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2006年7月19日,《中国青年报》发表了方舟子的科普文章,《达尔文的兰花》。(见 XYS20060719,[www.xys.org] /darwin3.txt)。不计标点符号,全文不到1400字,其中大约三分之二抄袭自下面这两篇文章:

Michel Raynal. MADAGASCAR "PREDICTED MOTH": AN ILL-KNOWN SUCCES OF CRYPTOZOOLOGY. [cryptozoo.pagesperso-orange.fr] (该网页注明: last update: 14 July 1999)

Sessions, L. A., Johnson, S. D. THE FLOWER AND THE FLY. Natural History, March 2005. [www.explorebiology.com].



Michel Raynal:“In 1862, the famous naturalist Charles Darwin published a book on the evolutionary biology of orchids, On the Various Contrivances by which British and Foreign Orchids are Fertilised by Insects.”
方舟子2:但是有一种原产马达加斯加的彗星兰却让达尔文感到了为难。这种彗星兰拉丁文学名的意思是“一尺半”,其名称源自它那“令人惊骇”(达尔文语)的花的形状:它有又长又细的花距,从花的开口到底部是一条长达11.5英寸(29.2厘米)的细管,只有底部1.5英寸(3.8厘米)处才有花蜜。 “什么样的昆虫能够吸到它的花蜜?”达尔文大胆地预测:“在马达加斯加必定生活着一种蛾,它们的喙能够伸到10到11英寸长!”

Michel Raynal: “One of these orchids from Madagascar, Angraecum sesquipedale, had nectaries eleven and a half inches (28.6 cm) long, with only the lower inch and a half (3.8 cm) filled with nectar. From the structure of this orchid, Darwin ‘predicted’ the existence of an unknown moth: ‘It is, however, surprising that any insect should be able to reach the nectar: our English sphinxes have probosces as long as their bodies ; but in Madagascar there must be moths with probosces capable of extension to a length of between ten and eleven inches !’ (Darwin 1862).”


Michel Raynal:“Meanwhile, Alfred Russel Wallace, …… came to the same conclusion: ‘……That such a moth exists in Madagascar may be safely predicted ; and naturalists who visit that island should search for it with as much confidance as astronomers searched for the planet Neptune, and I venture to predict they will be equally successful !’ (Wallace 1867, 1871).”


Michel Raynal:“Herman Müller, in the July 17 issue of the same year, mentioned that his brother had caught in Brazil a sphinx ‘the proboscis of which has a length of about 0.25 metres’, demonstrating that Darwin's moth was not at all impossible (Müller 1873). ”


Michel Raynal:“This ‘cryptolepidoptere’ was actually found and described 41 years after Darwin's prediction: it belonged to that very species, but it was a new sub-species, which Rothschild and Jordan named Xanthopan morgani praedicta in 1903, i.e. ‘predicted’, which is fully justified (Rothschild and Jordan 1903). This insect has a wing span of 13 to 15 cm, of the color of a dead leaf and its proboscis is actually 25 cm (ten inches) long. ”


Sessions & Johnson:“Critical to Darwin's prediction was his suspicion that pollination could take place only if the depth of a plant's flowers matched or exceeded the length of a pollinator's tongue. Only then would the body of the pollinator be pressed firmly enough against the reproductive parts of the flower to transfer pollen effectively as the pollinator fed. Thus, as ever deeper flowers evolved through enhanced reproductive success, moths with ever longer proboscises would also, preferentially, live long enough to reproduce, because they would most readily reach the available supplies of nourishing nectar. Longer proboscises would lead yet again to selection for deeper flower tubes.”


Sessions & Johnson:“The meganosed fly (Moegistorhynchus longirostris) of southern Africa, ……. has a bizarre appearance that reveals an underlying truth. Its proboscis, ……protrudes as much as four inches from its head—five times the length of its bee-size body. ……The outlandish proboscis gives the meganosed fly access to nectar pools in long, deep flowers that are simply out of reach to insects with shorter mouthparts.

方舟子8:在马达加斯加还有一种与“一尺半”彗星兰同属的兰花,它的花距还要长,长达40厘米。1991年,美国昆虫学家基因•克里茨基(Gene Kritsky)学达尔文做出预测:在马达加斯加还存在着一种未知的大型蛾类,其喙长达38厘米!

Michel Raynal:“History now seems to be repeating itself : American entomologist Gene Kritsky, of the Mount Saint Joseph on the Ohio College in Cincinnati, recently made an hypothesis similar to Darwin's prediction. Another Madagascar orchid, Angraecum longicalcar, has a rostrellum still deeper than that of A. sesquipedale : about 16 inches (40 cm). Consequently, Gene Kritsky predicted in the American Entomologist of Winter 1991 the existence of another unknown large moth in Madagascar, with a proboscis 15 inches (38 cm) long ! (Kritsky 1991, Angier 1992).”


Michel Raynal:Let us hope that we will not have to wait 41 years before this new predicted moth will be found...

应该承认,方舟子在抄袭之时,也作了一点儿贡献,那就是计算出了11.5英寸等于29.2厘米,而不是Michel Raynal所说的28.6厘米。哇!

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Michel Raynal:with a proboscis 15 inches (38 cm) long !  

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