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The Hanly War (IX): Drowning in the Ocean of Scandals (I): The Plagiarism_3 (897 查看)

May 08, 2015 07:16PM

In the early February, 2012, a series of events occurred in Chongqing, the Red Capital of China at the time, which would change the course of China’s history: on Feb. 2, Mr. Wang Lijun, the chief of the Public Security Bureau of the city, was “promoted” to the post of Vice-mayor, and his position in the Public Security Bureau was replaced. Four days later, Mr. Wang defected to the U. S. Consulate in Chengdu, Sichuan. On Feb. 9, 2012, the Chinese government finally acknowledged the fact, which had been rumored for days. The news immediately captured the attention and imagination of the whole nation, because Mr. Wang had been one of the most important aides to Mr. Bo Xilai, the CCP chief of the municipality and the de facto leader of China’s leftists and Maoists. As Han Han put it:

“Once the big court drama is out, a folk farce like mine is immediately thrown into the shade.”[200]

Of course Fang had a secretive tie with both Wang Lijun and Bo Xilai[201]. Of course Wang Lijun Incident overshadowed and dwarfed Fang’s plagiarism scandals.

Besides the political environment, something else was happening in the anti-Fang front also: Fang’s other frauds committed in the previous years, such as fraudulent fraud fighting and money swindling, were dug up and examined by many people. Compared with them, Fang’s plagiarism, which is immoral in nature, or even his copyright infringement, which is the matter under the jurisdiction of the civil law, looked so benign. On Feb. 12, 2012, Hunan Satellite TV aired a report entitled Fang Zhouzi the Questioner Is Being Questioned on Fraud[202]. Here is an ad promoting the show:

“The final outcome of the fight between Fang and Han remains to be seen, the questioner @Fang Zhouzi has unexpectedly become the person being questioned. Plagiarizing? Stealing? Not disclosing the account books? The situation of offensive and defensive is changing rapidly, Fang Zhouzi has to hold spear and shield in both hands, doing the offense and defense at the same time. On one hand, it is the intense questioning by Sun Haifeng, Yi Tian, the Idler in the Five Sacred Mountains, and the others; on the other hand, it is the light and indifferent response by Fang Zhouzi. The mouth water is everywhere, is it a conspiracy or an overt reaction? The People in News will tell you the truth at 6 PM today!”[203]

The initial focus of the report appeared to be the issues about Fang’s plagiarism; however, when it was aired, the first “question” about Fang was his money-collecting funds. And Fang, who launched a massive group attack on both the TV station and its editor-in-chief merely 8 days ago, has never made a single comment on the TV report, even though it was heavily advertised on Weibo[204], and both Dr. Sun Haifeng[205] and Ms. He Nan[206] reposted the advertisements. In other words, by the beginning of mid-February, the significance and importance of Fang’s plagiarism had begun to fade away, even to Fang himself and his thugs.

Challenging and promoting
On Feb. 12, 2012, the official Weibo account of Hunan Satellite TV’s People in News program announced that its report about Fang would be aired at 6 PM. Although the announcement was reposted by Dr. Sun Haifeng and Ms. He Nan, Fang has been pretending he doesn’t know it.

Q & A
The above images are the screenshots of the TV report, Fang Zhouzi the Questioner Is Being Questioned on Fraud, aired on Feb. 12, 2012, on Hunan Satellite TV. Top row: three issues about Fang were discussed: 1. Fang’s money-collecting funds; 2. Fang’s plagiarism of Dr. Root-Bernstein; and 3. Fang’s double-standard of plagiarism; Middle row: Ms. He Nan and Dr. Sun Haifeng appeared in the report to offer their opinions. A video clip showing Dr. Root-Bernstein discussing the criterion of plagiarism was also included; Bottom row: my studies on Fang Zhouzi, the certificates of plagiarism issued to Fang by AIR-CHINA; and the cover of my Chronicle and Demonstration of Fang Zhouzi’s Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement were shown in the report.

Sometime between Feb. 10 and Feb. 14, 2012, after having been notified Fang’s clarification on tudou.com by Dr. Liu Shi, a research scientist with the EPA of the U. S., Dr. Root-Bernstein wrote a reply[207]. In the letter, Dr. Root-Bernstein not only confirmed and continued his accusation against Fang, not only refuted Fang’s attack on him, but also affirmed and approved the work of AIR-CHINA by repeatedly referring its webpages. Therefore, I think it is appropriate to use the letter to conclude this part of my Open Letter to Nature. Here it is:

Dear Shi Liu,

Thank you for writing. I am aware of Dr. Fang's attack on me. If it is any indication of the effort he puts into his attacks on the people he accuses of fraud, it is quite pitiful. He seems to be drawing all his information from a website called www.virusmyth.com, with which I have no affiliation, and which is full of misinformation. Dr. Fang seems to think that I deny that HIV causes AIDS. In fact, what my many peer-reviewed and published articles argue is that HIV is necessary but not sufficient to cause AIDS -- which happens to be the same position that Dr. Luc Montagnier has maintained since 1990. Montagnier is, of course, the discoverer of HIV and received the Nobel Prize for his discovery. So if Fang want's to accuse me of pseudoscience for holding the same position as the man who discovered HIV, that's fine with me. I wish him good luck in making the same charge stick on Dr. Montagnier!

I have, however, as you suggest, kept a copy of the video should I ever want or need to sue Dr. Fang for libel. Very sad that he feels he has to stoop to such underhanded methods.

By the way, in case you are interested, I've attached below files that provide evidence about my case against Dr. Fang and some of the other frauds he may have perpetrated.

Many thanks,

Bob Root-Bernstein

For a detailed review of this case, please visit:

A panel review is also available at [www.2250s.com]

Further, my open letter for Dr. Fang and its Chinese translations, please visit [www.2250s.com]

Please also note that Dr. Fang not only plagiarized my work but also infringed on the publisher's (Oxford University Press) copyright. The above mentioned review focused on the plagiary aspect. The copyright infringement is a separate form of misconduct. This combination of plagiarism-with-copyright infringement is typical in when people borrow material from one language and translate it into another.

Please also note that Dr. Fang's 1995 essay was officially published by www.oursci.org as an online encyclopedia entry. This official publication in 1995 made no mention of Dr. Root-Bernstein's work. Dr. Fang altered this version in October 2010 only AFTER he was informed of being accused of plagiarism and copyright infringement. Please note that adding the reference to my original article does not mitigate either the plagiarism or the copyright infringement. For the archived version, please see [web.archive.org]

You may also contact Christopher Gan for further information about Dr. Fang’s other forms of alleged misconduct: Christopher Gan <christopher_gan2000@yahoo.com>
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