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Open Letter to Nature, Part XLIX: The Fangangsters (X): The Organization for Scientific & Academic Integrity in China is Shimin Fang’s Money Machine_2 (692 查看)

January 03, 2016 01:15PM
4. OSAIC shelters money for Fang.

Ever since the opening of OSAIC, Fang has been using it to extract money as much as possible from his overseas followers who mainly gathered around his New Threads.

(1) Shu-kun Lin, a Swiss Profiteer

On Nov. 26, 2006, less than two weeks after OSAIC was formally established, Fang published an article written by Dr. Shu-kun Lin, a Swiss publisher. In the article, Dr. Lin promised that he and his company MDPI would donate $500 per month to OSAIC, and he even taught his fellow friends on the New Threads how to give money to Fang behind the back of their wives:

“To avoid the trouble with your wife, you don’t need to use the money from you salary, rather, you can spend your remunerations and consulting fees directly [on Fang].”[62]

The strange thing is, on OSAIC’s website, only one donation of $520 was from MDPI, so where are the rest of Lin’s monthly donations? Things get stranger when people found out that Dr. Lin is a historical fraudster: He was kicked out of the University of Louisville in 1989 “for a variety of reasons,” including stealing the scientific idea from his formal boss in China[63]. In 2005, Lin posted a CV online with fabricated academic records. Therefore, Lin should be a perfect target for Fang’s “academic fraud busting,” and indeed, many of Fang’s targets committed much less, if any, frauds than Lin had. However, Fang has never criticized Lin, even once. On the contrary, in 2009, Fang published a commercial advertisement for Lin’s company on his New Threads; and starting from 2011, Fang began his year-long attack on Dr. Huaibei Zhou of Wuhan University and his company, Scientific Research Publishing, for his doing exactly the same as what Lin has been doing: open access publishing. Needless to say, Dr. Zhou is Dr. Lin’s chief and only business competitor in China, and it was revealed later, Lin’s MDPI were planning to invade the Chinese market at that time[63].

In early 2014, Professor Jeffrey Beall of the University of Colorado added Lin’s MDPI to the “List of Questionable Publishers.” Immediately, Professor Jeffrey Beall became Fang’s top enemy, being accused by Fang of various things, including accepting bribes. Fang’s attack on Professor Beall stopped abruptly when the latter posted the following message online:

“I’ve also angered someone named Fang Zhouzi (real name Shi-min Fang, or Fang Shi-min). He apparently markets himself as a Chinese science watchdog, trashing science published in journals other than those published by his friend Shu-Kun Lin, from whom he reportedly receives a stipend.

“Fang is feverishly searching for dirt about me on the internet and publishing whatever he finds in his U.S.-based blog, all to defend his patron, Lin.”

The question is: why would a “fraud fighter” want to fight for a fraudster and against a real fraud fighter? The answer to the question is behind Lin’s promised monthly donation to OSAIC. It is definitely certain that Lin has kept his promise – otherwise he would have been busted many times by Fang; the only question is where the money went.

(2) William Yang, a Canadian bully on the New Threads

The New Threads website is mainly divided into two parts: one is its forum where any registered users could post their messages, but Fang has the ultimate power to decide who can or cannot be a user, and what message a user can post. The other part of the website is called “The Newly Arrived,” which are formal articles posted on the homepage of the website and archived. Fang is the only editor for the latter part.

In the forum, there is a guy who used to call himself JFF, but it was later found out that his real name is Wenbin Yang (William Yang), who received his doctorate from Germany and lives in Toronto, Canada[65]. In the New Threads forum, Dr. Yang shows two characteristics: extremely loyal and obedient to Fang, and extremely rude and vicious to other people, male or female, old or young. And Fang, who watches the forum closely and bans other users frequently, rarely disciplines him.

As mentioned above, OSAIC formally launched the “Helping the Academic Misconduct Victim Patients” fundraising campaign on Nov. 12, 2009. However, by the 17th, they only received 15 donations, in a grand total of $1,333.81. So, on Nov. 18, 2009, Fang, under his fake user ID USTC3[66], posted the list of contributions in the forum, with this subject: “Wow, Master J [referring Yang’s web ID JFF] is number one!”[67] One user commented: “The number one will be surpassed.” And here is Dr. Yang’s response:

“Whoever surpasses me, I’ll not trouble him or her later even if he or she scolds me every day. If there are 100 individuals surpassing me, then I the troublemaker will be transformed into a lovemaker. It is as simple as that.”[68]

Then came Dr. Chenguang Wang (Cyrus Wang), the treasurer of OSAIC, then an assistant professor at Thomas Jefferson University[69]. He posted the following comment on Yang’s post under his fake ID “trus”:

“Hahaha, what a wonderful opportunity for those who want to scold you and don’t want to be retaliated.”[70]

The two fakers would continue their chat for more than an hour, obviously trying to attract other people’s attentions. It is very possible the play was planned and rehearsed in advance and behind the scene.

However, no one works harder for Fang than Fang himself. Here are his posts related to the campaign, under his fake ID USTC3:

“Master J is surpassed by qfy.”[71]

“A tycoon has made a donation!”[72]

“The Year 2009 list of China's richest authors is revealed, when will the webmaster [referring Fang] be on the list?”[73]

5. Who are those OSAIC board members?

So far, OSAIC has had seven Boards of Directors, and each board consists of 8-10 people. Because only those who are loyal to Fang and trusted by Fang can be a board member, the seven boards have only 17 different faces. The strange thing is, except for Feng Zhang, the first president, none of the other 16 board members has ever revealed their true identities, even their Chinese names (the latinized Chinese name cannot be used to identify a person, because a syllable could have many corresponding Chinese characters), on OSAIC’s website, which uses Chinese language only. What even more strange is, in 2001, when Fang was attacking a group of people who were collecting donations for the Chinese children who were too poor to go to school, Fang called them swindlers, because according to fraud fighter Fang, a “swindler” is defined as this:

“All those who raise money anonymously are swindlers. If you have the balls, show us your real names and the institutions you are working for.”[74]

Therefore, by Fang’s definition, 94% of the board members are swindlers. The question is: Are they?

(1) Shaoyi He

Among the 17 people, Dr. Shaoyi He is probably the most senior: he has served on all seven boards, as vice president twice, and he is the incumbent president of the organization.

Before Oct. 28, 2010, no one outside of Fang’s cult knew who the hell that Shaoyi He was. However, two days before that fateful date, He pretended to be a professor at California State University at San Marcos to ask the local American Chinese to donate money to his OSAIC, and the event was reported by a local Chinese newspaper[75]. By that time, Fang’s fraudulent fraud fighting had been known by many Chinese people, especially those who live overseas, so He’s fraud was exposed on the next day.

Briefly, Shaoyi He had been an active member of the New Threads, having posted hundreds posts on the New Threads since 2002, under a fake ID Renke He. In 2010, He was an associate professor at California State University at San Marcos; however, he had been traveling in China and giving lectures there as a full professor at the University of North Carolina, where he received his Ph. D. degree but he never taught, or a professor at CSU[76].

Fabricating one’s academic title is one of the most serious offenses among the frauds Fang has busted: Fang’s first attempt to topple Dr. Xiao was to accuse him, falsely, of CV fraud, pretending to be an associate professor at NYU but actually an assistant professor. Fang’s tactic is so effective and lethal that almost every one of his followers loves to use it to attack Fang’s, as well as their own, enemies. For example, just two years before the exposure of his own fraud, Shaoyi He attacked one of Fang’s arch enemies on the New Threads, under his fake ID, by questioning whether that person was a full professor or an associate professor[77]. Also because of the popularity of the tactic, when He’s fraud was all over the internet, Fang immediately altered the webpage on the New Threads which has the newspaper report, changing He’s title from professor to associate professor.

The “fraud fighter” covers up a fraud
On Oct. 26, 2010 (the time mark underlined at the bottom of the webpage), Fang re-published the World Journal report saying that Professor Shaoyi He asked local Chinese community to donate to OSAIC. Two days later, after He’s fraud was exposed, Fang altered his webpage, changing He’s title to “Associate Professor” (red boxed). The insert picture shows that Fang’s webpage was modified at 3:36:43 on Oct. 28, 2010. Please note that alteration of his webpages has been Fang’s frequently used tactic to cover up his own frauds, whenever they are exposed.

Also, according to his students at CSU, Shaoyi He has absolutely no problems with cheating, because he let his class cheat. Here is a post on ratemyprofessors.com:

“He lets the entire class cheat on every test and quiz. I can't understand what he says, but cheatsheets are passed down from semester to semester, so ask your fellow students for one.”[78]

So, why hasn’t Fang busted Dr. Shaoyi He yet? Because he always supports Fang. The fact is, He’s wife is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner in California, and since the early 2000s, Fang has been calling every TCM practitioner a cheater. However, Fang almost always stayed at He’s home during his yearly brief visit of the U. S., apparently for the purpose of maintaining his Green Card, because Fang didn’t have a residence in the U. S. before October 2013. They are so close that when Fang decided to purchase a home in the U. S., his new home is only about 20 minutes away from He’s[79].

(2) Wei Wang

Although Wei Wang is one of the most junior members of the board, he is probably Fang’s oldest and closest business partner.

According to Wang’s article, “My tenant Fang Zhouzi,” published on the New Threads in January, 2015, he had known Fang for 14 years, and they lived under the same roof for two years, until Fang sold everything he owned in the U. S., including his Toyota Corolla, and returned to China to marry his wife[80]. In the article, Wang touted Fang lavishly, saying that Fang has an encyclopedic brain, an unbeaten record in his fraud fighting history, and the capability of solving a world-shocking case overnight, right in his room. Of course, they are lies.

The fact is, the relationship between Wang and Fang is business in nature. Wang runs an online bookstore from his home, called China Classics, Inc. And since 2007, Wang’s bookstore has been designated by Fang as the official bookstore in North America to sell Fang’s, as well as his wife’s, books, especially the autographed ones[81]. Wang’s wife runs a salon, and in 2013, while Fang was in the San Diego area to give speeches and to purchase his mansion, he also sold his autographed books in the salon[82].

In October of 2013, while staying in San Diego, California, Fang was accompanied by the board members of his money machine OSAIC. The picture to the left shows Fang standing in front of Rongrong Salon at 10066 PACIFIC HEIGHTS BLVD, SAN DIEGO, CA 92121, where he was selling his books. The salon is owned and run by Wei Wang’s wife Xie Huirong. The picture to the right shows Fang with Shaoyi He and Wei Wang.

For the sake of profit
Even though the New Threads Chinese Cultural Society was registered as a non-profit organization in New York, Fang has been using its website to profit for himself since its very beginning. The above is the screenshot of a webpage on the New Threads showing that Fang was selling his books to North America readers through Wei Wang’s bookstore, China Classics, Inc. (The address is red-boxed.) Since 2007, Fang has posted at least 10 similar advertisements on his New Threads.

The extraordinary close relationship between Wang and Fang is also shown on a governmental document. On Oct. 15, 2013, Fang purchased the property located at 1561 Archer Rd, San Marcos, CA 92078, with $670,000. Because Fang had been living in Beijing for the past eleven years or so, Fang had to use Wang’s home at 5857 Gablewood Way, San Diego, CA 92130 as his contact address[83].

The Deed
On the next day after purchasing his dream home, Fang surrendered his right to the property to his wife, with whom he supposedly has had a “prenuptial agreement” since 2002. The contact address, 5857 Gablewood Way, San Diego, CA 92130, (red arrowhead) is Wei Wang’s home. Even though Fang signed the document, he denied one year later in a Chinese court that the signature is his[47].

(3) Eddie Cheng

Like Shaoyi He, Eddie Cheng, known as “eddie” on the New Threads, has been on all the seven boards of OSAIC, serving as its secretary six times, treasurer once, and is its incumbent vice president. And like Wei Wang, Eddie Cheng seems to have his own business (Sensys Corp) in his home[84].

Cheng has been following Fang since the 1990s, and his is one of the few people who are trusted by Fang. In 2007, Fang introduced Cheng in his speech as one of the four people he trusted most in English proficiency and scientific literacy[85]. In 2013, Fang used Cheng as an example to refute a “rumor” that most of his friends have become his enemies, saying that he and Cheng had been friend for 19 years[86]. Indeed, Cheng is extremely loyal to Fang: Fang hates those overseas Chinese people who advocate and promote China’s democracy, calling them “Dem Pigs.”[87] And as the only “Dem Pig” on the New Threads, Cheng has never complained about, let alone protested against, Fang’s malicious attack on his comrades. On the contrary, when his comrades engaged in a direct verbal conflict with Fang on Twitter, Cheng stood on Fang’s side[88].

As having been mentioned above repeatedly, the Wuhan court enforced their judgement by taking away more than 40,000 Yuan from the bank account of Fang’s wife, and Fang immediately launched a retaliatory campaign. Besides instigating the “victim patients” to file lawsuits, Fang also instructed his followers to post numerous slanderous posts against Dr. Xiao in various forums in the U. S., and ordered some of his followers to write a complaint letter to the federal government, intending to terminate the federal grants for researches on Xiao’s Procedure. And it was Eddie Cheng who, together with another person, drafted the letter, and Cheng sent the complaint letters out, alone, apparently using his real name, to the various government agencies[89]. You have to know the fact that Cheng has no background whatsoever in either biology or medicine, and he knows absolutely nothing about Xiao’s Procedure, except for what he heard from Fang, to appreciate his stupidity and “courage.” Somehow, Fang’s strategy worked: the research project at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan, was interrupted, and Dr. Kenneth Peters, the chairman of the Urology Department of the hospital, and the principal investigator of the NIH research project, angrily called Fang and his gangsters “cyberterrorists” when interviewed by a reporter from People’s Daily of China[90].

Since 2007, Cheng has been maintaining a blog named “China's Scientific & Academic Integrity Watch,” and here is its self-introduction:

“Since about 2000, a young man by the name of Fang Shimin, better known by his net-name Fang Zhouzi, has been fighting a lonely crusade exposing the many frauds in China's scientific and academic communities. His efforts has gained as many enemies as friends. This blog follows his crusade.”

Indeed, since the negative information about Fang is so ample and abundant, Cheng’s blog has become the major or the only resource of information for a few western journalists who want to promote Fang at whatever costs[91].

Source of rumors
The above is the screenshot of the top portion of Eddie Cheng’s Fang-promoting blog, which has been used by some western journalists to gather erroneous information about Fang.

On March 30, 2011, Chinese newspaper Legal Weekly published a comprehensive investigation report on Fang’s plagiarist history, and Fang’s plagiarism of his professor at the Michigan State University, Dr. Robert Root-Bernstein, was one of the major stories[92]. Because the evidence is so convincing, the mighty Dr. Eddie Cheng, who got his Ph. D. in physics from the Penn State University in 1990, became the only person who dares to refute the indisputable. Briefly, Cheng’s argument is this: first, what Fang did was reiteration of what Dr. Root-Bernstein wrote, which, according to Cheng, is not “copying plagiarism;” second, since Fang inserted “according to American scholar Root-Bernstein” in the text, therefore, he didn’t commit “idea plagiarism” either; third, since Fang didn’t cite Dr. Root-Bernstein’s words directly, his conduct doesn’t constitute copyright infringement[93]. Of course Cheng knew the fact that Fang only inserted the phrase “according to American scholar Root-Bernstein” into his article after he had learned that his plagiarism was reported to his alma mater[94]; and of course Cheng knew that what he did shows nothing but his stupidity. But he chose to do it anyway, because he thought he had to do something for his master.

Cheng is also the most enthusiastic person among the board members to encourage his fellow New Threads users to donate money for Fang. On the New Threads, he’d repeatedly post messages about OSAIC and donation, and it is very like that he was the person who secured the $6,000 secretive donations to OSAIC on Feb. 7, 2007.

A Dem Pig
On June 4, 2009, Dr. Cheng (right) paid his tribute to those who died in the Tiananmen incident 20 years ago. Although Fang hates these democracy activists, either dead or alive, Dr. Cheng serves Fang like a meek dog. (The picture is from this webpage: epochtimes.com.)

(4) John Fan

John Fan’s Chinese name is Jun Fan, and he has been on the last three boards of OSAIC, serving as its current treasurer.

Fan received his Ph. D. in chemistry from the University of Utah in 1999, and after working for several drug companies, including that LATITUDE Pharmaceuticals Inc., Fan, together with a Jerry Meng, registered in 2010 a company called Jenovo PharmTech Inc. in the State of Wyoming. Although the company was dissolved two years later, Fan and Meng formed a company in China with the same name[95]. The trick is called “getting something from nothing,” working like this: Fan and Meng used the fictitious American Jenovo as leverage to attract funding from Chinese government or other sources, and then used that funding to build a real Jenovo in China.

It seems that Fan’s trick worked very well. On the website of the Chinese Jenovo, 20 US or WO patents are listed as their “Research Achievements.” However, if you check these achievements individually, you will find that every one of these patents is owned by American companies such as Pfizer, Sugen, Agouron, etc. How could these American companies’ patents become the property of the Chinese Jenovo? Because Jerry Meng, the chief scientist of Jenovo, was listed as one of the inventors of these patents. Whether Jenovo dares to infringe the rights of these patents is unknown, however, it is absolutely sure that just by listing these patents as their “Research Achievements,” they could get a lot money from Chinese government and venture capitalists.

On the internet, there are several negative posts on the company, and one of them, posted in 2011, is entitled “The true colors of Yangzhow Jenovo PharmTech are finally revealed: cruel, bloody, and greedy.” The entire content of the post is translated by me below:

“I have seen with my own eyes that their worker was wounded by a vehicle, not only the person wasn’t treated, he had to work overtime. [The company] didn’t pay a penny for the medical fees! Their language is even cheaper: the relationship between you and the company is over, you might leave, you are no longer needed here! Mercenary, unscrupulous, untrustworthy, the bosses in such a company are actually vampires! Yangzhow Jenovo, how many people do you want to harm? It is said that the company has done nothing since its founding, all they have done is to apply for grants to swindle money, from the country, from our Jiangsu province, to reimburse their flight tickets, bathing tickets, and pedicure tickets! You are killing people without spilling blood! Let the company bankrupt as soon as possible so it won’t harm people anymore.”[96]

A complaint written by blood and tears
An internet user who calls himself “complaining with blood and tears” posted a message on baidu.com in which John Fan’s Jenovo is described like a sweatshop[96].

Infringement of intellectual properties
On the website of the Chinese Jenovo, 20 US and WO patents are listed as their “Research Achievements.” The two persons in the upper right corner are the owners of Jenovo, Jerry Meng (left) and John Fan, shown with their trophies of the first class awards from The Fifth Chinese Overseas Students Innovation and New Enterprises Competition. It is almost certain that their innovations, if real, were not accomplished in their company.

Still wondering why a businessman like John Fan would want to support Fang’s fight against “fraud”? Yes, they are afraid that their frauds could be accidentally busted by the “fraud buster.” So, instead of being humiliated and blackmailed, they pay their dues in advance by serving on Fang’s board and giving him money, just like the Swiss profiteer Shu-kun Lin has been doing. It’s a pretty smart business decision.

(5) Cyrus Wang

Cyrus Wang served the first 4 boards of directors, twice as its treasurer. No one knew his real identity before May, 2011, when a post revealed that his real name is Chenguang Wang, an associate professor at Thomas Jefferson University[69]. On the New Threads, one of Wang’s user IDs is “trus,” and he has posted nearly 10,000 posts under this ID. Among the OSAIC members whose identities are known, Wang is arguably the most vicious assailant, attacking Fang’s enemies ruthlessly.

Wang returned to China in 2014 to join the Institute of Radiation Medicine Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and since then he has been one of the core members of Fang’s so called “science popularization army,”[97] which has been trying to commercialize medical and health-related information and knowledge via a web video platform called “90 Seconds,” produced by a company called Beijing Happiness Everyday Media Science and Technology Company. The company has an extraordinary close, yet secret, tie with Shimin Fang and his buddy Xuanchang Fang, and it plans to launch its initial public offering in 2016[127]. Although Dr. Wang has conducted basic research at many medical institutions for many years, he doesn’t have a formal medical training; therefore his “science popularization” is called “pseudoscience popularization.”[128] However, Shimin Fang doesn’t mind at all, rather, he attacks those who criticize Wang[129].

The inner circle of Fang’s Science Commercialization Troop
On July 23, 2015, Fang posted the above photo on Twitter, with the comment: “The science popularization army.” Among the seven other people, Chenguang Wang is the only one with a Western background, and the rest are Fang’s most trusted friends and backers in mainland China: He and Sima were the initiators of Fang’s Chinese fund.

Neither Chenguang Wang nor Shimin Fang has had formal medical training, but they have been pretending to be medical experts to provide medical and “scientific” advises to the general public through a platform called “90 Seconds.” The above images are screenshots of Wang (left) and Fang in their video clips. The “90 Seconds” logo is circled.

6. Who are behind these mysterious big donations?

According to OSAIC’s website, the organization has received more than 500 donations so far, and the total amount of money is more than $130,000. However, more than a half of the money, about $70,000, was from 26 donations made by about a dozen donors, so, let’s take a closer look at some of these people.

The largest donation is $20,000 wired to OSAIC’s account on May 28, 2015, from a Qijing Foundation(启晴基金). The foundation’s name couldn’t be found anywhere on the internet, even on the New Threads. It just makes people wondering why such a generous foundation is so modest.

The second largest donation is the $10,000 from Latitude Pharmaceuticals, Inc., paid with a check on Oct. 19, 2013, a few days after Fang purchased his house in San Diego. Here is a message posted online a few days after the Latitude gave Fang the “Latitude Life Integrity Award”:

“Fang Zhouzi received two years post-doctoral training in Salk Institute which located in the northern suburb of San Diego, and during that time, he got acquainted with many local gangsters, including Xian Chen (Andrew X. Chen), who is the boss of Latitude Pharmaceuticals and the one who gave Fang the award; Jun Fan (John Fan), the president of the San Diego chapter of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology (CAST). Please remember CAST the cultic organization.”[98]

According to salarylist.com, CEO Andrew X. Chen’s annual salaries between 2008 and 2011 were all under $40,000. So where did he get the extra $10,000 to give to OSAIC, and why? Considering the close relationship between Chen and John Fan, who used to work at Latitude, and the relationship between John Fan and the cultic CAST-SD, which wrote a $1,200 check to OSAIC on Oct. 21, 2010, it is possible that Andrew X. Chen just acted as a puppet.

The third largest donation was from “K.D.2nd.” On Sept. 18, 2015, this mysterious donor sent OSAIC $9,120 via PayPal in three instalments. Like that “Qijing Foundation,” it seems no one knows who this “K.D.2nd” is.

The fourth largest donation was six $1,000 checks sent to OSAIC on Feb. 7, 2010. Although the donors were listed as a series of consecutive codes, from HK0120071 to HK0120076, it is obvious the money was sent from the same source. So why didn’t they send the $6,000 with one check?

The true “anonymous” donor(s) made 6 big donations in 5 years, from 2007-2011, totaling $13,000.

7. Who is Shimin Fang?

(1) A science cop who hates to do scientific research

Shimin Fang received his Ph. D. degree in biochemistry from the Michigan State University in 1995, and after two unproductive postdoctoral trainings at Rochester University and Salk Institute, respectively, Fang gave up his scientist career in 1998, to become a “science writer,” according to his own story[99].

It seems that it was during his training at Salk Institute that Fang hooked up with local Chinese gangsters, who would become one of Fang’s supporting bases years later. In 2002, Mr. Yuzhu Shi, a famous Chinese entrepreneur, told the following story to Beijing Morning Post:

“In 1997, when I was in Los Angeles, a company run by local Chinese people wanted to cooperate with us to market melatonin. They told me that if I don’t cooperate with them, they would let me fail, at most let me survive 1-2 years. They mentioned a few reasons why they could accomplish that, one of them was a person named Fang……”[100]

And Fang’s attack on the Chinese brand of melatonin, Brain Platinum, marketed by Mr. Shi’s company, started on Oct. 25, 1999, exactly 2 years later[101].

There are many reasons behind Fang’s decision to say good-bye to scientific research lab in 1998. The first one is that Fang hates doing scientific research, believing that’s the job can be done by any person, which makes a person who likes to think, such as himself, suffer[102]. And in 1998, Fang got his dreamed Green Card, so he no longer needed to endure the suffering to stay in the U. S. Also, one year earlier, Salk Institute applied for a patent, and Fang was one of the four inventors, though the least important one. Fang must have thought that the royalties from the patent could let him live without working. Obviously disappointed by the income from the royalties, in the early 2000s, Fang attempted to sell the patent in China, and he stopped only after the patent counsel at Salk Institute issued a warning[103].

During his visit to China in 1998, Fang set up an online bookstore with his hometown fellow, most likely the same person who registered the Threads Bookstore for him years later. Fang registered his bookstore, hanlin.com, under the name of the New Threads Chinese Cultural Society, a not-for-profit organization, and sold books on the New Threads to Chinese people in North America for his personal gain. Fang closed the bookstore in 2006[104].

The registration information of Fang’s Hanlin Online Bookstore

Another reason, though indirect, for Fang to quit his scientist job was that, as revealed later, Fang believed that he could make his name and living by translating other people’s English science writings into Chinese and publish them in China as his own[105].

(2) A fraud fighter who has committed so many frauds

Fang’s first pot of gold was his support for Chinese government’s crackdown on Falun Gong in 1999, and he likely became a secret agent of the spooky 610 office since then[106]. It was only under the back stage manipulation of the Chinese government that Fang was promoted by the news media, in both China and the western world, as a “fraud fighter.” Before 2010, Fang had dominated China’s academia for more than 10 years, having attacked more than a thousand individuals, according to his own estimate[107].

Fang’s fortune in China took a sharp turn in 2010 mainly because of two things. The first was the book documenting Fang’s malicious and criminal attack on Dr. Chuanguo Xiao was released online on the day when Xiao was arrested[7], and because of the hammer incident was hyped by Chinese news media like crazy, the book had a bigger impact as well[108]. The second event triggered Fang’s downfall was that Fang’s plagiarism of Dr. Root-Bernstein, committed in 1995 at the Michigan State University, was reported to the University and the Science magazine on Oct. 18, 2010[94]. These two things essentially ignited a chain reaction. In 2011, Fang’s plagiarism history became national news in China, and in 2012, Fang essentially became public enemy number one: multiple internet surveys showed that the majority of Chinese people believed Fang is nothing but an internet thug and swindler[109].

Who is the real swindler?
An online survey conducted between Mar. 31 and May 28, 2012, received 50,027 votes, and more than 82% of the voters believed that Shimin Fang is the real swindler.

The most hated person in China
According to a survey conducted in June of 2012 and participated in by 25,266 internet users, nearly 90% of the voters believed that Fang is the person who had spread the most rumors and slandered and framed the most people on weibo.com, the most popular social medium in China.

(3) A truth seeker who hides his money

It was also in 2012 that Fang’s money scandal overshadowed his plagiarism scandal for the first time.

In March of 2012, Mr. Jian Peng announced on www.dajiajijin.org, the official website of Fang’s “Science and Technology Fraud Busting Fund,” that by March 13, 2012, Fang’s “Personal Security Protection Fund,” which was “formed” on Aug. 31, 2010, had spent 590,239.87 Yuan, about $95,000[18]. The news attracted many people’s attention not only because that the amount is ridiculously high, but also because no one in China had ever seen anything indicating that Fang had been protected. Also, the excuse Fang used to refuse to reveal more details on the spending was rather stupid: according to Fang, those people who want to know the details about the spending actually want to spy on the details of his personal security protection so they could physically harm him. As a matter of fact, to prevent more people from questioning the funds, Fang set a rule which states that only those people who had made donations to his funds are eligible to question his funds, and they only eligible to question the portion of their donations. Actually, to disqualify a donor from questioning his funds, Fang instructed Jian Peng to return that person’s donation, 1,000 Yuan, plus interest, and Peng followed Fang’s instruction obediently[110].

The mysterious expenditures
On March 13, 2012, Jian Peng announced, for the first time since he transformed Fang’s fraud busting fund to Fang’s personal protection fund on August 31, 2010, that the latter fund had already spent nearly 600,000 Yuan. As of now, the only obvious expenditure of the protection fund seems to be the hiring of two child labors, who are said, by one of Fang’s closest associates, to be Fang’s relatives. The above image is the screenshot of the webpage of Fang’s personal security protection fund, announcing the “accumulated expenditures,” and Fang’s “bodyguards,” discovered and photographed by Mr. Yao Bo 3 months later (see: 2012-6-19 00:26.)

To make a long story short, Mr. Yonghao Luo, an entrepreneur, who used to be one of Fang’s strongest supporters, reported the suspected frauds of the funds, such as illegal money collection and tax evasion, to the Beijing authority, and the story was all over the internet and newspapers. A few days later, Mr. Luo cornered Fang in a building, asking him face to face why he hadn’t let the accounting book open to the public. During that critical moment, the “fraud fighter” looked just like a genuine fraud: he dared neither to look at Mr. Luo eye to eye, nor to open his mouth to answer the question. It was only under Peng’s protection that Fang finally escaped the scene from an elevator – Yes, during the entire confrontation, none of Fang’s personal security protection measures was visible[111].

National news
On March 22, 2012, Mr. Yonghao Luo, accompanied by a bus-load of journalists, formally filed a complaint with Chinese authority, accusing Fang Zhouzi of money swindling. The move immediately became national news. The above images show four newspaper reports on the event.

Confronting the coward “fraud fighter”
On March 28, 2012, Mr. Yonghao Luo finally captured the opportunity to question Fang directly why he hadn’t made the expenditure of his funds public as he promised years earlier. During the entire process, Fang never had the guts to look at Mr. Luo eye to eye, or answer Luo’s simple question face to face. Rather, he pretended to play his cellphone (upper left), and with the help of Peng (upper right), he escaped into the elevator (lower left), and left Peng to deal with Mr. Luo. (The images are captured from this video.)

Also during that March, one Mr. Sun, who had donated 50,000 Yuan to Fang’s fund, openly asked Fang to make the fund’s accounting book open to the public. Fang, who had been claiming all along that he is not involved in the management of any of his funds, wrote an article to reject that request, saying that Mr. Sun’s request was equivalent to supporting Fang’s enemies[112].

(4) A poor man who lives in a mansion

Ever since Fang appeared on the big anti-fraud stage in China at the beginning of the 21st century, many people, including his closest friends, have been wondering how Fang supports his own living. At first Fang said that he had patent royalties and an online bookstore; then, by 2011, he said that his entire income was from his writing:

“My income is mainly from book royalties and payments to my published articles.”[113]

“I write some articles for newspapers, write books, most of them are about science popularization, and they are my income source, which is more than enough for me to live.”[114]

However, it has been rumored for a rather long time that Fang collects black money from his “fraud busting” business. For example, in 2010, it was reported that Fang demanded 10 million RMB from Dr. Jun Tang, the ex-president of Microsoft China Co., Ltd. and a victim of Fang’s fraud busting[115]. In 2012, Fang was accused of receiving payment from Baidu, an internet search engine company, for his ferocious attack on Qihoo 360, another internet search engine company[116]. In 2013, it was rumored again that Fang received 400,000 RMB payment from Ms. Wei Sun’s family, for his effort to clean Ms. Sun’s name, who was the sole suspect in the case of poisoning Ms. Zhu Ling with thallium[117]. Also in 2013, it was rumored that sohu.com paid Fang 3 million Yuan for his moving his troopers from weibo.com to their website[118].

Although Fang denies all these allegations, it was revealed at the end of 2012 that Fang does own huge amount of wealth with unidentified sources. In November 2012, a well-known internet user posted the following news:

“A few days ago, I was told by my classmate that Fang Zhouzi had applied for a loan of more than 10 million RMB from a bank in Shanghai, and guaranteed by his real estate in Shanghai. At the beginning the bank didn’t approve the loan, however, after knowing the applicant is Fang Zhouzi, they approved it.”[119]

Surprisingly, Fang didn’t make a single comment on this post. And ten months later, Fang, along with his wife Juhua Liu, purchased a house in southern California with $670,000. More astonishingly, Fang immediately surrendered his right to the property to his wife, with whom he had a “prenuptial agreement.” Even though being widely accused of collecting “black money,” Fang still refuses to reveal the sources of his income.

The house
On August 29, 2010, right after being hit by a hammer, Fang’s wife posted a message on Fang’s blog saying that Fang is so poor that “there is nothing but fresh wind in his sleeves,” a Chinese expression for clean and poor. Three years later, Fang purchased the big house in the affluent southern California area, with $670,000 cash. The annual property tax of the house is about $8,000, which is probably more than what Fang’s wife made in China legitimately per year.

(5) A righteous person who is being dunned

On Jan. 13, 2014, days after the address of Fang’s new home in California was exposed, Mr. Bo Xu, a Guangzhou-based entrepreneur, donated 3 million Yuan (about $480,000) to Fang’s “Personal Security Protection Fund.” Here is Fang’s comment on the news:

“A few days ago, I refuted Yongyuan Cui by saying that the security protection fund had collected merely over 1 million Yuan, which is not enough to buy a ‘luxury mansion.’ Now, with this 3 million, it’s enough. Does it make my excuse invalid?”[120]

Of course Fang was trying to make a joke of it; however, the comment revealed that Fang knew the fact that everyone believes the money in the fund is his personal property.

The relationship between Fang the beneficiary and Xu the donor turned ugly in early 2015: Mr. Xu found out, after visiting Fang’s home in California, that Fang doesn’t need the fund at all: his entire family had moved back to the U. S., and they were planning to live there permanently. So why does Fang who lives in America need money to protect himself in China? In March, Mr. Xu openly demanded that the 3 million Yuan be returned to him. Guess what? Fang, who instructed Mr. Peng to return Mr. Luo’s 1,000 Yuan a few years earlier, immediately rejected Xu’s request, and he even started a smearing campaign against Mr. Xu, threatening that he would report Xu’s words and deeds to the U. S. government if Xu keeps bugging him[121].

Just a few months ago, Xu revealed that he had reported Fang’s money swindling to the police, and Fang’s funds are under investigation. Mr. Xu also revealed that the 3 million Yuan he donated to Fang’s fund was immediately transferred to Peng’s personal account, and then to many other accounts and spent on things unrelated to person security protection at all[122]. Since March, Mr. Xu has been calling Fang cheater, swindler, and liar. But Fang prefers to keep the money, no matter what.

The money laundering list
The above image is the screenshot of the spreadsheet of Fang’s personal security protection fund, showing the activities of money transfers from January 1 to October 10, 2014. Mr. Xu’s 3 million Yuan was transferred to Jian Peng’s personal account on the next day after it entered into the Fund’s account, and then the money was further divided and spent on things unrelated to security protection.
(Source of the screenshot: 2015-7-30 20:23.)


On Oct.13, 2015, Mr. Yu Liu, one of Fang’s ex-followers who had donated about 100,000 Yuan to Fang’s various funds, including 5,000 USD, to Fang’s personal security fund, announced that his attorney had sent a letter to Mr. Jian Peng, asking him to reveal the detail of the expenditures of the fund in writing[123]. The reason for that is, a few months earlier, Mr. Liu found out that the $5,000 donation he made to the fund in February 2013 had never been entered in the account of the fund, and Mr. Peng admitted later that the money was mistaken by his staff as his personal money[124]. Although Mr. Liu didn’t pursue the matter further at that time, the incident did cause his suspicion. The money fight between Fang and Xu has enhanced Mr. Liu’s doubt, hence the attorney letter. As expected by many people, Mr. Peng, who has disappeared since early this year, didn’t respond, but Fang jumped out to scold, calling Mr. Liu a rogue[125].

During the last few days of 2015, it was exposed on the internet that Fang’s fund had spent the money on purchase a car, a house, paying Fang’s sister-in-low to be his maid in the United States, etc. On Dec. 30, 2015, the news “Fang Zhouzi is a suspect of fraud” was all over the internet: the words were found in more than 1 million webpages by Google and 4 million webpages by Baidu. Stay tuned.

Please read the PDF version of this article for the notes.
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