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The Hanly War (IX): Drowning in the Ocean of Scandals (I): The Plagiarism_2 (986 查看)

May 08, 2015 07:15PM
The Human Race Explosion

Fang must have thought that his “clarification” on Jan. 25, 2012, was more than enough to put down the uprising of Weibo users, just like what happened before. However, the time had changed.

In the midnight of Jan. 29, 2012, Dr. Sun Haifeng posted the following message on his Weibo:

“The American Ph. D. Fang Zhouzi is always proud of his English, and he frequently laughs at other people’s broken English. So, let’s take a look at exactly how good the biochemistry doctor Fang’s English is: in the book Why Don’t Elephants Have Hairs, the biochemistry doctor Fang not only stole other people’s figures, he also translated the words dark and light in the original text, which were used to describe the complexion of the different human races, into night and day, creating Fang’s new races of ‘Caucasian (day/night)’ and ‘East Indian (day/night). [t.cn].”[109]

One of the most famous anti-Fang posts on the internet

At that time and a few days after that, no one thought the post would be any more powerful than hundreds of Dr. Sun’s other anti-Fang posts. However, it turned out to be the fuse of the thunderous February.

1. The Origin of Races

The story about Fang’s creation of the new races of Homo sapiens actually started more than one year earlier. In January 2011, many Chinese scholars on AIR-CHINA were actively engaged in investigating Fang’s fraudulent and criminal history, including his plagiarism and copyright infringement. At that time, Fang’s book Why Don’t Elephants Have Hairs was just published, and like many of his other books, it contains hundreds of images. One task force was then set up to look for the sources of these images. One such image on page 25 of the book was matched to a figure in a paper published in Biology Letters[110]. Then, Dr. Mark A Changizi of Caltech, the corresponding author of the paper, was contacted by Mr. Christopher Gan, a member of the task force, and Dr. Changizi confirmed that he didn’t authorize Fang’s using of his figure[111].

However, what made the figure famous was Fang’s translation: he translated the words “dark” and “light” in the legend of the figure, “Reflectance spectra from a variety of human skin,” into “night” and “day,” respectively. The mistakes were first noticed by me and then made public, along with Fang’s stealing of the figures, by another U. S.-based scholar on Jan. 24, 2011[111]. Fang, who was promoting the book on Weibo with all his strength at the time, and who habitually ignores the more severe charges by responding to the less important ones, immediately blamed his book editors for the stupid mistakes:

“Corrigendum: on page 25 of Why Don’t Elephants Have Hairs, the two ‘nights’ and ‘days’ in the legend of the figure should be ‘dark complexion’ and ‘light complexion.’ The original figure is from an English paper, when the editors translated the legend into Chinese, they made the mistakes. I didn’t notice the mistakes when I did proofreading, very sorry. There are still some editorial errors, I’ll issue an erratum.”[112]

Of course Fang was lying. It was later revealed by Ms. He Nan, an agent in the publishing industry and a well-known Weibo user, that the editors of Fang’s book told other people that all the images and their legends were provided by Fang Zhouzi[113].

It is worth noting that just a half month before the outbreak of the new human race joke, Fang’s book was awarded as one of the “Annual Good Books” by Beijing News[114], And just a week before the award, Fang attacked Mr. Yang Wenxuan (杨文轩), the editor-in-chief of the publisher which published Fang’s award-winning book, because Mr. Yang criticized Fang’s attack on “the safer targets” rather than fighting against those in power[115]. In other words, by blaming his editors for the stupid mistakes, Fang actually killed two birds with one bullet.

The most infamous thievery Fang Zhouzi has ever committed
The upper image is the original figure in a paper by Dr. Changizi et al., published in 2006; the lower image is a figure in Fang’s book Why Don’t Elephants Have Hairs, published in 2010. The red boxes highlight the key translation mistakes: Fang translated the original dark and light into night and day, respectively.

The original sin
Fang’s most infamous thievery was first revealed on AIR-CHINA on Jan. 24, 2011, along with his other thieveries.

2. Migration to China

Before 2012, most of Fang’s scifool jokes and plagiarism scandals were known only to the overseas Chinese scholars, and the new human race joke was not an exception. But things began to change in 2011, because Fang was driven crazy, literally, by these the Fang-haters.

On May 17, 2011, when Fang was desperately trying to frame Dr. Sun as a “plagiarist also,” in an attempt to silence his denouncing Liu Juhua’s plagiarism, Dr. Sun finally picked up the dog-Fang-beating stick, reposted a post by a “Foreign Ministry Spokesman” (外交部发炎人) showing that “according to Fang Zhouzi, human races are differentiated by day and night,” and Dr. Sun made his own comment:

“Biochemistry doctor Fang’s English is really first class, experienced and knowledgeable, even his plagiarism was so innovative. [t.cn]”[116]

Guess what? Fang stopped his attack on Dr. Sun almost instantaneously. Partly because of Fang’s timid reaction, partly because of Dr. Sun’s limited number of followers – he had only 22,733 followers at time, compared with Fang’s more than 627,000, neither the original post by the “Foreign Ministry Spokesman” nor Dr. Sun’s repost generated much impact. Fang escaped the scandal for the second time. However, the powerfulness of the joke must have impressed Dr. Sun very much.

The dog-Fang-beating stick which drove doggy Fang away
On May 17, 2011, Dr. Sun Haifeng reposted a Weibo post showing Fang’s stealing and ignorance which essentially silenced Fang for nearly three months. Largely because of Fang’s no-responsive reaction, Dr. Sun’s repost was forwarded only 64 times.

3. Third Time's a Charm

When Dr. Sun raised the old issue again in the midnight of Jan. 29, 2012, Fang used his old and last strategy again: he pretended that nothing had happened. However, 2012 was definitely not the same as 2011: many people were hungry for such information, and Dr. Sun’s post was reposted for more than one thousand times in the first 24 hours, without the help from any of these “Big Vs.” As a matter of fact, Mr. Luo Yonghao, who, like most public intellectuals who enjoy very much pretending to be a “RON” (rational, objective, and neutral, 理客中), actually tried to discredit the news a few days later:

“It is certain that in Fang Zhouzi’s books there are many illustrations which were used without authorization. However, I think it is basically believable when Fang argued that it was the book editors who translated dark and light into night and day. Although Fang’s English is very average (there are many mistakes in his letter to Root-Bernstein), it could not be so low as to understand the skin colors as night and day. Focusing on the matter which might not be a problem is what has been done by the academic rogues like Fang Zhouzi, so don’t be like him, Mr. Sun.”[117]

However, despite such efforts from both camps, the avalanche was unstoppable. In the midnight of Feb. 3, 2012, the entertainment channel of NetEase (www.163.com), one of the top three internet portals in China, published an article: Fang Zhouzi’s Work Alleged Plagiarism, Translation Errors Become Joke[118], based on Dr. Sun’s message he posted 5 days ago. Here is its abstract:

“‘Fraud fighter’ Fang Zhouzi expressed in interviews that he’d continue his fight against Han Han, ‘vowing to bust Han Han’s myth.’ However, unexpectedly, his backyard is on fire. At the time when Fang Zhouzi was heavily engaged in his fighting against Han Han, many internet users broke the news on the internet that Fang Zhouzi himself has been alleged of plagiarism, they even claim that in his hot-selling book Why Don’t Elephants Have Hairs there are plagiarized figures from other people’s papers, and laughable mistakes in translation.”[119]

Minutes after NetEase’s report, Hong Kong-based Phoenix Network (www.ifeng.com), a website with strong Chinese government background which has been fabricating several rumors to Fang’s advantage, such as 90% of the internet users support Fang’s fraud fighting; more people support Fang than Han Han; and more Chinese women prefer to marry Fang than Han Han (more on these stories later), also reported the news first on its entertainment channel, then on other channels[120].

On Feb. 5, 2012, Qilu Evening News, one of the top circulated newspapers in China[121], published a short report entitled Fang Zhouzi’s Work Alleged Plagiarism, based entirely on Dr. Sun’s post[122]. Almost simultaneously, the scandal was all over China’s internet, even the websites belonging to China’s central government, such as people.com[123], Xinhua Net[124], and Guangming Net[125], posted the news. Of course other websites won’t want to fall behind: the web portals such as sina.com[126], sohu.com[127], and qq.com[128], all posted the news; even the local websites in Fujian, Fang’s hometown, republished the report from Qilu Evening News[129]. The scandal was also reported by many TV stations across the nation, from North China to South China[130].

So, how did the future John Maddox Prize winner Fang respond to the avalanche or tsunami or earthquake? Here it is:

“Qilu Evening News even went to Sun Haifeng’s Weibo to pick up garbage, sensationalizing again the matter about the figure in Why Don’t Elephants Have Hairs, which I already clarified on Weibo more than a year ago, and they also said that ‘as of now, no response from Fang Zhouzi has been observed.’ Since I exposed his plagiarism in his dissertation, Sun Haifeng has been spraying shit towards me every day on his blog, there is enough [shit] for you to pick up. This newspaper is listed on my blacklist; don’t you bother me again from now on.”[131]

Response and clarification in Fang’s style
“I’ve responded and clarified the allegations before” has been Fang’s way of handling the allegations against his own frauds. Also, Fang believes that being banned from interviewing him and being added to the blacklist he maintains are the most frightening thing to a news medium in China. The above screenshot of Fang’s Weibo post, scolding and threatening Qilu Evening News, was captured by Ms. He Nan 53 minutes after Fang’s posting. At the time, Fang had 2,061,179 followers, nearly quadrupled the number he had one year earlier. Of course more than 90% of Fang’s followers on Weibo were zombies.

Yes, that’s Fang’s second response in 10 days to the massive coverage of his own scandal, and meanwhile, Fang had been trying desperately to bust Han Han’s “fraud” by forcing him to prove his own innocence. In other words, Fang not only has two sets of criteria of plagiarism, he also has two sets of laws for busting the frauds. You should also know that in the above post, Fang dared only to threaten Jinan-based Qilu Evening News, and he let go of people.com and Xinhua Net easily. Here is Dr. Sun’s refutation of Fang’s “clarification”:

“Fang’s so called ‘clarification’ is a sophistry for the purpose of shifting the blame. Not only didn’t it explain the problem of stealing the image, it also unveiled the fact that the book is not an independent writing, but a translation and compilation by a team. Fang Zhouzi is the author of the book, not the editor-in-chief of the book, but he let other people translate and compile the figures, isn’t it the ‘ghostwriting’ problem of which he is accusing Han Han?”[132]

However, Fang’s calculated move did nothing but spread the scandal further: many newspapers reported the news on the next day[133], and the newspaper reports were posted on the internet to form the second wave, with more blasts. According to a report by Xiaoxiang Morning News, Fang told them the following:

“Fang Zhouzi believes that at this moment Sun Haifeng ‘who continues to pull out these old stories is purely out of personal reason, with an ulterior motive.’”[134]

To which, Dr. Sun responded:

“When he questions other people, what he does is righteous fraud busting; however, when other people question him, they must have an ulterior purpose. After I criticized the plagiarisms committed by Fang Zhouzi and Liu Juhua last year, this plagiarist racked his brain to retaliate, using an article plagiarized from mine by other people to frame me as a plagiarist, and he even wrote a letter to the leaders of my University to make a false accusation against me. He is the prototype of fraud busting in rogue style!”[135]

According to a report published in Southern Metropolis Daily on Feb. 7, 2012, Fang told the reporter the following:

“Why Don’t Elephants Have Hairs belongs to science popularization readings rather than a rigorous academic paper; it is customary that such a book uses other authors’ illustrations to introduce their academic achievements without acknowledgement, it is not plagiarism at all.”[136]

To the above, Dr. Sun asked:

“Misappropriating other people’s illustrations in his own books for the purpose of making money, with neither acknowledgement nor permission, how could it be ‘customary’?”[137]

“Stealing other people’s things to sell, which country’s custom is it? Is it Fang Zhouzi’s own custom?”[138]

As a matter of fact, the shockwave even reached outside of mainland China: the newspapers in Taiwan[139] and Singapore[140] reported the scandal also. There is absolutely no doubt that the fact “Fang is not only a thief, but also a dumb and shameless thief” was known to every person who knew Fang at all by Feb. 6, 2012. However, by that time, Fang’s another scandal had already become the eye of the hurricane.

All over the internet
From Feb. 3 to Feb. 6, 2012, the story about Fang’s stealing and the low level translation mistakes was reported by almost every major website in China. Fang dared only to single out Qilu Evening News to scold.

“‘The Fraud buster’ is being ‘busted’ also”
Dr. Sun Haifeng’s questioning of Fang Zhouzi’s plagiarism was reported by Shenzhen Evening News on Feb. 6, 2012. Please note that the screenshot of Dr. Sun’s post on weibo.com was also published in the newspaper (bottom).

The most scandalous and despicable person in China
On February 5 and 6, 2012, the stupid translation mistakes Fang made while stealing an image for his book became national news. The above images show the screenshots of TV programs reporting the story. According to Google search conducted in early May, 2015, there were at least the following Satellite TV stations which reported news: Shandong, Hebei, Liaoning, Guangdong, and Guizhou.

Being abandoned and Deserted
On Feb. 6, 2012, or shortly after, Guizhou Satellite TV aired a program on Dr. Sun’s plagiarism allegation against Fang. The above images are the screenshots of the program. Guizhou Satellite TV station used to be Fang’s stronghold: having made and broadcasted a serial TV shows in 2011 featuring Fang Zhouzi and his despised buddy Sima Nan. The show was terminated in October 2011, coincidental with the termination of Fang’s column in China Youth Daily, most likely because of the scandal about Fang’s plagiarism of Dr. Root-Bernstein.

Uncle Bob Coming to Town

Although the human race scandal is humiliating, to Fang Zhouzi who is famous for his shamelessness, it is only a slight ailment on the skin, in Chinese, it is called “disease of fungal or scabies infection” (癣疥之疾, xuǎn jiè zhī jí). Fang knows exactly what his fatal disease, or “the disease of heart or internal organs “(心腹之患, xīn fù zhī huàn) is: his plagiarism of Dr. Root-Bernstein in 1995. And right after having suffered the recurrence of his skin disease, Fang suffered a heart attack, really, really hard attack.

1. An Old Issue

As having documented extensively[12], in 1995, while being a graduate student at the Michigan State University, Fang Zhouzi wrote an essay entitled What Is Science, based completely, entirely, and solely on a paper published in 1984 by Dr. Robert Root-Bernstein, a professor at the same University. The case was exposed in October, 2010, which became the last straw breaking Fang’s spinal cord, and from that moment on, Fang began to reveal his true colors, viciousness, shamelessness, senselessness, craziness, and evilness, to the public. Because most people in mainland China didn’t know the story well or at all, they, including Han Han and Luo Yonghao, were actually bewildered by Fang’s sudden transformation.

Fang’s MSU scandal was first reported by a third party in February, 2011, by Ms. Cao Minghua, a well-known Chinese writer based in Los Angeles[141]. One month later, it was reported again by Legal Weekly in its “Comprehensive Investigation” report. However, the turning point of the event occurred on Aug. 3, 2011, when Dr. Root-Bernstein sent his Open Letter to Shi-Min Fang to a group of people, in which Dr. Root-Bernstein formally and openly accused Fang of plagiarism. The open letter immediately ignited a month-long wildfire on China’s internet. Here is a post by Dr. Sun Haifeng made on August 6, 2011:

“【Watch: The apology letter by Fang Zhouzi, the urban management officer on the internet】Root-Bernstein, a professor at Fang’s alma mater, issued an open letter to accuse Fang of plagiarism, and demand an apology from Fang. Fang pretended to be dead on Weibo, however, he secretly sent an apology letter which looked sincere but actually quibbling. The professor didn’t accept the apology and replied immediately to continue the questioning. Please note: the professor emphasizes that what he has written is an open letter, he wants to teach people a lesson using this example, and even those people regarded by Fang as his ‘enemies’ should have the rights to voicing their opinions. The following is the screenshot of the original letter.”[142]

Here is another post by Dr. Sun on Aug. 22, 2011:

“【American Professor harshly denounces Fang Zhouzi’s plagiarism and his serving as the judge in his own plagiarism case】You don't play by anyone's rules but your own anyway? ……Your only response to that issue so far has been to say that you are an expert on fraud and you know that you have not plagiarized me or violated my copyright. Yet you refuse to reveal the criteria you are using in making that decision,……I am far less worried about whether you have stolen some of my work than I am worried that you have set yourself as an unassailable and unregulated monitor of fraud in China.”[143]

The lethal weapon II
Dr. Root-Bernstein’s open letters to Fang Zhouzi in the August of 2011 were widely and frequently cited during the Hanly War. The above images are the screenshots of two posts showing Dr. Root-Bernstein’s responses to Fang’s first and the second replies, posted by Dr. Sun Haifeng in August 2011, on weibo.com. Dr. Sun would start reposting them repeatedly in the early stage of the Hanly War. As of now, the first post has been reposted for more than 10 thousand times, and the second one more than 5 thousand times.

National News
On August 21, 2011, Shenzhen Economic Daily reported Dr. Root-Bernstein’s allegation against Fang in its “Domestic Major News” page. Two days later, Beijing-based Legal Evening News also reported the news in its “Hotline” page.

In the midnight of Jan. 18, 2012, the day when Fang started attacking Han Han, a Weibo user, HandsonYang, made the following comment on one of Dr. Sun’s above posts:

“In fact I know this guy only because of Han Han. Obviously, this guy is a writer who lives on plagiarism only and he thinks everyone else in the world is a plagiarist, increasing his own stock by using other people’s fame, measuring other people’s stomach by using the yardstick of his own flunky heart, he is really the shame of all the writers, really shameless in the extreme.”[144]

And Dr. Sun replied, reposting the original post at the same time:

“I have never thought of these two people at the same time. Now, retrospectively, one is positive and open, the other is malicious and insidious, their direct confrontation is inevitable.”[145]

From that time on, Dr. Sun would repost the post for at least 10 times in the next 2-3 weeks when Dr. Changizi’s light/dark figure of reflectance spectra overshadowed Dr. Root-Bernstein’s open letters.

Of course Dr. Sun was not the only person who remembered Fang’s MSU scandal. On Jan. 24, 2012, 4 minutes after posting my article on Fang’s plagiarism of Yi Hua, that antibitchfang posted Dr. Robert Root-Bernstein’s second open letter to Fang, with Chinese translation[146]. The post generated very limited impact until Mr. Luo Yonghao, who must have known the letter since the summer of 2011, but chosen to remain silent on the matter before January 2012, reposted it on the next day, with the following Fang-style comment:

“There is an internet user from Zhangzhou, Fujian [Fang’s hometown], who revealed that Fang Zhouzi had plagiarized. ‘Is it real?’”[147]

Here is Dr. Sun Haifeng’s comment:

“It is real, the interrogative particle ‘ma’ is unnecessary.”[148]

Mainly because of Mr. Luo’s reposting, the original post was forwarded 480 times. However, Fang kept pretending to be a blind and deaf to the post, and in his “statement” on the day, he intentionally ignored Dr. Root-Bernstein’s open letters and put the focus on Dr. Changizi’s figure, meanwhile he accelerated his attack on Han Han.

2. Ms. He Nan Revived the Old Issue

(1) The Rising Star among the Fang-haters

The old issue was revived by a lady named He Nan (何楠, web ID 易天, Yi Tian), a book agent. Ms. He had been criticizing Fang Zhouzi’s fraudulence since 2011; however, it seemed that she wasn’t aware of the scholarly research on Fang until the end of January or early February 2012. Starting from Feb. 3, 2012, Ms. He Nan began to post the information she extracted from my books, and the following is one of her such posts, with the screenshot of the interface of The Database of Fang Zhouzi’s Plagiarisms:

“Here is the summary of the plagiarisms committed by Fang Zhouzi, the fraud fighting liar, the biggest plagiarist. It is really hard for any normal people to imagine that a person who depends on plagiarizing completely to write can live on fraud fighting confidently, what kind of indomitable shamelessness and contemptibility it is!”[149]

The message was posted in the morning of Feb. 4, 2012, and by the midnight of the day, it had been reposted for about 1,500 times, and except for a handful of Fang-lovers, all of those who had made the comments supported Ms. He Nan, or asked Fang to respond. Here is one exemplary comment:

“Fang Zhouzi, can you respond item by item, or come out to confront directly. The evidences presented are much more solid than those presented by you against Han Han!”[150]

And till this day, the future John Maddox Prize winner Fang Zhouzi has never ever made a single comment on the database.

Absolute majority
By the midnight of Feb. 4, 2012, Ms. He Nan’s post, calling Fang “the fraud fighting liar, the biggest plagiarist,” had been reposted for about 1,500 times. Among those who made the reposts, about 100 were made by certified Weibo users, and among these 100 people, only four of them support Fang’s continued attack on Han Han (highlighted in black boxes, the last Fang-lover reposted multiple times), one said Ms. He’s post is a dog fight; one questioned the timing of the post; and the other two argued that even a thief should have the right to catching other thieves, or a hooker has the right to reporting other hookers’ prostitution to police.

The fact is, Fang’s dangerousness to Chinese people and his harmfulness to Chinese society had been clearly recognized by Chinese people by then. Here is another exemplary comment:

“The phenomenon of Fang Zhouzi is actually very horrible. As a scholar he does not conduct research because he knows that he won’t get his fame in the academic circle even if he works hard till his next life. However, it is completely different when he covers himself with a cloak of fraud fighter. He can get all kinds of attention by randomly questioning a celebrity based on nothing, and he will end up as a victor whether he wins or loses, because he have already reached his goal of drawing attention, which will be followed by material benefits. What Fang does will set an example for those who are both ignorant and incompetent but eager to become famous.”[151]

On the next day, Ms. He Nan’s post appeared in a report by China Network Television[152], which was subsequently appeared on people.com[153]. Here is the summary of the report:

“In recent days, Sina Weibo certified user ‘Yi Tian’ has posted many messages to question Fang Zhouzi’s frauds. The reporter with Weibo Alliance contacted Fang Zhouzi and Yi Tian, respectively, on the matter. Fang Zhouzi said he doesn’t know Yi Tian; the contents of her posts are all old stories which had been responded very long time ago. ‘Yi Tian’ emphasized to the reporter repeatedly that her attack on Fang Zhouzi is absolutely not for the purpose of getting famous, rather, it is for the purpose of getting rid of ‘the public hazard in the society.”[154]

The time bomb was detonated again
On Feb. 4, 2012, Ms. He Nan posted the screenshot of The Database of Fang Zhouzi’s Plagiarisms on her Weibo. The story was reported by China Network TV and people.com on the next day. Even Fang’s hometown newspaper Southeast Express reposted the story on its Weibo.

(2) A Challenge Fang Won’t Accept

Starting from Feb. 5, 2012, Ms. He Nan began to focus on the Root-Bernstein case. In the afternoon of Feb. 5, she reposted a message showing Dr. Root-Bernstein’s reply to Fang’s insincere apology[155]. In the night of the day, she asked for help in contacting Dr. Root-Bernstein[156]. In the morning of Feb. 6, Fang posted the following message on his Weibo:

“I have already said that I would not accept the interview requests by qq.com on the matter of Han Han; however, qq.com invited Lin Chufang, a leader of those who are sitting on the fence, to be their guest reporter, so I could not refuse his interview anymore. Lin Chufang went to Shanghai first to interview Han Han, and then he interviewed me yesterday. After the interview, Lin Chufang announced that he had got down from the fence. If Liu Ge, another leader of the fence sitting people, comes to interview me too, I am confident to get him down from the fence as well. If that’s the case, the battle will be won completely.”[157]

Here is Ms. He Nan’s comment on Fang’s pre-victory declaration:

“Fang Zhouzi, Black & White Fang [referring black night and white day Caucasian/East Indian] has once again declared his victory unilaterally, despite being cursed all over the internet. I am wondering if the professor at his alma mater, who was plagiarized by Fang, is invited to come to China to make a [TV] show, will Black & White Fang dare to confront him face to face and prove his own innocence?! If any TV programs are interested, the cost won’t be a problem. Please forward the post as widely as possible.”[158]

Ms. He Nan’s “wondering” was actually induced by Fang Zhouzi. Two days earlier, Hunan Satellite TV broadcasted a report on the Hanly War, in which they aligned each and every piece of Fang’s “reasoning” or “evidence” against Han Han with Han Han’s corresponding replies. Fang immediately accused the TV station of partiality:

“The People in News of Hunan Satellite TV is obviously in favor of Han Han, the result of their skillful editing is that I say a sentence, then Han Han refutes it with a sentence. Also, those of my sentences they picked up to be the targets are all the unimportant ones. This is what they have hyped ‘Fang-Han Confrontation.’ That’s why I have emphasized that the true confrontation should be face to face, and should be video-taped in its entirety or broadcasted live.”[159]

Yes, according to Fang, a news medium should not let the person being attacked by him to refute what he has said; otherwise, they will be guilty of favoritism. Apparently knowing his argument is really stupid and arbitrary, Fang proposed the solution of face to face confrontation. The funny thing is, just one day before that, Fang essentially declined such a proposal by Han Han’s. Here is a post by Maitian, the initiator of the Hanly War:

“Han Han said that he is willing to talk with Fang Zhouzi face to face. Hostess: Since the beginning of the swearing war, have you and Fang Zhouzi faced each other directly? Han Han: I haven’t, I think I can [face him] under any circumstances, if he is willing to, I don’t think there are any problems, and everyone can be the witness. He can ask me any questions. [t.cn]”[160]

And here is Fang’s reply:

“I said several days ago that I am willing to confront Han Han on a suitable occasion, which means a public occasion before the presence of the news media, with the whole course video-taping, and without the help of the group of friends and relatives, rather than a private occasion.”[161]

If you know Fang very well, you’d know what Fang meant by these words was trying to make it impossible to find such an occasion so that he won’t need to face Han Han directly. The tactic would be used repeatedly by Fang to avoid direct confrontations with many of his opponents during the Hanly War, including Dr. Xiao Chuanguo, Mr. Luo Yonghao, Mr. Yan Hong (more on this later), and, in 2013, with Mr. Wang Mudi[162].

Anyway, at 6:13 PM of Feb. 6, 2012, five hours after throwing down the gauntlet, Ms. He Nan asked Fang again:

“Black & White Fang, please answer the question directly: If I invite the professor of your alma mater who has accused you of plagiarism to come to Beijing, are you willing to confront him face to face? You must answer the question directly. Once you give an affirmative answer, I’ll invite him at any cost! Fang-fans, please support, if you firmly believe that Mr. Fang is a fraud fighter!!”[163]

In less than an hour, Mr. Yao Bo (web ID 五岳散人) responded to the above post:

“Since Yi Tian has formally challenged Fang Zhouzi that as long as he agrees that he will confront the professor of his alma mater who has accused him of plagiarism, Yi Tian will invite the professor to Beijing. Here, I state solemnly: the professor’s expenses of living, eating, and transportation during his stay in Beijing will be covered by me entirely, VIP treatment, designated vehicle and driver, all included. The conference room in a five-star hotel will be provided as the confrontation location. Let this post be the evidence of my promise. Respectfully asking the internet friends to urge Fang Zhouzi to accept the challenge.”[164]

Two hours later, Mr. Luo Yonghao pledged the air fare for Dr. Root-Bernstein’s travel[165].

The challenge that made fighter Fang a coward
On Feb. 6, 2012, Ms. He Nan challenged Fang to confront Dr. Root-Bernstein face to face; if Fang accepts the challenge, she would invite Dr. Root-Bernstein to China at any cost. Soon, two people promised that they would cover the total cost of Dr. Root-Bernstein’s trip. Till this day, more than 3 years later, pseudo-fighter Fang has yet to make a single comment on the challenge.

(3) The Newest Version of Fang’s Last Strategy

Mr. Yao Bo’s post was reposted for more than 3 thousand times in two hours, and 8 thousand times in 24 hours, which means that Fang had been notified the challenge and “urged” to accept the challenge for at least 8 thousand times by the end of Feb. 7, 2012. Of course by that time, many people had already known Fang’s “last strategy” very well. For example, the first person who reposted Mr. Yao’s post left the following comment:

“Must support……However, the Pig Thigh will definitely be unable to see, unable to see, unable to see”[166]

Sure enough, the future John Maddox Prize winner who would be awarded by a handful of Brits for his “courage for sound science” immediately adopted his “last strategy” to deal with Ms. He Nan’s challenge and vast amount encouragements from the internet users. The only surprise to the onlookers was that the last strategy was an upgraded version.

Before the Hanly War, Fang’s “last strategy” - playing dumb, pretending to be blind or deaf or dead to avoid responding to the allegations against him or challenges to him -, was mainly implemented by attacking other targets, such as the Traditional Chinese Medicine or the public intellectuals. However, on Feb. 6, 2012, Fang invented a new way to play dumb: solving lantern riddles. Specifically, from 6:51 PM of Feb. 6 to 10:44 PM of Feb. 7, 2012, Fang interacted almost exclusively with a Weibo account called “Chinese Lantern Riddle” (中国灯谜) to solve the riddles made by the latter, completely ignoring whatever happening in the outside world. The weird thing is, not only could Fang solve every one of the riddles, he was also the ultimate judge to determine the right answers to the riddles, which, more ironically, were all about eulogizing Fang or attacking his enemies. The peculiarity was almost immediately noticed by other people. Seven minutes after Fang solved his first puzzle, which was intended to attack Ms. Yao Chen who was “thumped” by Fang 10 days earlier[7], a Weibo user commented:

“The Pig Thigh is following only 21 people, however, he is able to find the person with followers only in double digits. I think you have a team.”[167]

And indeed, it was soon found out that Fang Zhouzi was the first person to make a comment on the first riddle made by that “Chinese Lantern Riddle” in November, 2011[168], and that riddle was made particularly for Fang to attack Mr. Song Hongbing (宋鸿兵)[169], a financial analyst, and that was the first time and the only time Fang mentioned Song’s name. Why would Fang want to attack Mr. Song? Here is Mr. Song’s comment made about one hour after being attacked by Fang:

“I was continuously reminded by bloggers yesterday that if I keep talking about China’s agronomy and food, GMO, or America’s Monsanto, a person named Fang Zhouzi will jump out for sure. At the time I didn’t believe it. However, Fang Zhouzi started shouting abuse at me today as predicted. It seems that the bloggers have already known who is working for the American interest group!”[170]

The funny thing is, after the exposure of the secretive tie between Fang and the “Chinese Lantern Riddle,” the comment which revealed the secret was immediately deleted, obviously by Fang or that “Chinese Lantern Riddle.” In other words, the “Chinese Lantern Riddle” is either registered by Fang himself, or one of his closest associates, such as his family members. Either way, Fang have the access to the account: otherwise, there would be no way for Fang to find the latter’s first riddle, and there would be no way for the latter to design his first riddle especially for being used by Fang as a springboard to attack Mr. Song.

Solving the puzzle of Fang’s riddle-solving game
Starting from the evening of Feb. 6, 2012, Fang began to play riddle-solving game on his Weibo as his “last strategy” to avoid responding to the plagiarism allegations against him and the challenge posed by Ms. He Han to confront Dr. Root-Bernstein; however, the scheme never worked. Upper panel: 7 minutes after Fang started playing the game of solving lantern riddles, a Weibo user began to question how Fang found the riddle posted by the virtually unknown Weibo account, Chinese Lantern Riddle. Middle panel: Fang’s intimate relationship with that previously unknown Weibo account was discovered shortly after: he was the First person to make a comment on the First post by that Chinese Lantern Riddle. Lower panel: Immediately after the secret was out, Fang’s comment on the first riddle was deleted, and many Weibo users laughed at Fang’s stupidity and shamelessness under the first post by the Chinese Lantern Riddle. Please note that despite the fact that almost everyone knows the secret of Fang’s riddle-solving game, Fang would continue to play it till his last days of his life on China’s internet.

The fact is, even if Fang had erased his footprint long before that day, his masturbating and stupid game could have fooled nobody except for his believers. Here is a comment by Ms. He Nan on Fang’s idiotic riddle solving game:

“Fang Zhouzi: why do I say the riddles you are solving were all made up by yourself, and you are wearing the sockpuppet of Chinese Lantern Riddle to show off your own talent?! Because this auntie is also guilty of ‘the crime of huge amount knowledge with unknown sources’ [the crime Fang accused Han Han of on Feb. 4, 2012[171]]. I have studied how to make and solve riddles. The riddles you are solving are all made up by the person who doesn’t know how to make a riddle, the first few riddles are traditional, and your answers were completely scrabbled up by yourself, besides yourself, even a god won’t be unable to solve them. About riddles: shouldn’t you at least know something about the formats such as Rolling Curtain and Getting off the Boot?”[172]

Here are more comments by other Weibo users:

“Not only does Master Fang make and solve the riddles all by himself to show off his smartness, many of these riddles also have the themes of vilifying, ridiculing, belittling Han, and beautifying, eulogizing, and praising Fang, which are far away from the boundary of ‘questioning the ghostwriting.’ Engaging in personal attack by entertainment, the sinisterness and insidiousness of this crow is so obvious in this case.”[173]

“Hehehehe, in fact I have already seen through the game. Not only are some of the riddles posted by that ‘Chinese Lantern Riddle’ intended to ridicule Han Han, but also there are riddles to praise Fang, therefore, it must be problematic. That account has only about 3 hundred fans, it purely for the purpose of self-enjoyment.”[174]

Of course Fang won’t respond to any of these “questionings.”

4. Fang Responded, Finally and Kind of

The situation Fang was facing in the early February of 2012 could be described best with this ancient Chinese proverb:

“Although the tree wants to remain still, the wind keeps blowing.”[175]

(1) The Unstoppable Wind

In the evening of Feb. 6, 2012, the entertainment channel on NetEase published an article entitled Fang Zhouzi Alleged Again of Plagiarism, Internet User Claims He Has Plagiarized American Professors[176]. Here is the text of the report:

“In recent days, Fang Zhouzi, after having been alleged in a Weibo post by Sun Haifeng, the Vice Chairman of the Communications Department at Shenzhen University, of plagiarizing figures in his work Why Don’t Elephants Have Hairs, is accused again of plagiarizing the paper by American Professor Root-Bernstein, and the internet user ‘Fraud Fighting Governor’ even claims that Fang Zhouzi has plagiarized the papers by the experts at home and abroad for multiple times.

“In his Weibo posts on the 6th, internet user ‘Fraud Fighting Governor’ revealed that Fang Zhouzi has plagiarized the papers by the experts at home and abroad for many times in his published articles. For example, his article GM Corn Is Healthier, published in China Youth Daily on March 24, 2010, was plagiarized from the article Bt corn reduces serious birth defects, by Bruce Chassy and Drew Kershen and published in Western Farm Press on Oct. 27, 2004; his article Why Don’t Woodpeckers Suffer from Headache, published in China Youth Daily on Oct. 11, 2006, was plagiarized from Cure for a headache, a paper published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology (Br J Ophthalmol 2002;86:843), by Ivan R Schwab, a professor at the University of California in the U. S.; his article How Have the Modern Drugs Been Developed, published in Economic Observer on Dec. 11, 2006, was plagiarized from the serial article Knowing the Drugs by author ‘Ying He,’ published in the Newly Arrived on the New Threads,

“As to the case of plagiarizing American Professor Root-Bernstein, although Fang Zhouzi responded by saying that he had already explained to Professor Root-Bernstein, there are internet users who point out that Professor Root-Bernstein didn’t accept Fang Zhouzi’s apology. On the contrary, he denounced Fang Zhouzi in an email: ‘You don't play by anyone's rules but your own anyway? ……Your only response to that issue so far has been to say that you are an expert on fraud and you know that you have not plagiarized me or violated my copyright. Yet you refuse to reveal the criteria you are using in making that decision,……I am far less worried about whether you have stolen some of my work than I am worried that you have set yourself as an unassailable and unregulated monitor of fraud in China.’”

The text was followed by Dr. Root-Bernstein’s open letter to Fang written on Aug. 21, 2011, with its Chinese translation.

13 minutes after NetEase’s article, the Phoenix Network published an abridged version of the report in its entertainment channel, without the content about Dr. Root-Bernstein[177]. And immediately, the news that Fang Zhouzi is accused of plagiarism AGAIN was all over the internet.

Being haunted
While the scandal of Fang’s stealing of Dr. Changizi’s figure was lingering, the scandal of his stealing of Dr. Root-Bernstein suddenly became national news for the third time in less than a year. Starting from about 8 PM on Feb. 6, 2012, NetEase and Phoenix Network reported Fang’s plagiarisms of domestic and foreign exports in the previous years, and many websites re-published these news reports. On Feb. 8, one day after Fang made his “explanation” on tudou.com, the scandal was further reported by many newspapers.

What more devastating to Fang was that in the early morning of Feb. 7, 2012, Mr. Christopher Gan posted the newest comment by Dr. Root-Bernstein on the plagiarism case:

“I have accused Dr. Fang of plagiarizing my article and of copyright infringement against Oxford University Press, which published my article. The issue is, unfortunately more complicated than your questions suggest. Dr. Fang did apologize publicly to me, but only admitted failing to CITE my paper in his own. He never admitted plagiarism or copyright infringement and has therefore not addressed my charges. I claim that he did more than just borrow some ideas from my article; I claim that he used my entire argument, my examples, and much of my wording in doing so; and by copying my arguments, examples, and language, he not only plagiarized me, but also infringed the copyright that Oxford University Press has on my work. Adding a citation to my article, as Dr. Fang had done, does not correct his fraudulent activities.”[178]

It turned out later that a Weibo user who calls himself SexFriend sent an email message to Dr. Root-Bernstein on Feb. 6, 2012, asking him two questions: whether Fang had plagiarized him and whether Fang had apologized to him[179]. Although the message was poorly written, which the Weibo user himself admitted readily and repeatedly, and the Weibo user didn’t reveal his true identity, even his true Weibo ID, Dr. Root-Bernstein replied the inquiry formally, reiterating his denouncement of Fang’s plagiarism. In the evening, the SexFriend posted the screenshot of Dr. Root-Bernstein’s letter to him online:

“Judging from the facts that Fang Zhouzi plagiarizes and refuses to apologize and indemnify, I am convinced that all of the motivations for Fang Zhouzi’s fraud fighting activities must be dirty, rather than simply impure. Little dirty, if you have guts, please respond. Here are the reply from Professor Robert Root-Bernstein and its translation. My English really sucks, its time to consider learning English in Luo Yonghao’s elementary class. Old Luo, would you accept me?”[180]

On Feb. 6, 2012, Dr. Root-Bernstein reiterated his condemnation of Fang’s plagiarism in a letter to a Chinese internet user. The screen image of the letter was posted by Weibo user SexFriend.

(2) The Wavering Tree

It was under such a pressure that Fang broke his silence and made the following announcement on his Weibo:

“Sun Haifeng, Yi Tian, and other people are accusing me of ‘paper plagiarism,’ which is nothing but frying for one more time the soured rice which I already clarified several months ago or even more than a year ago. What they are doing is attempting to divert people’s attention and muddy the water. I initially didn’t want to respond, however, several news media came to me for information, so I made one more clarification and explanation of the matter through tudou.com, if the news media want to report the matter, they can cite the video on tudou.com directly, I will no longer accept interviews from the media on the matter: [t.cn]”[181]

In the 20-minute video “clarification,” Fang answered four questions presented by the video-sharing website, which was having an extraordinarily close tie with Fang at the time: From June, 2011, to July, 2012, the very period when Fang was in the middle of various scandals, the website sponsored and hosted “Fang Zhouzi’s Public Courses”[182], which appeared to be mainly intended to promote Fang as “The Guard of Science” and “The Fighter against Fraud” and provide a platform for him to attack TCM and promote GMO. Also, in February and March, 2012, tudou.com was the only medium which followed Fang’s “analyses” of Han Han’s works to perform an “on site investigation,” which was applauded by Fang and his thugs[183].

Packaging and promoting
Months before being awarded by some Brits for “standing-up for science,” Fang was promoted by tudou.com as The Guard of Science by letting him to lecture “Public Courses” on the website. Please note Fang’s different appearances in the beautified poster (the bigger image in blue) and his actual wrenched look in the videos (the smaller figures in the video screens).

The four questions asked by tudou.com and answered by Fang are:

1. Yi Tian revealed on her Weibo that some of your works are allegedly plagiarisms of other people’s academic results, please explain.

2. Please explain what constitutes academic plagiarism. In your works, there are the occasions in which you also cited other people’s opinions, do they constitute plagiarisms?

3. On his Weibo, Sun Haifeng, the Vice Chairman of the Communications Department of the Shenzhen University, accused you of plagiarizing other people’s figures in your work Why Don’t Elephants Have Hairs, what’s your explanation of this?

4. What’s the matter about Xiao Chuanguo’s defamation case mentioned by Yi Tian, and the story about the reparation payment of 50 thousand yuan[184].

Admittedly, among Fang’s so called numerous “clarifications” of his scandals, the one he made on Feb. 7, 2012, on tudou.com, is probably the most comprehensive and detailed. However, unlike his habitual show-offs of his appearance in the media, especially in video and TV media, by posting the video images and links to the webpages on every one of his blogs, and reposting the message on his Weibo over and over, Fang posted the link to the webpage showing his “clarification” only on his Weibo, and only once. Yes, Fang even didn’t post the message or the link on his infamous New Threads. Also, Fang has never found his courage to transcribe his oral “clarification” into a text and make the text public for the convenience of the journalists who’d “want to report the matter,” let alone to translate what he said into English. Further, to my knowledge, Fang has not mentioned this particular “clarification” of his ever since, even once.

It is for the above reasons, I did the dirty job for Fang by first transcribing Fang’s entire “clarification” on tudou.com, then translating it into English, and finally posting it online and attached to this article as an appendix, so that everyone in the world can appreciate Fang’s astonishing shamelessness and extraordinary skills of lying, quibbling, and obfuscation - to do that, you do need to know the complete and detailed stories, which have already been told by me in both Chinese and English[185]. Below, I’ll briefly discuss Fang’s reply to the first question, which he spent more than a half of his time to answer.

First of all, Fang deliberately changed the subject of the first question, which was obviously and actually about his multiple and historical plagiarisms documented in The Database of Fang Zhouzi’s Plagiarisms, on which Ms. He Nan commented on her Weibo on Feb. 4, which, in turn, was reported by Chinese news media on the next day, to his plagiarism of Dr. Root-Bernstein.

Secondly, in his “clarification” of his stealing of Dr. Root-Bernstein, Fang intentionally caused confusions by telling lies. For example, Fang kept emphasizing that what he wrote in 1995 was an “causal and informal” online post, rather than an academic paper or a formal writing, implying that the former is exempt from plagiarism scrutiny or allegation, which, of course, is a variant of his now well-known double-standard, invented and fabricated completely by himself: the criterion of plagiarism for science population writings is totally different from that for academic papers. It seems that this MSU Ph. D. doesn’t know, or pretends not to know, that plagiarism is not tolerated even in a pupil’s homework, in either PRC or USA.

Thirdly, in his “clarification” or “explanation,” Fang also intentionally hid the fact that the core or the backbone of his What Is Science was written entirely, completely, and solely based on Dr. Root-Bernstein’s paper, therefore, the latter’s argument, or charge, “you have appropriated my entire argument and most of the examples that I use to support it,”[186], was adequate and accurate. However, Fang kept saying that he had given the citation when the article was published later in his books, and completely disregarding the fact that he had stated repeatedly, when he made plagiarism accusations against other people, that a simple citation doesn’t give a person the right to misappropriating other people’s writings. Here are just two pieces of Fang’s such writings done before his “explanation,” when he was accusing other people of plagiarism:

“Even if the sources were acknowledged, such verbatim copying or copying with little modification still should be considered plagiarism.”[187]

“Such a large quantity of direct copying, even if you had cited the source, still should be considered plagiarism.”[188]

Further, Fang continued his insult and attack on Dr. Root-Bernstein, which actually started in the August of 2011, by saying that Dr. Root-Bernstein’s criterion of plagiarism is “unique,” “against the academic norm of the academic community,” and he practices pseudoscience, etc.

5. Backfired

Fang’s clarification on tudou.com fooled nobody except for his gangsters. Here is a comment by Ms. He Nan on Fang’s “clarification”:

“To each question and allegation, @Fang Zhouzi always says righteously and vigorously: I have already responded long ago, I have already clarified long ago – Let me revise the answer a little bit, Black & White Fang, you should have said that 【You have already denied roguishly long ago.】I’d suggest to those people who know how to make video that you add English subtitles to the Plagiarist Fang’s video on tudou.com and send it to America.”[189]

Here is a comment by Dr. Sun Haifeng on Fang’s “clarification”:

“Is it judged according to your standard whether it is plagiarism? You are clean once you say you have clarified?! It’s just like that a thief says that he didn’t steal, and then the victim is no longer allowed to accuse him?! You had better clarify the matter face to face when the professor of your alma mater comes to China!”[190]

When interviewed in front a camera, Dr. Sun said even more bluntly:

“That’s not clarification, it is muddification.”[191]

The fact is, on the next day of Fang’s “clarification,” many newspapers continued to publish reports on the scandal and completely ignored Fang’s “clarification.” For example, the title in Kunming-based Life Daily is: Embarrassing! Internet User Reveals Fang Zhouzi Plagiarized American Professors in His Works[192]; and the title in Harbin Daily is: Fang Zhouzi’s Works Alleged Plagiarism Again, Internet User Claims He Plagiarized the Papers by American Professors[193]. It seems that the only newspaper reported Fang’s “clarification” was Qianjiang Evening News, but neither the title nor the content was friendly to Fang: Fraud Fighter” Fang Zhouzi Alleged of Fraud, Fang Zhouzi: They are Auditing the Old Account books, I was Only Citing[194]. On Feb. 9, 2012, the influential Southern Metropolis Daily published a full-page report: Sun Haifeng Reveals Video, Questioning Fang Zhouzi Again[195]. Here is its first paragraph:

“After alleging Fang Zhouzi of ‘plagiarizing other people’s figures, making mistakes in translation,’ in the evening of Feb. 7, Sun Haifeng , a vice professor at Shenzhen University, alleged Fang Zhouzi of plagiarism again with a ‘secret weapon’: the video tape of the exclusive interview of Robert Root-Bernstein, the physiology professor at Michigan State University. According to the material he provided, Robert was convinced that Fang had indeed committed plagiarism, based on the translations available to him. However, by the time of releasing this report, neither Fang Zhouzi nor Robert had responded to the case.”[195]

So, on Feb. 10, 3 days after having declared that “I will no longer accept interviews from the media on the matter,” Fang accepted the interview by China News Network, another Fang-loving news medium which would promote Fang as one of ten “Spiritual Tycoons” in China in two months[196], and what Fang did in the interview was nothing but “playing the same old tune,” denying his plagiarism of Dr. Root-Bernstein, though in a much abridged form. Here is Fang’s concluding remark:

“Whenever there is such a dispute, they will bring out this case to hype. For example, last time when I had a dispute with Kai-Fu Lee, Lee’s supporters brought out the matter; and this time, Han Han’s supporters brought out the matter again. Many people don’t know that the matter have long been clarified, I talked about it on Weibo, on blogs, a long time ago, [and they] continue to ask, how do you respond to the question. So it is a rather annoying matter.”[197]

Have you noticed that Fang didn’t mention the “clarification” he just made a few days ago on tudou.com? As a matter of fact, every sentence in the above paragraph, barring the last one, is a lie: both Dr. Sun Haifeng and Ms. He Nan started their disputes with Fang long before the Hanly War, and neither of them was Han Han’s supporters at the time[198]. Actually, even the Weibo user who voluntarily contacted Dr. Root-Bernstein on Feb. 6, 2012, SexFriend, denied that he supported Han Han:

“Fang Zhouzi’s questioning of Han Han is a matter between him and Han Han, my slapping of Fang’s face is a matter of mine own, there is not relationship between the two matters at all, how could you idiots believe Fang Zhouzi’s theory of ‘diverting the attention’? I’m even not a reader of Han Han’s. I support spiritually your effort at looking for the evidence for Han Han’s ghostwriting, not to mention that Han Han has offered material reward. What I am doing is only to expose Fang Zhouzi’s fraud under the name of science popularization and fraud fighting!”[199]

The secret weapon
On Feb. 9, 2012, Guangzhou-based Southern Metropolis Daily published a full-page report: Sun Haifeng Reveals Video, Questioning Fang Zhouzi Again, in which the content of the interview in July, 2011, between Dr. Root-Bernstein and a reporter affiliated with People’s Daily, was partially revealed.

Forced to give up his last strategy
Under the mounting public pressure and the imminent possibility that Dr. Root-Bernstein might come to Beijing, Fang abandoned his “last strategy” and broke his silence again on Feb. 10, 2012, “clarifying” his plagiarism of Dr. Root-Bernstein in front a camera. In the less-than-3-minute video report, Fang repeated his excuses that the original article was an internet post rather than a formal writing; attribution to Dr. Root-Bernstein was made later when the post was published in his books; and the matter had been clarified many times and long before. Fang also accused his accusers of his enemies’ supporters. Please note that every word Fang uttered in the interview and shown in the subtitle is captured in the above screenshots.

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