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The Hanly War (IX): Drowning in the Ocean of Scandals (I): The Plagiarism_1 (1194 查看)

May 08, 2015 07:12PM
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Shamelessness Shouldn’t Be Anyone’s Nature
──An Open Letter to Nature (Part XLVIII)

Xin Ge, Ph. D.

Columbia, SC, USA

The Hanly War (IX): Drowning in the Ocean of Scandals (I): The Plagiarism Scandal


As I have stated at the beginning of this series, the Hanly War was Fang’s Waterloo. However, differing from Napoleon who was defeated by his enemies in the battleground, Fang’s defeat was essentially a process of self-destruction. Specifically, Fang was defeated not only by his evildoings against Han Han, which I have demonstrated before and will continue to demonstrate later, but also by the frauds and crimes he committed long before the Hanly War. In some sense and to some extent, Fang was struggling in the ocean of his own scandals in the entire duration of the Hanly War: because of the popularity of Han Han and the enthusiasm of his fans, Fang’s shameful and hateful secrets became known to more and more people, which led to only one possible result – his complete credit bankruptcy. In this part of the Open Letter to Nature, several stories about Fang’s struggling in his plagiarism scandals in the early stage of the Hanly War are told.


Prelude to the Climax

1. Building the Bomb and Digging the Hole
2. The Secret about Fang’s Invincibility
3. Burnt by His Own Fire
4. A Suicidal Stealing

The Serial Explosions after the Spring Festival

1. The Explosion of Yi Hua Case

(1) The Origin of a Bomb
(2) The Detonation
(3) The Futile Rescue Effort by a Handful of Fang-lovers

2. The Explosion of Wu Han Case
3. The Big Bang

(1) The Blast
(2) The Response
(3) The Source of Power

The Human Race Explosion

1. The Origin of Races
2. Migration to China
3. Third Time's a Charm

Uncle Bob Coming to Town

1. An Old Issue
2. Ms. He Nan Revived the Old Issue

(1) The Rising Star among the Fang-haters
(2) A Challenge Fang Won’t Accept
(3) The Newest Version of Fang’s Last Strategy

4. Fang Responded, Finally and Kind of

(1) The Unstoppable Wind
(2) The Wavering Tree

5. Backfired


Appendix: Fang Zhouzi Clarifies That He Didn’t Commit Plagiarism in his Works


Prelude to the Climax

As having been stated previously[1], the Hanly War was essentially over by the end of January, 2012, because except for Fangangsters and the ardent Han-haters, almost no one else in China believed Fang’s ‘questioning,” “reasoning,” or his so called “evidence.” For example, an online survey conducted from Jan. 20 to Jan. 27, 2012, showed that Han Han was supported by the overwhelming majority of white collar workers[2]. Another survey conducted one week later essentially confirmed the previous result[3].

White collar office workers support Han Han overwhelmingly
The result of an online survey initiated on Jan. 20, 2012, and ended one week later showed that most office workers in China supported Han Han before Fang even had the chance to start his disastrous “new season.” The survey was participated by 15,119 Weibo accounts.

An online survey initiated on Jan. 28, 2012, and ended on Feb. 4, 2012, a time period when Fang was fully engaged in his “new season” campaign, showed that Han Han’s support rate was essentially unchanged. The survey was participated by 40,507 Weibo accounts.

Further, most Chinese people had already realized by then that Fang’s “fraud fighting” is not only as fraudulent as any fraud could be, but also more, much more, evil than most people could ever imagine. Also, by the end of January, Fang had essentially run out of his “scientific” ammunitions, namely, Fang had tried every tactic which he had been using against his other enemies before to topple Han Han, but his victory was still unperceivable. On the contrary, every sign showed that Fang was entering into a disaster.

However, even so, Fang’s attack on Han Han has never stopped; and before moving his battleground from weibo.com to sohu.com on August 13, 2012, Han Han was indeed Fang’s major target in his so called “anti-fraud crusade,” a phrase Fang’s thugs[4] and some Western media[5] had been, and still is[6], using to characterize Fang’s fraudulent fraud fighting.

So, how could, and how did, Fang fight his Hanly War after he had been defeated? The answers to the questions are extremely important and critical to know and understand Fang and his “phenomenon,” so in this and the following few parts of the Open Letter to Nature, I’ll try to tell these stories roughly based on the chronical order, so you could get a fuller picture.

1. Building the Bomb and Digging the Hole

As having been told previously, to stop other people from publicly supporting Han Han, Fang pretended that the reason he hadn’t presented any evidence to substantiate his allegation against Han Han was that he was digging up a gigantic hole to bury Han Han and his supporters[7]. However, the fact is, while Fang was pretending to dig his hole, he actually opened up an even larger hole which was dug up by the Fang-haters long before, and Fang would be the only person standing at the bottom of the double-hole and never able to get out of it.

Since September, 2007, I have been systematically studying Fang and the social phenomenon associated with him. Briefly, before the Hanly War, I had demonstrated with indisputable evidences that Fang’s “science popularization” is nothing but scifooling[8]; his superficial knowledge in the humanities is nothing but stealing and pretending[9]; and more importantly, his fraud fighting is nothing but personal attacking and revenging[10], or fulfilling his political assignments[11]. However, it took me more than 3 years to realize that Fang’s tenderest spot is his plagiarist history: On October 16, 2010, one day after I announced that I’d report his plagiarism of Dr. Root-Bernstein to the Michigan State University and the Science magazine, Fang suddenly revealed my identity on his website, obviously trying to instigate his followers to launch a smearing campaign against me[12]. Fang’s revelation showed not only his complete lack of honesty and integrity, because he had promised to the Chinese public numerous times that he would never reveal the identity of the contributors to his New Threads, it also showed what was the thing of which Fang scared the most, because for the past three years he had been trying his best to cover up Yi Ming’s identity, pretending that he didn’t know who I am, so that he could create and spread various rumors to discredit me and my writings. Therefore, from that very moment on, I vowed that I’d dig up Fang’s plagiarism history[13], and soon I constructed “The Database of Fang Zhouzi’s Plagiarisms”[14] and compiled “Chronicle and Demonstration of Fang Zhouzi’s Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement.”[15]

The lethal weapon
Although the fact that Fang is a habitual plagiarist had been known to me long before October, 2010, I didn’t realize the extensiveness of Fang’s plagiarism until he launched a sudden attack on me on Oct. 16, 2010, right after my announcement that I was going to report one of his plagiarism cases to his alma mater. Consequently, I began to study Fang’s plagiarist history, and the result of the study is the Database of Fang Zhouzi’s Plagiarisms (upper, showing the interface) and the Chronicle and Demonstration of Fang Zhouzi’s Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement (lower, showing the cover). The two documents would become one of the deadliest weapons against Fang in the Hanly War.

2. The Secret about Fang’s Invincibility

Although the anti-Fang weapons had been prepared long before the start of the Hanly War, they were mainly known to overseas Chinese, and the majority of Chinese people living in the mainland China were still deceived by Fang’s shameless self-promotion and the propaganda by the traditional news media which were, and still are, tightly controlled by the Chinese government.

Fang’s deceiving mask was seriously challenged in 2011 when a few newspapers started to report Fang’s, as well as his wife’s, plagiarism cases, and Guangzhou Daily even declared that Fang’s era had ended by then[16]. However, to many people’s surprise and dismay, Fang managed to survive the crises. How come?

Succumbed to the despotic power
On April 1, 2011, Guangzhou Daily reported the news about the Comprehensive Investigation on the Alleged Plagiarisms Committed by Fang Zhouzi, which was published on the previous day by Legal Weekly. However, apparently due to the open threat by Fang and the behind-the-scene intervention by the upper level, the newspaper dared not to show the report on its website. The image above to the left shows that the title of the report was intentionally faded on the page image of the newspaper; and the image to the right shows that the text of the report didn’t show up.

There were several reasons for Fang’s unthinkable endurance.

First of all, at that time, Fang’s backstage bosses, such as the Propaganda Czar Li Changchun and the Security Czar Zhou Yongkang, were still in power, and they did exert their prowess to support Fang. For example, on April 8, 2011, a little more than a week after his plagiarist history was reported by Legal Weekly, Fang was invited jointly by the Organization Department and the Party School of Hangzhou CCP to deliver a speech to “Hangzhou’s leading cadres and civil servants” on “scientific literacy.”[17] It was unheard of, and probably will never be heard again, that a vice provincially ranked CCP organization in China invited an unemployed “overseas Chinese” who was just being caught in a scandal to lecture their leading cadres. And Fang did seize the opportunity to defend his own plagiarism, and he also absolved his wife, because, according to him, sometimes, the frauds committed by students were coerced[18].

Seven months later, not long after having been broiled in the scandal of plagiarizing Dr. Root-Bernstein, Fang, along with his buddy Sima Nan, was praised by Mr. Li Changchun for “sharing the sorrow with the Party” in front of the entire body of the Xinhua News Agency[19]. That’s why both Fang and his wife continued to work for and get paid from Chinese government despite the scandals.

The Grand Master
While being entangled in a scandal, Fang was invited by the government of Hangzhou City to teach the city’s cadres a lesson on how to identify pseudoscience.

On April 28, 2011, one day after Legal Weekly published a report on the plagiarism committed by Fang’s wife Liu Juhua, entitled Fang Zhouzi’s Backyard on Fire, Wife’s Master’s Degree Thesis alleged Plagiarism, Nanjing-based Xinhua Daily published a commentary entitled Backyard Fire Shouldn’t be Used to Negate Fang Zhouzi.

Secondly, as mentioned above, unlike the internet, on which news about Fang and his wife’s plagiarism scandals was rampant like wild fires, the print media in China, except for a few, were reluctant to report any negative news about Fang, mainly because of the tight governmental control and Fang’s open and repeated threats with lawsuits. Therefore, those Chinese people who relied upon traditional news media for information would continue to believe that Fang was a genuine fraud fighter, and Fang’s dirty history was fabricated by the Fang-haters out of revenge.

Last but not least, Fang’s vicious attack on the public intellectuals, – the Hanly War was just its continuition -, had indeed successfully diverted people’s attention from Fang’s own scandals.

3. Burnt by His Own Fire

However, Fang’s tactic of distraction, which had been used by him frequently and repeatedly since the outbreak of his plagiarism of Dr. Root-Bernstein in October, 2010[20], began to backfire in the middle of 2011. Namely, those public intellectuals who were attacked by Fang started fighting back with the weapons manufactured by the Fang-haters. For example, by using an image stolen by Fang for his book, Dr. Sun Haifeng essentially silenced Fang’s ferocious barking at him in May 2011 (See [21], and below). Similarly, by reposting Dr. Root-Bernstein’s open letter to Fang, denouncing his plagiarism, Professor He Weifang of Peking University successfully scared away Fang’s poisonous biting of him in August, 2011[12].

Instant result
On August 19, 2011, after having been attacked by Fang Zhouzi for more than a month, Professor He Weifang of Peking University finally picked up an arsenal made by Fang-haters to fight back, reposting on his Weibo one of Dr. Root-Bernstein’s open letters on Fang’s plagiarism. Fang’s attack on Professor He stopped almost instantaneously.

On January 14, 2012, after a month-long exhaustive fight against Fang, Mr. Luo Yonghao, a public intellectual who had, and probably still has, a love-hate complex towards Fang, finally picked up Fang-haters’ arsenal too:

“Going back to America to popularize science? Are you kidding? All of Fang Zhouzi’s science popularization writings are ‘compilation and translation’ of articles written by American, although such an activity is beneficial to Chinese whose scientific literacy is backward, what is the usefulness of his articles in their original country?”[22]

The strike which punched Fang Zhouzi into biting Han Han
On Jan. 14, 2012, after being pested by Fang Zhouzi for nearly a month, Mr. Luo Yonghao finally picked up the dog-beating stick manufactured by Fang-haters to fend off Fang Zhouzi, saying that all of his science popularization articles are “‘compilation and translation’ of articles written by American.” Before that time, Mr. Luo Yonghao had been refusing to denounce Fang’s plagiarism, and he had even cursed those people who exposed the plagiarism committed by Fang’s wife. Note: the screenshot was captured on Jan. 14, 2012, at that time Luo Yonghao had 1.3 million followers. As of May 7, 2015, the number is about 11.4 million.

Four days later, Fang entered into the Hanly War. That’s why I have said that Luo was responsible for Han Han’s being the victim of Fang’s malevolent biting: Luo essentially forced Fang to bite the weaker opponents[23]. Put it in another way: Fang’s attack on Han Han was the continuation of his strategy of surviving the plagiarism crises, i.e. by continuously attacking people to pretend to be an anti-fraud hero, Fang thought the onlookers won’t believe that he could commit fraud himself. The only problem is, this time, Fang’s luck ran out: not only because Han Han has a huge fan base, but also because his fans, unlike those pretentious and hypocritical public intellectuals, are young, keen, enthusiastic, and energetic. Fang’s fraudulent fraud busting did nothing but motivate and energize the post-1980 generation.

4. A Suicidal Stealing

On Jan. 21, 2012, Fang stole a post on tianya.cn to write his first article in the “Genius Han Han” series, “Genius” Han Han’s Proficiency in Literature and History. As the story having been told previously[24], Fang’s stealing was immediately caught by a female Weibo user, and the news spread further after Mr. Luo Yonghao questioned Fang directly and Fang denied the charge. In the evening of that day, I wrote my Tealer Fang Steals Always to demonstrate that Fang’s entire article was a plagiarism. On the next day, Mr. Wang Jiamin (web ID Marila or Maruila) made the article into an image file (“long-microblog”), and posted it on weibo.com with a comment mimicking one of Fang’s anti-Han comments:

“This article is also well written, much more talented than @Fang Zhouzi - the last sentence is intended to prod Fang The Invincible.”[25]

Mr. Wang’s post was reposted for more than 200 times, thus Fang was notified the existence of the post at least that many times also. The funny thing is, one of Fang’s thugs believed the article was a slanderous rumor, so he informed Fang three times in 6 minutes by @Fang Zhouzi. Even so, the future John Maddox Prize winner would still adopted his “last strategy” strenuously, pretending to be blind or deaf or even dead. Here are a few comments by the Weibo users on Mr. Wang’s post:

“This is really a textual research paper with rationality and evidence, the little things you [referring Fang] are entangling can be called speculations at most; they even cannot be called excuses. It is the holiday season, please say less cold jokes and suffer less. Your ancestors won’t be happy with your tactic of digging ancestral graves. @Teacher Fang Zhouzi!”[26]

“There is such an advanced and profound discipline like Fangology in Mainland China? Teacher Fang will for sure deny it, I don’t know, I don’t know.”[27]

“Eunuch Fang has been always turning his cross-eyes away from Yi Ming’s articles; he even dares not to take a look at them. Liu Juhua’s plagiarism was documented under Yi Ming’s leadership; Eunuch Fang’s own plagiarism was mainly documented by Yi Ming. Eunuch Fang has been saying that he would spare no one; however, even if he has dug out Yi Ming’s real name Ge Xin and his residential address, he still dares not to respond to Yi Ming’s articles, let alone suing Yi Ming. His only ability is to pretend to be a low-key.”[28]

“Actually Fang Zhouzi will be selectively blind, and he will for sure not see this one, and then he’ll declare his own victory.”[29]

An explosion of Fang-hater’s bomb in the Hanly War
Upper: the screenshot of the post of my article Tealer Fang Steals Always by Mr. Wang Jiamin on weibo.com. In his comment, Mr. Wang informed Fang the post by putting an @ symbol in front of Fang’s name (red underline). Theoretically, each reposting of the post will send the message to Fang simultaneously. By Feb.5, 2012, Mr. Wang’s post had generated at least 207 reposts (red box), so Fang was informed at least that many times (red arrow line). Lower: apparently disbelieving the content of the article, a Fangangsters “Small Fish in Aries” (白羊座的小鱼儿2) made three comments on the post in the first 15 minutes of its appearance, yelling “Rumor is coming!” “Come to spread the rumor again!” At the same time, he informed Fang the existence of the post (red underline). Please note that the image of my article was shortened by me so that the size of the screenshot is manageable.

The Serial Explosions after the Spring Festival

Jan. 23, 2012, was the Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival. On that day, Fang “gave the father and the son of Han family a Spring Festival break”[30], and he resumed his attack on Han Han and his family right on the next day by publishing his second article in the “Genius Han Han” series, "Genius" Han Han's Writing Ability. Unfortunately for Fang, his misfortune resumed its course on that day also.

1. The Explosion of Yi Hua Case

In the evening of Jan. 24, 2012, a Weibo user with a web ID “antibitchfang,” which was later changed to “犭舟孒” (quǎn zhōu jué, Doggy Fang Zhouzi), made another article of mine, Demonstration that Fang Zhouzi Plagiarized Yi Hua’s Ginseng Worship[31], into an image file, and posted it on weibo.com.

(1) The Origin of a Bomb

The article posted by that antibitchfang was originally published in the Legal Weekly on April 13, 2011, as the second part of its Comprehensive Investigation on the Alleged Plagiarisms Committed by Fang Zhouzi, entitled Demonstration that Fang Zhouzi’s History and Reality of American Ginseng is a Plagiarism[32]. In the article, I alleged that Fang, in his article History and Reality of American Ginseng, originally written and published in 2003 but published numerous times later, plagiarized an article entitled Ginseng Worship, published in 1998 by Dr. Yi Hua (易华), a research fellow in the Institute of Nationality Studies at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The ironclad evidences for Fang’s plagiarism are eight mistakes Fang made in his History and Reality of American Ginseng, which are the same as those made by Dr. Yi Hua in his Ginseng Worship, therefore demonstrating that it is mathematically impossible for Fang to write his article independently. Of course Fang didn’t mention Yi Hua’s name or his article anywhere in his article. As a matter of fact, Fang has never mentioned Yi Hua’s name or his article.

Although the plagiarism was only one of dozens of Fang’s such thieveries known at that time, its significance was much bigger than the others, because that it was one of only a few cases in which Fang wrote and published an article almost entirely based on a Chinese article written by other people. And before that time, Fang’s major argument used to defend himself against plagiarism allegations had almost always been that the person making such an allegations or the news media reporting such a case was fooling other people who don’t know English. For example, on Feb. 16, 2011, Dr. Pan Haidong posted the following message on Weibo:

“Ge Xin who lives in Columbia in the state of South Carolina of the United States alleges that Fang Zhouzi’s article The Misreading of IQ is a plagiarism. One of the plagiarized objects is The Mismeasure of Man by Gould, the deceased professor of Harvard University and renowned scholar in history of science. The other object is Yes, we have no neutrons, by Dewdney, a mathematics professor at the University of Western Ontario in Canada. He questions where Fang Zhouzi got his knowledge? I didn’t examine carefully, hope it is not a plagiarism.”[33]

Dr. Pan Haidong received his Ph. D. degree from the Boston University in 2004, and he founded hudong.com, a for-profit-only version of Chinese Wikipedia, in the next year. Just less than two months before he posted the above message, Pan, via his hudong.com, awarded Fang the title “Knowledge China Person of the Year 2010”[34]. And this Pan would hire Fang as his company’s Chief Scientific Adviser in July 2012[35]. Needless to say, Pan and Fang belong to the same camp. So, how did Fang respond to his sponsor’s questioning? Here it is:

“Xiao Chuanguo’s gunman Yi Ming (Ge Xin) has written articles with more than a million characters to attack me, and he has already ‘demonstrated’ by quoting out of context that dozens of my science popularization articles are plagiarisms, and he is enjoying himself by attempting to demonstrate that all of my science popularization articles are plagiarisms. What he does is just for the purpose of fooling those people who don’t know English and who confuse science popularization articles with academic papers. I and other people have already refuted [the allegations] a long time ago. Unexpectedly, even Pan Haidong is skeptical and spreading the rumor, which makes me have to respond one more time.”[36]

However, 9 days later, the very plagiarism case was reported by Shenzhen Economic Daily, which was the first time when a print medium in China reports Fang’s dirty history, thus Fang “had to respond” for [a few] more times. Here is one of his responses:

“For many years, Yi Ming (Ge Xin) has been accusing me every day that all of my science popularization articles are plagiarisms. If I respond to every one of his accusations, how can I have time to do my proper job? There is an e-friend who did analyses before on how Yi Ming slandered me by cheating those who don’t know English: see: Yi Ming’s Ignorance and Vexatiousness, [t.cn], and Whether It Is Fang Zhouzi’s Fault if Fang Expert Yi Ming Does Not Understand a Popular Science Article? [t.cn].”[37]

One month later, Legal Weekly published their first “Comprehensive Investigation on the Alleged Plagiarisms Committed by Fang Zhouzi.” Here is the announcement made by Mr. Guo Guosong (郭国松), the chief executive editor of the newspaper, on his Weibo:

“Today, our newspaper is using 4 full pages to publish The Comprehensive Investigation on the Alleged Plagiarisms Committed by Fang Zhouzi. Before the final proof was signed, Fang Zhouzi’s lawyer sent his ‘Attorney’s Warning Letter’ to us, and he did his best to intimidate us, attempting to stop the publication. Maybe Fang Zhouzi didn’t realize that I am not scared of such intimidation at all, and we have published the complete text of the ‘Attorney’s Warning Letter.’ I am warning Fang Zhouzi here: any person who plays with fire will suffer its consequence!”[38]

Among thousands of comments, the following one was made by a Fang-lover:

“Fuck! Attached so much English, bullying the ordinary Chinese people who don’t know foreign language. Why didn’t you ask a neutral translation agency to translate it, and then attach it as a comparison?”[39]

And Fang singled out that comment from the thousands of comments to make his own comment:

“The very purpose of the tabloid is to fool you guys who don’t know English. If [they have it] translated, how could they fool other people?”[40]

Till this day, more than four years later, the unemployed Fang, whose “proper job” in the past 17 years, since 1998, has been stealing and attacking other people on the internet on daily basis, or in the words of the John Maddox Prize organizer and sponsors, “standing-up for science” and “root[ing] out the fakers,” has yet to find time to stand up for himself by simply translating the English back into Chinese to un-fool his foreign-language-illiterate followers.

Therefore, it was very important to smash Fang’s major, though really stupid, defensive line by demonstrating that Fang Zhouzi has plagiarized not only English articles, but also Chinese articles. And my Demonstration that Fang Zhouzi Plagiarized Yi Hua’s Ginseng Worship was perfect match to serve that purpose. Indeed, since the publication of the article on April 13, 2011, Fang has never defended himself, or refuted me, on that case. As a matter of fact, many people, especially Fang-lovers, had indeed asked him to do so. Here are the conversations between Fang and two Fang-lovers on April 13, 2011:

Fang-lover 1: “This is the second shot by Legal Weekly, and they invited Master Yi Ming as their special correspondent. It looks that Guo Guosong is going to fight you to the end. Comprehensive Investigation on the Alleged Plagiarisms Committed by Fang Zhouzi, II. Demonstration that Fang Zhouzi’s History and Reality of American Ginseng is a Plagiarism. These people are confounding the concepts, fooling the people who read the title only. Be sure to sue them for defamation.”[41]

Fang: “The lawyer went to file the lawsuit last week, due to procedural issue, the process is slowed a little bit. They probably also want to invite Yi Ming to report that my poems are plagiarism also.”[42]

Fang-lover 2: “Mr. Fang Zhouzi, have you ever defended yourself by refuting this article? I’d like to hear Fang Zhouzi’s own opinion.”[43]

Fang: “Any person with a normal brain won’t believe what Yi Ming has written, what do I need to refute it for? By using the similar method [used by Yi Ming], you can demonstrate any science popularization article, or even any article, is a plagiarism.”[44]

Fang-lover 2: “Mr. Fang had better make a refutation, such a language like ‘brain is abnormal’ is obviously not what you are good at. What you are good at is meticulous logical reasoning. The comment by Mr. Fang Zhouzi is actually equivalent to admitting guilt to some of the accusations by the Fangologist Yi Ming, which doesn’t mean that Fang had plagiarized, rather, it means that Fang indeed borrowed the other person’s article when he wrote his own.”[45]

Fang discontinued the conversation. Till this day, for more than 4 years, Fang has never bothered himself to either show the world that he is able to “demonstrate any science popularization article, or even any article, is a plagiarism” by using Yi Ming’s method; or that Yi Ming’s demonstration was flawed. What he has been doing is to use his “last strategy.” And partly because of that, the article generated very limited impact before the Hanly War. Then, it exploded on weibo.com.

Response and clarification in Fang’s style
The screenshot shows Fang’s dialog with his followers on the publication of Comprehensive Investigation on the Alleged Plagiarisms Committed by Fang Zhouzi, II, on April 13, 2011, translated above. Fang must have counted the dialog as one of his countless responses to and clarifications of his plagiarism allegations. Please note that the screen image was captured on the same day as the dialog was conducted. At that time, Fang had 587,398 followers in weibo.com.

A time bomb
The Comprehensive Investigation on the Alleged Plagiarisms Committed by Fang Zhouzi, II. Demonstration that Fang Zhouzi’s History and Reality of American Ginseng is a Plagiarism generated minimal impact in the first 9 months after its publication in Legal Weekly on April 13, 2011, mainly because of Fang’s “last strategy” – pretending to be blind and deaf. The above image is the screenshot of the article on NetEase, posted on the day of the publication.

My article, Demonstration That Fang Zhouzi Has Plagiarized Yi Hua’s Ginseng Worship, contains nearly 10,000 characters, plus 2 images. When being published by Legal Weekly on April 13, 2011, it was abridged. I posted the full-length article online right after Legal Weekly’s publication. The entire text was converted into an image file and posted on weibo.com by antibitchfang on Jan. 24, 2012.

(2) The Detonation

About 3 hours after that antibitchfang posted my article asking Fang “Is it real?” Mr. Wang Jiamin reposted it with the following comment:

“The article demonstrating Fang Zhouzi’s plagiarism is well-reasoned and well-founded, with decency and integrity, the analyses are nuanced, and the evidences are solid and convincing. To such a rigorous and objective article with clearly distinguished right and wrong, we should do our best to repost to maintain the spirit of science and to promote the advancement and progress of scholarship.”[46]

Mr. Wang’s repost was reposted for hundreds of times before it was deleted for unknown reason. However, on the next day, Jan. 25, 2012, Mr. Wang posted another article entitled Fang Zhouzi: The Collapse of an Anti-Fraud Hero – obviously mimicking the title of a Fang-lover’s article, The Collapse of an Idol, which Fang reposted[47] -, to popularize my article. Here is his opening paragraph:

“Among Yi Ming’s many articles exposing Fang’s plagiarisms and frauds, I have only chosen his Demonstration That Fang Zhouzi Has Plagiarized Yi Hua’s Ginseng Worship to exhibit the ironclad evidences for Fang’s plagiarism. Both the illustrations and the text of Yi Ming’s original article are excellent, well-reasoned and well-founded, with decency and integrity, having argumentation and verification - every piece of evidence is backed by its source -, having rigorous scientific demonstration, strict logical reasoning, and serious academic exploration. However, because of being too detailed, the article is very lengthy; because of being too academic, few people are able to read through. Therefore, such a powerful anti-fraud article has generated few responses. I hope I can use an approach comprehensible by the ordinary people to peel off Fang Zhouzi’s skin.”[48]

Here is his conclusion:

“Fang Zhouzi is like a double-faced thief, helping police catch thieves on one hand, and stealing things at the same time on the other (using Fang Zhouzi’s ‘doing … while doing…’ sentence pattern). And this article busting Fang Zhouzi’s fraud by Yi Ming, although being only a grain in the ocean, a hair from 9 bulls, is more than enough to make the god-like statue of the anti-fraud hero to collapse.”[49]

Besides Mr. Wang, other “Big Vs” - certified Weibo accounts with many followers -, such as entrepreneur and angel investor Charles Xue Biqun (薛蛮子), internet movie director Hu Ge (胡戈), and the ubiquitous and omnipotent Luo Yonghao -, also reposted Mr. Wang’s article[50]. Before July 20, 2012, the article had been reposted for 1,265 times. As expected by many people, the John Maddox Prize winner who claims that he is obsessed with moral cleanliness and truth, has been pretending to be dead all along. Here are some of the comments on Mr. Wang’s article:

“It is useless. [Fang] Zhouzi won’t respond. He is unable to see anything unfavorable to him.”[51]

“Since discovering his stealing the article on tianya.cn, I have noticed that he likes to steal the ideas of other people’s articles, and then modify the sentences and the sequence [of the sentences]. A woman’s instinct cannot be wrong, especially a person like me whose childhood essays were often used as models.”[52]

“It is not necessarily plagiarism if the identical parts are correct. However, it must be plagiarism if the identical parts are mistakes. Even an elementary pupil knows such a principle. Alas, Old Fang will be busy with blocking other people.”[53]

“Hey, Marila, Fang Zhouzi will definitely not respond to your question. Teacher Fang only reposts and responds to the messages favorable to him; all the others will be regarded as slanders and rumors created by Han-lovers, and will not be dealt with.”[54]

“I actually finished reading the article. The article is really awesome, objective, rigorous, well-reasoned and well-founded. Teacher Fang won’t be able to defend himself no matter how strong his denial and obsessive-compulsive disorder are, and how thick his old facial skin is.”[55]

“The news and evidence are shocking. Could they be a couple of plagiarists? Watching the fall down of the great god at the beginning of the New Year makes me feel a little sad. It is not easy to accumulate the fame in the past dozen of years, and one misstep leads to a total collapse. How could anyone withstand that?”[56]

“At the time when someone begins to expose Fang Zhouzi’s dirty secret with solid evidence, classmate Fang is still writing his dreamy articles basing on the ridiculous logic like ‘his test scores of the language classes in elementary and middle schools are not good, therefore his literary proficiency cannot be high.’ At the beginning, the fight between the two was a little interesting, however, after Han Han announced that he would no longer respond, Fang Zhouzi’s articles became more and more illogical, approaching the level of a vixen’s squalling. Could Fang Zhouzi please respond and bring out something meaningful against Han Han?”[57]

“How will squabbling fighter Fang explain? Let me make a guess: ‘According to the prevailing practice of writing at the time, it belongs to abnormal citation,’ ‘It is a science popularization article, not an academic paper; it’s only a tiny error in citation.’ In summary, rolling on the floor and yelling ‘I didn’t plagiarize, I didn’t plagiarize, I didn’t plagiarize at all, blah-blah.”[58]

“The article is really beautiful. Reading books is important indeed.”[59]

“One month ago when Fang Zhouzi and Luo Yonghao were fighting against each other, Luo Yonghao was on the defensive, therefore no matter how right he was, he would be in trouble. This time, after the appearance of this article, the offensive and defensive have switched.”[60]

“What a joke, Fang Zhouzi’s plagiarism has been confirmed, but on the matter of Han Han, all they have is suspicion. Of course, Fang Zhouzi has already been defeated, unless he could demonstrate that Han Han indeed has ghostwriters. Even then, it is a tie. Don’t be frightened by Fang Zhouzi’s imposing manner of occupying moral height, this guy will never see his own faults, what he does is to magnify other people’s mistakes.”[61]

Fangology popularization
Mr. Wang Jiamin popularizes one of my Fangological articles using “an approach comprehensible by the ordinary people.”

(3) The Futile Rescue Effort by a Handful of Fang-lovers

Probably because of seeing Fang’s death-like non-responsiveness, a few Fang-lovers jumped out to try to save their master’s face. Here is one of such comments:

“If this is plagiarism, then the majority of textbooks are all plagiarism, and the teachers in elementary and middle schools are supporting plagiarism when they teach. Idiotic Rila!”[62]

The person who made the above comment has a web ID “The Third Sister Liu Who Wears Glasses” (戴眼镜的刘三姐) on weibo.com, and the account is indeed registered as a female. The person under the mask has been supporting Fang and attacking Fang’s enemies wholeheartedly since 2011 and till today. However, the true identity of this person was exposed in 2013, and it turns out the Sister is a man called Li Kequan (李科全), who lives in Guangxi, and works as a commercial advertisement agent[63]. Still remember that kathoey Du Lei? (See: [64].) Yes, there are many kathoeys among the Fangangsters. And by the way, that kathoey Du Lei has already become one of Fang’s newest enemies.

Another Fang-lover with a web ID “Execratory Cat” (诅咒猫) posted 8 comments, but he dared not to post any of them on his homepage. Here is his first one:

“Just as predicted by Old Fang, Han-fans and Luo-fans are collectively studying Fangologist Yi Ming’s monographs.”[65]

And his rest 7 comments were all used to target individual critics of Fang’s. For example, a Weibo user wrote:

“Why hasn’t Hierarch Fang responded? Selective blindness again?”[66]

The “Execratory Cat”:

“[Fang] has already responded dozens of times, and you pretend to be a blind not able to see.”[67]

The person responded:

“It is kind of progress that even a Hierarch Fang’s follower knows that there is a word ‘blind’ in the world.”[68]

The “Execratory Cat”:

“You blind pussy, Han’s cheap dog~”[69]

In total, I found no more than 10 Fangangsters under antibitchfang’s post, and they posted about 2 dozens of comments in defense of Fang or Fang’s plagiarism, and none of them are better than the comments listed above.

The moral-mysophobia Fang has been suffering selective blindness and deafness
When Weibo user antibitchfang posted my article demonstrating Fang’s plagiarism of Dr. Yi Hua, she not only asked the question “Is it real?” but also notified Fang Zhouzi, Luo Yonghao, and Wang Jiamin about the post. Mr. Wang Jiamin reposted the post in about two hours, Mr. Luo in about 15 hours, but Fang, the person being accused, has never responded to the post in the last 3 years, despite the fact that more a thousand people have informed him the existence of the allegation. The red rectangles connected with an arrow line shows that at least 1,265 Weibo accounts had reposted the article before July 20, 2012, thus notifying Fang the post. Fang has to be mentally dead to be unaware of the allegation.

The futile attempt
Among the Weibo users who made 403 comments on antibitchfang’s post, there were less than 10 users who defended Fang, with the stupidest arguments they could ever think of. The above image shows the 19 comments by 8 Fang-lovers.

2. The Explosion of Wu Han Case

When Fang posted his "Genius" Han Han's Writing Ability on Jan, 24, 2012, he was not only trying to topple Han Han, to cover up his previously exposed plagiarism, but also trying to show off his almightiness: the “Science Hero” is also fluent in literature and history. Yes, one of Fang’s goals to topple genius Han Han was to build up the image of Genius Fang Zhouzi. Here is one of Fang’s self-promoting comments on his own article:

“Thank you for giving me a chance to show off: I enrolled in high school with the top score in the whole county, and from elementary school to College Entrance Exam, my scores in composition and language had been number one in my grades all along, never been surpassed. Language was the easiest and most stable subject for me.”[70]

And immediately, Dr. Kong Qingdong, a literature professor at Peking University, an extreme leftist, an alleged plagiarist, and one the strongest critics of China’s language education in the secondary schools merely ten years ago[24], made a flattering comment:

“Fang Zhouzi’s writing ability is on a par with a professor in humanities.”[71]

To which Fang replied:

“With Professor Kong’s recommendation, I am no longer worried about unemployment.”[72]

In response to their shameless bragging and promotion, I posted an article on AIR-China in the evening of Jan. 24, 2012 (Beijing time), entitled Fang Zhouzi’s The Prison of the Imperial Students Was Plagiarized from Wu Han’s The Biography of Zhu Yuanzhang[73], which was originally submitted to the Legal Weekly as one of its serial “Comprehensive Investigation,” but the series was terminated because of upper intervention before the article could be published. In the article, I demonstrated exhaustively that Fang’s article introducing the Imperial College in the Ming Dynasty, The Prison of the Imperial Students, which was written in 1994 and had been published numerous times since 2000, was completely based on a chapter of Mr. Wu Han’s book,the second edition of The Biography of Zhu Yuanzhang, published in 1949. Yes, from historical materials to viewpoints, from particular vocabularies to article structure, all of them were copied from Wu Han. Fang even lifted Mr. Wu’s references. The ironclad evidences for Fang’s stealing were again the mistakes Fang made in his article: 20 mistakes or ambiguities in Wu’s book were also found in Fang’s article.

In the morning of Jan. 25, 2012, an US-based Chinese scholar (web ID jrry86) made the webpage of my article into an image file and posted it on weibo.com[74]. Less than two hours later, the post went viral because Mr. Luo Yonghao reposted it with the following Fang-style comment:

“May I ask Fang Zhouzi: ‘Is this real?’”[75]

The question was repeated by at least 386 Weibo users, and the original post was reposted for a total of 419 times. Of course, Fang has never answered the question yet. Here are some comments on the post:

“Fang Zhouzi considered himself a mad dog, he could bite any person he wanted to bite. However, the dog-beating-stick has already been holding high, and now, it is falling on the dog’s head. Let’s wait and see how he will bark!”[76]

“Such an article with facts and evidences can endure the test of time. Support! What Old Fang is scared of the most is an article of this kind!”[77]

“According to his standard, no response means no guts. Pretending to be blind and deaf, covering up the evidence, he is too familiar with this kind of tactics.”[78]

“Fuck! (Only such a word could express my surprise! It turns out that the thief-catching policeman is the backstage boss of the thieves. How could it resemble the reality so much!)”[79]

“This technical post contains too much information. It seems that Fang Zhouzi’s plagiarism skill is not very good. Copying other person’s mistakes is the ironclad evidence for plagiarism. However, Zhouzi will be blind selectively, regarding it as Fang-hater, will not respond.”[80]

A timely exposure of one of Fang’s oldest plagiarisms
Between 1993 and 1994, while being a graduate student at the Michigan State University, Fang posted more than 50 essays online on the history of the Ming Dynasty. Many of these essays had been demonstrated by me in 2009 to be plagiarisms[81]. The plagiarism Fang committed in The Prison of the Imperial Students was discovered by me in 2011, and the discovery was made public on Jan. 24, 2012. One day later, it became a hot post on the Chinese internet. The above is the screenshot of the entire webpage of the article on AIR-CHINA.

Just as predicted and expected by many people, Fang has never uttered a word on my article. As a matter of fact, the article was even posted on the forum of the New Threads on Jan. 25, 2012, under the following subject:

“Who is Yi Ming? He has written many things, and they seem rather decent.”[82]

The forum is widely regarded as Fang’s backyard, and since 1998, Fang has been its sole webmaster.
Although he had moved his battleground to weibo.com since 2009, he would watch his backyard very closely. However, Fang has yet to respond to the post yet. Fang’s silence does speaks louder and clearer than any of his words.

People kept asking, and Fang kept playing dumb
After Mr. Luo Yonghao asked Fang “Is it real?” about Fang alleged plagiarism of Mr. Wu Han, many people asked the same question by simply reposting Mr. Luo’s post. The above image shows that Mr. Luo asked question at 12:24 of Jan. 25, 2012 (the bottom of the image), and many people repeated what he said (red underlines).

Right under Fang’s nose
On Jan. 25, 2012, an New Threads user posted my article Fang Zhouzi’s The Prison of the Imperial Students Was Plagiarized from Wu Han’s The Biography of Zhu Yuanzhang on the Reading forum of the New Threads, asking for comments. Only one Fang’s follower with web ID “bluesea” responded by saying that Fang had indeed plagiarized. Meanwhile, that Fang-lover tried to drive the poster out of the forum, because according to him, the forum belongs to Fang[83]. Fang has never responded to the post yet.

3. The Big Bang

(1) The Blast

4 minutes after reposting my Fang Zhouzi’s The Prison of the Imperial Students Was Plagiarized from Wu Han’s The Biography of Zhu Yuanzhang, Mr. Luo Yonghao reposted a post with the following comment:

“Oh my God, internet user broke the news saying that the plagiarisms committed by Fang Zhouzi are enough to write a chronicle. ‘Are they all real?’ ”[84]

What Mr. Luo reposted was one of the links to my Chronicle and Demonstration of Fang Zhouzi’s Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement, which was originally posted online in March 2011, and the link was posted by a Tinglin Chorus (亭林镇合唱团) on Jan. 25, 2012[85]. When Tinglin Chorus posted the link to the webpage on weibo.com, the webpage had been visited for a total of 4,570 times in the past 10 months, which was rather decent and respectable among my online postings. However, Mr. Luo’s involvement immediately put that number to shame: by the evening of the day, the number of visits to the webpage had been more than tripled[86]. The funny thing is, even Ms. Li Li (Muzi Mei), one of the top female generals in Fang’s anti-Han army, reposted the post[87], which might be the earliest seed of the bloody fight between her and Fang in August.

Here are some comments on the post before Fang finally responded to his plagiarism allegations:

“Fang Zhouzi covers his eyes, and blocks his ears, saying that I don’t see, I don’t hear! Did God forget to remove the curtain in front of his eyes?”[88]

“This is the most comprehensive summary so far.”[89]

“What Zhouzi good at is fabricating materials. However, from a child to a grownup, no one is completely clean. So, as long as you have a tiny mistake, he could magnify the ‘mistake’ to infinity, and fabricate materials further, even some typos can be used by him as evidence for your inferior language proficiency and mediocre writing ability. So, to such a person, the best way to launch a counter-attack is to write an article like this.”[90]

“Oh gosh! I think the evidence is very sufficient! What do you think, @Fang Zhouzi? Bring out your evidence to prove that they are slanderous.”[91]

“Should this one be considered Fang’s drawing fire to his own body? Is this article enough to bring Fang Zhouzi down? Does Fang Zhouzi dare to respond this tough article?”[92]

“In Fang Zhouzi’s world of double-standard, he will ignore it completely.”[93]

“I think based on Fang Zhouzi’s behavior, whenever someone questions him, he’ll always hide his head under the shell, pretending to be deaf.”[94]

“I feel strange also, why does Fang Zhouzi always remain silent when he is questioned?”[95]

“I used to think that Fang’s problem is personality, it turns out that his problem is character.”[96]

“It is an open secret overseas that Fang Zhouzi plagiarizes! The only problem is that his believers dare not to face it, and do their best to avoid it, and pretend to be ostriches.”[97]

“Fang Zhouzi, it turns out that you have plagiarized so much! (Don’t say this is a slander. In my opinion, it is less than 0.01% of the slanders you have made against other people!) @Fang Zhouzi”[98]

(2) The Response

Obviously, Fang could not use his last strategy forever while his scandals exploded like the firecrackers in the New Year Eve. So, at 5:20 PM on Jan. 25, 2012, Fang issued the following statement:

“Han’s Family Army is really obedient, as expected they are studying Yi Ming’s research works of millions of characters very hard and they want to settle the old debt of Fang Zhouzi’s ‘plagiarism’ with me. That old debt has long been replied and clarified for numerous times by me already (those who are interested can go to my blogs or Weibo to look up), it is impossible for me to settle it again with you at the moment to shift the topic. You guys take it easy and continue to enjoy yourselves, even if you can smear Mr. Fang as black as a crow, you still won’t be able to wash a tiny bit of dirt off your junior master.”[99]

Of course no one was able to find Fang’s “numerous” old replies and clarifications anywhere. As a matter of fact, the main idea of Fang’s above statement was fully revealed several hours earlier by a Fang-lover, who calls himself “Back to Future” (回未来) and claims he lives in Canada. In the afternoon of that day, this Canadian Chinese made 8 comments in 100 minutes on Tinglin Chorus’ post showing the link to the Chronicle of Fang’s Plagiarism, and here is his first one, apparently trying to persuading Mr. Luo:

“Putting the question about the reliability [of the Chronicle] aside, now Fang Zhouzi is pulling out all the stops to bust the big fraud rarely seen in the world, and [you] are auditing [Fang’s] old account books at this moment, does it mean that since no one is clean, so let’s forgive each other? Is this what an idealist supposed to do?”[100]

If you know the fact that 6 years earlier, a Swiss merchant, Dr. Shu-kun Lin, the founder and owner of the open access publisher MDPI and Fang’s patron since that time, also used the same argument to fend off his critics[101], then you would have a rough idea who the Canadian is.

Whoever that “Back to Future” is, the Fangangsters’ argument has been always the same: it doesn’t matter if Fang is a fraud, it is ultimately important to fix Han Han, or any opponent of Fang, as a fraud. And that’s exactly what Fang meant in his last sentence: “even if you can smear Mr. Fang as black as a crow, you still won’t be able to wash a tiny bit of dirt off your junior master.” Subconsciously, Fang knew that the only way he could save himself was to “demonstrate” Han Han is a faker. However, he couldn’t fool any people outside of his evil cult. Here is a comment by the Tinglin Chorus, who was “dragged black” (being denied the right to making comments on Fang’s posts) one day earlier [102]:

“Some people are saying that I am a Fang-black. Yes, I am a black; however, it was Fang Zhouzi who has dragged me black! Here, let me yell to Fang Zhouzi, and you guys please forward it to Fang: Dear @Fang Zhouzi, you use ‘That old debt has long been replied and clarified for numerous times by me already (those who are interested can go to my blogs or Weibo to look up), it is impossible for me to settle it again with you at the moment to shift the topic’ to answer all the questions towards you. Will this be the model to answer any questionings in the future? If so, I’d suggest broadening its application!”[103]

18 months later, Mr. Wang Mudi (王牧笛), a TV show host based in Guangzhou, summarized Fang’s strategy much more concisely:

“The so called clarification by Mr. Fang Zhouzi is ‘I have already clarified countless times.’”[104]

(3) The Source of Power

On Jan. 27, 2012, two days after Fang “clarified” the matter, Mr. Lu Jinbo, Han Han’s publisher and personal friend, posted the link to the webpage of the Chronicle again on Weibo:

“I didn’t use search engines at all. Masses from all walks of life have sent many materials into my private message box. It turns out that there is a ‘Fangologist Yi Ming’ who has compiled this lengthy article about Fang’s alleged plagiarisms committed from 1988 to 2011, including 40 appendixes. [The plagiarisms] cover the areas of poetry, literature and history, chemistry, agronomy, etc. Ah Fang does know as much as Aristotle. [t.cn] h5lMVC”[105]

Fang, who had been attacking and mocking Lu constantly, didn’t say a single word on the above post by Mr. Lu.

By Jan. 30, 2012, the webpage of the Chronicle had been visited for more than 30,000 times[106]; by July 27, 2012, when Han Han’s father Han Renjun posted the link, plus the image file of its preface written by me, the number was approaching 60,000[107]. By now, the webpage has been visited more than 96,000 times; it is arguably the deadliest weapon against Fang’s evildoings in the past 3 or 4 years. And till today, neither Fang himself nor any of his gangsters has ever mentioned anything about the book, which contains more than 600 pages and documents more than 100 plagiarism cases committed by Fang in the past 3 decades. In other words, by shutting his mouth up Fang has been admitting loudly every day that the book is irrefutable.

The source of power
Because of Fang’s fraudulent and malicious attack on Han Han, many people began to looking for information about Fang’s true colors. Thus China Academic Integrity Review (AIR-CHINA) became the most important source of such information since early 2012. (The data is based on website tracking records[108].)

The path to the prowess
On March 3, 2011, I posted the initial edition of the Chronicle and Demonstration of Fang Zhouzi’s Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement on the forum of China Academic Integrity Review (AIR-CHINA), a platform for Chinese scholars to defend themselves and to fight against Fang’s fraudulent and criminal activities. Although it was well-received by the visitors to the website, the book was relatively unknown to most Chinese people living in mainland China who had been deceived by China’s news media about Fang Zhouzi. On Jan. 3, 2012, when Fang Zhouzi was fighting against Mr. Luo Yonghao on purely personal matters, an overseas Chinese scholar with a Weibo ID jrry86 posted the link to the webpage on weibo.com (see: 2012-1-3 10:17), apparently trying to arouse people’s interest in the book. However, it generated only one repost (top panel). Three days later, Dr. Sun Haifeng of Shenzhen University reposted jrry86’s post (see: 2012-1-6 10:13), and the repost generated 33 reposts (second panel from top). On Jan. 25, 2012, one week after Fang entered into the Hanly War, a Han Han-supporter with a Weibo ID Tinglin Chorus (亭林镇合唱团) posted the link on weibo (see: 2012-1-25 09:55), and mainly because of the reposting by Mr. Luo Yonghao, the post was reposted for more than a thousand times (the middle panel). On Jan. 27, Mr. Lu Jinbo posted the link to the webpage (Lu later deleted the post), and the post was reposted for at least 547 times. On July 27, 2012, 17 days before Fang led his thugs to sohu.com from weibo.com, Han Han’s father posted the link to the webpage on his Weibo (see: 2012-7-27 01:04), and the post was reposted 777 times. These continuous efforts made the webpage the most-visited webpage on AIR-CHINA, and made the Chronicle one of the most famous Fangological works.

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