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Part XLVI: The Hanly War (VII): The Pseudoscholar_2 (1067 查看)

January 28, 2015 12:25PM
Fang’s “Medical Analysis”

As shown above, Fang’s new season was opened with a disaster: not only was the article found to be a plagiarism, but also were the stupidities and the ignorance in the stolen article prominently exposed. Therefore, anyone with a sense of shame would have closed his “new season” on the same day it was opened. The problem is, the John Maddox Prize winner is shameless.

On the second day of Fang’s “new season,” Fang posted on his Weibo The Medical Analysis of “Genius” Han Han’s Seeing a Doctor. Here is its opening paragraph:

“In The Analysis of ‘Genius’ Han Han’s Seeing a Doctor, I, based the analysis of the words and allusions used in the article, concluded that it was impossible for the 17 years old sports talented student Han Han to write the article; rather, it was ghostwritten by a middle-aged hospital patron. After posting the article, several medical doctors on the internet left messages to me, pointing out that based on the description of the illness in the essay, the author was not a patient of scabies, but a patient of hepatitis. Enlightened by them, I read some medical literatures, and conducted a medical analysis on the essay, adding one more ring to the chain of evidence.”[54]

Here is its closing paragraph:

“Therefore, the article was actually about the experience of a hepatitis patient who sought medical treatment in a small hospital in the 1960s or 1970s (or even earlier). The identity of the author resembles Han Renjun, who enrolled the Chinese Department of East China Normal University in 1977 and dropped out later due to hepatitis, more than Han Han.”[55]

1. The Fake Medical Expert Credential

I have shown previously that one of Fang’s most frequently used weapons in his fraudulent fraud fighting career has been to question other people’s qualification. Generally, if anyone who has expressed an opinion which is not in accord with Fang’s, especially on GMO issues, Fang will definitely try to demonstrate that that person is unqualified to express his or her opinion. An early example is Fang’s attack on Dr. Mae-Wan Ho[56], and a more recent example is his attack on Mr. Cui Yongyuan, a popular CCTV talk show host: to stop Mr. Cui from questioning the safeness of the GM foods, Fang invented a doctrine dubbed “having the rights, but having no qualification”:

“Those people who do not do science have the rights but have no qualification to question GMO.”[57]

Fang’s Law
On Sept. 12, 2013, Fang explained his doctrine in a TV interview: “You have the rights to do so, but you have no qualification to do so, so you are not allowed by me to do so.” [58]

In other words, according to Fang’s doctrine, anyone who doesn’t have a Ph. D. degree in biochemistry under the supervision of Dr. Zachary Burton from the Michigan State University in the United States doesn't have the qualification to argue against GMO’s commercialization. On the other hand, it seems that Fang’s Ph. D. degree in biochemistry has made him qualified to do anything, literally. Therefore, in the following session, let’s take a closer look at Fang’s qualification for conducting a “medical analysis.”

The trainer and mentor of the fraudulent fraud fighter Fang Zhouzi

As I have mentioned before, in 2007, to promote his plagiarized scifool book Science Makes You Healthy, Fang “padded” his CV with a “biomedicine background” (生物医学出身)[59]. Here is what he said back then:

“Ever since we started to bust the academic corruptions in 2000, the fraud in the medical and healthcare area has been our major concern, because it is related to my professional background, I was trained in biomedicine, so I pay relatively more attention to the fraud in the area.”[60]

Apparently based on Fang’s self-promotion, China’s newspapers immediately began to propagandize Fang’s “biomedicine background” credential:

“In Science Makes You Healthy, Fang Zhouzi, who was trained in biomedicine, ‘speaks with science,’ exposes the truth about two dozens of commonly seen fake health supplements by naming their names, such as ‘nuclear acids nutrient supplements,’ ‘stem cell cosmetics,’ etc.”[61]

One of the fakers
According to the Nature editorial, John Maddox prize, “China’s rush to modernize and the communist government’s celebration of science and technology have firmly embraced scientists and scientific achievements, sometimes uncritically. And into that permissive milieu has walked a plethora of opportunists ready to take advantage of the situation with padded CVs, fraudulent and plagiarized articles, bogus medicines and medical procedures carried out without clinical evidence,” and Fang’s major contribution to science is to “root out the fakers.”[62] What Nature didn’t say is that Fang has been the biggest faker of them all. Five years before receiving the “John Maddox Prize,” Fang padded his CV with a fake “biomedicine training” credential to promote his fraudulent and stolen book. The above image shows an article originally published in Beijing Daily Messenger on Feb. 5, 2007, and then republished in Jing Jiang Evening News on the next day, in which it says that Fang’s training was in the area of biomedicine (highlighted with a red box).

The fact is, not only did the John Maddox Prize winner fake his credential, his knowledge in biology in general and in medicine in particular is also a joke, to say the least. As mentioned before[59], Fang had absolutely no idea about how to preserve animal cells, arguably one of the most elementary pieces of common knowledge and routine techniques in biomedicine area; and he could not tell the difference in the odors between ether and pepper water. The thing is, they are not the only “biomedical” jokes Dr. Lard Fang has made. Let me tell one more such story.

On Nov. 5, 2008, Fang published an article in China Youth Daily entitled How Come the Face Has Turned Yellow? Here is the last sentence in the first paragraph:

“The porphyrin in hemachrome has as many as 11 double bonds, which absorb the red light with longer wavelength, therefore the blood is red.”[63]

A faker’s scifool article
On Nov. 5, 2008, Fang published an article in China Youth Daily entitled How Come the Face Has Turned Yellow, teaching Chinese youth that the redness of blood is the result of the absorption of red light by its porphyrin in hemachrome.

Although the above joke was less related to biomedicine, the arguments Fang engaged in with his followers on the New Threads were more relevant. Briefly, several New Threads users argued with Fang about the relationship between absorption and reflection, and tried to teach Dr. Lard Fang that matter which absorbs red light won’t appear red. After a few rounds, Fang knew he had made a fool of himself, so he issued a statement saying that he was going to modify the first paragraph of his article, and the last sentence in the modified paragraph would appear like this:

“The oxygenated arterial blood is bright red, but the deoxygenated venous blood is purple blue.”[64]

After being further questioned, Fang changed color of the deoxygenated venous blood from purple blue to blue purple on the next day[65]. Obviously, the biomedical doctor doesn’t know for sure the color of blood. However, the joke didn’t stop there.

To save his face, and to pretend to be a real biomedical doctor, Fang posted the following message, right after he changed the color of venous blood from purple blue to blue purple:

“The difference in the oxygen contents between the arterial blood and the venous blood is actually not big. The oxygen saturation level in the pulmonary venous blood is less than 75%. The color of the deoxygenated hemoglobin is purple blue, which should be the color without any oxygen.”[66]

Fang’s stupidity and ignorance was immediately pointed out by another internet user:

“The ‘medical expert’ Fang is talking nonsense again: the blood in pulmonary vein is venous blood. It is taught in the first year anatomy class in medical school that the blood in pulmonary vein is arterial blood. MADical expert Fang takes the words literally, believing that the blood in pulmonary vein is venous blood. Also, the oxygen saturation level of the pulmonary venous blood should be the highest in the body, higher than 95%, if less than that, it will be generally considered hypoxia. The MADical expert actually thinks ‘the oxygen saturation level in the pulmonary venous blood is less than 75%,’ which was probably measured from a dead body.”[67]

It took the MADical Expert Fang more than 10 hours to respond:

“About the colors of ‘venous blood’ and ‘arterial blood’: What I wrote before contains typos. What I meant was that even the ‘venous blood’ in the pulmonary artery which contains the least amount of oxygen has the oxygen saturation level of 75%, and the ‘arterial blood’ in the pulmonary vein which contains the highest amount of oxygen has the oxygen saturation level about 100%. The difference between the two is actually not big, the venous blood in the body still contains a large amount of oxygen, which cannot be used to explain the color of the deoxygenated blood.”[68]

Do you think Fang really knew what he was talking about? Do you believe Fang really had training in biomedicine? More relevantly, do you think Fang is qualified to conduct “medical analysis” of any kind, on anything? Although I don’t know your answers to the questions, here is one of mine:

“When such a person claims that he is conducting ‘medical analysis,’ it is like a firecracker maker who works in his home workshop claims that he is making intercontinental missiles, it is a joke as big as the sky.”[69]

2. Fang’s Fake Expert Witnesses

When Fang said that he wrote his “The Medical Analysis of ‘Genius’ Han Han’s Seeing a Doctor” because “after posting the article [[i]The Analysis of ‘Genius’ Han Han’s Seeing a Doctor[/i]], several medical doctors on the internet left messages to me,……” Fang was telling a plain lie. As a matter of fact, till today, Fang has not revealed the real identities of these “medical doctors,” and no real medical doctors have ever showed their support for Fang’s conclusion. Another undisputable fact is, the few masked “medical doctors” relied upon by Fang are all pure fakers.

(1) A Psychopath

The fact is, after posting his new season opener on Jan. 27, 2012, Fang praised only one “medical doctor,” who called himself “Hate to Idle” (恨虚度, hèn xū dù), for his multiple and serial comments:

“You analyzed Seeing a Doctor from the perspective of a physician and pointed out that it was the experience of a hepatitis patient in a hospital in the old years, which is very professional and very valuable. It is a pity that your serial comments are drowned in the flood of Han’s Family Swearing Team. I suggest that you collate these comments and post them on your Weibo [homepage], or transform them into a long-microblog.”[70]

Like attracts like
Fake biomedical expert Fang Zhouzi praises a fake physician for his serial ignorant comments.

The funny thing is, not only didn’t the highly praised physician follow Fang’s suggestion, he would soon disappear from weibo.com altogether, along with his professional and valuable comments on Seeing a Doctor. Why? Because immediately after Fang posted the above message, the true identity of Fang’s “physician” was exposed. Here are some of the comments on Fang’s message within 32 minutes of its appearance:

“Isn’t it a zombie fan?”[71]

“This person is not a real doctor; Old Fang still needs to read professional books.”[72]

“Could it be a fishing [trick] again? It is not nice to molest Zhouzi like this during the holiday season.”[73]

“This Hate to Idle looks like a quack doctor, a demigod who specializes in treating brain damage. Teacher Fang believed his brag, which makes me laugh.”[74]

“Evaluation of a ‘Chief Expert on diagnosis and treatment of brain damage’: from a physician’s perspective, has very high professional value….”[75]

“Hate to Idle is a physician? Hehe, laugh to death, let’s go to Hate to Idle’s microblog to watch.”[76]

“Quick, let’s watch, that Hate to Idle’s self-introduction is an expert on brain damage treatment. It seems that Teacher Fang’s illness is really serious.”[77]

Indeed, based on the screenshot of that Hate to Idle’s profile, captured 41 minutes after Fang’s recommendation, he followed nobody, had only 68 followers, and had posted only 7 messages on his homepage. And the most obvious sign of suspicion of his identity was his claim to be a “Chief Expert on diagnosis and treatment of brain damage.” Apparently, Fang’s certification of him as a physician was based on that jokey self-identification.

The fact is, immediately after his identity became a hot topic on weibo.com, that Hate to Idle changed his identity to “writer,” and soon after, he changed his ID and stopped posting.

Fang’s chief and only visible medical advisor on scabies
A person who called himself “Hate to Idle” registered his Weibo account on March 4, 2011, as a 2009-born “chief expert on diagnosis and treatment of brain damage.” Because he posted 15 supportive comments on Fang’s “textual analysis” of Han Han’s Seeing a Doctor, Fang praised him highly as a professional medical doctor. After being questioned and laughed at, this “Hate to Idle” changed his identity to “writer” and “scholar,” changed his ID to “Sigh time passes like flowing water,” deleted his posts, and stopped posting completely.The above image on the left is the screenshot of his Weibo account summary when he was praised by Fang, showing he identified himself as “the chief expert on diagnosis and treatment of brain damage,” he was following nobody, was followed by 68 accounts, and his homepage had only 7 posts. The screenshot was captured by Mr. Wang Jiamin (see: 2012-1-27 16:03.) The image on the right is the screenshot of that person’s registration information (captured on Jan. 20, 2015), showing his registration time, his birthday (January 1, 2009), his identity “scholar, writer.” He is currently following 25 accounts, being followed by 51 accounts, and having 1 post, which isn’t shown to the public.

Although that fake physician has disappeared, his 15 pieces of “Analyses of Seeing a Doctor” are nonetheless preserved by a Fang-lover, obviously in response to Fang’s “suggestion”[78]. Here is his “Analysis I”:

Seeing a Doctor Analysis I: First of all, the disease of scabies is generally transmitted by contacting small animals; the chance of getting infected by living in a school dormitory is not big. …….”[79]

The fact is, any professional publication will tell you that the above “analysis” is a complete nonsense. Here is what was written by the British Association of Dermatologists:

“The mites that cause scabies are ……usually picked up by direct skin-to-skin contact with someone who already has scabies, ……. Pets do not spread them.”[80]

Here is what was written by Michigan Department of Community Health:

“The primary mode of transmission of the human scabies mite is direct skin contact between two individuals.……It is unlikely that domestic animals are reservoirs of human scabies.”[81]

Here is a sentence in a review published in Lancet Infectious Disease:

“In general, animal scabies is selflimiting in humans beings, since the mites cannot complete their life cycle.”[82]

Here is a paragraph in a CDC online publication:

“Human scabies is caused by an infestation of the skin by the human itch mite (Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis). ……The microscopic scabies mite almost always is passed by direct, prolonged, skin-to-skin contact with a person who already is infested. ……Humans are the source of infestation; animals do not spread human scabies.”[83]

And Fang’s “medical analysis” was mostly based on the nonsense murmured by “the chief expert on diagnosis and treatment of brain damage.”

While Fang’s chief medical advisor claimed that scabies is mainly transmitted from small animals to people, all the other medical professional publications say otherwise. The above image shows the paragraphs in the publications by the British Association of Dermatologists and the Michigan Department of Community Health, respectively.

(2) An Unidentified Fraudulent Organism

The fact is, even though that Hate to Idle posted more than a dozen “medical analyses,” he never mentioned the connection between hepatitis and itching. So, where did Fang get that idea? The answer is from another Fang-lover “UFO Haunt” (UFO出没). Here is what he wrote under Fang’s new season opener:

“Of course, a student with a talent in sports can get sick; however, it is impossible for the scabies to occur on his head, and the itching spots couldn’t be located. It is more likely hepatitis when the whole body is itching without any symptoms on the skin.【It turns out the unbearable itching is caused by hepatitis.】”[84]

“Han Han’s father had hepatitis; therefore it is very possible that he saw doctors many times for skin itching. Pay attention to the original text: ‘Systemic and paroxysmal local severe itching ……feet, head, abdomen, the itching is everywhere,’ which says explicitly it was systemic and paroxysmal itching. Scabies has external symptom on skin, mainly located in the folds on the body, and it is not paroxysmal either. The symptom should not be scabies.”[85]

“Ask again: scabies or hepatitis?”[86]

So, who was this “UFO Haunt”? According to his registration, he graduated from a “Foreign Affairs College” (外交学院), and his Weibo account has disappeared like a ghost since I visited it last year[69]. However, there is still evidence available to prove his lack of medical training.

Six hours after Fang posted his “medical analysis,’ Dr. Yu Xiangdong (web ID “Dr. Stick,” 棒棒医生), a vice chief physician in the Blood and Rheumatology Department of Huangshi Central Hospital, and an ardent Fang-lover and TCM-hater, posted his “Re-Medical Analysis of Han Han’s Seeing a Doctor,” in which, as expected, he agreed with Fang’s diagnosis that Han Han’s description was not a scabies symptom; however, surprisingly, he wrote the following paragraph:

“However, I could not agree with Fang Zhouzi’s conjecture that the itching was caused by hepatitis. Jaundice caused by viral hepatitis is hepatocellular jaundice, which is not itching or only slightly itching. Itching caused by obstructive jaundice is more severe. If what Han Han wrote was indeed based on his father’s hepatitis experience, then his hepatitis must be cholestatic, which has the characteristics of both diseases. If so, the jaundice characteristic on the patient must be very obvious, and any physician could tell it was jaundice by a simple glimpse, why would they have to identify the spots of the itching?”[87]

Dr. Yu’s article generated only a few dozens of comments, the second one was from that “UFO Haunt”:

“Having learned from you. Forward to @Fang Zhouzi.”[88]

By that, he essentially admitted that his diagnosis was wrong.

So, what was the response to the real physician’s opinion by the John Maddox Prize winner, who had supposedly “promoted sound science and evidence on a matter of public interest”? Here it is:

“There are several physicians who all said it looks like the nervous itching caused by hepatitis. There is also such a report: Severe itching on the skin caused by hepatitis: [t.cn]”[89]

You have to know the facts that Fang neither posted his comment on his Weibo, nor did he repost Dr. Yu’s article. You should also know the fact that none of those “several physicians who all said it looks like the nervous itching caused by hepatitis” have ever revealed their real identities. Also, the report Fang cited contained the following words which Fang won’t want you to know:

“According to the doctor, it is not very common to see the itching caused by hepatitis, and the majority of patients do not have the knowledge.”[90]

Selective blindness
Six hours after the fake biomedical expert Fang Zhouzi published his “MADical analysis” on Han Han’s Seeing a Doctor, based almost entirely on the “MADical analyses” of two fake medical doctors, Hate to Idle and UFO Haunt, Dr. Yu Xiangdong, a real physician and also a Fang-lover, posted his medical analysis which basically excluded the possibility that what described in Seeing a Doctor was the experience of a hepatitis patient. UFO Haunt was immediately subdued; however, Fang insisted that his “analysis” was supported by many physicians. The above image shows a portion of Dr. Yu’s post and the comments by UFO Haunt and Fang Zhouzi. The inset photo shows Fang (left) and Yu (right) together in Beijing in 2013. (See: 2013-7-22 08:32.)

The fact is, besides Dr. Yu, another Fang-lover with a medical background, Dr. Lü Jie, under his fake ID Wu Guaixing (勿怪幸), also refuted Fang’s theory:

“About this……I have to say something frankly. Skin itching caused by hepatitis is extremely rare, at the late stage of hepatitis C, itching might occur; itching related to liver is seen in cholestasis caused by obstructive jaundice. However, the specific mechanism of the itching induced by obstructive jaundice is still unclear. Subcutaneous deposition of bilirubin is only one of the hypotheses.”[91]

Fang never responded to this piece of information.

Besides these Fang-lovers with medical background, there were more real doctors who believed Han Han rather than the fake biomedical expert Fang Zhouzi. Here is one of them:

“The scalp is not a soft tissue, so the itching on the scalp might not be caused directly by scabies bugs. However, the affected area by scabies bugs is systemic, when they attack, the itching is so burning and unbearable that even thinking about it is scalp-numbing, which was actually told to me by the patients when I was an intern. I cannot think about any more, otherwise I will think about the patient who is suffering from a systemic pubic lice infestation. If the paragraph in Seeing a Doctor was imagined by a hepatitis patient, he must be a genius.”[92]

“From the perspective of a doctor, only a scabies patient is able to write the fifth paragraph about the patient’s complaint. That unspeakable itching.”[93]

Of course, the John Maddox Prize winner will never be able to see comments like these.

3. The Malice Intention

On many occasions, Fang claimed that he had no malice against Han Han, and he was actually“dragged” into the Hanly War[48]. However, Fang’s malicious intent to Han Han was so intense and obvious that Han Han stated explicitly: “His only purpose is to ruin my reputation.”[94]

So, besides selectively presenting his “evidences” and intentionally fabricating his witnesses, are there any other proof to demonstrate Fang’s malice? Of course!

An evil says: “I have no malice!”
On Feb. 1, 2012, in response to Han Han’s pending lawsuit, Fang Zhouzi stated on CNS TV that he had no malice towards Han Han, he didn’t fabricate materials, and all his analyses and conclusion were based on the publicly information.

(1) Framing

Just like in his previous “textual analysis” in which Fang first tried to fix Seeing a Doctor as a documentary story so that any discrepancies related to the story could be used by him as evidences to demonstrate whatever he was trying to fix Han Han as, and in The Medical Analysis of “Genius” Han Han’s Seeing a Doctor, Fang did exactly the same thing. Here is its second paragraph:

“In My Son Han Han, Han Renjun said, the essay was written in January 1999 when Han Han was in the freshman class in high school while he was suffering scabies. In Talking about Myself, Han Renjun reiterated the story several times. In Seeing a Doctor, it is said clearly to seek for treatment of scabies, and because the school hospital refused to treat the disease, [the person] went to a bigger hospital. So, when Han Han was writing the essay, his scabies had not been cured yet, therefore his description of the scabies symptom should be relatively accurate. Was it?”[95]

And based on his the above assumption, Fang continued:

“In the essay, it says: ‘Studying away from home, I am exhausted both physically and mentally, so it is inevitable that on a certain day when I wake up I find my face has a bump or my leg has a red swelling.’ ‘Systemic and paroxysmal local severe itching ……feet, head, abdomen, the itching is everywhere……’ ‘However, he recovered in a few days, that’s why the Buddhism was founded in India but developed in China.’

“Scabies is caused by the infestation of skin by scabies bugs. Scabies bugs drill in skin, walking inside and making tunnels, laying eggs, which causes allergic reactions, resulting in rash and itching. Rash occurs primarily in skin folds, including hands, wrists, abdomen, and genitals, etc. Only pediatric patients could have rash and itching in the head, juveniles and adults won’t. Therefore, what described in the essay, ‘face has a bump,’ ‘feet, head, abdomen, the itching is everywhere,’ is not the symptom of scabies. If the scabies bugs are not killed, the scabies patient won’t ‘recover in a few days.’”[96]

Fang’s malicious and evil intention was clearly revealed in his writing. First of all, two of the three sentences Fang quoted were intentionally misquoted: based on the contexts, they were obviously not used to describe the symptom of scabies at all. Here is the first paragraph of Seeing a Doctor:

Studying away from home, I am exhausted both physically and mentally, so it is inevitable that on a certain day when I wake up I find my face has a bump or my leg has a red swelling. The author’s bedroom likes a pigsty, its dirtiness is peerless; the person who sleeps in the upper bed above me is so lazy that he doesn’t wash his clothes. It is said that he used to wear the same underwear for two weeks, after the first week, the underwear was turned over and worn for another week. And eventually, he got scabies. Because he gets off his bed by stepping on mine, I was not spared, every night the scratching was so hard that the entire bed was squeaking, and the pajama was dotted with blood. However, he recovered in a few days, that’s why the Buddhism was founded in India but developed in China.”[97]

Do you think that any person with a minimal literacy, let alone a self-proclaimed Zhuangyuan (the top-scorer in ancient China’s Imperial Examination) in Chinese, could understand the first sentence as a description of the scabies symptom?

Here is the context of Fang’s second quotation:

“After asking [the symptom], the doctor began to write on the back of patient’s case card. I have seen two kinds of doctors, one is learned and capable that they could write for a long time, and the content is nothing but ‘systemic and paroxysmal local severe itching ……feet, head, abdomen, the itching is everywhere……the patient’s symptom when itch occurs is as following…….’ I have heard that when a doctor finished writing, the patient had fallen asleep already. The other kind of doctors treasures their words as gold; they write only the word ‘itching’ on such a big case card.”[98]

In other words, what Han Han wrote was his imagined and generalized description of the itching symptom by a certain kind of doctors, rather than his personal experience with scabies.

As for Fang’s third quotation and refutation, “If the scabies bugs are not killed, the scabies patient won’t ‘recover in a few days’,” is even more nonsense: since Han Han didn’t mention the circumstances at all, how can Fang be so sure that that student didn’t seek for medical treatment?

The Chinese term for “framing” is made of two characters: 構(gòu, to build) and陷 (xiàn, to trap). In the ancient forms, the meanings of these two characters are, respectively, to build something with wood, and a person falls into a hole upside down. Combined together, the word means exactly the same as the English word frame: “to devise falsely (as a criminal charge),” and that’s exactly what the John Maddox Prize winner Fang Zhouzi has been doing in the past 15 years or so in the People’s Republic of China as well as in the United States of America.

(2) Selective Blindness

Fang’s “MADical analysis” continues:

“In the essay, it says: ‘That female doctor also asked me what illness I had. I told her I had an itch. The female doctor is relatively serious, asking me to point out where the itch was. However, the whole body itching I had just had a moment ago was taking a break, so I could not tell her where the itching was. The doctor laughed at me for seeing a doctor without an illness, and it was really hard for me to defend myself. Suddenly, the itch arrived unexpectedly, it first floated a little on my elbow, I dared not to move, afraid that a move might scare the itch away. I then used my fingers to scratch a little, sure enough, the itch was fooled, raged even more. I pointed at it and yelled: “Here! Here! Here!” The doctor took a look and said: “This is the only place?” The question was heard by the hidden itches, and they were very unhappy about it, jumping out one after another to show themselves to the doctor. That doctor had a wide smile, said: “Good! Good!” I was very relieved by hearing that, scratching with my both hands on my body, rubbing my back against the back of the chair, and scrubbing the two feet against each other continuously.’”[99]

What Fang quoted above is the 5th paragraph in Seeing a Doctor, which a real doctor had commented already one day earlier: “only a scabies patient is able to write the fifth paragraph about the patient’s complaint. That unspeakable itching.”[93] So, how did the fake doctor analyze it medically? Here you are:

“The itching caused by scabies is limited to certain parts of the body, such as hands, wrists, abdomen, and genital area, etc. In the area where the itching occurs, there will be skin damage, including rash, small blisters, or scabs. Therefore, it is very easy to point out where the itching is, rather than like what is described in the essay that there was no way to point it out, and when it occurred, the itching was everywhere. It is obvious that the author of the essay hadn’t suffered from scabies, at least the essay was not written while he was suffering scabies.”[100]

On the next day, the Topic Today on qq.com (Tencent) was a special report entitled Fang Zhouzi Busts Han Han the Wrong Way, in which Fang’s many wrongdoings were documented, and Fang’s fraudulent medical analysis was also criticized. Here is what it said:

“Therefore, Fang Zhouzi asserted that the author of the Seeing a Doctor did not suffer from scabies. He said he conducted his medical analysis only after having read some medical literatures, and he also listed two website addresses as his references.

“However, on the website [www.scabiesweb.org] which Fang listed, the symptom of scabies differs significantly from what he said. The original text is: ‘most common places where the scabies rash occurs are on the knees, around the waist, on the webs between fingers, on the sides of the feet, on the areas surrounding the nipple, on the wrists and on the genital area,’ which clearly states that the common areas include feet and knees, and its context doesn’t say it is relevant to child patients only. Also, on the webpage about the detailed symptom, [www.scabiesweb.org], it says: ‘Scabies is most often noticeable on the head, neck, hands and feet. Generally, infants and young children are more affected in these areas than adults,’ which means the scabies commonly occurs on the head, neck, hands, and feet, but usually infants and young children are more likely to be infected than adults in these areas, which, again, seems to differ from what Fang Zhouzi said ‘juveniles and adults patients won’t have rash and itching on the head.’

“Further, using ‘scabie + head’ as key words to search the internet, there are indeed some results in which adults complain the symptom.”[101]

Intentional misleading
After having verified the information Fang presented, Tencent’s Topic Today concluded that not only Fang’s conclusion was too arbitrary, but also he himself was suspected of intentional misleading.

The fact is, there is vast amount of information about scabies symptoms in medical literature, dating back to more than two hundred years ago. Had the fake biomedical expert Fang spent a little time on searching and reading them, he would have known that he should hide his own stupidity and ignorance. Here is a description by the famous British physician Joseph Adams (1756-1818) after he inoculated the scabies mites on himself:

“In July 1801, I procured two oucoes from the young woman, whose aunt consulted me for the cure of her neice. The old woman, without spectacles, which she always used when working with her needle, but not without much diligence was felt. From that time began frequent itching in different parts of my body and arms but no eruption could be discovered. In less than a fortnight afterwards, my arms and belly were covered with a general efflorescence, but few vesicles appeared.”[102]

Here are more descriptions in professional publications and available online:

“Itching. This is often severe and tends to be in one place at first (often the hands), and then spreads to other areas. The itch is generally worse at night and after a hot bath. You can have widespread itching, even with only a few mites.”[103]

“The primary symptom of scabies is intense pruritus (itching), which often intensifies at night or after a hot shower. Pruritus is not caused directly by the scabies mite but is the result of a systemic allergic reaction to the mite, its eggs, and excreta (fecal pellets).”[104]

“……a scabies mite can cause widespread persistent pruritus, even though only a dozen or so active scabies burrows are present.”[105]

“The most common signs and symptoms of scabies are intense itching (pruritus), especially at night, and a pimple-like (papular) itchy rash. The itching and rash each may affect much of the body or be limited to common sites such as the wrist, elbow, armpit, webbing between the fingers, nipple, penis, waist, belt-line, and buttocks.”[106]

So, whom do you believe in: the real physicians and professional publications, or a convicted plagiarist who even didn’t know his own specialty well enough hence got the nick name Dr. Lard?

The problem is, no matter what other people think, Dr. Lard will always draw the conclusion according to his predetermined purpose:

“The symptom which has no rash, systemic severe itch but without specific itchy area, as described in the essay, is more likely caused by hepatitis, and it is the personal experience of a hepatitis patient. Hepatitis damages liver functions, leading to in the blood elevated bilirubin, which precipitates under the skin, irritating the nerve ends in the skin, and leading to the unbearable itching in whole body. Therefore, what the essay told is the author’s initial experience of hepatitis but he transplanted the experience to a patient of scabies.”[107]

As having already demonstrated above, none of Fang’s cited medical experts had medical training or medical knowledge, and the two real medical doctors and Fang-lovers, Drs. Yu Xiangdong and Lü Jie, refuted Fang’s major argument: the itching described in the essay was caused by hepatitis.

Besides these, you should also know the fact that just one day earlier, Mr. Han Renjun posted a lengthy article to “Talk about Myself”[108], in which he revealed that his so called hepatitis was diagnosed based on immunological test only, he didn’t have any clinical symptoms, and he didn’t know he was HbsAg positive until he enrolled East China Normal University in 1977, and because of that, he didn’t attend a single class at the University, therefore he didn’t know any of his classmates, let alone that omnipotent Li Qigang who enrolled the University one year after him. Also, Mr. Han Renjun revealed that he didn’t know a single English word, therefore he could not have written the English title of Freud’s book, The Psychopathology of Everyday Life, which, according to Fang, contains “a rare English word” (see: [12].)

However, Fang ignored all these facts – no, not exactly, he did pick up 13 characters out of more than 7 thousands and compared them against what Mr. Han Renjun said years earlier to try to discredit him[109]. To him, the author of Seeing a Doctor must be a hepatitis patient rather than a scabies patient, because he had to find a ghostwriter for Han Han. Fang didn’t realize, and still doesn’t, that by doing so, he admitted that the five pieces of evidence he brought out one day earlier in his “textual analysis” were not only essentially worthless, but could be used against his “MADical analysis.”

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