. Zhao Nanyuan (born 1946), a retired professor at Tsinghua University and has been Fang’s follower since 2000, posted 3 comments under a fake web ID “Arakawa’s scarf” (荒川围脖). Even Mr. Liang Ke (NKLiang), a mathematics professor at Nankai University, and a deputy Dean of the School of Mathematical Sciences of the same university from 2003 to 2013, could not help joining in.

So, what did they say? Mainly two things, the first is to deny the fact that Fang had issued the threat. This is Du Lei’s first comment on Absalom’s “If he has really said so, then this person is too evil”:

“If [Fang] hasn’t really said so, then Han Han is too evil.”[181]

And Professor Liang Ke followed the katoey immediately:

“If Uncle Han says that Han Han didn’t say so, then Absalom is too bad.”[182]

Here is the comment by a person who has been Fang’s friend since late 1990s[183], but has been hiding his true identity with a fake ID “For books all my life” (为书一生):

“It must be a rumor, right? Fang has no personal enmity towards Han, he has [personal enmity] only towards Principal Luo.”[184]

Another Fang’s old club who jumped out was Mr. Zhang Zhaojin (张兆晋), a senior editor with Posts & Telecommunications Press at time and the person who has been Fang’s personal editor since early 2000s and defended Fang’s plagiarism in 2011[185], posted the following comment:

“The Big Mouth Yao is really a big mouth with a small brain.”[186]

Here is the first comment by another secret Fang-lover who would post a total of 15 comments on Absalom’s post under a fake ID “Punch the old master to death with fists” (乱拳搞死老师傅) but later changed to “Sweet potato bear No. 3” (地瓜熊老三):

“As a rational supporter of Fang Zhouzi, I verify that there is really no such a thing.”[187]

And then he threatened Yao Chen:

“In which microblog Fang Zhouzi said so? Please list the evidence. Otherwise I’ll report to Sina.”[188]

This is Ms. Yao’s response to the threat:

“Report? Haha, you’d better first report your master’s defamation of other people.”[189]

Obviously, Fang’s habitual revenges in the past dozen years and his repeated threats issued against his enemies as well as their family members and employers, either explicitly or implicitly, such as “thump,” “to be buried together with Han Han,” were not enough to demonstrate that Fang had indeed threatened to punish every one of Han Han’s supporters. The fact is, just a few days earlier, Fang made the following threat to Mr. Liu Xiaofeng, a teacher of the New Oriental English School:

“A renowned teacher at the New Oriental even spreads such a clumsy rumor, aren’t you afraid that I’ll fix you after I have fixed Luo Yonghao?”[190]

The “rumor” spread by Mr. Liu was that Fang had hired a team to manage his Weibo account, mainly in charge of blocking any people who disagree with Fang, but Fang hadn’t paid them for almost one year (the story is told below). Although that “rumor” was not related to Han Han directly, the threatening nature of the above post is beyond any doubts. In other words, the Fangangsters, as well as their master Fang himself, are capable of denying Fang’s evildoing while Fang is doing it.

As having already mentioned before[191], Du had been, and still is, pretending to be a female internet user who also supports Fang Zhouzi. A few days before the second round battle against Ms. Yao Chen, Du was questioned by Mr. Wang Jiamin (web ID Ma Rila) whether he was Fang’s wife Liu Juhua, and Du never answered the question directly. The encounter was mentioned again by an internet user under Absalom’s post[192], and Yao seemed to believe it, so she talked to “Absalom” again:

“I have just learned by reading a comment on your post by an internet user that the blog article targeting me was posted by his wife. I thought it was by an average internet user. It is really horrible; the couple is both like this!”[193]

And here was katoey Du’s response:

“Thank you for believing Ma Rila!!!”[194]

Then Zhao Nanyuan jumped out, laughing at Yao’s mistake[195]. Then came Fang, who must have been watching the battle closely and waiting for Ms. Yao’s missteps patiently, reposted Du’s message almost immediately, with the following comment:

“Even the ‘Queen of Microblog’ believes that Sansi Kenan is my wife, Sina should add the certificate mark V [to Du’s Weibo account].”[196]

Fang’s reposting generated more than 2 thousand comments, and like his other anti-Han posts, most comments on this one are negative. And as usual, Fang’s water army came to rescue. For example, a “Midnight Erguotou” (午夜二锅头, Erguotou is a brand of hard liquor) posted the following comment 9 times in 63 minutes:

“[She is] really The Big Mouth Yao, all the rumors and gossips [about her] have been generated by herself.”[197]

That “Follow each other, if you follow me I’ll definitely follow you, otherwise my dad dies” posted 26 messages in less than an hour, mainly making dialogues with his water army buddies or attacking Han’s supporters. For example, a Fang-lover, who later disappeared altogether from weibo.com, posted the following laudatory comment:

“Fang Zhouzi, you are the backbone of Chinese people. You are a national hero. As a Chinese with conscience I salute you! Everyone with a feeling for justice is supporting you! I support you forever. Those people who attack you are shameful! They are the scum of the nation!”[198]

And this “Follow me……,” who would change his web ID to “equality” (均等) later, praised the moron:

“To some people, what you have just said sounds exaggerated, however, people in the future will know that Mr. Fang is indeed the contemporary Lu Xun.”[198]

However, the most diligent soldier in Fang’s fight against Ms. Yao Chen must be a “Schwinger” (施温格) who posted more than a hundred comments, defending for everything Fang had done. For example, an internet user used Fang’s threat against Mr. Liu Xiaofeng, “aren’t you afraid that I’ll fix you after I have fixed Luo Yonghao?” to demonstrate that Fang was indeed going “to punish each one of those people and media who have supported” Han Han. And here is the “Schwinger’s” defense:

“Which part of [Fang’s] post indicates the idea of ‘each one’? Do you think it is technically practical [to punish] ‘each one’? Instead of agreeing with Fang Zhouzi’s logical argument, you defy logic and interpret [his argument] promiscuously, are you ashamed of yourself?”[199]

The other person argued:

“Fixing this one after having fixed that one, doesn’t it mean each one?”[200]

“Schwinger,” who claims that he was trained in physics and teaches at a university, replied:

“‘Fixing this one after having fixed that one’ is a total of two, do you know how to count?”[200]

You have to admire these thugs’ shamelessness.

It was under the attacks by the Fangangsters that Ms. Yao Chen stopped talking about Han Han for 2 and half years. Fang’s tactic worked again.

There were several reasons for Fang’s Old Man Clubs to come out in force to fight the second round war against Ms. Yao Chen, and one of them was that by that time, Feb. 3, 2012, Fang’s complete defeat in the Hanly War had essentially been guaranteed, and these old thugs were desperate to save Fang from the disaster. Another reason was the internal disorder among the Fangangsters. Before I tell that story, let me finish Fang’s “thump” campaign first.

Fang Zhouzi’s Old Man Clubs
On Feb. 3, 2012, Fang’s Old Man Clubs, all in their 50s or 60s, and all but one behind a mask, jumped on Ms. Yao Chen for the sole reason that she expressed her opinion in favor of Han Han. The above image is a composite of the screenshots showing their comments on Absalom’s post and Yao’s comments (2012-2-3 14:44). The people in the image are (from left clockwise) Du Lei under a fake female ID Sansi Kenan; Professor Liang Ke under a semi-fake ID NKLiang; Professor Zhao Nanyuan under a fake ID “Arakawa’s scarf,” and Senior Editor Zhang Zhaojin, who uses his real name on the internet.

Fang Zhouzi’s Detachment of Women
Two female Fang-lovers attacked Ms. Yao Chen viciously and vehemently, for the only reason that she supported Han Han. Even though they both used masks, their true identities are known: the person to the left revealed her own name before the attack, and the person to the right was identified after the attack. The above image is a composite of the screenshots of their comments on Absalom’s post and Yao’s comments (2012-2-3 14:44). The personal images were posted by themselves on their microblogs. Please note that the two photos on the right are Ms. Li Yanying and Fang, and Ms. Wang Yanhong, a reporter with Xinhua News Agency and a long-term Fang-lover, “Dr.” Albert Yuan, and Ms. Li Yanying.

Flooding their own backyard
The above images show that Fang’s water army was trying to rescue their master from an ocean of internet users’ mouth water under Fang’s post (2012-2-3 16:42). The identities of the posters are indicated by the avatars they were using and the web IDs (blue characters next to the avatars), and red underlines indicates the contents of these characters are exactly the same.

“A Transgenic Weasel”

On Jan. 27, less than 2 hours before Fang’s announcing that Ms. Yao Chen had thumped, Mr. He Sanpo, an author, posted an article on his blog, entitled: Fang Zhouzi, a Transgenic Weasel. It was actually an unpublished interview. Here is the dialogue about the Hanly War:

Reporter: “In the war on sina blogs, the fight between Han Han and Fang Zhouzi has become stalemated, people found that Han Han’s logical ability is not as good as Fang Zhouzi’s. An idol is going to collapse, what do you think about the fight?”

He Sanpo: “Have you heard of an animal called honey badger? It is a kind of weasels in African grasslands, its body is small; when facing a man, it would attack his testicles. It is super strong, able to kill crocodiles; even a leopard or lion is unable to subdue it. Its most horrible tactic is that even if it only bites into your shoes, it will never let you go. Such a God-made talent does not differ from [what used by] Dr. Fang Zhouzi very much. Based on a few hearsays, relied upon a few iron-clad teeth, [he] is able to demonstrate that a person doesn’t exist. The funny thing is, such a transgenic head keeps swaggering, it is really a wonder rarely seen in thousands of years.

“[He] won’t bite the Red Cross, won’t bite [the issue of] cooking oil recovered from sewerage, won’t bite the accident of the train crash, won’t bite the China Backbone [scandal], won’t bite [the problems in] Sichuan disaster donations. He actually bites the talent of a writer; furthermore, his biting lasts from the old year to the new one, and he is proud of his biting.

“What’s the usefulness of logic ability? It cannot demonstrate that a weasel is a human being. Lu Xun said a long time ago: Fighters with shortcomings are after all fighters and the perfect flies are also nothing more than flies.

“Obviously, Han Han’s talent in writing novels is not outstanding among his generation; his viewpoints on democracy and freedom are not as good as those expressed on weibo.com by Li Chengpeng and Wang Xiaoshan. However, his courage to express his opinion on public events is rarely seen in China. Especially the Han’s Trio at the end of last year, it likes that a stone was thrown into a pool of stagnant water, generating a shower of echoes. Although I don’t agree completely with him, I sincerely admire such courage. If every one of Chinese intellectuals has such courage, this country will be respectful. If all the kids of the post-1980 generation have such courage, this country will have future.”[201]

Mr. He’s article was praised by many people. Mr. Liao Weitang (廖伟棠), a Hong Kong-based writer and poet, commented:

“My position is the same as He Sanpo’s.”[202]

Mr. Hai Jie (海杰), a writer, reposted Mr. Liao’s comment to show his agreement. And Mr. Que Daohua (阙道华), a journalist with Yangcheng Evening News, commented:

“It is because that Fang has no other options, he has to find himself something to do.”[203]

Ms. Xu Chen (许琛), another journalist with Yangcheng Evening News, commented:

“There are too many people who are trying to kick up a fuss, and they have aroused Fang already.”[204]

At 7:58 PM, Jan. 27, 2012, less than two hours after announcing that Ms. Yao Chen had thumped, Fang pushed these five people into his gigantic hole altogether:

“‘Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump,’ the string of sounds is really euphonious, you guys help me to count.”[205]

It was a definite signal for his water army to launch an attack on these people. Remember that filthy mouth “Besides Brother Bridge there is no other brother”? Here is his comment posted 9 minutes after Fang’s:

“He Sanpo, a moron produced by the intercourse between near relatives. I don’t know whether Mr. He feels the pleasure by listen to what I have just said.”[206]

Remember that “Midnight Erguotou”? He posted 11 comments in 15 minutes, with the same content, and the first was posted 11 minutes after Fang’s:

“Like a group of penguins jump into the water, the penguins in the front do not want to jump, but are forcefully pushed into the water.”[207]

The funny thing is, this Fang-lover managed to send the message directly to three of the other four people who were “thumped” by Fang Zhouzi, apparently trying to threaten them (see the screenshots below).

Another Fangangster, “9u9e,” posted the following message 3 times in 5 minutes; the first one was posted 10 minutes after Fang’s:

“Whomever Fang likes to question [he should be allowed to] question whomever, what kind qualification do you have to talk about it? Why don’t you question [the issue of] cooking oil recovered from sewerage? Why don’t you question the train crash accident? Even if you might have questioned, what kind of achievements have you obtained? Fang at least taught us that in China a shameful fraud can be hidden under any kind of brilliant aura, he taught us to treat everything with a rigorous attitude. In the world filled with frauds, only Fang is doing his best to change everything.”[208]

Of course, these Fangangsters didn’t have the guts to post their messages on their homepages, even once.

The “Most Diligent Fighter Award” in this campaign should be given to a “Don’t talk to me” (别和我说话), he posted 20 comments in 64 minutes, the first one was posted 20 minutes after Fang’s “thump” announcement. And among the 20 messages, the following content was repeated 15 times:

“Nowadays, there are too many idiots, [the problem is] not only there are too many, but also they have evolved into demons. The Idiot He who laughs at Sima Qian, go to hell, I fuck your whole family plus your ancestors. Why did you mention Sima Qian when you were talking about Fang Zhouzi? I fuck your mother, you bustard.”[209]

Expectedly, none of his comments appeared on his homepage.

Flood of abusive languages by Fang’s water army
Minutes after Fang announced that five more people had “thumped,” Fang’s water army began to post repetitive and abusive comments. The above image is a composite of the screenshots of some of these posts, which have been partially translated above.

The Final Thumps

Before the Hanly War, I had said the following many times:

“To a Chinese scholar, it is a misfortune to live in the same era with the thugs of New Threads; and it is a shame that we belong to the same race.”[210]

And the Hanly War is a perfect evidence to demonstrate my correctness.

1. A Shameful Era

On Jan. 27, 2012, 12 days after the outbreak of the Hanly War, Mr. Han Renjun, Han Han’s father, posted a lengthy article, Talking about Myself, explaining why he could not be Han Han’s ghostwriter. Here is his introduction to the article:

“Recently, many people have been saying that I possess a magical and supernatural power, writing Triple Door and Glimpsing Human’s Nature through a Cup of Water for Han Han, manipulating national New Concept Writing Competition, and even being the Director of the Propaganda Department of Shanghai. It is for this reason I have written an article about myself, which is a little lengthy and wordy, sorry about that. I have also attached the stories I published in 1999 for you to read and compare. The article explains everything clearly; welcome all kinds of incriminatory words.”[211]

Dr. Liu Yu’s comment on the post was: “Heart broken.”[212] Dr. Liu’s comment was reposted by Mr. Wu Jinghui (吴京辉), a journalist, and another journalist Mr. Chen Mo (陈默) added:

“Take care, write what you want to say, nobody could harm you.”[213]

After being reposted by Mr. Xu Wenguang (许文广), a TV program producer and actor, Ms. Wang Lifen (王利芬), a CCTV hostess and an entrepreneur made the following comment on the string of posts:

“Han Han is a young man in our era who has the characteristics of independent thinking and being able to express it. Independent thinking is a rare resource in our time, so I think he is an excellent youth; meanwhile, he has the independent character shared by the majority of the intellectuals, and the intelligence of an adult.”[214]

63 minutes after Ms. Wang’s comment, at 9:49 PM, Fang reposted Han Renjun’s post, plus the five comments, with the following comment:

“Five thumps.”[215]

It was Fang’s first thump without quotation marks and his last thump announcement. It was also Fang’s only miscalculated thumps: he obviously forgot that Dr. Liu Yu had already been thumped by him earlier that day.

Why did Fang make these mistakes, and why would he stop counting? The answer to the first question is that his own backyard was on fire (see below), and the answer to the second one is this: not only because his threat and his water army scared nobody any more, but also because that these tactics became jokes. Indeed, it became really difficult to find Fang’s water army in the ocean of negative comments on Fang’s idiotic “thumps.” An “Offshore boat” (离岸的小船), who, as of now (January 10, 2015), is following 181 accounts, but only is followed by 80 accounts, and having only 3 messages on her homepage, posted the following message 5 times within 8 minutes:

“Many people even don’t take a look at Old Fang’s evidence-based reasonable questionings, they simply let their dogs get loose and bite people. Old Fang, be strong, hold on, behind you there are hundreds and thousands of people who are supporting you quietly, although we are not as crazy and noisy as those Han-lovers or Luo-lovers!”[216]

A Zheng Banqiao (正版乔), who has only 29 followers and 139 messages on his homepage with the last one posted on 2012-3-23, posted the following comment 3 times within 3 minutes:

“[Have you noticed that] the direction of the wind has changed? Han Han’s boosters are starting to change the topic from discussing whether Han Han has committed fraud to touting the social value Han Han has. [It means that they] are vaccinating the Han-lovers. (This is what I wrote yesterday; now Lu the Golden Pig [Lu Jinbo] is propagandizing the theory that Fang Zhouzi is a terrorist.)”[217]

2. A Pair of Anti-Han Army “Marshals”

Although some of Fang’s water army soldiers I identified above did post sporadically in the battle of “Five Thumps,” it is noticeable that they were in extreme low spirits. As a matter of fact, most of Fang’s Old Man Clubs didn’t show up in the battle, except for Dr. Xiao Ying, a Fang-lover whom I have described previously as “an ‘aesthetician’ who defended for Liu Juhua’s plagiarism and a professor who framed his own student”[218]. Dr. Xiao, who was one of the earliest academics who openly attacked Han Han, posted at least four comments after Fang’s “Five thumps” announcement, and he deleted all of them later. Here they are:

“This is a masturbating era when only idol, but not the truth, is needed.”[219]

“Only after having seen those celebrities’ crying foul for ‘Han Han’ in the ‘five thumps’ that I realize that the idol value of ‘Han Han’ is an expensive consumption. Fan Bingbing’s 20-million reward was offered a little too hasty.”[220]

“【A pig which makes publishers sad】Publisher Lu Jinbo wrote that he regards Fang Zhouzi, who is fully involved in analyzing Han Han’s works, ‘a dung beetle. His work is looking for shit everywhere.’ If so, isn’t the ‘Genius Han Han,’ who has been being defended by Mr. Lu Jinbo, just a pile of shit in Lu’s mind? Of course, it is a pig’s logic, no wonder Lu Jinbo calls himself Lu Jin Pig right now.”[221]

“【The only way to decide the winner: TV live broadcasting, Fang Zhouzi assigning the topic on the spot, and Han Han writing an essay [on the topic] on the spot, Sina Net announcing [the result], and the internet users making comments.】── To the ‘Man-made Han Han’ who could only be seen clearly but could not be explained convincingly, both sides, Fang and Han, have entered into a stalemate. If such a situation continues, the only result will be that there are dead people, but there won’t be a winner.”[222]

Xiao Ying’s “only way” proposal was actually a modified version of what proposed by Ms. Peng Xiaoyun, one of the most vicious and evil Han-haters, and obviously for that reason, she was on the top of the Ten Marshals of the anti-Han Army – Xiao was ranked No. 3[223]. What Marshal Peng proposed on Jan. 27, 2012, was as following:

“A very simple method: the readers as consumers sue both Han Han and his father of commercial fraud, and then the judicial and criminal investigation authority uses the means such as lie detector to examine them, then they either convict them or exonerate them, clean their names.”[224]

Marshal Peng’s viciousness and evilness provoked a huge public outcry, and she deleted her post immediately. And that’s why Marshal Xiao Ying proposed his “The only way to decide the winner.” It seems that the two Marshals, as well as their master Fang Zhouzi, had never realized that they have absolutely no authority or rights to invade into Mr. Han Han’s private domain.

The funny thing is, a few days later, Marshal Peng was exposed as a plagiarist and she would be convicted by a committee 10 months later[225]. And Marshal Xiao, the pretentious truth-seeker, revealed his true colors in a month: when an open letter signed by 154 scholars around the world was made public in late February 2012, calling for Chinese authority to investigate Liu Juhua’s plagiarism scandal, Xiao reacted frantically by defending Ms. Liu and attacking ferociously those who signed the letter, including his former student Sun Haifeng[218]. It seems that he doesn’t care about the truth after all - all he cared about is “to decide the winner.”

A rogue professor
Xiao Ying, an aesthetics professor at Tsinghua University, was the most vicious assailant in China’s academic community against Han Han during the Hanly War, although he has never presented any evidence to demonstrate that Han Han’s writings were ghostwritten. As a matter of fact, Xiao acknowledged that there is no way to “restore the truth”[226]. Nonetheless, Xiao did his best to attack Han Han, to attack those who signed an open letter asking the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences to investigate the plagiarism committed by Fang’s wife Liu Juhua, and Xiao explicitly defended Liu’s plagiarism.

An evil woman
On Jan. 27, 2012, Ms. Peng Xiaoyun, a journalist and a commentator, proposed a “simple method” to decide whether Han Han had committed fraud: let Chinese authority use criminal investigation approaches on Han Han and his father. The proposal was so notorious that Peng deleted the post immediately; however, the screenshot of the post was captured by other people.

Marshal Peng Xiaoyun of the Anti-Han Han Army is a convicted plagiarist
On Nov. 23, 2012, Ms. Peng Xiaoyun filed a complaint with weibo.com against an internet user who called her “a habitual plagiarist.” After examining the evidence presented by the defendant, a 14-members committee convened by the Management Center of Weibo Community dismissed Peng’s complaint. The above image is the screenshot of the webpage, showing Peng’s complaint, the defendant’s evidence, and the committee’s decision.

Fang’s listless water army in the final battle of the “Thump Campaign”


As many people have pointed out already, the cause of Fang’s vicious and combatant nature is his extreme jealousy: he simply could not withstand the fact that other people are more successful than he is. And among the things which irritate him every single day, the most intolerable one is the financial wealth his enemies have accumulated. Accordingly, VANCL, a leading internet-based apparel retailer which hired Han Han as one of their spokespersons in 2010, was attacked by Fang and his vicious gangsters during the Hanly War.

On Jan. 19, 2012, the second day after Fang’s entering into the Hanly War, the katoey Du Lei posted on his Weibo a poster he created by distorting one of VANCL’s commercial advertisements which used Han Han as its spokesman for a line of T-shirts. In the post, katoey Du imitated the so called VANCL’s writing style to mock Han Han’s dislike of schooling, his typos, and his sharing of the password of his blog with his friends[227]. Eight hours later, Fang reposted Du’s post with a VANCL-style comment:

“Love to swear love to offer reward love to delete posts and also love Latin.”[228]

Target: VANCL
By reposting thug Du’s post, Fang was sending a signal to his water army: Attack VANCL!

The reason for the katoey Du to attack Vancl appeared to be that one day earlier, Mr. Chen Nian (陈年), the founder and CEO of Vancl, expressed his support for Han Han. Initially, the Sina Blog recommended Han Han’s A Normal Essay; then the official Weibo account of the Sina Blog, “Top Blog” (头条博客), announced the news on weibo.com, and it cited particularly the paragraph in which Han Han refuted Fang’s “Offering a heavy monetary reward [for evidence] on one hand, and destroying the evidence at the same time on the other” (the story have been told in [131]). Mr. Chen Tong, the editor-in-chief of Sina Network, was among the first people who made a comment on the post:

“Support Han Han! The article is very readable.”[229]

And Mr. Chen Nian made the following comment on Mr. Chen Tong’s comment:

“I don’t know what to say.”[230]

About one hour later, Mr. Chen Nian posted his second comment:

“Not long ago I had a chance to have a long chat with Han Han, he said that on many matters we are unable to do anything, however, the least we can do is to require ourselves to start with good intentions. I think it is right. We are unable to guess the intentions of these rumormongers, but we are able to constrain our own intentions and behaviors.”[231]

The original sin committed by VANCL
Mr. Chen Nian, the founder of Vancl, expressed his firm support for Han Han on the day when Fang entered the Hanly War. The above image is the screenshot of Mr. Chen’s post, translated above[231].

Of course, Fang Zhouzi interpreted Mr. Chen Tong’s comment as “publicly expressed his unequivocal support for Han Han’s personal attack on me,” and he used the opportunity to spread the rumor that Han Han’s wife is an editor with Sina[232]. Although many people, including Mr. Luo Yonghao and Mr. Yao Bo, warned Chen Tong that Fang’s attack on him was imminent[233], he escaped the disaster when Fang “vindicated” him because the Sina Blog recommended Fang’s Reply to Han Han on the next day. However, Vancl and Mr. Chen Nian were not that lucky.

As you have seen, the katoey Du is the most vicious and diligent bloodhound of Fang’s: he has been always the first person who finds Fang’s new enemies, and begins his deadly bite at the same time. Therefore, his distorted Vancl ad constituted the retaliatory response by the Fangangsters to Mr. Chen Nian’s support for Han Han.

Although Mr. Chen Nian’s post was commented on for more than one hundred times, no comments were made in the 50 hours after Fang reposted Du’s post. The only plausible explanation to this is that his post was flooded with the abusive comments from the Fangangsters and they were deleted by Mr. Chen Nian. However, there are still some vestiges of the flood left. A Woaobo, who has posted more than 2 thousand messages on his homepage on weibo.com, but has only 15 followers, made the following two comments:

“In the War between Fang and Han, the biggest loser is VANCL.……Hurry up to sign Fang Zhouzi, he has never lost.”[234]

“VANCL wasted so much money on a genius as its spokesman, however, he is a fake.……VANCL is going to say good-bye to Han Han.……I did not expect that it would happen so soon.”[235]

Here are 3 messages by a Xianxia Xiaowenzi (仙霞小文子):

“Boycott any products represented by Han Han, the intelligence of the mass cannot be insulted like this!!”[236]

“Why don’t you sue Han the illiterate?”[237]

“Suggest to you that you let Jeremy Lin to be your spokesman, Han Han the faker has dragged you down.”[238]

The thing is, under the continuous attacks by Fang’s water army, VANCL renewed their contract with Han Han on April 3, 2012. Fang, whose love for seeing his enemies’ failure is just as intense as his hate for seeing his enemies’ success, went complete nuts. He first posted the following message, obviously trying to instigate his followers to boycott VANCL:

“VANCL promotes their products by advertising ‘Support Han Han,’ which means that they regard every one of their consumers as Han Han’s supporter, [are they] planning to do business with Han-lovers only?”[239]

Minutes later, Fang reposted a message by the ardent Han-hater, “Sweet potato bear No. 3” (地瓜熊老三), and another one by a person who has since disappeared from weibo.com, saying “Let’s boycott together,” with the following comment:

“[I’ve] heard that some people are going to boycott VANCL, after reading carefully, it is Bothering Customers.”[240] 【Note: VANCL’s Chinese name is 凡客, pronounced Fán kè, meaning a normal guest or customer. Han-haters replaced the first character with a homophone, 烦, which means bothering or annoy.】

The Han-hater’s post contains a slogan, “Boycott the liar’s endorsement, boycott the false advertising”[241], and an image, which is a malicious practical joke on VANCL’s commercial featuring Han Han.

Upper: VANCL’s advertisement, the words on the right are VANCL-style slogans, which read:
Love the internet, love the freedom,
Love to wake up late, love the food stalls in the evening,
Love car racing, also love the T-shirt of ¥29,
I am not a standard-bearer of any kind,
I am not a spokesman of anybody,
I am Han Han,
I represent myself only. I am the same as you,
Lower: the modified version of the ad by “Sweet potato bear No. 3,” an extreme Han-hater, in which not only the logo VANCL was changed to FUCKCL, the price was changed from 29 to 250, which in Chinese means an idiot, but also the slogans was distorted:
Love to lie, love to quit school,
Love to use ghostwriters, love to peep female students’ dorm in the nights;
Love daughter, also love to swear and curse by daughter,
I am not a genius of any kind,
I am not a son of anybody,
I am a liar,
I represent myself only. I am the same as you,
I am Bothering Customers.

Again, Mr. Chen Nian’s microblog was flooded by Fang’s water army. It seemed that by that time Mr. Chen had already got used to these thugs, so these malicious and evil comments are preserved. A person who calls himself “China’s reformer” (中国的改良派) and has a grand total of 9 posts on his homepage, made 23 comments on Mr. Chen’s repost of a VANCL’s commercial. Here are some of them:

“Fuck your mother, Chen Cun, you are still using the idiot Han Han, go to hell.”[242]【Note: Chen Cun is a Shanghai-based writer, and one of Fang’s archenemies during the early stage of the Hanly War. The water army soldier apparently confused the two Chens.】

“Why does Chen Nian walk together again with Han Han?! Because they are the same, having the stink of money all over their bodies, regardless of truth or fraud, without conscience and responsibility, Chen Nian will also be crucified on the historical pillar of shame.”[243]

“VANCL has no honest products, whoever wears their products will have bad luck! Wish bastard Chen and Han Han die together!”[244]

Flood of venom
A self-claimed “China’s reformer” was cursing Han Han and Chen Nian after VANCL renewed their contract with Han Han. He posted 23 abusive comments and he dared not to show any of them on his homepage which, as of January 10, 2015, contains only 9 posts.

Another person who used to call himself “Desert Sunset Glow” (苍漠晚霞) but has since changed to “Purple Lilac” (丁香紫韵) and “Big Lilac Monk” (丁香大和尚), has 19 followers and one 1 post on his homepage, posted 22 comments on Mr. Chen Nian’s repost of VANCL’s commercial. Here is his first one:

“From now on, [I’ll] do my best to appeal to the people around me: Don’t buy any products of VANCL anymore. It is really ironic that a business which disregards the bottom line of social integrity for their commercial interest, calls themselves ‘Eslite.’ It is the omen of the country’s subjugation.”[245]

Here is his last one:

“[The problem of VANCL] is simply not that they don’t know Han Han; rather, they know Han Han is a liar clearly; however, for the sake of their commercial interest, they disregard social integrity, resolutely associate themselves with a liar. If VANCL was deceived by Liar Han, we can sympathize with them, but VANCL teams with the liar firmly, so we must boycott!”[246]

A Fangangster “Purple Lilac” attacks VANCL after Fang has sent the signal

Another Fangangster, “Fuck Han Ten Times” (十日韩), who appears to be a female but registered as a male and uses a male avatar, just like that “China’s reformer” who is apparently a male but using a female avatar, “fucked” Chen Nian and his VANCL five times:

“Chen Nian, Sister admired you very much before. However, now your personality has already bankrupted, in my heart you are as shameless as Han the Second, even if you have succeeded, [I’ll] still FUCK YOU!”[247]

In summary, Mr. Chen Nian’s 4-Chinese-characters repost has a total of 662 comments; more than 50% of them were made by the Fangangsters like the above three, containing curses, scolds, and threats.

In April 2012, Fang posted and reposted numerous messages against VANCL, instigating his followers and Han-haters to play malicious jokes on VANCL’s ads, to label VANCL’s products as counterfeit and shoddy, and to sue VANCL:

“Start to play pranks on Vancl? [Good!] That’s the result it deserves for openly ‘Support Han Han’ in its commercial, which means simply it wants to be the enemy of the many netizens.”[248]

“Vancl Eslite says that the renewal of their contract with Han Han is ‘a materialized expression of ambition triggered by a shared emotional experience.’ Han Han is questioned for using ghostwriters, he is a fake and counterfeit in the literary community. Vancl shares the emotional experience, is it because they have been questioned whether their products are fake and counterfeit? Talking about ‘materialized expression of ambition,’ have they materialized Han Han?”[249]

“Vancl Eslite is complained for trademark law violation, this angle [of hurting Vancl] is very original. What they have been doing recently is just the opposite of Eslite.”[250]

“Citizens are motivated to oppose fraud, and this time no one is saying the action is destruction of public properties.”[251]

Malicious instigations
Upper left: On April 17, 2012, a thug posted the photo with handwritings, “I cheater” on Han Han’s forehead, “Death in Eighth Route,” which is pronounced similar to Subaru, on the car, “Han Han is a cheater” and “Dare you to buy a Death in Eighth Route car?” in the blank space. Fang reposted the message on the same day with the following comment: “Seeing ‘destruction of public properties’ again”[252]. Lower left: On April 20, 2012, an internet user posted on his Weibo a VANCL ad with scribbling “Fake, Cheater!” Fang reposted it five hours later with the following comment: “Seeing ‘destruction of public properties’ again”[253]. Right: On June 9, 2012, a Han-hater posted on his Weibo a VANCL ad with a “cheater” label. The poster’s message was: “Who has destructed public properties!!!!!!!!!!” Fang reposted the post on the next day with the following comment: “Someone polluted the public properties first”[254].

And till this day, Fang is still claiming that his anti-Han Han campaign is “to prevent more teenagers from being misled by their idols.” What a shameless liar!

The joke is on the joker
After repeatedly instigating his followers to play practical jokes on VANCL and Han Han, Fang himself became a laughingstock. The above is a modified VANCL ad, depicting Fang, the words read:
No matter how right you are, I’ll bite you whatsoever;
Whether you are right or not right, I am always right;
Whether you are reasonable or not, I’ll bite your throat.
The image initially appeared on weibo.com in April 2012, but was soon deleted. The current location of the image is here: 第 814 楼.

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